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Syrian War Report – December 21, 2016: Govt Forces Expanding Buffer Zone Near Tyas Airbase

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The Russian Aerospace Forces’ warplanes have made over 30,000 combat sorties and hit more than 62,000 terrorist targets in Syria since the start of Russia’s military operation on September 30, 2015, first deputy chief of the Aerospace Forces, Pavel Kurachenko, said Tuesday. He added that over 900 new helicopters and warplanes will be delivered to the Aerospace Forces under a state re-equipment program until 2025.

On December 20, the Syrian army, the National Defense Forces and Hezbollah repelled a major offensive attempt by ISIS terrorists at the Tyas Airbase in the province of Homs. ISIS terrorists advanced on government forces from the southeastern and eastern directions and attacked government troops the Tyas Pumping Station and the Tyas Airbase. The terrorist group used some 2 car bombs in an attempt to break the army’s defenses and ISIS offensive units were supported by battle tank and artillery fire. Nonetheless, the army and its allies were able to destroy car bombs before they reached the defense lines and to repel the attacks. Government forces reportedly killed 45-55 ISIS terrorist in the clashes and destroyed up to 7 vehicles, including some 2 battle tanks.

By December 21, hundreds fresh pro-government fighters have arrived the area and the Syrian army and its allies have created conditions for further offensive operation. Local sources argued that the Syrian Army’s Tiger Forces, the Desert Hawks Brigade, the National Defense Forces and Hezbollah are going to launch an attack against ISIS terrorists soon. Nonetheless, this operation will likely aim a goal to expand a buffer zone around the Tyas Airbase.

Reports also appear that ISIS has downed a Gazelle military helicopter belonging to the Syrian Air Force near the Tyas Airbase. But no photo or video evidence from the ground have been provided.

Russia, Turkey and Iran drafted a text of the Moscow declaration on immediate steps in resolving the Syrian conflict and are ready to guarantee its implementation. Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said that all previous “attempts to agree on joint efforts undertaken by the US or their partners were doomed” and added that “none of them exerted real influence on the situation on the ground.” Russia’s foreign minister added that the newly agreed measures are intended to help bring about “the revival of the political process to end the Syrian conflict,” he said.

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Marek Pejović

I think I understand why Putin pushes so early for this political solution and political talks and etc: it’s to “force” Assad into a dialogue (with “constructive opposition”, if found) which will result in internal reforms in Syria, for example curbing of State Security and probably other internal changes which were the cause of original 2011 peaceful protests. Putin has tried to talk to Assad about reforms before, but Assad wouldn’t listen. So if it’s possible to have the more-less chosen de-nusrified amnestied opposition step in as that other side of political dialogue, internal state reforms should be possible, even if Assad and Ba’ath party are to retain control over Syria. Unless this is done, Syria will be pacified for the time being, but it’s flawed system (meaning: stalinisticaly oppressive secret service) will mean it’s another uprising waiting to happen a few decades down the road.

888mladen .

It would be advisable for Putin to start reforming his corrupt ruling establishment, to stop privatization of public sector, to cut Lukol and Gasprom CEOs salaries which have been blown out of proportion, to diversify RU economy and uproot politically motivated murders. Or how’s about stopping genocide over Russian population in Donbas and Lugansk by Ukrainian Nazis? All in all RU should let Syrians deal with their problems and concentrate on its own instead of acting as a patron of the Syrian state and its people. The same applies to all parties participating in the conflict. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? 4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? 5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

888mladen .

Excellent understanding of peoples’ mandate through democratic process.

Brad Isherwood

It’s kinda comical that Assad has to do internal reforms, While Putin cuts pipeline deal,trade and region security with the Snake Erdogan Who betrayed Assad on interlink pipelines already under signatory with Turkey, Turn 180 on Assad….surge 70, 000 mercs thru Turkey…arm them. .. Steal Iraqi and Syrian oil… Oh….and murder Syrians!.

But hey….like Trump says….let’s do a Deal.


Excellent news from Shoigu and I can’t wait to read the transcripts from the Astana Iran-Russia-Turkey peace talks!


Expand the perimeter around Tyas air base, after all what type of front line can 5-6000 ISIS defend or attack? Bring armor, and probe 20-30 kms having the support of the artilery and air power; take the terrain and deploy some NDF units equipped with ATGM to hold the ground and be ready for suicide bombers, deploy such NDF units 5-6 different locations to secure armored advances, and you are close to Palmyra. If ISIS chooses to attack these militia outposts, the militia has ATGM to stop the initial attack, while the armor which would be in forward close proximity would attack ISIS anyway they choose. After all, streching the front line and being mobile, taxes limited ISIS armed assets severely. The idea is to seek and destroy them, without any opportunity given for them to melt away and hide in the desert.

As far as the rehabilitation of some militants by providing amnesty and separating them from the radical al Nursa elements it should work, Turkey can help in causing some separation in Idlib, and exposing al Nursa without the support of “genuine opposition”.

888mladen .

“the militia has ATGM to stop the initial attack” true, unless they have sold them to ISIS or they have been intoxicated by alcohol while on duty.


Sell ATGM to ISIS? Shias frown on the consumption of alcohol….publically. I read a chronological report on Arab Source regarding events in Palmyra on Dec 10, your assertions are assumptions.


This site is funny. Notice the pro-Russian, pro-Syrian pablum and propaganda. Listen to the “rousing” music. Sounds like what you would hear in “the good ole days” of Stalinist Russia and the cold war. Onward, onward. Meanwhile how many innocent civilians were killed, how many hospitals bombed, how many children killed? Russians and Syrians utterly defeated in Palmyra. This site should rename itself: “southfronthumiliation.org”


Go fuck yourself you fifth-rate troll.


“how many innocent civilians were killed, how many hospitals bombed, how many children killed?” You tell us. You can’t, because there is no documented evidence, only reports from people who stand to gain from such reports.


very well documented, moron.


Documented by terrorists. People call it propaganda.

I don’t blame you for your retarded state. I understand this is all your dad Bill Clinton and your mom Chelsea could manage for you.

The Bandalar

You would be shocked at how poorly documented such claims are. A good example is the western media claiming that citizens of Aleppo were “fleeing the murderous and genocidal Assad regime” once the eastern pocket was starting to collapse.

What the media didn’t tell you is that 90%+ of the people “fleeing Assad’s forces” were actually moving DEEPER into government territory! Normally when one flees something, they try to move AWAY from it, not TOWARDS it.

When the Nazis invaded Poland, my (Jewish) grand-father fled. I can assure you he did not flee towards the Nazis – he fled AWAY from them into the Soviet-occupied zone.

The fact is that civilians feel safer in areas controlled by the Syrian government. The only reason they did not flee earlier is that the militants were literally executing people for using the escape routes designated for civilians by the Syrian government. That is why people only began to flee once their area was occupied by Syrian troops. Let me guess – you never read about that in the western media, right?


You would be shocked to read how well these despicable acts have been documented by many different sources. War crimes pure and simple.

Алексей Зайцев

Go eat shit and die fucking faggot


What a joke from the one that PARROT the CIA/MI6//MOSSAD PROPAGANDA.

The Bandalar

Please stop the paranoid schizophrenic garbage. Every time I see a post with “CIA/Mossad” mentioned there is a 99% chance it’s complete nonsense, and this is no exception. People like you are an embarrassment to logical people trying to educate others about the extreme anti-Russian bias of the western media. You are no better than them.

888mladen .

What right Turkey has to be part of the solution and decide the future of Syrian state and people while it has been the backbone of terrorism in Syria and world wide? Dancing with Devil. If you can’t beat him join him Mr Putin.

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