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Syrian War Report – December 12, 2017: Govt Forces Liberated 67,000km2 Over 7 Months

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Over 1,000 localities, 78 oil and gas fields and two deposits of phosphate ores have been liberated in Syria over the past 227 days, commander of Russia’s military group in Syria Colonel-General Sergey Surovikin has told Russian President Vladimir Putin during this visit to the Khmeimim airbase on December 12. In total, the area of 67,000 square kilometers has been liberated.

Col. Gen. Surovikin added that Russian warplanes have flown 6,956 sorties and helicopters have conducted more than 7,000 sorties killing over 32,000 militants and destroying 394 battle tanks and 12,000 pieces of other equipment.

The general revealed that Russia is set to withdraw 23 warplanes of different types and 2 Ka-52 attack helicopters, the military police force, the commando unit, the field hospital and the mine-clearing center. The remaining forces will continue conducting tasks in the country.

Thus, some number of attack helicopters and warplanes will remain in the country. The Khmeimim airbase and the Tartus naval facility will remain operational. Moscow will also continue providing supplies to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders revealed that the US is not going to pull out its forces from the country. The war on ISIS was once again named as a key reason of the continued military presence.

ISIS launched a large attack on positions of the SAA near the border city of al-Bukamal. According to pro-ISIS sources, the terrorists conducted at least one vehicle-borne improvised explosive device and killed over 20 government troops during the attack. A battle tank and a BMP vehicle of the SAA were reportedly destroyed. The situation in the area remains tense.

Clashes between the SAA and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) continued in northeastern Hama. According to pro-militants sources, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham took back the village of Mushayrifah. The fighting is ongoing.

On December 11, a rocket was launched from the Gaza Strip on targets in southern Israel, according to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The IDF said that the target of the rocket was not identified.  In response, an IDF battle tank and the Israeli Air Force conducted strikes on positions of the Hamas movement in southern Gaza. This was the fourth incident between Israeli forces and Palestinian groups in the area of Gaza in the last few days.

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  1. gustavo says:

    Felicitaciones a Rusia-Hezbolah e Iran por el trabajo realizado en Siria. Sin embargo, me parece muy temprano para hacer una retirada de Siria. La actividad terrorista continuará hasta que Israel-USA-NATO dejen de apoyar a estos grupos. Iran y Rusia son los siguiente objetivos de este triplete del mal.

  2. Trustin Judeau says:

    Over the last 7 months many ISIS strongholds were liberated – Maskanah,Maadan,Sukhna,Deir Ez Zor city,Mayadin,Bukamal.Shame General Issam couldnt see Deir Ez Zor city liberated.

    1. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

      General Issam knew before die that ISIS was defeated there!

    2. Thegr8rambino says:

      But he did! Most of it at least

    3. Thegr8rambino says:

      But he did! Most of it at least

  3. Jozsef Osztronkovics says:

    Palestine doesn’t belong to Zionist US terror regime they have no rights give a way Palestinian land to zionisrael terror regime -it will mean war and lot of suffering for people woman –and children

  4. Bolter10 says:

    ISIS not defeated yet. why is Russia pulling out?

    1. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

      ISIS dont have military capacity to retake large parts..they have lost military assets in Deir Ezzor like captured tanks and Atgm, pick up cars..etc…only small gangs make symbolic attacks without reach any targets!

      1. ruca says:

        This is something many people fail to grasp. You are correct. It is not Putin abandoning like some comments here say. SAA, Iran, Hezbollah and others are still there. Russia will not stop supportive airstrikes. Russia also is again showing the world that the US of Arrogance is there on a lie. If shit gets serious for the SAA, Russian, Iranian, Hezbollah forces are nearby. To the squeamish, crack a beer and go walk your dog.

        1. Solomon Krupacek says:

          putin is abandoning. i remeber afghanistan… the same scenario. you are too young, you know nothing!

          1. PZIVJ says:

            You assume to much, Putin announced a reduction and nothing more.
            This plays well to the home audience with elections coming up, and makes the US presence in Syria look bad. Good politics by Putin I think.

          2. Solomon Krupacek says:

            reduction of minimum. what is it? if they remove 24 planes and 2 helicopters, how many remain?? putin is extremly weak guy. russia deserves much better guy. who made economical reforms and made stronger russia, was medvedev. putin pushed him to periphery. in the last five years were stopped the initiatives in russian industry. this is fatal mistake.

            russia has no silicon valley. what do they? invest enormous money in silicon vally of saudi arabia, neraby egyptian jordanian border. because it will be on the beach of red sea. you are dilient, ou can find this on google. insted of taking brains from abroad, russia invests in arabian silicon valley :(

            not i am, who degrades russia. this make the russian politicians and oligarchs.

          3. PZIVJ says:

            I am saying -24 aircraft over time versus the 18 that will be rotated back will be -6 aircraft.
            Has Russia been under western sanctions since Crimea ?
            These are a Russian people, not Ukranian (except the Tarters ?)
            Good reply though.
            TIGER SPAM :D

          4. Solomon Krupacek says:

            18 left!!!

          5. PZIVJ says:

            Tell that to the HTS trash in Idlib.
            100+ strikes every 24 hours !

          6. Solomon Krupacek says:

            18 and only 100??? nothing.

          7. PZIVJ says:

            Not 18, the starting point is 34 attack/fighter Russian aircraft I think.
            So only a small reduction over time from this number, this includes the aircraft rotations.

          8. Solomon Krupacek says:

            i read REMOVE 24. the rest will rotate.

          9. Solomon Krupacek says:

            of course, if you are right, is better.

          10. ruca says:

            Putin is weak you say. Stupidity reigns

          11. Solomon Krupacek says:

            yes, he is weak. in syria rules america, in russia oligarchs.

          12. alejoeisabel says:

            Less than 10% of Russians believe that Russia deserves “better”. Putin is the best leader in the world. Able to stand up to Anglo/Zionists.

          13. Solomon Krupacek says:

            this is subjective. russians are drugged, drunken natoion. as always. there wer 5-10% highly inelligent people, the rest is very primtive. look at tourists, look at oligarchs.

            they drink, beat the women. and beacuse putin allows this, they love him


          14. ruca says:

            Oh really. How old am I? Mr Delusional has spoken.

          15. Solomon Krupacek says:

            mentally 6 years

      2. gustavo says:

        Who do you think is supporting ISIS ? themselves ? Are you forgeting that ISIS is a Israel-USA-NATO creation ? They are capable to create it stronger again !!
        ISIS is over if and only if Israel-USA-NATO decide that. Of course, Russia will have to eliminate them again, but without touching ISrael-USA-NATO.

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