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Syrian War Report – August 8, 2017: ISIS Deploys Large Reinforcements, Attempts Retake Sukhna

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

ISIS has reportedly deployed large reinforcements, including experienced infantry and technicals, from the terrorist group’s strong points in the eastern Salamiyah countryside in order to retake the strategic town of Sukhna from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies.

According to reports, a notable ISIS force is still shelling government forces from the high ground north of Sukhna.  Meanwhile, a high number of IEDs and a threat of suicide bombing attacks prevent government forces from advancing in the Sukhna countryside.

On Monday, the SAA repelled a few ISIS attacks, but on Tuesday, sporadic clashes continued appearing near the town.

If ISIS is able to deploy enough reinforcements and to re-group before the SAA captures the town and the nearby hills, the terrorists will likely have a chance to take Sukhna back.  The situation remains tense. According to pro-government sources, ISIS lost up to 40 members in the clashes for Sukhna.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), 64 ISIS members have been killed in the recent clashes between the terrorist group and government forces: 30 in Sukhna, 18 in southern Raqqah, and 16 in eastern Hama.  The SOHR also reported that 14 government forces service members were killed.

East of Salamiyah, the SAA and the National Defense Forces liberated the village of Manoukh and the nearby Manoukh hill.  The advance followed the liberation of Marina village southeast of the town of Ithryah.  Both advances were part of the wider effort aimed at increasing pressure on ISIS units east of Salamiyah and clearing the key area of Uqayrabat from ISIS terrorists.  This also helps to pre-occupy ISIS manpower, complicating any ISIS attempt at launching a counter-attack on Sukhna.

In Deir Ezzor, government forces repelled another ISIS attempt to advance on the army base and killed some 12 ISIS members.

In the city of Raqqah, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) seized Karim district and a large part of Ramelah district.  Local sources report that a dozen ISIS members were killed or wounded as a result of airstrikes and artillery shelling.

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Mauro Craizer

Hey @SouthFront guys, please STOP giving any recognition to “One Man Band”, “Syrian Observatory 4 Human rights”-selafi, wahhabi propaganda pusher. Lying filth. Please don’t. It’s no difference to cite VeryFakeNewsNetwork instead.


Openness about other sources is a good thing, it shows a willingness to be open minded, even for a MI6 front.


On the other hand, if even the One Man Band is corroborating your story then there’s no denying it, right?

Mauro Craizer

Did I say that? You do know Abdulrahman is just reporting GCHQ talking points? Whoever pushes SAA used gas attacks is phonier than CNN is.


Wheh SF reports about casualties of the sides, we always seek to provide versions of all sides. This is why the SOHR’s version was provided in this video.


Any chance you’ll extend your cover to cover the situation with North Korea? ….just askin’




Any airstrikes targeting for ISIS from the US Coalition of the Willing to Kill?


The US “so called” coalition pretended to bomb isis for three years, while bombing Syrian troops in Syria and Iraqi troops in Iraq AND actively protecting ISIS troops. Who are the terrorists again, because I’m mystified that the US military/cia/nsa et al would follow such heinous commands and commit acts of terror, crimes against humanity, in violation of the US Constitution, US law, international law, the laws of nations and their own moral compass!


The US has a moral compass? ..?? Oh – it point to Money!?

Jan Tjarks

Good thing is, according to this report Daesh already has to move out forces from the west to reinforce Sukhna. In the end the long front line might play into the hands of the SAA, as they have the manpower. Nevertheless, such stretched front lines are always a big risk, as the manpower is missing elsewhere, like Al-Qaeda trying to attack Hama again, which luckily failed. But that won’t be the last attempt.

Kristy Rain

The Coventry Observatory For Beheaders Rights is reporting on something that goes against the salafist status-quo? Wow.

Methinks that salafi Chester-the-Molester is angling for something ?


hmm then the cia is subverting their orders to CEASE AIDING AND ABETTING TERRORISTS AGAIN! not difficult to figure out, the cia created al qaeda and al qaeda became ISIS.. it’s the cia’s baby for overthrowing regimes in the middle east now, specifically ASSAD of Syria, at the behest of ISRAEL!


No sign of any assistance from their Airforce yet?

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