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Syrian War Report – August 4, 2017: Army, SDF Boost Cooperation, Set Up Joint Operations Room


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Modern 9K333 Verba man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADs) have been spotted at positions of the Russian military servicemen in the Eastern Ghouta region near Damascus. The MANPADs were reportedly deployed to protect checkpoints and observation posts established by the Russians from DIY combat drones as well as other threats from the air.

ISIS has reportedly started forceful conscription campaign for males from 20-yo to 30-yo in Deir Ezzor. The goal is to get enough manpower to fight the Syrian Arab Army and its allies in central Syria. The decision is another sign that ISIS faces significant problems in northeastern Palmyra and southern Raqqah and its defense may fall if the terrorist group does not get additional resources.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have reportedly established a joint operations room in order to coordinate efforts against ISIS in Deir Ezzor and Raqqa provinces as well as to improve the security situation in Aleppo province.

According to the Lebanese newspaper, Al-Akhbar, the operations room has already been established and this will be officially announced by the two parties soon. The so-called “Turkish threat” in northern Syria was the main reason behind the decision to boost the coordination between the two parties.

Turkey is allegedly ready to launch a large-scale military operation against Kurdish militias in the Afrin area. These Kurdish militias are a core of the SDF and now they seek to boost cooperation with the “Assad regime”. Another reason is tensions between the SDF and other US-backed groups of the Free Syrian Army.

Pro-government sources claimed that a joint operations room that include the SAA and the Manbij Military Council [Arab SDF faction] is currently being prepared in Al-Aryima area near Manbij. Thus, according various sources at least two operations room have been set up in different parts of northern Syria.

If reports are officially confirmed, it would be an important step in boosting cooperation between the two sides. Since the end of the battle of Aleppo, the SDF has decreased a level of the cooperation with the Syrian government and the SAA and directly followed the US approach aimed at indirectly undermining the government efforts against ISIS. However, these tensions have never reached the level when they cannot be solved via diplomatic means and some level of cooperation has been always existed.

In Raqqah city, the SDF has been clearing the remaining ISIS-held area in the southern part of the city. 26 ISIS members were reportedly killed in Hisham Bin Abdul Malik district. 9 other terrorists were killed and 2 VBIEDs were destroyed in Al-Rawdah district. ISIS claimed that 11 SDF fighters were killed the Al-Atiq Mosque in central Raqqah.

The SDF, supported by the US-led coalition’s airpower, artillery and special operations forces, have a upper hand in the battle for Raqqah. However, the ISIS strong has a strong defense inside the city.



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  • Serious

    Don’t do that. Retreat from Mandjib and Afrin. Let FSA take them. After fight FSA and retake them. kurds want some help from SAA because they have problems. Otherwise, they will have taken independance.

    • Jens Holm

      All seemes to have their problems. FSA in north are 0 having no support as well.

      Your conclusion taking independency is one of several solutions. To me its unrealistic. If You take the socalled “Rojava” estimated 55% are not kurds. 45% shouldnt run the rest hard as Turks and Assads do. Arabs, Turkmen and several other small groups would be loosers and kurds there wouldnt be better then the old ones.

      So to me a peacefull gathering with Assads could be some kind of federacy – OR – decentralizing most things – as in the Counsils in a semi-independent northern Province working for uniting in sekularism.

      • Serious

        No federation. arabs with arabs and kurds with kurds. Don’t extend the problem for ever.

        The goal is to unite arabs against USA. kurds are USA puppets. Like in Iraq where the dictator Barzani is still in power since 2003. He gives oil to USA and israel.

        Turkey will lost with kurdish independance and syrians will win peacefullness. The only fight will be against sunnies but it will be a mental fight not a military one.

        • Jens Holm

          Very optimistic uniting arabs. They are not and has never been united.

          • as

            They were once united. Search up middle east before world war.
            And there’s a big change happening so long the Russian play their strong hand in there by backing Syria or it’s allies directly. US backed forces were already too infamous and unpopular to keep the locals backing. Just like how their militants in Syria fell into internal infighting their allied states (most were of them working as a totalitarian monarch which is quite the irony especially when they were eager to vanquish a stated dictatorial regime) too were drawing into one. Look Qatar row and Turkish anti Kurdish operations.

            Syria, Iran, and Iraq are drawing closer now confident in the strong ally which is Russia. These union will draw more anti western group and movements especially when Israel is playing with fire with something called the muslim world.

          • FlorianGeyer

            That day will come faster than you think I hope. When the Arabs unite , Israel will be very afraid . I do hope so anyway.

      • Jonathan Cohen

        Rojava will be majority Kurd as soon as they take Kurd refugees from Turkey, almost no matter how much of Syria they take and liberate for abortion rights.

  • Serious

    If SDF want protection, they have to destroy US bases in northem syria. Otherwise, let Turkey deal with them.

    • Jens Holm

      Your kind are the fools, they for good reasons are up against.

    • Maria Engström

      Totally agree.

    • outer_rl

      I doubt the US will be there long. They’re too vulnerable in a landlocked and mountainous region like that – especially with Turkey hostile to them. If Trump doesn’t withdraw, his successor will.

      • Dustil schmit

        Afghanistan, Iraq kurdish region etc..

        • outer_rl

          They put troops in Lebanon, they got hit, they withdrew. They put troops in Iraq, they got hit a lot, they withdrew. They haven’t withdrawn from Afghanistan yet because they fear China would take their place. They’ve gone back into Iraq and Syria in alliance with Baghdad and the Kurds. When Bagdad tells them to withdraw, they will. The Kurds are weak and unreliable allies, if the Americans start taking casualties in Kurdish areas they’ll realise they have nothing to gain to offset it, and they’ll withdraw.

          • Brad Isherwood

            Bestriding the world in a way that no other nation can, America has 
            become more invasive, predatory, and repressive than at any time in its 
            Eight hundred U.S. military bases garrison the globe. A highly 
            militarised state, backed by major corporations and a wealthy elite, 
            exploits the public fear of foreigners, subversives and minorities to create 
            a high-tech version of medieval demonology, in which an unseen enemy 
            is poised to exploit any lack of vigilance.
            There is only one response to the lurking Powers of Darkness: love of Jesus and awesome weaponry. 
            (Quote: Kenneth Humphries )

      • dutchnational

        Except for Afrin and the small Abdul Azaz mountains near Hassakah, Northern Syria is rather flat, at the most hilly. Where is the mountainous region?

        As for landlocked. At the moment yes. Who can tell how the lines will go in five years?

        • Justin Ryan
          • Kell

            Whats your deal Dutchnational explain yourself!

          • Justin Ryan

            Its hard enough to accept him being so pro SDF and anti SAA!
            And he is anti – saa… thats without doubts.
            But when he writes plans for HTS in order to defeat the SAA and cut them off etc etc!
            Well….. thats going too far!
            He is literally war gaming on behalf of HTS and ISIS.
            I always knew this guy was a troll!

          • Jonathan Cohen

            He qualified himself with “strategically”, but I agree he should not be giving good advise to HTS lest they take it, unless it’s a trap, and I do think that road is well defended.

        • outer_rl

          I’m not sure Turkey would be happy with the lines changing that way. That America would turn against a major NATO county in support of a band of weak rebels – who were losing against ISIS before they got assistance – is astonishing

        • Jonathan Cohen

          This is good news because SAA and YPJ are wise to fight ISIS and HTS only, and not each other, until ALL ISIS and HTS territory is taken, not just most. And I’m glad to see SAA and SDF coordinating at least enough to avoid friendly fire. It’s fine if SDF and SAA race competitively for ISIS or HTS held territory, but I don’t want them wasting ammo on each other that should be saved for ISIS or HTS.

      • Jonathan Cohen

        By then YPJ will be well armed and trained and will also have reached a seaport, and liberated it, and the oil fields, for abortion rights!!!!

  • Serious

    The goal is peacefulness and freedom in order to build a prosperous country. Eliminate the threats. kurds are big threats. Better give them some land in northem syria. It’s the better option to do. kurds will learn what is to be an usa ally. USA will occupy their country with military bases, will steal their oil, their ressources, wil prevent democracy. that’s what they will have. Give them what they want.

    Second threat : sunnies. These useful idiots have to start understanding that they can’t rule any country because they have no idea of how to rule a country. Instead they destroy it. Either they become democratic, either they are not allowed to be democratic.

    Once you do that, you are good to start building a country. You have peacefulness, freedom of speech, no Americans to give you lessons that they even not respect themselfs. You are good. What do you want else ?

    • Dustil schmit
      • Serious

        What’s the point ??

        Who is stealing oil ? kurds, turks and americans. so what is the point ? because turks are stealing oil then americans can do it ? XD.

        Turks can be removed more easily than americans. So, first deal with the biggest threat and after the lower threat.

        • Dustil schmit

          Apparently you didn’t get the memo and just saying ill informed BS since both SAA and YPG sharing oil revenue.

        • Jonathan Cohen

          NO! first deal with the most asinine threats, ISIS, then HTS. Then PYD can liberate the whole near east for abortion rights! from Kabul to Windhoek!!!! like the abortion rights in ALL the superpowers, Russia, China, USA!

    • Luca

      Lol ? useful idiots will use that as it true they can’t be in power , they are a mess they need learn democracy without USA stamp on it . Mountain goats are biggest threat it’s not even debatable .

  • Samuel Boas

    Assad regime? WTF?

    • Luca

      Very pro SDF to , SDF have ethnically cleansed Arabs from Arab land and and they make them sound like they liberators

      • Jonathan Cohen

        I bet those Arabs attacked abortion rights!

  • dutchnational

    There is no tension between SDF and other US backed groups of the FSA. Main reason is there are no US backed FSA groups anymore, especially in the north. There are only either Turkish backed groups there and Al Qaeda.

    An attack on Afrin by Turkey is highly unlikely at the moment. A limited assault on Tell Rifaat is possible,. With the loss of Idlib to AAS, the strategic value of taking Tel Rifaat is very limited and after the defeat of AAS in Idlib, manpower of turkish mercenaries in the Azaz enclave is limited, the more so as many must remain to guard and defend the perimeters with SDF forces in both the east and west of the enclave.

    • Justin Ryan

      HTS IS USA BACKED!!!!!
      Others are SAUDI backed!
      Southern FSA are most likely USA backed!
      And at the beginning of this conflict the USA WAS ABSOLUTELY BACKED by the USA and those USA backed FSA fought against the SDF!
      But we know who you support!
      You support anyone except the SAA and Russians!


      • Jonathan Cohen

        I support abortion rights defending Russia, but not abortion banning SAA!

    • Jonathan Cohen

      Turkey needs to fight HTS in Idlib with everything, leaving no ammo to shoot at SDF.

    • Justin Ryan

      YOU SAID: “there are no US backed FSA groups anymore”
      but there were right?
      u just used the word “anymore” which means u agree there were!

      Therefore u are aware they existed and that they did in fact fight with the SDF!

      Which means USA supported both sides of a war!


      Thats why I know u are a one sided scum! I don’t hate u for supporting the SDF, I actually believe u support the US and Israeli agenda!

      Thats why u are scum!

  • dutchnational

    How is the situation in Sukhna?

    It was alledgedly stormed two days ago, reports here claimed. Never read the outcome or did I miss it?

    • Justin Ryan

      Because it makes u happy to hear if they failed! Right??


    • Justin Ryan

      Suknah Done!
      How is Raqqa?
      Bit of bad luck with Afrin though, thats gonna tie up the SDF a fair bit when the SAA take eastern DEz oil and gas fields, and if the SDf decide to forget Afrin and TRY to take the DEz oil and gas fields, I’m sure the PMU will jump the border. Then ure Kurdish friends will be fucked by PMU and Turkey. Maybe Hezbollah also!
      this is why I don’t block u….. I wanna enjoy those days when they come! But u will probably disappear like a coward!

      disclaimer: (im not against the SDF, I’m against USA and Israel and their future plans for balkanisation and proxy war mercenaries)

  • Luca

    Pro government sources ??
    Robert Fisk
    Assad needs turkey to control al Bab and surroundings once the Syrians from idlib are pushed out there
    What they don’t need is SDF annexing all that land

    These so called pro gov sources are saying pretty much syria are giving SDF 25% land as they ethnic cleansed Arabs out

    What benefit is it to Damascus
    What another dozen USA bases lol

  • Justin Ryan



    • Thegr8rambino


    • Kell

      Looks like we have a terrorist on our hands!

  • Ismail Hikmet Cevik

    SAA and SDF Joint Operation Room. This is the dream of USA and its Proxy PYD. These are fake news. Physcologic propoganda of USA. The interesting point here is, we are reading such kind of news in this site, Southfront. What a power of penetration!!

    • Jonathan Cohen

      There are still far more asinine fish to fry. ISIS and HTS still have territory! friction between SDF and SAA can still wait and Southfront knows this. ISIS and HTS are not defeated yet!