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Syrian War Report – Dec. 13, 2018: Turkey Threatens US-backed Kurdish Forces With New Operation


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Turkey has threatened a new plan to launch a military operation against US-backed Kurdish groups in northern Syria.

During the Turkish Defense Industry Summit on December 12, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) “will launch an operation east of the Euphrates in a few days to save it from a separatist terrorist organization”. He slammed the plan of the US-led coalition to establish observation posts along the Syrian-Turkish border, but noted that the TAF will not attack US forces.

“It is clear that the purpose of U.S. observation points [in Syria] is not to protect our country from terrorists but to protect terrorists from Turkey,” Erdogan said.

The towns of Ayn Arab (also known as Kobani) and Tell Abyad are named among the most likely targets of such an operation. For example, Haitham Afisi, the leader of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) told the news outlet Enab Baladi that the advance will target Tell Abyad and several villages around it.

In response, the so-called Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA), an administrative body controlled by the Kurdish militias YPG/YPJ as well as their political wing PYD declared a “total mobilization” in response to Turkish threats. Furthermore, it called on the international community and NATO countries to take a stand against “Erdogan’s aggressive plans”.

The DAA even called on the Damascus government, which YPG and SDF-affiliated entities have repeatedly slammed as an oppressive regime and even as a supporter of ISIS, to take a stand against the possible Turkish advance.

In its first response to the situation, the Pentagon said that any military action into northeastern Syria would be “unacceptable” and a source of concern. Commander Sean Robertson stressed that “dialogue is the only way to secure the border area in a sustainable manner” and that “uncoordinated military operations will undermine that shared interest”.

Meanwhile, US-backed forces have still not been able to deliver a final blow to ISIS terrorists in the Hajin area in the Euphrates Valley. The terrorist group has recently employed at least 6 suicide car bombs to target SDF positions there and at least one of them did reach its target.



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  • Nowruz

    Awesome, let them kill each other!

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Here’s a simple thought, which of the 2 parties, the US or Turkey under Erdogan, would be the most likely to remain in Syria if they have control of the area. We know the US is already there but we don’t know what’s really going on, the state keeps contradicting the leader, Trump say he wants out, but the state says we can’t yet, that’s not really good but it’s not really bad either.
    Then we have Erdogan, what does he say, “rebuild the Ottoman Empire”, that’s really terrible.
    The Kurds are doomed with Erdogan and left unsure and dangling with the US, the US state tells them they’ll protect them, but Trump also keeps saying he wants to get out eventually, they must wonder what the hell that really means for them..
    But the solution is simple, the Kurds and Assad need each other. To get at least most of what they both want now they have to compromise and cooperate. Assad wants all of Syria back, and the Kurds want their homelands back with some autonomy, they’re both compatible desires and deserve a solution.
    With the Turks in charge the Kurds and Assad both lose, with the US in charge the Kurds win and Assad loses, but the Kurds are now asking themselves this, will the US go to war with Turkey to protect them, I think more and more of them are realizing the US won’t and can’t, and Erdogan is not going to stop either, just become bolder and bolder, the pot will crack eventually.
    US bases and nukes in Turkey, NATO alliance, refugee sponge for the EU, means no war between the US and Turkey over the Kurds, they’re just not that important. But they should be to Assad, the Kurds who were once the problem, can now can be the solution, only they can kill Turks and get away with it, Russia and the SAA won’t be able to without US or NATO intervention, but the Kurds can and have been. Who knows, even the Syrian people who once despised them might forgive them if they helped make amends, they might even become heroes to some if they helped win the war.

  • gustavo

    Er_dog_an: “Let us take some more Syria land (under the excuse that we are fighting the PKK terrorists, or kurds (USA-puppets), we are allowed to do this thanks to Russia.” “Under our Turkey-Russia agreement SAA can not do anything …..GREAT, Erd-dog-an says.”