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Syrian War Report – December 4, 2017: Israeli-Iranian Tensions Gain Momentum

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On December 2, Israeli forces launched between 4 and 6 missiles on the supposed Iranian military facility in the area of al- Kiswah in southern Damascus. According to pro-government sources, the Syrian Air Defense Force (SADF) fired several Buk-M2E surface-to-air missiles from its position in the Mezzeh airbase and intercepted at least 3 Israeli missiles. At least one Israeli missile hit the target.

On November 12, Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman threatened to destroy the supposed Iranian base in al-Kiswah and said Israel “will not allow the Shi‘ite axis to establish Syria as its forefront base.”

On December 3, Syrian government forces, led by the Tiger Forces, liberated 8 villages from ISIS in the Euphrates River Valley, in the area southeast of the city of Deir Ezzor.

The SAA and the Tiger Forces re-established control over Salhiyah, al-Jadleh, Qusur Um Saba, Safsafeh, Ajrama, Wadi al-Worod, Maan Al-Sabkha and al-Shamr al-Layeh. They also entered and secured the al-Ward oil field.

On the same day, six Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bombers delivered a massive strike on ISIS targets in the valley. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the strike destroyed munitions depots, command posts, manpower and hardware of ISIS.

On December 4, clashes continued between government troops and members of ISIS in the village of al-Qut’ah located in about 16km from al-Bukamal. As soon as the Tiger Forces reach al-Bokmal, the ISIS members remaining in Syria will be besieged in the Homs desert.
The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq also claimed that members of ISIS have downed a Syrian warplane in the outskirts of al-Bukamal. ISIS allegedly captured two pilots near the village of Al-Buq’an.

On December 3, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) released an official statement declaring that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have established a full control over the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside. The YPG and its female version, YPJ, are a core of the US-backed SDF.

In the statement, the YPG also thanked to the US-led coalition and the Russian military for the assistance in operations against ISIS.
YPG General Commander Sipan Hemo met with representatives of the Russian military. According to the Russian side, the Russian Aerospace Forces have conducted 627 combat sorties and destroyed over 1,450 ISIS targets supporting operations of the YPG and local tribal forces against the terrorist group. The sides has a joint operation room in Salhiya in order to coordinate efforts of the Russians, the YPG and tribal forces against ISIS. The Russians also provide assistance in establishing a committee, which will be responsible for restoring peaceful life in the eastern part of the province of Deir Ezzor. Russia is also working on the issues of aid deliveries to the area.

In northeastern Hama, the SAA continued its limited efforts to establish a foothold for the widely expected advance towards the Abu al-Dhuhur Airbase controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda). Government forces have liberated the villages of Zabadi, Qasr Shutayb and Zaferiyah and advanced on Shutayb and Albu Layl.

In Eastern Ghouta, Faylaq al-Rahman has carried out few attacks against the SAA positions in Jobar and Ayn Tarma. The SAA responded with artillery strikes. The sides have conducted no major operations each against other.

In southern Syria, clashes between the SAA and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) are ongoing southwest and northeast of the HTS-held town of Beit Jinn.

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nixon was becoming anti-zionist and didn’t obey them completely, ( even more anti zionist was nixon’s vice president spiro agnew forced by zionists to resign and years afterwards shut down by zogs before moving in on nixon ) brave Arab hero leader Hafez Assad accordingly met him in Damascus Syria, that was the syrian president meeting with the jewnited states president ONLY ONCE since 1974 ! george w bush is a complete zionist puppet and yemeni dead traitor saleh who fought houthis all way back to 2004, saleh met him many occations. There’s a ‘ who’s side are they on” difference of meanings between the meetings


two months later zionists forced nixon to resign from presidency after he met Hafez Al Assad in Damascus Syria

Icarus Tanović

Kinda interesting fact.

Eskandar Black

you are totally delusional, like a broken, crazy record. Look over there, zionists.

Tommy Jensen

Nethanyahu will also break his goldteeth against Bashar Hafez Al-Assad………..LOL.


one was the hero Syrian Hafez Al Assad againist zionists aggresors, the other was saleh yemeni traitor


different sides

Solomon Krupacek
Icarus Tanović

Hey retarded brain! Nice to see your deformed Zionistic face!

Jonathan Cohen

ABORTION RIGHTS ON THE EUPHRATES! It looks to me from the map that YPG will be able to cut ISIS in half first by linking up with Iraqi forces on the border, making closure of the gap by SAA on the West bank of the Euphrates unnecessary.


comment image comment image jewnited states president nixon wasn’t obeying zionists completely thus syrian president Hafez Assad agreed to met each other accordingly in 1974,since 1974 syria and USA presidents didn’t meet. george w bush is obeying zionists completely and yemeni dead traitor saleh fought houthis all the way back in 2004. so they are evil collaborators who waged wars on those who are resisting zionists-rothschilds conquest invasions .

David Hungerford

The most interesting thing is the following excerpt from a Dec. 3 official statement of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG):

“In the statement, the YPG also thanked to the US-led coalition and the Russian military for the assistance in operations against ISIS.

“YPG General Commander Sipan Hemo met with representatives of the Russian military. According to the Russian side, the Russian Aerospace Forces have conducted 627 combat sorties and destroyed over 1,450 ISIS targets supporting operations of the YPG and local tribal forces against the terrorist group. The sides has a joint operation room in Salhiya in order to coordinate efforts of the Russians, the YPG and tribal forces against ISIS.”

The YPG is supported by the United States. Now we learn it is also supported by Russia. That is big news!

What in the world is really going on?

The international guarantors of the peace process in Syrian appear to be Iran, Turkey, and Russia. Note: the United States is not on the list.

However, on Nov. 21, RT reported U.S. President Donald Trump as saying of a phone call between himself and Russian President V.V. Putin: ‘We’re talking strongly about bringing peace to Syria’

An interpretation: the United States is very much part of the peace process, but covertly. Were is to be so publicly, Israel would also be part of the process.

Peace in Syria is the last thing the Israeli rulers want to see. It would be strategic defeat for them – the end of their profoundly racist and aggressive doctrine of breakup of every Arab country into sectarian and ethnic statelets.

Hence, Trump is offering the Israeli rulers a deal: you can have all the weapons you want. You can have Jerusalem as your capital.

But you stay out of the way while the United States works with the Russians and the Kurds to toward a political process to end the war in Syria.

Daniel Castro

YPG was always supported by Russia, some years ago RT Published Pepe Escobar articles supporting the kurds fight against Turkey.

Russian have only dropped mildly their support for the Kurds some months ago when they had aligned themselves completely with USA and Israel.

Syrian war is a wildly complex scenario.

Brother Ma

Serves israel right.i can remember in early stages of war when israeli army kept saying ,we can deal with asaad ie we can get along with him.well bibi nutandyahoo changed that very quickly! So now they have iran and hezb on their doorstep.what marvellous days!


The Syrian Arab Baathist Army will triumpth ! https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2017/03/27/france-mossad-tried-to-infiltrate-french-intelligence-services/
Reporting the truth: smoloko.com purestream-media.com syriatruths.com informationclearinghouse.info
electronicintifada.net http://www.12160.info
to fight and resist the evil zionists ZOG ,the evil zionists rothschild’s evil israHell and and the evil house of saud crypto-jews in saudi arabia wahhabia who do nothing but damage ( who’s king in the late 1960’s addressed all the UN and arab countries requested them to recognize and accept israHell as a country) and their allies’s control/occupation of governments and the arab land of palestine and its neighbouring arab countries, to fight and resist those zionists is to fight to remove them from governments and economic power without removing them out of these office from these positions and freezing their USD currency assets monopoly dominanting global markets and trades( the 1 dollar bill has shapes of the stars of david ) wars instigated by zionists bankers on sovereignt independent states and and against their territory’s integrity will continue and the zionists’s scheme to establish a one global government control could be all set .

they must be removed from these positons (by us who are fighting them and only by us ) in order to get international peace progress prosperity and a good better and more positive dialogue between all countries and their peoples who their own peoples will lead and decide what to do by and for themselves. manage what their internal and foreign affairs to other countries and people’s would be and not led by some private zionists’s monopoly organisation who wages wars on whoever they want and on behalf of whoever they control and whoever bans rothschild influence and rothschild’s-controlled banks into their country!

should such a future international peace progress proccess dialoge between countires is to be then israHell turkey saudi arabia eritrea/ethiopia and pkk-rojava-peshmerga-kurdistan could be excluded because of their evil role of their tyranny and the logic of them even not being officialy recognised as countries (or maybe even by then they would already cease to exist before that) but rather occupiers of stolen lands by wars of aggression who occupy arab Palestine land and other neighbouring arab countries’s lands and their natural resources assets illegally from wars of aggression like e.g. Yemen and Somalia afghanistan with daesh and AQAP muslim-brotherhood-extremists and taliban and other plots of the the mossadistic so called “alliance of periphery” with their puppet collaborators alCIAda and MI6 .

all of Western Sahara and its people will be freed from the corrupt dynasty government of morocco’s illegal occupation which has a long history of collaborating with the zionists’s mossad and will be a recognised country by all nations ( hassan II and the mossad were behind Mehdi Ben Barka’s dissapperance / kidnap / assassination !
the jewish autonomous oblast isn’t enough for the evil zionists’s obssesion of world domination conquest . .
don’t comment in RT’s website because it runs on company “spot.im” made in israhell! boycott zionists
History wasn’t written in ink , history was written in blood


Totally amazing news of Russia support to YPG-SDF. Someone needs to explain what is going on now.

J. Laoshe

The Russian have a strategic goal to defeat isis and they will support anyone on the ground fighting isis including the Kurds .
Now supposing the Kurds gives the Russians leverage over the Kurds decisions in the negotiating table after the total defeat of isis and the containment of the other Islamist extremist because the second strategic interest for the Russians is to keep Syria United so they can keep their basis on thsyrian ground in the strategicly important east Mediterranean Sea ….


However, in your analysis you are forgetting that kurds are USA puppets, and they will not do anything that is not said by USA. That is the problem. So, keeping Syria united as before is very unlikely.

J. Laoshe

I tried to explain the Russian aim but it doesn’t mean that they will hundred percent succeed ! Each side of the conflict has a vision, a plan and a strategy to emolument . They usually end up compromising …

J. Laoshe

Strategy to implement *


I disagree with you a united Syria is unlikely..

Russia is going to play the part of peace maker.

Note the goal of the Astana partners … Integrity of Syria to be maintained…which means a united Syria as before.

Putin does not want to be enemies of the Kurds as they plan a very important part of the peace process and at the same time to appease Turkey which to Putin is even more important than the Kurds.

So note that US is not in . This means that the Kurds are in very weak position vs Assad’s Allies and with the Turks in the background the ONLY cause of action for the Kurds would be just part of Syria as Syrians under the protection of Assad and allies .

No such thing as areas they captured becoming theirs. Entire Syrians would not agree and if the Kurds insist on keeping territory as part of their areas… war would start and like Iraq the Kurds would lose everything.

So Putin is playing strategy to get the Kurds to toe the line and able to talk sense to the Kurds.

Once the Kurds are out of the picture, and without ISIS , US would have to leave Syria or face global condemnation. Putin achieved his wish and power in ME without firing a single shot against the US.

Brother Ma

Also new pipeline going through Kurd iraq which will be russian.so kurds have to be courted thinks russia.

Jonathan Cohen

Splitting Syria does not threaten Russia bases, even a complete YPG takeover of Syria would still not threaten Russian bases. ABORTION RIGHTS IN RAQQA AND ALLEPPO!

Icarus Tanović

California – Z. S. O. N. A. Meaning Zionistic state of North America…

Brad Isherwood

comment image


What’s wrong with this picture?

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil…. is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke 

We are being played….

Solomon Krupacek

tonight il agains attacks lot of syrian targets. and putin smiles on bibi

Brad Isherwood

Russia dumped decades if Soviet era weapons on Syria vs Empire.
Call it….the cheap date.
Russia has amazing tech prowess. ….Iran abd Syria could knock the Fucking Jews into the
Next area code,
But that. …didn’t happen,…instead…..Collusion occured and backroom deals.

The dead of all Russians who died when Mongols laid waste to Mother Russia joins all those who paid the fullest measure in WW 2.
Stalin couldn’t care less the cost, …and same same when Mongols sacked Russian cuties.

Everyone ….for themselves.

Russia will always be feeble dye to its Historic weakness of Compassion towards its people.
They stuff them in like cord wood to die on wars….care nothing for the People.
Moscow is neon Whore land like Hong Kong or Jew York….

It’s a crime planet….
Best decision …is to get out of its way.**(


Good! Now take out the expensive planes provided by the US scum.

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