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Syrian War Report – December 27, 2019: Army Liberates More Territory From Idlib Militants

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Syrian War Report – December 27, 2019: Army Liberates More Territory From Idlib Militants

On December 26, units of the Syrian Army liberated the villages of Khuwayn al-Sha’r, Judaydat Nawaf, Samkeh and Delim, as well as several nearby points in southern Idlib.

During the past few days, the speed of the Syrian Army advance in the region decreased in comparison of the first days of the operation launched on December 19. This is linked to the ongoing behind-the-scenes negotiations on the fate of Maarat al-Numan and bad weather. Taking into account reports that Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies rejected a surrender proposal from Damascus, a new round of full-scale hostilities will likely take place soon.

According to pro-militant media outlets, up to 200 members of militant groups were killed or injured since December 19. At the same time, they claim even a bigger number of casualties among Syrian Army troops. Both these numbers seem to be overestimated.

Early on December 26, at least 85 Turkish military vehicles and trucks entered the Greater Idlib region in northwestern Syria, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

The SOHR claimed that a part of the vehicles headed towards a Turkish observation post near the town of al-Eis in southwestern Aleppo, while the rest moved to a second observation post in the district of al-Rashidin west of Aleppo’s city center.

Earlier, on December 2, about 100 Turkish military vehicles entered Greater Idlib. They were intended for observation posts in southern Idlib and northwest Hama.

Ankara is once again intensifying its diplomatic, propaganda and even military efforts in order to rescue radical groups operating in northwestern Syria.

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Syria for the Syrians

Liberal guy


Karen Bartlett

Did you see my reply to your question about whether China is Anti-Zionist?

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

I would say that the question is too hard to be answered simply. I’m not sure that (gonna-be) 2nd superpower can take such black-white stance on any issue not directly treating its vital national interests. In other words: China is too big for such side-taking.

If by “Zionists” we mean the Zionists – and not (so called) global elite. (“so called” because they are not global nor elite, but well connected mafia alliance from the West)

Karen Bartlett

Yes,you are correct. China does say in the UN that they support the rights of Palestinians. and condemn the actions of Israel in killing, starving, torturing, imprisoning Palestinian civilians. On the other hand, they have economic and military trade deals with Israel. (cf “China/Palestinian relations” and “China.Israel relations”, Wikipedia.)

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

I have to correct my previous interpretation: actually, there is no nation on the planet that takes any side for reasons of the sides – but solely for its own reasons, in best national interests. Everything else would be insane – and even when leaders provide an insane interpretation for their motives (like: human rights, democracy, tirany, humanitarian catastrophe, morale etc) – it’s never that insane, but real reasons are held hidden for other specific reasons i.e. interests. In cases where a nation has no significant national interest – there is no, and should be no, definitive stance on the issue.

Chinese civilization is completely separate civilization from us (Euroasia), especially from you (Westerners) – there is not a single cultural, historical – or strategically speaking significant relationship “pro” Israel, Jews, Muslims or Arabs in general. However, there is “con” relationship against Islam, as in recent years China faced several rebellions in north-west provinces, populated with Muslim majority. Additionally, official stance of the ruling cast (the Party) is strongly anti-religious (even affiliation with Buddhism isn’t a “cool” thing to talk about).

Now, why would Bibi look for US military / and any other support. First, Western civilization is deeply related with Jews and (later) Israel. From religious perspectives to historical. Its not that wild science to understand that creation of Israel is actually the last and finally successful Crusade. Yep, that’s how it looks from our (Orthodox Christian) perspective – and that’s how it is if you research history carefully enough. Now, to leave the esoteric side of the story aside: US has significant Jewish community, China have none — even more important: US has 11 super-carriers, China 3 air-craft carriers (compared to Nimitz class these are fishing boats) – you can’t hope for military support from a nation that have no power-projection capacity in your region. And, finally, national interests of Israel and US are overlapping by large – and in all issues that are vital for Israel.

However, its not bad to notice how well Bibi manages relation with Russia – despite somewhat conflicting interests in the region.

… and closing words: guys, emotions are for girls, children and pets. There are no emotions in international politics aside PR campaigns designed to brainwash domestic and foreign population to accept, or even support, actions – originally taken for completely different and undisclosed reasons.

Liberal guy

They are not u can c why coz bibi is counting on the Americans for help if major conflict occurs and not the Chinese

Liberal guy

Am not a conspiracy theorist but this is the truth

Liberal guy

Ya thks

Hasbara Hunter


Liberal guy

Simply u r speaking the truth

Hasbara Hunter

That’s called freedom of speech…simply say what you THINK….they cannot grab that away from me…I’m a Free Man…That is why I’m with’m folks who are oppressed…’cause it’s their Bloody Right to be Free too…

Gary Sellars

Kill the goat-fuckers. Every… last… one.

Liberal guy

It’s my big wish to c these cowards as many as death as possible amin

Karen Bartlett

Go, SAA! I noticed the little Syrian kids weren’t cheering the Turkish tanks rolling in -and later, they were throwing rocks at them! And the idiot terrorists refused a surrender demand from Damascus! They’re counting on Erdogan to save them, and as mentioned, send them to Libya.

Domenic Patrone

Though dispersed, some of said vehicles, especially the tanks and such will converge in a hurry before the main attack toward Damascus.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


Ricky Miller

Posting while drunk, or trolling.

Gary Sellars

Sucking too much cock weakens the brain…

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“During the past few days, the speed of the Syrian Army advance in the region decreased in comparison of the first days of the operation launched on December 19. This is linked to the ongoing behind-the-scenes negotiations on the fate of Maarat al-Numan and bad weather.”

The bad weather didn’t stop the SAAF for 2 of the last 3 days, and the ongoing behind-the-scenes negotiations hasn’t stopped the SAA assault dead in its tracks the way it did the Russians. And why are we calling them behind-the-scenes negotiations, Erdogan’s already told us exactly what was going to happen and it did, and there were no surprises for anyone reading Turkish news, just conformation.

Rodney Loder

There was a lot of anti-Ally narratives going on in and before 2nd.WW so anti-war polemics are expected with the US France and Britain gearing up to take on Iran, also there were the same anti-war polemics with Vietnam, the reason anti-war narratives effected the outcome of Vietnam and not the 2 nd. WW was because Allah (swt) was posting anti-war narratives about Vietnam and Allah (swt) was prompting the 2nd WW.

The situation today with Divine Aspiration is that China and Russia will line up behind Iran to beat US hegemony, the problum is that both China and Russia hate Muslims and will support israel at the drop of a hat.

So Allah (swt) is asking everyone to prey that nobody drops their hat.

Icarus Tanović

Ankara? Rather Erdogan’s regime trying it’s hardest to save Wahhabi criminals.

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