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Syrian War Report – December 26, 2019: Russian Airstrikes Wipe Out Convoy Of Turkish-backed Militant Group

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Syrian War Report – December 26, 2019: Russian Airstrikes Wipe Out Convoy Of Turkish-backed Militant Group

By the evening of December 25, government forces have repelled a counter-attack by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its Turkish-backed allies on the town of Jarjnaz in southern Idlib and have resumed their advance on the town of Maarat al-Numan.

The militant counter-attack started on December 24 evening with at least two suicide bombing attacks on positions of the Syrian Army. Despite this, the terrorists were not able to break the army defense line. Pro-militant sources claim that they destroyed at least 5 units of military equipment belonging to the army and killed over 12 soldiers. Despite this, Idlib militants appear to be unable to stop the army advance in an open battle.

On December 25, the Russian Aerospace Forces bombed a military convoy of Ahrar al-Sham moving near the town of Kafr Nubl in southern Idlib, according to reports by Arab media. The terrorist group’s General Commander Abu Jaber al-Sheikh was reportedly injured in the strike. Several other influential Ahrar al-Sham commanders and members were killed.

Ahrar al-Sham is the radical Turkish-backed militant group. It is the core of the pro-Turkish militant alliance known as the National Front for Liberation.

Leader of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Abu Muhammed al-Jolani released an official video statement on the recent developments in southern Idlib. The terrorist blamed Iran and Russia for the recent setbacks of the “revolution” in Greater Idlib and threatened the region with consequences.

He also claimed that his forces achieved many of their goas against the “regime” (mostly destroying Syrian economy and killing civilians) and is about to achieve the victory. However, Russia and Iran stand on their way. The Russian motivation, according to al-Jolani, is to restore “the glory of the USSR”. It is interesting to note that this remark reflects the mainstream propaganda that often paints the current situation around the world as the Second Cold War and Russia as the USSR 2.0.

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EXTERMINATE ALL Hayat al Sham Turkish Backed TERRORIST


Western parrot like propaganda ‘Talking Points’ become even more obvious when the Western backed head choppers parrot the same propaganda.

Western propaganda ONLY serves to dull the brains of the Western public that has always provided the cannon fodder.

владимир птуин

hi answer me questions if you american

Karen Bartlett

Wonder how the US will play this, when the terrorists say exactly the same things as the US gov’t (and other Western countries)? Of course, MSM would never repeat what the terrorists are saying. That would blow their cover as the “good guys”.

Daily Beatings

Simple, they ignore it.

Karen Bartlett

You’re right.

42 HSabbagh

Everyone knows idlib has a huge concentration of violent jihadi extremist. Soon as the SAA & allies start their operation.. Israel starts bombing, Trump starts tweeting against it,and Syria’s refinery gets attacked. And Isis cells become active. It’s not rocket science who’s supporting these gangs


Putin asked Erdogan to keep pro-Turkish militant in Syria on leash. Erdogan failed to have it done. So, Russia is to take care of them itself.

Hide Behind

US Spin? Take an internet cruise of every major European online news and there is no spin, is almost complete omission of the word Syria. Go to op- ed pages , zilch, nada zero; same goes for financial section, there are thousand word articles on how we humans are killing whales, fish and trees, how many LGBTQ will fit in a unisex bathroom, but Syria???¿¿¿ On the internet we got spin in all directions, and none of it is changing what the Powers That Be interest are, the Grand Game Plans. Syria is but a pimple on worlds butt, as rest of world are fighting their own individual chunk of it. We work on the orders of systems we have no say in, we contribute without consciously thinking of it, we take part in useless exercises, reactions to their actions, and yet we are so f’n helpless we can only work within a system they give us, and we have a tendency once within their systems to do not one constructive thing beyond talk. Life is comforts, saving a whale is not worth going to jail, speaking against the Environmental Agencies when you work for them means no more job. We teach at colleges that do not prote real education and yet we like our exalted positions, comfy no responsability, and realy cushy salaries, so we ignore. Expand the deliberate ignorance for comfort not worldwide as most of worlds population are but powerless ants hiive mentality, but of the European derived Civilized Nations populations who could if they wanted to bring the downfall of the psychopaths and sociopath minority that rules us.

Karen Bartlett

Yep. When I was going to school, the courses were all about racism, feminism and the rights of LGBTQ’s. Oh, and police brutality. This was in the Criminal Justice major, isn’t that ironic? But those of us without comfy jobs, working for the gov’t, are simply surviving and trying to pay our debts. The US gov’t and the universities and social justice “warriors” who ignore what the US is doing to innocent people in all corners of the globe have really got us wrapped in propaganda. It’s good to see people on here and other sites who aren’t fooled.


Don’t let paranoia overwhelm your research and analysis.

Per Jensen

The general opinion in the West is simply brainwashed, just like the islamists. That´s why they repeat what their main stream media said and wrote during the Cold War and are saying and wriiting thereafter.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

This attack against the convoy must’ve been the very last air sortie by Russia, because as I feared/predicted the Russians have pulled the pin on this latest assault, only the SAA and SAAF are continuing the attack now. Gods speed SAA and SAAF, this war just got a lot harder to win.


you just can’t shut up but to humour you a bit, where do you have the information that russia has pulled the pin – I’s sure it’s dead wrong so please some hard fact that that is the case.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

My own eyes and ears tell me that Russia hasn’t launched any more than 3 sorties in two and a half days, and none for the last 36 hours, but the SAA have continued the assault regardless. And on the 24th/25th Turkish media published several articles asserting that Erdogan was going to force Putin to stop all hostilities in Idlib, and also stated that Putin and Erdogan would implement a new ceasefire, and also stated that Putin would demand that Assad respect the new ceasefire. Guess what, the Turkish news was right about everything except for one thing, ASSAD’S NOT ABIDING BY THE CEASEFIRE. If you have to wait for the official announcement your insane, if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, smells like a duck, and even looks like a duck, chances are it is a duck. How much lira does Erdogan pay you to be a troll, whatever it is he should pay you half.


christmas time and naval exercise with syria in the Med and an upcoming naval exercise with China and Iran in the indian ocean/gulf of Oman. quite a few things to deal with but rest assured they won’t quit until Syria is liberated. you gotta have some faith in Russia and turkey won’t be a problem once Syria is free of the aggressors.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

See this is why I say you’re a Turkish paid for troll, Turkey is the main aggressor in Syria now, not a part of the solution or a result of someone else’s behaviour, Turkey brought the misery down on Syria’s head, and now it’s getting a taste of it’s own medicine. Russian christmas is jan 7, so Christmas is still nearly 2 weeks away, and Erdogan is juggling 5 military campaigns now, 4 in Syria and 1 in Iraq, and now he’s about to start his 6th campaign in Libya, so if he can do it why can’t Putin, are you a Putin hater or something, don’t you think he’s as capable as Erdogan, LOL. Say it man, Putin’s pulled the pin, telling the truth won’t kill you.

Karen Bartlett

Will, it sounds to me like YOU are the paid troll. Just wondering if it’s Turkey, Israel or the CIA that you work for.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Since I’ve never made a comment that’s anything but derogatory of Erdogan and critical of his behaviour, you can’t possibly include him or the Turkish government on that list, you could of perhaps said I worked for one of the Turkish opposition parties, but I don’t. And even though I don’t froth at the mouth every time I hear Israel mentioned [I used to in my 20’s 30’s and 40’s], I still froth at the mouth when I hear Zionists make claims of historical rights and privileges, and when I see Israeli soldiers shooting unarmed Palestinian protesters, or annexing more territory. But I have stopped saying Israel has no right to exist, even though I did say it for 45 years of my life, but that doesn’t make me in the least bit pro Zionist. I’m totally opposed to any further annexation of anyone’s land, Palestine Syria or anywhere else, I’m also adamant that the Israelis be forced to return the West Bank and Golan Heights, and also adamant the Israelis be forced to reach a mutually beneficial settlement with the Palestinians, I’d say I’m an anti Zionist that tries to help the Palestinian cause without labeling all Israelis as baby killers, some of them actually work just as hard for the Palestinian cause as any Palestinian does, so I’ll give credit where it’s due and condemn when justified, and I condemn far more than I give credit, far far more, so you make up your own mind what you think I am, I say anti Zionist. And the CIA, lol, they want to stay in Syria not get out, and right up until Turkey invaded north eastern Syria I’ve been calling for the US to leave, even predicting they would since early 2018, so if I’m in the CIA I must be one of the people who side with Trump, and actually oppose the entrenched bureaucracy, but I’m not, I’m not even a US citizen. Obviously you don’t like the way I’ve been calling out Verner for his continual praise for the Turkish intervention, and you perhaps you even think I’m being overly rude to him/her, sorry you’re offended, I stand by my accusation and won’t apologise for it, and in defence of my rudeness I can only say, it’s nowhere near as bad as I cop from him/her, though I do know that’s no justification. I realize you have a bee in your bonnet and that saddens me, I enjoy corresponding with you, but I can only say what I think and criticize what I think is BS, and Verner is so full of BS and confusing spin that I’m compelled to point out the contradictions he usually uses to spread his vile message, messages of “Turkey’s presence in Syria is actually helping the situation”, or “Turkey’s only in Syria because of the Kurds, they’ll move out once they’re taken care of”. That’s Turkish propaganda plain and simple, Assad keeps saying he want the Turks out, and he keeps saying the Turks are just using the Kurds as an excuse to annex more Syrian territory, and just in case you missed the 2 articles on SF a few weeks ago, which asserted the Russians were well aware that the Turks were only using the Kurds as an excuse, and also saying the Russians were going to outmaneuver them. So I don’t understand why you think my criticism of Verner’s comments and my accusations that he’s working for Erdogan and on his payroll are unjustifiable.

Rodney Loder

And the Russians believed that by defecting from the Sovie Union they woul.be 2elcome members of the Economic Empire formed up under EUand US.

The only thing that save the Russian Federation was the culture of the Soviet Military manufacturing industry , they were always the privliged workers and ironically it was elitism not egalitarianism that saved Russia.

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