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JUNE 2023

Syrian War Report – December 11, 2017: Putin Orders Withdrawal Of Russian Forces From Syria

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On December 10, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah launched a military operation in order to clear the desert area in eastern Syria from ISIS. According to pro-government sources, the SAA and Hezbollah liberated about 2,000 km in the area between the T2 pumping station and the city of al-Mayadin during the first day of the operation.

The US-led coalition believes that about 3,000 ISIS members remains in Iraq. If this is true, a notable part of them should hide in the Syrian desert. The liberation of this area will be an important part of the preparations for future anti-terrorist operations of the Iranian-Russian-Syrian alliance in Syria.

Recently, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) also resumed their efforts to take control over the border with Iraq sparking clashes with ISIS. According to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq, members of ISIS captured three positions from the SDF around the village of Hawi Abu Hamam as well as killed 14 members of the SDF and destroyed a Humvee and another vehicle of the SDF. Amaq also claimed that a SDF member was killed by an IED and two others by ISIS snipers south of the Omar oil fields.

ISIS was forced to intensify its operations against the US-backed forces because its members had been locked in the Syrian border area as a result of an advance of the Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Units on the Iraqi side of the border.

On December 10, the SAA and the National Defense Forces liberated the village of Zafaria, Tell Boulus, Umm Turaykiyah, Rujm al-Ahmar, Shutayb, Mushayrifah and al-Hawiyah from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in northeastern Hama. Thus, government troops deployed near the important village of Abu Dali, which is described as a mid-term goal of the SAA advance against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in the area.

According to pro-government sources, the Tiger Forces and their commander General Suheil al-Hassan will be the main striking force of the operation. Recently, Al-Hasan was spotted in the town of Khanassir.

Pro-HTS sources report multiple air and artillery strikes on positions of HTS across the entire area west of the Khanassir highway.

On December 8, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced said the situation in Idlib remains “complex” and Iran, Turkey, Russia and Syria are working to launch a de-escalation zone and added “there are no plans with the United States on this specific region” because they would be “counterproductive”. The statement indicates that nobody will take into account opinion of Washington about the so-called moderate rebels if the Syrian-Iranian-Rusian alliance launches a large-scale operation against HTS.

On December 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Russian military airbase of Khmeimim in the province of Latakia and ordered the start of the withdrawall of Russian troops from the country. The president added that if terrorists gain upper hand in the country, Russia will carry out strikes that “they’ve never seen.”

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yes ajam ok, how many withdrawals the russians ran this year?…4, 2, 1 ?, I lost the count.


This one is the one that counts, because Putin was there!

Richard Noel Hedditch

Putin himself was actually in Syria.


Trump is probably in Mar Lago :)

Tarciso Ribeiro

Tweeting and playing golf.


The US Presidency is indeed a unique institution :)


Who needed another Libya fiasco? ISIS did. That’s who. The Covert Origins of ISIS Americans better figure this out in time. Who will pay attention to covert US foreign policy and share? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMjXbuj7BPI&feature=player_detailpage


Russia has done a magnificent job and handled it all deftly in the face of constant obstruction from the US.

But what about Eastern Syria with its Kurds and small illegal US occupation force?


I suspect that all the factions there , including ISIS will have a rather big ‘falling out’ and then the US will be oi a snake pit of hate from all sides.

Jens Holm

USA is a representative of westerns and not alone. You dont get we are parts of each other and own each other by being stockholders/shareholders.

As long as You are in terms of jewish economy with or without Rotshill or something, You dont get it.

Rüdiger Preiss

The very reason that Russia is pulling out I believe is that the US now have no more reason for their presence either. Russia can no argue, “Look guys, we have helped the Syrians to rid ISIS, so what are YOU still doing there??”

Jens Holm

Yes, something like that was told by Putin. They would not allow Assads were removed – probatly mainly because of their bases and maybee oil or pipelines.

Russia do have ISIS inside them as well.

They never promised to take all Syria back as runned by Damaskus. Parts of that looks fine and by that Russia and US can de-escalate some.

When I read here I often read Putin is under Syrian/Damaskus command. They are not. They have(as USA and SDF) their own agenda.


Kurdish area is land locked! Its not like they can fly oil out at $55 dollars per barrel! they are completely surrounded by turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria! the best thing Russia can do is leave because it certainly make the USA look like occupiers since they are in syria without a mandate! USA will be forced to fly food and aid into this Kurdish region. They also risk losing turkey as a NATO ally (the most important) and the Back sea will be out of NATO’s hands!

Iran and Hezbollah will keep the Israeli’s at bay! Kurds are screwed if they decide to refuse the requests of syria and turkey!

Truly the Kurds have no ace up their sleeve. The Tabqa damn is nullified by turkey’s control of its water flow and the fact that turkey as surrounded the Afrin pocket which is Syria’s largest Kurdish region! I can see Assad handing this land over to turkey or turkey just attacks them! So Kurds would be sacrificing Kurds f they did not give in to turkey’s / Syria’s demands! Id say Russia, Iran, Turkey, syria and Iraq are all on the same page! their plans would be laid out and how to obtain their goals! There will be a plan A, b, c, d etc etc.

Keep in mind this war completely back fired and exposed the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Those who were smart (like Qatar and Turkey)got out early and even switched sides!

Now Israel has a much bigger and powerful force to contend with on its borders! Syria will be heavily defended with SAM’s and mobile ballistic missiles (within a year) and Hezbollah will be red with ATGM’s and short range cruise missiles!

This means Israel is at risk because tel aviv will become an easy target! also Israel’s power stations! They lost badly in 2006. it will be much worse in 2018! much worse!

Russia doesn’t have to do anything because Iran is doing it for them! Containing Israel! Israel will be begging russia to make a deal but Israel needs to be desperate first! thats what russia wants, they want Israel on their knees begging before russia steps in.


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Jens Holm

Full of babling high biased non sense. Your nightmare must be something like the fellow below.

You dont get much. Do You. Old days will never return. Better solutions then back to killings of any opposition by Old Assads will never return. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/00e1c277e4f229e8aa7517d635b5ba3ed83555fd0275e640611f3ec88c7a2023.jpg


Wow ‘old days will never return’ says you?

Try to refute Justin before you make a fool of yourself getting your opinion from your grandfather

Jens Holm

Kind of funny. Kurds and SDF has not attacked Damaskus. They have killed enemies of themelves as well as helped Damaskus.

You are right about USA are there because Assads are enemy nr 1, which should be removed or reduced.

The joke is in Your line as well. You are no country. You are a regime controlling anybody by fear based of jaik, torture, killings, gas and corruption.

Very dramatic some from SDF ask for sharing the oil money, when it mainly before ISIS has been stolen by Damaskus and given almost only to friends.

The list of illegalities by Baathistas are long and high. Things has changed too. SDF given the same good conditions now tell, they are now friends or at least not enemies to the SDF zone, which is expanded.

Why is that possible. Well, people are changed there – kurds and arabs. I am sure it the many 1000 joining arabs, which have made it possible and of sense to take the last taken parts from ISIS. SAA was not there as well. They never were there without SDF.


” The president added that if terrorists gain upper hand in the country, Russia will carry out strikes that ( the likes of which) “they’ve never seen.” ”

Mmm, I wonder what wonder weapons President Putin would authorise ? :)

Rüdiger Preiss

Seems to be a sarcasm pointed at Trump :D


Could be.

Smith Ricky

God bless russia syria iran


My respect and recognition of the brave, accurate, and excellent war tactic presented by Russia aerospace and ground forces, together with Iran and Hezbolah. With them, we would just be continue the lamentations of Israel-USA-NATO plans for middle east. Syria still needs to solve kurds (USA-puppets), Inbil, and ISIS-Daesh pockets probems.

Of course, Israel-USA-NATO still want to destroy Iran , North-Korea and Russia. Let us see what surprise Russia has for these guy when they move to the next step.

Joseph Glynn

The spotlight is now on the US in Syria, as it should be. Russia has done Syria and the world a great service and proven it is a formidable friend. What is the US aim in Syria? Who needs them, and for what? The US trespasser is embedded, in the middle of nowhere, defending the indefensible.

Hide Behind

ISIS WERE NOT THE REASON, THEY WERE NOTHING MORE THAN A WEAPON, USED IN WAR AGAINST SYRIA BY US NATO-ISRAEL, UAE-SAUDI ARABIA AND JORDAN. Defeating ISIS, is not winning the war, while conceding a vast chunk of Syria to be under permanent US control is a surrender by Russia and a death knelll for both Syrian Sovereignty and Asaad. Does Putin know about future events and just trying to save face by never having to actually fight those planners? IMHO that is exactly what he is doing.

John Whitehot

vast chunk is a risible propaganda expression. the sdf will fall in line with the government and the 55 kms around al-tanf is a circle in the desert.

imho you have a thousands names but you’re the one and the same individual called “i have to find ways to undermine Russian victory in Syria”.

Hide Behind

What Russia accomplished with a Syrian nation and it’s people’s has been amazing but deserves far more serious study than be properly written about as idle chat on internet. I am sure that in Euro-centric nations there have been appointed leading military and geopolitical theorist to study Russian accomplishments. There needs to be a serious study and written book upon the full spectrum,; for Russia reached many Nations and people’s. From his own people’s army and aid supporters, throughout central Asia, Persia and ME and Lebanon, they drew together into while not full bodied treaty group , at least common grounds as an option against US full hegomony. I do dis-service with trivial b’s that I get drawn into, and all Should watch all the movements of


It is rediculous to suggest that US has any chance to be in Syria when the war is over.

Kurds will have no choice but to live in Syria as Syrians .

The loser US is simply making a fool of themselves as no one in the world will allow uninvited foreign troops to remain.

The US forces are just undefendable no matter how many F22 US has.

No commander will risk lives of his men in such situations.

So it is certain US will leave very peacefully


Don’t judge in haste. The rhetoric is “victory over Isis”, and “we are drawing down”. But rhetoric is empty. the war is far from over. Putin coming to Syria in person shows he’s not leaving Syria and Russia is not done fighting. He probably spoke to other candidates who may succeed Assad.


Thank You Putin!

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