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Syrian War Report – December 19, 2017: Syrian Army Advances In Southern Idlib

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On December 18, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) liberated the village of Ruwaydah in southern Idlib from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda).

According to pro-opposition sources, the SAA and the NDF were able to take control of the village thanks only to massive air and artillery strikes in the area. The advance followed a series of gains made by government forces in southern Idlib, northern Hama and southern Aleppo.

In southern Syria, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) have reportedly started withdrawing from the village of Maghr Al-Meer next to the town of Beit Jinn. If this is confirmed, the SAA will likely establish control of Maghr Al-Meer in the next few days. This will be a major blow to the HTS defense in the Beit Jinn pocket.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad described US-backed forces in eastern Syria as “traitors” during a meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on December 18.

“When we talk about those referred to as ‘the Kurds,’ they are in fact not just Kurds. All those who work for a foreign country, mainly those under American command…are traitors,” the president’s office quoted Assad in an online statement.

The US-led international coalition, particularly Washington, has given a military assistance and various supplies to the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Thanks to the US military support, the SDF had seized a notable part of eastern Syria, including the cities of Raqqa and Manbij.

Assad received a Russian government delegation headed by Rogozin in Damascus. He said that the victory over terrorists “has created conditions for accelerating the process of restoring the Syrian economy.”

According to Rogozin, Moscow and Damascus are planning to jointly create a phosphates deposit developer. Russia also plans to use Syrian ports to ship grain to Syria and neighboring countries.

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There is something that bothers me some time now, that DAESH pocket there in eastern HAMA, why does not either SAA or HTS attack that ISIS scums there. No one talks about that pocket there, no one attacks that pocket there I mean what is going on there is that real Daesh pocket or what is it, it is very suspicious place that no one attacks it or even talks about it……..???????

Potato Potato

SAA let them establish in Hama under the condition they will only kill HTS rats. Smart idea. Let the terrorists kill each other and then finish them after they are weakened.

Eskandar Black

This is the remains of the former pocket that decided to suit up for the winners in the war, probable in exchange for their lives.

Tudor Miron

Is it me or there’sd a feeling that SF should inform us better regarding actions of SAA and ally forces? https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/russian-air-force-destroys-al-qaeda-base-northern-hama/

I love the comments section here but we need some more news… I realize that human resources are limited in case of SF.


lets TALK about the OIL and GAS in the GOLAN heights?
Who gets the SYRIAN, GOLAN OIL and GAS?


On the Golan is water for Israel,no gas or oil !


dickie chaines say’s NOT!!!

You can call me Al

Nonsense, all oil and gas.

But I do agree WATER is something that does / will cause many more wars in the near future.

If you are right on the Golan heights, I will be the first to apologise.


Reason is clear,you to image situation,that some syrian psycho poisoning water on the Golan and half population of Izrael will dead…

You can call me Al

Oh, if that will be the outcome….it is water, water, water.

Nigel Maund

There is oil, condensates and gas on the Golan heights, but no one appears to know how much and how signifcant it is. The Israeli’s have a stack of assets in this area and again no one knows for sure what they are. In respect of losses; again no one knows and are unlikely to find out in the near to medium term. Honest journalists get shot in these areas.


they know exactly whats there like demo charges inside the WTC on 911.
they are risking the total destruction of Israel and perhaps a world war over this scam!


“Honest journalists get shot in these areas.”

are their body part and organs arvested before they are dead?


Very interesting development for Syrian nation.
Assad have banned American grain. No grain will be imported from America.
The grain will be imported only from friendly countries like Russia.
Assad have banned American contractors in Syria. No contractors from America are allowed to participate in Syrian reconstruction or open any kind of NGOs in Syria.

All civil and military engineering contracts will be allotted to only friendly countries like Russia and Iran. New residential blocks, electricity generation plants and oil and gas refineries and steel mills will be constructed on priority basis to strengthen Syrian economy. All military hardware, fighter jets and commercial jets will be overhauled locally in Syria. The first nuclear power plant of the type PWR 1100 megawatt will be constructed in Latakia by the help of Russia.

Tudor Miron

Sounds good. Where did you get that info regarding PWR 1100?

Nigel Maund

Rob, good commentary! Thanks for posting!

Nigel Maund

Now Syria and Russia have a very complex game to play against the USA (read Globalist International Bankster Cabal) and their so called “Allies” & Proxies. This game will not be described on SF as it would be very stupid to do so. The Syrians now have to force a major and humiliating political, if not military, defeat on the US that shames it in the International Arena and undermines public support in the US forcing the US to withdraw its forces and logistical / military support. This is far from easy and may involve some sort of military action leading to substantial (unacceptable) US casualties, as happened in the Lebanon in the 1980’s…… Otherwise the US will stay until they have engineered a complete destabilisation preventing rebuilding of the country under President Assad.


Southfront made A LOT of important & intersting material about Syria conflict, mainly from a ‘war’ point of view. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs used Southfront’ material for the “White Book on Syria” (war crimes of terrorists and US-led coalition in Syria).
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English translation of the book written by russian diplomat who has been dealing with the Syrian conflict from the very beginning (~2011).
Many interesting details on how (and on whose side) UN acted during Syrian conflict..
Russian-American negotiations on Syria..
Other stuff..

More translations are on the way.
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