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Syrian War Report – Dec. 31, 2018: US Forces Withdraw From One Of Their Bases

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The situation continues to develop over the northern Syrian town of Manbij. Despite a statement from the Syrian Defense Ministry, it appears that Syrian army troops had not entered the town itself. Currently government forces are located west and north of the town. The Syrian Army also deployed additional reinforcements to strengthen its presence in the area.

Meanwhile, Turkey continues sending more and more military equipment on the border with Syria. If no political solution is found in the framework of the current interactions between the YPG, the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance and Turkey, the situation may lead to at least a local escalation in the area.

Senior Turkish and Russian officials held a meeting in Moscow on December 29th. The sides discussed anti-terrorism issues, the withdrawal of US forces and the political process in Syria. Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu said that both parties had agreed to defend Syria’s “territorial integrity and political unity.” However, no joint statement on the situation in Manbij has been released.

In the area of al-Safa, the Syrian Army carried out an anti-ISIS raid eliminating 3 ISIS members. The raid was a part of the wider effort to crack down on ISIS cells, which still operate in the area.

On December 29, reports appeared that US forces have withdrawn from a military warehouse near the town of Malikiye in the northeastern al-Hasakah countryside. Hummer armored vehicles, trucks and 50 US troops were reportedly sent to Iraq.

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Vince Dhimos

I am anxiously awaiting the US withdrawal from Deir Ezzor, home to the Omar fields, richest oil deposits in Syria. Obama’s AF shot up about 80 Syrian troops there “by accident” and Trump’s AF also shot some “by accident” there. I am hoping the US withdraws completely from this accident prone base.

You can call me Al

Withdrawal, run away or sent back in pink body bags ?.


More likely moving vulnerable US forces away from a possible future war plan …when US may take on Iranian forces as Sanctions hits Iran.

Trump is NOT THE GUY to withdraw for peace. He is an aggressive President and likely his moves are not for peace but rather for a possible US attack on SAA and Iranian forces in the near future or a war with Russia over Ukraine.

This is yes a speculation ..short of real evidence.

You can call me Al

It sound plausible to me, since the US need a war.

Happy New Year Joe, to you and your family.


something tells me theyr’e not going anywhere

Vince Dhimos

Or maybe they will withdraw. Think tanks and influential foreign policy wonks in the US are now openly admitting that the US must stop treating Russia like a leper: THE DEEP STATE CAPITULATES TO RUSSIA http://www.newsilkstrategies.com/news–analysis/the-deep-state-capitulates-to-russia


The American forces without the support of their President will struggle with demoralization. They will just want to get the hell out ASAP. They know there is no mission for them, and they don’t want to die for Israel’s ambitions.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

U hit the nail on the head, hundred procent correct :))

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