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Syrian War Report – Dec. 17, 2018: Syrian Army Is Set To Respond To Any Future Israeli Attacks


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The Syrian Armed Forces will respond by force to any Israeli attack on its bases as a part of new policy, which was adopted by the Syrian leadership following the incident with the Russian Il-20 plane last September, the Kuwaiti al-Ra’i newspaper reported on December 15 citing a high-ranked Syrian official.

The unnamed official clarified that “this means that a strike on an airport in Syria will be met with a strike on an airport in Israel and so on.”

According to the same report, Moscow gave Damascus a green light for such actions in response to attacks that would destroy Syrian military capabilities or kill foreign advisers supporting the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

The source denounced Israel’s claims regarding the destruction of the Syrian missile capabilities and claimed that Damascus had received medium and long range missiles guided with the Russian satellite navigation system, GLONASS. The report says that the SAA can use these missiles to respond to Israeli attacks.

Meanwhile, media reports appeared that an Israeli military delegation, which recently visited Moscow, complained to the Russian side that Hezbollah in Syria uses Russian flags to defend its positions and military convoys from Israeli airstrikes.

The cover-up flags were supposedly seen in positions of Iran and Hezbollah in Hama, Homs, Idlib and the central desert.

A week ago, Colonel Mustafa Bakkor, a spokesman for Jaysh al-Izza, made a very similar claim. According to Bakkor’s claim, Iranian forces in northern Hama are raising Russian flags over their positions in order to “protect themselves from Israeli bombardment.”

The most interesting question is: If Israel was really able to identify these positions, and was sure that there were no Russian service members there, what difference the presence of these flags did make?

U.S. officials have warned the Free Syrian Army against participating in the upcoming Turkish military operation in northeastern Syria, the Turkish Anadolu Agency reported on December 15. In a message allegedly sent to different FSA factions and to the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, Washington vowed to strike any group that would participate in the attack and to end its relations with it.

During the last few days, opposition sources confirmed that factions of the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation and the Syrian National Army are ready to participate in the upcoming operation with more than 15,000 fighters.

In turn, the YPG expanded its operations against Turkey-led forces in Afrin. Over the past few days, the YPG claimed that it had killed 5 Turkish soldiers with an anti-tank guided missile near the village of Kimar, blown up a vehicle of the Sultan Murad Division in the village of Qastal Miqdad, killing 2 militants and injuring 2, as well as killed 4 and injured 5 members of the Sham Legion near the villages of Dersiwan and Nebi Houri.

On December 15th, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, the YPG is their core, vowed a strong response to any Turkish attack, claiming that Turksih actions are undermining the SDF operation against ISIS in the Hajin area.



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  • stary ujo

    Syrian soldiers ! Shoot down cheeky bastard colonel leader pilot of Israeli forces !

  • Joe

    Interesting . Now let us see how the israelis will respond now. Previous Assad vowed and vowed but nothing happened and Israel continued to strike and strike.

    Now let us see ..

    • Thunder

      we shall see shant we?

  • jim crowland

    Turkey must be splitted between Kurds, Greeks, Armenians, Russia can take a chunk too to keep it quiet, even Syria could take a bit. Erdogan should be taken to a tribunal in Germany and put in prison for life. A small turkey in central Anatolia should be supervised by an international force.

    • Ishyrion Av

      This is about to happen soon.

    • alejoeisabel

      Writing down your dreams?

      • Thunder

        it is most unfortunate but yes he has committed war crimes over the yrs against kurds even civs i do feel he will answer for that soon,i like the man i admire his warrior spirit..but these people r not evil but just and good fighters they r needed here Turkish leadership i may have no choice but to side with the kurds on this sorry man but you fckn burned them alive all those yrs ago i have never forgotten that.the rest is up to you how u wish to respond for i too have a warrior soul!!!

    • Why don’t you split YOUR country for allsortsa people instead of offering up someone else’s?

  • Thunder

    man i keep getting good news today i am happy but….

  • R Trojson

    Would be nice if their response did not include shooting down Russian military aircraft and killing all aboard. Let us all pray Syria eliminates the need for Israel to attack. That would be a big step toward peace. Syria’s historic path has always been to increase tension with Israel by threatening and taking steps toward exterminating Jews and Israel itself.

    • Shouldn’t be a problem – unless you think those Yellow Yids will be hiding behind Russian planes again? ….. Why would Russian planes be flying over a Yellow Yid airport?

  • YES!

    Now. How soon till you tell those Yankers the same?

  • Rodney Loder

    President Assad’s problum is with his refusal to co-operate with Hamas, the fact that Hamas sided with HTS is not surprising when al-Nurash Front was hardly distinguishable from the Free Syrian Army I remember videos of FSA volunteers from America doing patrols wearing thongs.

    That is what was the inevitable outcome, guaranteed to be, always at any moment NATO would start bombing and, that would be that, time to start sharing out the booty.

    However the nearest enemy turned out to be a tiger.

    Tigers don’t hold grudges, they operate for a reason.