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Syrian War Report – December 16, 2016: Government Forces Disrupt ISIS Offensive On Tyas Airbase

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Over 900 members of militant groups have been killed, dozens pieces of military hardware have been destroyed, 105 city quaters with (78.5 square km) have been liberated during the offensive operation in Aleppo city, First Deputy Head of the Main Operations Department at the Russian General Staff Lieutenant General Viktor Poznikhir announced on December 15. 100% of Aleppo is under the control of government forces. “A total of 3,033 militants have left Aleppo voluntarily, 1,524 of them have been amnestied and released, while the rest are checked,” Poznikhir added. Separately, about 5,000 members of militant groups and their families started pullout from Aleppo via a humanitarian corridor from Salah al-Din to the settlement of Al-Rashidin-4.

Syrian government forces have stabilized the situation in the area of Palmyra with Russian air support and are preparing a counter-offensive, according to the Russian general staff. The Syrian army, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, has repelled all ISIS attacks on the Tyas Airbase, killing some 65 terrorists and destroying 13 vehicles belonging to the terrorist group.

Government forces are putting pressure on Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the Syrian province of Dara’a. Clashes between government troops and terrorists were reported near the town of al-Naimah on December 15 where the army attacked a command center belonging to Jabhat Fatah al-Sham. Pro-government sources report that the command center and its staff were fully destroyed by the attack. Pro-terrorist sources deny the casualties.

The US-led international coalition against ISIS will not operate against ISIS terrorists in central Syria, including the area of Palmyra during some time, commander of the international operation against the ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Lt. Gen. Steven Townsend, said. He noted that ancient Palmyra was “under the control of Russia and its Syrian allies” and they have to take it back. There is also another reason – the coalition is not going to operate “more aggressively,” as it does not have enough information. “We cannot distinguish one side from another one,” the commander said, stressing that the coalition is going to observe what is happening from the side and “allow Russia to deal with it.” An Interesting fact is this has not stopped the coalition’s airpower when it supported ISIS offensive against the Syrian army near Deir Ezzor and bombed government troops, by accident for sure.

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To play devil’s advocate, maybe the reason why the Americans don’t want to get involved with bombing ISIS around Palmyra is because the previous massive cock up with Deir Ezzor. After all, the US Chair Force does have a pretty long and proud record of bombing the wrong people. As their allies can confirm. And that’s when they have observers on the ground.


I tend to agree with your theory. Another factor may be the unspoken fact that Russia probably wouldn’t trust the American command in an outhouse with a spoon. It’s informative to always remember that it was the United States military that coined the phrase “friendly fire”. They certainly love their euphemisms.


My Father who fought in Vietnam always said to keep clear of Americans as they “Cant read a fkn map” ie more often then not you are the target of their airstikes or artillery – Not only the Australians say this ask the Brits, Kiwis or any other allied nation that has faught with them,
For the record I do not belive the attack in Deir El Zor was a mistake, as indicated by the swarm of allied nations taking credit/the fall for the attack indicting pre-meditation (Like the teacher asking who did it and everyone in class putting up their hand) sad stuff but at least the Head shed of the Airforce/Admiralty/Generalship are saying clearly and openly “We are staying clear of central Syria, do as you will” and everyone on the ground will no doubt breath a sigh of relief enemys and allies alke, assuming this isnt a trick or set up of course.


Pro-Russian pablum and propaganda. This site should be nominated for best FAKE NEWS site, along with Sputnik and RT. Not a valid or respected site.

Gregory Louis

Then why are you here?


Guess it really hurts that your Al Qaeda buddies got owned in Aleppo? Well, life can be crude or sweet sometimes..
Till then, why don’t you dispute what the article above claims, providing data to support your claims.
Even a monkey can type “fake evil russian news Putin blah blah” all day..

Paulo Vieira

A good example of a commentary that reveals a hallucinatory state. Urgent treatment is advised.


We won so fuck off loser.


Have you run out of your medication?

Real Anti-Racist Action

Zionist-bigots like you live off of war, and manipulate everything to ensure more groups of people are bombed and made to bow to your satanic-Zionism.
We humans are liberating ourselves from your Zionist-supremacists-war-machines.


As a US citizen blinded by the controlled media (CNN, CBS, FOX, ) it must be very hard to realized that his (her) own country is a evil country supporting Israel wishes (destroy Syria and Iran). The evidence is there, something that non US citizen wants to see it.


“We cannot distinguish one side from another one,” the commander said, stressing that the coalition is going to observe what is happening from the side and “allow Russia to deal with it.”…Yep, the American aircraft always attack the Syrian/Iraqi forces by “ACCIDENT”, NEVER commit the mistake of attack their INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORISTS.

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