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Syrian War Report – August 7, 2017: Sukhna Liberated, Army Continues Advance

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Last weekend, Syrian government forces liberated the strategic town of Sukhna in the province of Homs. The town located 110km from the city of Deir Ezzor had been one of the key ISIS strongholds lying at the root of the ISIS defense in the provinces of Homs.

The Republican Guard, the 18th Armoured Division, Liwa Fatemiyoun and the National Defense Forces were main pro-government formations in involved in the operation. Government troops, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces’ warplanes and attack helicopters, took control over the heights located west, south and southwest of Sukhna and established a full fire control over the town. ISIS repelled the first government forces attempt to enter the town but failed to repel a flanking maneuver from the western direction and were pushed to withdraw from the town after a series of firefights.

Following the success in Sukhna, government troops liberated Rjam al-Saboun, Tal Abu Qul, Rajm al-Qun and Tulul al-Meleh and deployed in a striking distance from the Doubayat gas field. A fighting is now ongoing in the area.
Now, the Syrian military command have two main options:

1. To develop the advance along the road between Sukhna and Resfafa in order to cut off the ISIS supply lines to the eastern Hama countryside;

2. To continue advancing in along the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway in an attempt to reach the city prior to the moment when ISIS is able to make successful flank attacks on the advancing grouping.

The first option looks more secure, but the second decision could be made because of political and diplomatic reasons. The Syrian military needs to reach the besieged city in order to pretend on the taking control of the strategic Deir Ezzor-Mayadin-Al-Bukamal road.

Meanwhile, reinforcements from the Qalamoun Shield Forces have arrived the eastern Homs countryside. This may indicate that the Syrian military is creating a striking force for another attempt to retake the ISIS-held town of Uqayrabat.

In the southern Raqqah countryside, the Tiger Forces and allied tribal forces have liberated Al-Hardan, Salim al-Hamad, al-Atashana, Muqla Saghira, Muqla Kabira, Al-Daa’ma, al Jaber and al-Kumaysah reaching the ISIS strong point of Maadan. The advance in the area is ongoing amid a chance that the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) could make attempt to cross the Euphrates River and to slow down the army advance on Deir Ezzor.
According to local and media sources, there is a unofficial military coordination between the Syrian military and the SDF. However, this does not suspend the competition for the oil and gas resources as well as the territory of eastern Syria.

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Mauro Craizer

Without Coalition Air support, SDF can’t/won’t go accross Eufrates. There will be NO Coalition AF there. US blew it with airstrikes on SAA, that was serious strategic mistake on their side,now they have to deal only with Kurds & Turkey. They created a mess, backed everybody against Assad, situation is now completely reversed. Idlibstan in wahhabi power struggle, their turn will come after Deir ez Zor.


SDF is already across the Euphrates and has some 60 to 80 kms along the southbank of the river.

However, I agree that a new crossing between Raqqah and DeZ is unlikely. In case of an advance out of Shaddaadi or East of the present line north of the river, a new crossing to the far east is possible. It would also depend on the advance of SAA towards the east.

Jonathan Cohen

SDF should let Raqqa starve a while and go liberate oil fields for ABORTION RIGHTS! but should not cross the river Northwest of Dier Ezzor. Firstly, there are lots of oil fields Northeast of the river and once these are all taken, SDF will have plenty of room to cross near or Southeast of Dier Ezzor. And if SDF gets there first, they can trade ammo transit to Dier ezzor for ammo transit to Afrin. plus bring food.

Mauro Craizer

If Kurds want any recognition in Syria, they must cooperate with Syrian Gov, can’t act unilateraly (US way), and also they have problems in NW Syria with Turks, can’t have both…We’ll see how that Joint Command Centers work in the near future.

Nigel Maund

I’m sure the Russian and SAA General Staff have figured out the best plan to thwart US Deep State objectives re Dier Azzor and the oil and gas fields and at the same time neutralise ISIS / Al Sham attempts at launching successful flanking attacks on SAA forces. The RAF (Russian Aerospace Forces) and Syrian Air Force will play a crucial support role here in blunting these flanking attacks as they materialise buying the SAA vital time to reach Dier Azzor and establish a firm bridgehead there and at the same time cut off ISIS forces in the extended pocket.


i thibk you wreak havoc all across the SDF so called lines by infiltration into their so called liberated cities manned bt low quality capacity givin uniformss


I like her voice.

Solomon Krupacek

then click on red heart above you


Keep going Syrian army, it is going great.


In the same way Syria-Russia-Hezbolah-Iran army surprice us reaching Irak border on the South, I think Syria army must go from Wadi Abu Shahri to Markadah (crossing the Euphrates and keep going east) with the idea to stop kurds (USA) going to Deir Ezzor, and surround Deir Ezzor at the same time. This can be done with good aerospace support from Russia.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They keep saying they are still fighting in the T2 region with ISIS and any push from there won’t be for some time. Which would pressure ISIS forces into making more military blunders as it stands they will secure the region even more and push out further from al Soukhna, giving them time to push in central Syria forcing ISIS to flee the region.

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