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Syrian War Report – Dec. 25, 2018: YPG Prepares For Battle Against Turkish Forces In Manbij

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On December 25, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces continued their low-intensity effort to defeat ISIS in the Hajin pocket in eastern Syria. Clashes were reported near the settlements of Abu Hasan, Abu Khatir and Susah. Technically, the SDF had captured Hajin, but it has not secured it yet.

On December 24, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) released a fresh propaganda video showing the group’s efforts against ISIS in the Hajin pocket. The video shows the YPG’s “deep” involvement in anti-ISIS efforts of the US-led coalition and is aimed at showing the importance of the group in this field.

It is interesting to note that with the development of the situation with the US troops withdrawal and the growing threat of a Turkish operation in northeastern Syria, the media forgery called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is collapsing. In the current situation, almost no pro-SDF and mainstream sources are able to pretend that the SDF is a multi-ethnic coalition with a limited participation of the YPG. All was forced to admit that the SDF is a Kurdish-dominated group, with the key role of the YPG and its political wing in its leadership.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the YPG/SDF is currently redeploying large forces from the Deir Ezzor province, including a frontline with ISIS, to the area of Manbij where the group is preparing to repel an expected Turkish advance.

In turn, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and Turkish-backed militants have continued their build up along the contact line with the SDF-held areas. Over the past few days up to 100 armoured vehicles and artillery pieces have been spotted moving in Turkey towards the border with Syria.

In the Idlib de-escalation zone, militants continue to violate the ceasefire regime on a constant basis. The most intense clashes were spotted in northern Hama.

On December 24, more than 1,000 refugees returned to Syria from Lebanon in the framework of the operation organized by the Syrian government, the Russian Center for Reconciliation and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Chief of Lebanon’s General Security Directorate Abbas Ibrahim told media December 21 that about 110,000 Syrians had returned to their homeland since July.

The Damascus government, with help from Russia, continue to recover infrastructure to create favorable conditions for returnees. As for December 23, 2018, 30,908 houses, 713 educational facilities and 121 medical centers has been restored and 926km of roads have been repaired.

A total of 209,513 persons have been granted amnesty in the framework of the ongoing reconciliation process.

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So, the traitorous Kurds have again accepted some half arsed Yanki promise.These stupid fucks will never learn, off with their heads


If an individual is a traitor, that individual is reprehensible scum. If a whole people is a “traitor” that’s called “not having the consent of the governed” and it’s the government’s fault. See also “Donbass”.


Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR)
“The two-bedroom Coventry home of Syrian immigrant Rami Abdel Rahman has been the organization’s base and the source of information for major mainstream media on anything Syria-related from the past four years, including the death toll.

Nobody quite knows who Abdel Rahman has on the ground in Syria, but information just keeps flowing on and on, usually in a dramatic fashion and with little detail”

Your credibility slips everytime you quote this source and I will no longer support the site because I don’t need more fake news .

stary ujo

To burn this rats nest !

Smith Ricky

Long live Syria.




Did you accidentaly looked at your face in the mirror …?


whoah, that was the most brutal and insanely hurtful comeback I’ve ever witnessed in the history of mankind. Bravo! you really got him good! how could anyone recover from that :D


Thanks…I dont know…I dint really wanted to hurt him…you making me feel guilty now ?


why don’t SF cover reconstruction of Syria with documentary.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

SF why do you keep doing this,
– “According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the YPG/SDF is currently redeploying large forces from the Deir Ezzor province, including a frontline with ISIS, to the area of Manbij where the group is preparing to repel an expected Turkish advance” -.
He is the enemy, he works for the enemy, he lies and cheats, why quote his BS?
I see the opposite side to what this story suggests, not what they do. The YPG had 35,000 SDF and the rest, another nearly 20,000 were made up of non Kurdish fighters, Arab, Turkmen, Christians,ect. The YPG haven’t been fighting at Hajin for the last 6 months, just allowing it to fester like an untreated wound, all of a sudden we have non Kurdish militias fighting there, and a blistering number of US airstrikes, and the sige is nearly broke. I think it’s the opposite to what the story suggests, instead of the non Kurdish SDF forces being the ones disintegrating, I think it’s the Kurds disintegrating instead.

jim crowland

Good Luck noble Kurdish people. May be it is time to openly dictator erdogan and with the help of all kurdish people partition turkey among armenians greeks, russians and kurds.

jim crowland

It is time to depose Erdogan and his funny looking wife. May be in a Ceausescu way but without the execution, just jail in a Kurdish prison

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