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Syrian War Report – December 14, 2016: Heavy Clashes At Tyas Airbase

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The situation remains critical in the area west of Palmyra. ISIS terrorists flanked government forces and seized a key crossroad between the Tyas airbase and the city of al-Qaryatayn in the Syrian province of Homs. The terrorist group also continued to put pressure on the Tyas Airbase and on the Homs-Palmyra highway from the southern direction. These attacks put government forces deployed in the Tyas Airbase under a threat of encirclement by ISIS forces These gains became possible because ISIS units used their advantage in their manoeuvrability.

Since December 12, the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) have repelled at least 3 major ISIS attacks on the Tyas Airbase. However, this will be not enough if ISIS achieves success in its flanking manoeuvre aimed to cut off government supply lines.  ISIS reconnaissance units were reported near al-Qaryatayn that could become another target of the terrorist offensive. Reports appear that ISIS had involved its best commanders and offensive units in the operation in eastern Homs.

Some units of the Syrian army’s Tiger Forces led by their commander Maj Gen Suheil al-Hassan reportedly arrived to eastern Homs to assist government forces already involved in the battle against ISIS. Russian warplanes and attack helicopters have reportedly delivered some 103 airstrikes against ISIS targets in the last 48 hours.

Heavy clashes are ongoing.

Despite a massive propaganda campaign, Turkish forces have failed to take control of the key town of al-Bab in the province of Aleppo. Since weekend, they have deployed closer to the city and made a few of offensive attempts. However, the town remains under the control of ISIS.

The Turkish Armed Forces also lost the Leopard 2A4 tank in the area. It was hit by an ISIS anti-tank missile. Turkish officials confirmed that 4 Turkish soldiers were injured in the incident.

An evacuation agreement between remaining Jaish al-Fatah militants and the Syrian government was set to be implemented on December 14. Indeed, green buses arrived eastern Aleppo to pick up militants on December 13, but the implementation of the agreement was delayed by unknown reasons.

The Russian Reconciliation Center reported that some militants in eastern Aleppo attacked the Syrian army on Wednesday morning, violating ceaserfire and withdrawal agreements with the Syrian government. In turn, government forces launched a counter-terrorism operation to clear building blocks held by militants that violated the agreement. This delayed the general evacuation of remaining militants and their families. According to unofficial estimates, there are up to 5,000 people – members of militant groups and their families – have to be evacuated from Aleppo.

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Aung Naing

Where are Iranian forces with 20000 men?


in Iran.


So Iranian boots on the ground in Syria is propaganda? Just asking.


They are there but not on front lines, from what i see. Lots of top generals and colonels died in fighting months ago. Not sure if assassinations or front line action. But then they started sending in Afghan and Pak volunteers. These guys have been dying a lot. Then I read about mini mutinies of Iranian soldiers and even Rev Guards not willing to ship out. Since then, Iranian casualties are lower and Hiz too. But Af and Pak are up. Just my reading of news.

Ole Johansen

What is the facts in Russian bombing in Aleppo? When was the last time aerial bombing was used as the western media is full of what i believe is false accusations about such.

Please eduacate me on the facts on so called Russian bombing of Aleppo.

PJ London

It is my understanding that the last time Russian planes bombed Aleppo or Russian artillery fired on Aleppo was Oct 17. After the failed ceasefire, Russia did not resume attacks on the city. I do not know if Syrian planes have in fact bombed as the only claims come from the Al Nusra and Western organisations. They are not renowned for their veracity.

Ole Johansen

Thanks for this information. This is my impression as well, despite i could not state that precise date.

Anyone else that have some facts on this?


So what if Russians bomb jihadi-held parts of Aleppo? is that a problem for you?


CIA Criminal Invasion Army


Los rusos han cometido una estupidéz táctica militar al permitir que USA-OTAN-Israel (alias ISIS) hayan retomado Palmyra. Es incomprencible que su fuerza aerea, misiles, elicopteros y personal de inteligencia hayan dejado que ISIS se tomara Palmyra. Si fue un error táctico, los generales rusos al mando deben ser despedidos de inmediato y poner un general más capáz y con máz exoeriencia. Si no lo fué, quiere decir que fue una acuercdo hecho de antemano entre LAvrov y Kerry, lo cual comvertería esto en un mercado de intercambio espantoso !! Mientras las fuerzas rusas no aniquilen a los terroristas duros y moderados de TODA Sirua, NO HAN DEMOSTRADO GRAN COSA. Rusia es responsable de lo que pasa actualmente en Palmira y nadie más.

Leirbag Pieruzzini

Hablas ingles?

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Totalmente de acuerdo contigo mi amigo. Y me es sumamente triste reconocerlo por lo mucho que admiro y quiero yo a los rusos pero es verdad.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Will they not be able to take Al-Bab for a possible quarrel between lovers, namely, the Turkish sponsor and his sponsored ISIS? Because at first everything went very well with the Turks taking villages after villages with Isis retiring kindly without a single shot.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

How ingenious Russia is to still accede to these useless truces by the pressure of the treacherous and wordless American liars, knowing that the terrorists and their sponsors only will use it to regroup, supply and strengthening themselves and prolonging the suffering of the same people they want to rescue and to help. As long as the Syrian army does not release Allepo by completely crushing all those terrorist cockroaches at once, no civilian will ever be safe from those malevolent animals.


“An evacuation agreement between remaining Jaish al-Fatah militants and the Syrian government was set to be implemented on December 14. Indeed, green buses arrived eastern Aleppo to pick up militants on December 13, but the implementation of the agreement was delayed by unknown reasons”…TRANSLATION…Evacuation agreement between Kerry/Lavrov to remove UNITED STATES CIA SPECIAL FORCES, assisting I.S.I.S from Aleppo was delayed, until THEY can FOOL the people and the PEOPLE don’t see the U.S MERCENARIES.


Is it 5,000 in the last militant position in aleppo? I keep hearing different numbers, 10,000, 20,0000 -all in one square mile. It’s hopeless.

If Kerry can’t convinice his friends to surrender, how can Russia be expected to convince them? The militants decided they’d rather die, and they decided they’d rather let their families die.


It’s better that they and their families die: These are Islamic extremists who have been killing, beheading, torturing, raping, oppressing for years. It is a mistake to let them evacuate safely.

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