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Syrian War Report – December 20, 2016: What Is Syrian Army Going To Do Now?

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Now, when the city of Aleppo is under the control of the Syrian army, various media outlets and analysts are discussing where pro-government forces is going to deliver their next attack against militant groups. Some claim that the Syrian army and its allies will rapidly and effectively deliver a series of wide-scale military operations against al-Qaeda linked militants and take control of significant areas in the provinces of Aleppo and Idlib.

These suggestions are good-looking for the Syrian government and allow making nice headlines, but they are hardly based on the real analysis of the situation on the ground.

While SF released a detailed military analysis of the situation after the liberation of Aleppo on December 14, the project’s team wants to clarify some issues and provide additional details on the topic.

First of all, SF wants to emphasize a low possibility of a government forces significant advance in the province of Idlib and the western part of Aleppo province in the nearest future, at least a few of months. Before launching new full-scale operations, the Syrian military and its allies will need to regroup, resupply and rotate their forces and to improve security of the Aleppo countryside.

The Syrian army has to secure areas close to the city of Aleppo to prevent militants from shelling the residential areas of the city. The Military Research Center, Mansoura, al-Rashidin 4, al-Rashidin 5 and Khan al-Assal will likely become the main targets of this operation.

Then, government forces will be bound to halt active offensive actions in the area for a few months. The Syrian government needs to solve humanitarian problems in Aleppo and to restore the city infrastructure.

Active military actions could continue in the northwestern Aleppo countryside – al-Layramoun – and in the northern part of Aleppo province where Turkey-led forces will develop the operation around al-Bab (and most likely seize it if there are no additional political agreements on the issue).

An important task of the Syrian government is to liberate a number of pockets near Damascus and Homs, what will allow freeing forces and means for active military operations across the country. The area of Palmyra will also be a high priority because its fall to ISIS is a major PR blow to Syria and Russia.

Thus, the active phase of military operation in the western and southwestern parts of Aleppo province and an advance in the direction of Idlib can be launched in about 4 months.

The level of success of the Syria-Iran-Rusisa-Turkey cooperation will also play an important role in the possible scenario of the crisis. It’s important to note that the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was killed in Ankara a day before an important meeting of the defense and foreign ministers of Russia, Iran and Turkey dedicated to the Syrian settlement. This clearly shows that some powers are not interested in the development of relations of these countries and see this as a major threat to their interests in the Middle East.

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Yep, the Middle East has been, steadily albeit slowly, returning to its people after the centuries of serving the interest of Western powers and their policy of ruling the world on account of the prosperity of its people: Arabs, Turks, Persians, Syrians, Jews and Christians of all persuasions. Arrogant, yet utterly ignorant, people from the Western democracies are taught time was created by the Western world. The brainwashing policy of the Western population is absolute. They have no a single idea about the achievements of the people from the East. To mention just two: languages and mathematics. Let Westerners do counting in Roman Numerical System that does not recognize “zero”, that is, “0”!?

Hanna Reitsch

Fuck the middle east, you can take your mathematicians back. We want Europe for the Europeans and don’t need any of you camel fuckers.


If you want Europ for eruopean, europen people must stop killing midle east people, producing war in the area, stop supporting USA-Israel plans in the area. So, simple. Every war that Europe support in midle east or Africa, produces immigration of these people to Europe. At this moment, europena people are muslims, africans, etc. you want it ot not (get use to it and live with it), thanks to the support to USA-NATO-Israel.

Tom Tom

the globalist satanists want to kill all arabs and euros. They have no need for the 7.5 billion of humanity’s current 8 billion population.

Hanna Reitsch

The africans and the arabs with their jewish cousins need to leave Europe. They are not welcome here. When the jewish banks collapse and drag the wellfare system in the drain these people will be just like the jypsis.

Brad Isherwood

The non Compatible factor is true…. Ancient Europe has been continual chaos and conflict. If the White Europeans cannot really all get along, What hope is there plug in Spying and Scheming Jews,and Inflexible Islam that holds continual grudge?

Am not a Fan of these 3 BS religions which slaughter in the name of some Supremo.


The Westerners come to loot, exploit, demolish, obliterate and enslave the Middle East for centuries. The latest calamity was also created by the West, that is, by the Western elites who, as a precondition for imposing the New World Order, badly needed the global insecurity to reduce human rights (of the already brainwashed people in the West certainly). Thus, you should go after those faces you’re so familiar with to ask for a resolution. (911, the Paris massacre, etc. are all the realisation of the same plan, designed by the same people who live and represent so-called ‘Western democracies’). The addresses of those who deserved to sway on the rope between the earth and the sky are in Euroland and North America respectively; the people you watch and listen to on your MSM daily. Thus, stop blaming the victims for the crimes committed in your name.


Why do you look only a short part of the History ? I don’t disput what the Westerners have done during the 2 or 3 last centuries. Why don’t you recognise what the Arab people has done ? Invasion of Africa, of Europa.. put in slavery african black people… No muslim people has been obliged to live in Europe. If they don’t like our civilisation, they can go back where they are coming from .


But, we are who made them flee their homes. Do not go further in the past but analyze the purpose of Crusader wars. They were solely gathered for looting, stealing and killing. Recall what they did to Constantinople and their Christian brothers there. In fact, Euroland Christians paved way for the Turkish invasion of Euroland as they caused this immigration tide toward Euroland and refugee crisis respectively. Yet if you are to go deeper in history, do not oversee the Macedonian King Fillip and his son Alexander the Great who’d invaded and occupied the Middle East right to the subcontinent of India even before the birth of Christianity and Islam.


one more time, why do you look only the part of the History which match with your mind ?


Jeez … . what do you want of me? To contradict myself!?


Nice language. I’m all for free speech but it’ ugly and there is no place for it.

The Bandalar

The overwhelming majority of the achievements ascribed to the east originate in China and, to a lesser extent, India.

Your belief that the West has not contributed much is bizarre… If you ask people for a list of the major achievements of the middle east, you always hear the same ones over and over again. Some of them are not even true, such as Arab numerals, which originate in India and only named as such because Europe learned about it through Arabs. Another commonly mentioned one is preserving the knowledge of the Eastern Roman Empire, which is really not an achievement if you think about it. Other than that you can count these major achievements on one hand, or two if you are generous.

The hilly flanks were responsible for the agricultural revolution and mathematics, but going that far back is sort of meaningless from the perspective of cultural continuity.

I’d compile a list of the major western achievements but I don’t really want to spend hours to fill page upon page you probably won’t read anyways.


The last thing I would try to do is to underrate the achievements of the people form the West, particularly not the names as Galileo, Newton, Leibniz, Einstein, (Bohr + Heisenberg + Plank) and all the others, known and unknown, but the complete negligence of the civilisation of Persia or Mesopotamia mirrors the barbarism that could only be generated in the modern (and utterly primitive) Western societies. btw, The creator of the modern mathematics and the father of the number ‘0’ is a Persian Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarismi. Chinese did not treat ‘0’ as a number.

The Bandalar

This Persian mathematician may have created modern mathematics, but I’m doubtful he invented the number zero. I recognize that zero was developed independently by a couple of civilizations, but I always learned that the Indians developed it first (and in the form we currently use it).

This is from Wikipedia:

“The concept of zero as a digit in the decimal place value notation was developed in India, presumably as early as during the Gupta period (c. 5th century), with the oldest unambiguous evidence dating to the 7th century.”

What exactly do you mean by primitive western societies if you agree they have contributed infinitely more to human civilization than others? Are you referring to the growing ranks of degenerate social justice warriors, who are spreading racism and scientific ignorance?


How have you come to my agreement about Western civilisation “contributed infinitely more to human civilization than others!?” It’s nonsense. The discovery of math as we know it today is attributed to that very man of al-Khwarismi. Actually,”Algebra” means transposition in Persian meaning the preceding place is a multiplication of the one that follows. Barbarism of the Western civilisation is immense. Westerners razed to the ground great South American civilisations of Maya and Inca, exterminated North American Indians; wiped out African culture. Today, the very same bunch of primitives obliterated (on the false pretext) one of the cradles of human civilisation, that is, Mesopotamia and on, and on …

Tom Tom

CIA/Mossad using jihadi’s as their assassins.

The Bandalar

Did you know the Mossad was actually behind Ghenghis Khan’s slaughter of millions of Muslims? True story bro.

The Bandalar

Amazing video, keep up the good work!

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