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JULY 2022

Syrian War Report – Dec. 10, 2018: U.S. Officially Accuses Assad, Russia Of Staging Chemical Attack In Aleppo

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On December 7, the US State Department finally released an official statement on the November 24 chemical attack, which hit the government-controlled city of Aleppo injuring over 100 people. However, instead of condemning terrorist groups, which used chemical weapons, the State Department accused the Assad government and the Russians of gassing Aleppo residents to undermine the ceasefire in the Idlib de-escalation zone.

The statement is another example of doublethink widely employed by the US-led bloc in its diplomatic and media efforts in the conflict. When alleged chemical attacks take place in the militant-held areas, the US blames Assad. When alleged chemical attacks take place in the government-held areas, the US also blames Assad.

The Russian Defense Ministry reacted to accusations by saying that the supply schedule of chemical weapons by the Western special services to the terrorists in Syria is synchronized with State Department’s statements. The defense ministry added that it has undeniable evidence that the chemical weapons attack was carried out by militants.

According to the Russian side, the US may have been using chemical weapons accusations against Russia and Syria to draw attention from its own war crimes in the area of Hajin in the Euphrates Valley.

On December 7, two Turkish military convoys entered Idlib through the Kafr Lusen border crossing. The convoys, which included several battle tanks, moved to Turkish observation posts in Murak and Shir Mughar in northern Hama.

These two of 12 Turkish observation posts established in the framework of the Idlib de-escalation agreement have a special importance because they are located in the area where a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) military action is expected in case of a further escalation in the region.

Sporadic clashes between the SAA and militants erupt in northern Hama on a constant basis. Over the past few days, the SAA has repelled several militant attacks. On December 8, the Syrian military even employed an armed UAV to target positions of the National Front for Liberation (NFL) in the town of al-Hakurah.

On December 8, Mustafa Bakkor, a spokesman for Jaysh al-Izza, claimed that Iranian forces in northern Hama are raising Russian flags over their positions to “protect themselves from Israeli bombardment.” Earlier in 2018, the Free Syrian Army in southern Syrian made similar accusations claiming that Iranian forces were wearing SAA uniforms to avoid being detected by the Israeli military and intelligence.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that government forces had arrested 12 suspects during a recent operation against ISIS cells in western Daraa. Some of the suspects are reportedly related to Abu Ali Al-Baridi, a former leader of the Khalid ibn Al-Walid Army. The ISIS-linked terrorist group was eliminated in July as a result of the joint operation by the SAA and former members of the Free Syrian Army.

In Deir Ezzor province, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continue their efforts against ISIS. Last weekend, SDF units backed up by US and French Special Operations Forces entered the town of Hajin and captured over a half of it. The advance was supported by more than 100 airstrikes of the coalition.

The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claims that ISIS members killed over 20 SDF members and destroyed at least 2 vehicles in the clashes. However, it appears that if the US-led forces really seek to capture Hajin, they will do this soon.

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The State department is a fricking joke !!


Doesn’t matter who’s in charge, the globalist ‘New World Order’ / Deep State / Shadow Governments/ ZioCons or whatever name you choose to label them with, always make the rules for ‘the person in charge’ to follow. The last US president who tried to go against them got his head blown off on a roadway in Dallas. Regan got away with a fortuitous warning and soon fell into line.


Pompeo has orange hair?

stary ujo

Why fucking USA dont to speak , that Russia do this chemical attack !? Trumo and his fucking jewish family are world killer of Syrian and Iraq children !

Promitheas Apollonious

and the morons have spoken once more. I wonder how the americans who vote for them feel, about what is representing them and have become the laughing stock around the world among thinking people with second to them, maybe only the greeks.


Is this abject nonsense from the US State Dept a warning for the SAA not to attack the head choppers in Idlib, or is it the fabricated excuse for FUKUS to now become directly involved in the war ?

A war that the US Coalition of Terror hoped to win without spilling FUKUS blood.

Promitheas Apollonious

What ever it is, it takes two to tango and I hope that SAA and allies will do what is needed. Other wise as I said many months ago Syria it is effectively divided in 3 parts.


Russian, Iranian and Syrian strategists will have considered this and only the future will determine what their conclusions were.

Russia, Iran and Syria have much to lose if they do not continue to stand up to FUKUS and friends.

We were always going to get to this point and China has a role to play as well that will have been reinforced by the hostage taking by Canada and the US of the Chinese executive.

FUKUS are all in deep shit ‘at home’ ,that the scum think a war could solve.


And more low than this is impossible to achieve. Congratulations to the yankees.


The USA needs to project the fallacy that only the USA is able to save the world and succour its citizens. This is achieved by domination of the media, corruption of politicians at home and abroad, the US military protection racket, the IMF, the use of US Deep State NGO’s, CIA Colour Revolutions, the proxy use of terror psychopaths , False Flag attacks and the murder of opponents.

The ballon of US exceptionalism is now so inflated that a Russian silver ‘Kinzhal’ will strike when the time is right.

The insouciant majority in the FUKUS terror gang still believe that Russia is a country of serfs, whilst the reality is that the Western oafs are willing Debt Slaves. Rather like animals in a zoo, they will fight each other for food that is really theirs by right.


Well, lets say that Bolton is a great undertaker for his friends, he is geting real low. ‘Great’ timoneers in the western world…


It’s a flaw in Christianity. The non Christian world is almost entirely Jew free. The baby rapers have exploited the nexus between Judaism and Christianity to the the hilt. Even though theologically they’re diametrically opposed. Which is why Christ was publicly tortured to death at the insistence of the Jew vermin.

This needs to change. Christendom needs to be dejudified as by far the major part of creating a Jew free world. Christianity is accepted worldwide. With a few exceptions, Judaism is only accepted in Christendom. When it shouldn’t be.


I am not religious in any way but I support your sentiment.

paul ( original )

I do rather wish that the term ‘doublethink’ would not be used when what we are dealing with are calculated ,blatant, down right lies. In any situation the West always just says whatever lie it chooses to support its interests.

Also I may be a little out of my depth here but to my understanding ‘doublethink’ as used by Orwell is a bit more subtle than just a lie and is more in the nature of holding two contradictory thoughts -i.e war is peace.

Promitheas Apollonious

What should bother you is not the blatant lies they are saying. What should bother you is the majority of western population that they actually believe them. That is the scary part.

paul ( original )

Possibly. But if they do believe them it is because they are continually brow beaten and intimidated into a sort of quiet submission. Life in the West is a mental hell. A person is never free of pressure to conform to authority.

Promitheas Apollonious

is one thing to pretend, or to be silent for any reason you are and another to believe what ever you watch and be told from the mass media. The american mental sickness is spread all over the so called western world. At least that is my personal experiences, talking to people or trying to, in many countries that my business lead me to.

Their ignorance of reality and repeating what the mass media propaganda is, make me understand, how come all this morons who rule them, get away with everything they do and say.

Kristina Rain Mcleod

No its not brow beating at all. Most peoplr I talk to about Syria start off with whatever they weren’t fully paying attention to in whatever western outlet thry prefer be it the NPR stations , and CBS, fox etc.

When challenged initially they go a bit quiet waiting , not listening, buy waiting for me to finish. then they say: well theres no way to really know because we aren’t there and its a land far far away and basically I’m full of it because I’m not an ‘expert’ like the ppl in mainstream news apparently are.

So when I offer up evidence in images and video snd links to testimonies and other coverage , they decide to remain in disbelief we in the US are even capable of being bad guys supporting terrorism and it makes no sense in their minds. The subject is rolled over and they never talk about or ask about it again

I’m also a ‘traitor’ to some for suggesting the Russians are the ones fighting the bad guys while we have been both supporting and pretending to fight them.

No one cares enough in the end because they have their goodies and they habe their paychecks and that desert might as well be on the Moon and thus is best left to the egg heads in the pentagon as I’m not an expert and the US was always the good guy and everyonr we fight is the bad guy because crazy dictator this and genocidal rapey maniacal tin too dictator that.

Entire generations are born believing the TeeVee and ots reinforced by their parents.

Its hopeless to red pill ppl on the subject

Jim Prendergast

Not so hopeless if you have a record of previous “gas-attacks” for example. Or if you refer to clear works like “Washington’s Long War on Syria” or Mother Agnes.

Tommy Jensen

Back to the roots. All wars are International Finance wars and deception.

Remember in 1975 when “fossil” oil ressources would be used up in year 2000. After year 2000 they invented the Clima Change hoax for our children, and some “Global cooling” will replace it for their children.

Planned lies and deception for generations and generations asleep in matrix.

John Wallace

Succinctly put Kristina. Most people , not only in America , don’t want to know , don’t care and or just want to get on with their lives as long as they are not being directly effected. It is like talking to a brick wall . You would be better off talking to a mirror , at least the other person might just listen.


Totally right, that is the scary part.

Jim Prendergast

I do not think the majority is so deceived any longer.


I certainly hope so.



Tommy Jensen

I analysed a bit on that part and came to the conclusion its cowardism. The sheeple feel uncomfortable when they doubt authorities. They have the choice of believing MSM lies or you/alt media/reality. They chose the lie with a strong hand because its here the most secure money come from. To even think the power/matrix/system lies them up in their open faces, is a threat to their identity, position and income. But the tragedy is, that recognizing the lies imposes no risk at all if they just keep them inside or among their confidents. But recognizing the lies, they stop blaming wrong scapegoats and THEY are now in controle of their own situation. But they cant get over this psychological hurdle.

Tommy Jensen


You can call me Al

I see it the exact opposite; you listen to this tip, think about it and believe it, or you then think, why, that is illogical and how cannot that be right ?.

John McClain

As an American, a true patriot, I am abjectly disgusted with the lies of our government, the never ending wars waged for control of fiscal issues, and to keep our debt-debacle from bringing us down, rather hard, fast, and destructively, even though there is no “win” possible at the end of “this road”. We were given the path out when BRICS was formed, but we scorned the notion. Again, as the AIIB was established, some 90 Nations joining, we again had nothing but scorn. The Shanghai Gold reserve, something that existed when I was in Shanghai, also welcomed all comers, but for the U.S. to acknowledge gold, is to acknowledge, ultimately, the true, actual theft of all “our gold”, that owned by Americans, and it no longer being in our country, much less our possession. We can’t get out of our debt, except to stop overspending, actually pay our debt interest in full, and pay even a dollar, every month, against principle, but to do so, we have to acknowledge our deliberate inflation, taxing the trading world, and living high, off stolen profits. We have to stop inflating, to begin paying the full interest service, we have to have a balanced budget, with capital for investment, to pay down principle, and until we do so, we are actually operating as “anti-capitalists”, the best form of customers any thief could wish for. We don’t pay the full interest, so the remnant is added to the principle, and we pay interest on the interest, and “we, the People” aren’t supposed to figure this out while they never show it, and we also see the increase that going forward in debt, always causes, on top of compounding interest. We can’t afford Iraq forever, not even for say, “five years”, in truth, we can’t afford to be there at all. The same goes for Afghanistan, yet we have no exit, except to admit our failure, our defeat, and having made a wrong and an evil choice. Syria may be the last straw, and our anxiety over “regime change” may be our “road too far to go”, that breaks us fiscally, forces us out of the middle east, and causes some change in planning. We have lived under a government, trapped in lying for a century plus, and once began, it is impossible to leave, except with full admission of actions, consequences, and accepting responsibility. They can’t do anything but lie, and have what they say, coherent with their last words. Most of “the western world” no more believes their respective governments, than in the Easter Bunny, however we are well indoctrinated, most live in fear, and no rational one sees the means to revolt, without invoking similar revolts that would be fully supported by government, and against “cities, states, anyone who doesn’t toe the official line”. Only the constraint of we conservatives, has kept the left from raging rampant, and government getting the opportunity to declare martial law, and begin the slaughter. The rhetoric has ramped up sufficiently, there is no peace to be had, we won’t open the eyes of those with their hands out, “can I have some more, please”, and they won’t turn us into antifa, and self-hatred. I believe we are informed in the Bible, “a house divided upon itself, cannot stand”. So many in America are truly ignorant, but not so many as are merely fearful and afraid. I pray for Syria and President Assad constantly, and I pray Russia, Iran, and Syria shortly end any opening for U.S. occupation. God Bless those who “hold the line”, Semper Fidelis, John McClain GySgt, USMC, ret. Vanceboro, NC, USA

leon mc pilibin

BULLSHIT of the highest quality.Only a zionist nutcase could make this crap up.


Eh, idiot will remain an idiot forever :))

Tommy Jensen

Agree, you cant change idiot.


The truth.


“WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION “, are you going to believe this ? Please, do not be SO STUPID.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=2V3cfCX1s1Y –


As long as the Washington interference continue in every single country of our world so then don’t think about peace. Washington along with other morons are holding our world hostage.

Remember Japan, Yugoslavia, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, China, Soviet Union, and also remember your country where Washington interfering.


The US needs to be dejudified. Reopening the 911 investigation can help with this:


– Press Release (Response From DOJ) –





The problem that I have with Richard Gage is his dismissal of the missing mass of building debris at the WTC site. For years he said that it was all there. Now he’s changed his story and claims in this video that all of the concrete was pulverized into dust by the controlled demolition. This would be the first, last, and only time that this has happened in a controlled demolition that I’m aware of.

There may have been conventional high tech explosives used as part of the demolition. But that doesn’t explain the missing mass. Dr. Judy Wood agrees and has a similar opinion on the topic that I agree with:

“Thermite/thermate is an incendiary which may be able to cut steel, but could not account for the explosive destruction of the cement and other building materials in the building. Though supporters of this theory contend that it could potentially do the whole job, no modeling of these methods of demolition have ever been produced.”

– Frequently Asked Questions & Answers –


I would have to see credible analysis of the claim that conventional high tech explosives caused the de materialization of a substantial majority of the buildings before they hit the ground. Before I accept that as a plausible explanation. So far I haven’t seen it.


I am amazed that the Pilots passport was quickly discovered on top of the debris as if it was brand new :)

What a bit of luck that was, amongst the hundreds of thousands of tons of debris. :)

A Jew would say that ‘Its a miracle ‘.




That makes perfect sense :)

Jim Prendergast

“Gas-attack” again. The MSM goes on the assumption that if you repeat something enough people will take it as true. In this latest case, with all the facts laid out they have repeated their lie once too often. No one believes it now.


This 911 case can help get at some of the Jew rot in the US government that produces the insane US implementation of the Yinon plan for Israel:

“The original and amended petitions, with their 57 exhibits ( https://lawyerscommitteefor9-11inquiry.org/exhibits-index-grand-jury-petition/ ), present extensive evidence that preplaced explosives were used to destroy the three WTC high-rises on 9/11 including: expert analysis of seismic evidence supporting explosions prior to the plane impacts; scientific analysis of WTC dust samples showing high-tech explosives; first-hand reports of explosions by first responders; and analysis by architects and engineers that the collapses exhibited the characteristics of controlled demolitions.”

– Sept. 11th Legal Breakthrough: U.S. Attorney For The Southern District Of New York Agrees To Comply With Federal Law Requiring That He Submit Evidence Of Still-Unprosecuted Federal Crimes At Ground Zero On 9/11 To A Special Criminal Grand Jury –



don’t ever expect unbiased statement from terrorists’s supports.


The fact that they’re stooping as low as they are is a clear indication that they need to be treated with caution like the criminals that they are.


So obvious so stupid even a fucking kid of 8 years old will know what is your agenda you fucking scum neo-zionists ass. The world is tired from you.

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