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Syrian War Report – December 26, 2017: Syrian Army Achieves Strategic Victory In Damascus Countryside

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) achieved another strategic victory in the countryside of Damascus, according to pro-government sources.

Units of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and other armed groups operating in the Beit Jinn pocket reportedly accepted a withdrawal agreement and declared their readiness to surrender their positions to the SAA.

Negotiations between the local militants and the SAA started in the pocket last week after government forces had entered Maghar al-Mir, secured the nearby hills and cut off the road between Beit Jinn and Maghar al-Mir.

With the implementation of the surrender agreement, the Syrian military will eliminate one of the few remaining militant-held pockets in the Damascus countryside and secure this important area near the Golan Heights.

Israeli media as well as pro-opposition sources already started a propaganda campaign arguing that Iranian-backed forces are going to use this area to threaten Israel.

In 2016 and 2017, government forces were able to secure large areas in Western and Eastern Ghouta and free up a significant number of troops that had been involved in the operations there. This fact as well as the improved security of the Syrian capital was an important factor contributing to SAA successes on other frontlines.

Meanwhile, sporadic clashes continued between the SAA and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in northern Hama and southern Aleppo. According to local sources, government forces are now focused on conducting artillery and air strikes on the militants’ positions preparing for the upcoming advance that will reportedly start after the full liberation of Beit Jinn.

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Expo Marker

As usual, we see the FSA and Israel coming together to announce that if the SAA advances in Damascus, Israel will be threatened by Iran. As if the Israeli army cared when it created a refugee crisis in 1948, and created the spark for the never ending fires that roar in the middle east.

Cheryl Brandon

F…K Israhel the terrorist state!


Now their REAL problem is getting US out of Syria!!!! It seems that we have this awful reputation of “occupying” sovereign countries…once we get in, we stay!!!! WRONG!!! US occupies at least 170+ countries throughout the world!!!! No other country does this!!!! Don’t be surprised is they don’t join together to kick our azzes….which will be easy because we’re scattered everywhere and don’t have the troops in physical condition to do anything!!! Remember, the Navy just gave “amnesty” to close to 50K troops that weren’t in physical condition. Lord help us!

Icarus Tanović

I wish that that won’t happen, but then again think about Vietnam. ??

Citizen Quasar

Time for the USAF to conduct another “accidental” airstrike.

Icarus Tanović

Ain’t gonna happen. Time for PRNK to test another nuke…

Citizen Quasar

That sounds web-botty to me. So I am going to say, “Turing test FAILED!”

Hide Behind

Those who leave where will they be going? Russias’ military command and its government spokesman justjust got done verifying US has been training ex rebel fighters and rearing them to become part of its Kurdish forces.
So talks of an easy victory are way premature, US is not leaving and unlike Iraq Kurds, there are no Sovereign forces to stop them from forming an autonomous region.
If US says to U.N. “Recognize or else” what can U.N. do.
THEY suremy have never condemned USor Turkey or Israel for their actions in Syria.
Iraq Kurds just announced they will set up a new Kurdish enclave in Iraq.
The US told Sovereign Iraq to disband all militia units.
Those militia were a main fighter against ISIS.
US says they are Iranians armed and supplied by Iran
True that many Iranians volunteered both for regilar Iraq military and militias, but all militias were under Iraq and US control , such as in Mossul.
Will not be surprised to see a new outbreak of hostilities caused by US allied mercenaries of Kurds and those thousands now trained in Jordan.
There will be no easy victory for Syria in long tun.

Icarus Tanović

This one part was so very well fortified, and this is the painless way for Nusra wahabies to remove your selves as alive (not dead) from there. So, this is first time they deserted strategically important area to SAA. Which means they’re running low on moral.
If they havw choosen to stay, well end will be the samw, juat, many more Isil deaths and slower advance of SAA, because they haven’t redeployed massive forces down there, rather SAA is fighting on several fronts.
And what is most important, Israel is scared, and now they don’t sit on comfortable sofa, rather on shaky chair.
Just think about the fact that howitzer’s double or triple charge can reach well into Israel, over Golan.

Cheryl Brandon

SAA, you are such awesome fighters. You are doing such a great recovery of Syrian lands a! Keep kicking the asres of the foreign paid proxies and their shitty wahabhist ideology! Kaboom/kaboom/kaboom says the warriors/fighters and heroes! Let’s go/let’s go! Hooray for what you have achieved thus far!


Are you serious? You are calling it a victory, while militants still control 90% of the pocket. Pocket is likely connected with tunnels in the east. Militants are likely buying time, while a plan is being devised and weapons are being smuggled in. For all we know, a massive assault may be launched on Fuah at any moment.

Damascus shows incompetence when it comes to things like this. When militants ask for “negotiations”, you give them 6 to 12 hours to abandon positions, not days to plead with militants.


It was an enormous mistake to allow AQ so much time to do as they please. Militants are now creating new positions, trenches, and receiving weapons and support via tunnels. Other groups on the outside are finalizing plans as to how to prevent the pocket from collapsing and ensure that Damascus never gets it back. It is way too strategic; Fouah may soon be attacked, and/or saa may come under air strikes.

There is word that “evacuation” of militants has been officially delayed by 48 to 72 hours. There is word that militants attacked saa from within the pocket. It is absurd to see them celebrating.

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