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JUNE 2023

Syrian War Report – August 30, 2018: Russia Says Terrorists In Idlib Have To Be Liquidated

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On August 28, ISIS militants carried out several positions of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the al-Azraq oil field area in eastern Deir Ezzor. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the SDF repelled the attack with help from the US-led coalition airpower.

This was the second major ISIS attack on SDF positions in Deir Ezzor province in August. The previous one took place on August 20 and also targeted the SDF-controlled oil field – the al-Omar oil fields in southeastern Deir Ezzor.

These attacks show that despite claims by the SDF and the coalition that ISIS was fully defeated in most of northwestern Syria, cells of the terrorist group are still operating there.

Over the last few days, the Syrian military has deployed a large number of former Free Syrian Army (FSA) members, whom reconciled with the government in eastern Damascus, to a frontline with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) in northern Hama.

According to reports in Syrian media, more former FSA members from the Damascus countryside will be deployed in the area soon. The participation of these units in the upcoming operation against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham shows that all sections of the Syrian society see Hayat Tahrir al-Sham as a dangerous terrorist group, which has to be eliminated.

Idlib militants are trying to hold civilians hostage to be used as human shields and this festering “abscess” has to be eliminated, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on August 29 following talks with his Saudi counterpart Abdel Al-Jubeir.

“For understandable reasons, Idlib is the last major stronghold of terrorists who are trying to gamble on the status of the de-escalation zone and hold civilians as human shields and bring the armed formations ready for negotiations with the Syrian government to their knees. So, from all standpoints, this ‘abscess’ has to be liquidated,” the foreign minister said.

“It is necessary to urgently separate regular armed formations from Jabhat al-Nusra gunmen and simultaneously lay the groundwork for an operation against these terrorists and do everything to minimize risks to civilians,” Lavrov added.

Media reports on the alleged June meeting in Damascus between high-ranking representatives of US and Syrian special services are “fake news,” Russian Special Presidential Envoy for the Middle East and Africa and Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said on August 29. Bogdanov’s remarks followed a report by Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar that representatives of US special services made a private visit to Damascus in June and held consultations with the Syrian government.

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Promitheas Apollonious

liquidated………. what an excellent idea.

Jens Holm

Thats how its used. I sometimes use eroded for slow reducing.

Icarus Tanović

Super good term. Love it.


well that’ll make a change from bussing them out, whilst allowing them to retain their offensive arms and weapons. (but what else would you want to do with fellow military -industrial stooges?)

Jens Holm

Well some Russian general also have said ISIS are defeated.

All familiar with what happens tell the the same . You will still have smaller groups, which You cant find and erode down.

So when tha SDFs say this and that, they say, thay have taken all visible strongholds and fortifications -ISIS has no land.

We have to add a few more incidents from the SDF zone as well as many in the other zones. Very one eyed only to see SDFs declaring and conclude as a non normal person with no realisme.

Some readers here still think war/teror there is armies standig shoulder by shoulder. Much to me they should learn about modern warfare incl.the guerilla sometimes terror one.


People also think frontlines are like WW1 trenches and fortifications going from the sea until the next border. When in Syria its usually a checkpoint on a road in the middle of nowhere. There are probably whole swaths of the frontline in Syria which are so deserted you could march the Rio carnival parades through unnoticed. Or that surveillance satellites means you can cover every inch of ground in real time. Just like Hollywood military tactics seem to involve Napoleontic formations shooting at each other, or breaking rank and running screaming at each other, this is another thing we can blame Hollywood for.

Icarus Tanović

Hollywood has no any idea how does it works. They think if they send transformers to Al nusra, that can bring the peace.

james ha

no worries. uncle samuel will continue to airlift his terrorists to safety in the nick of time. just as he has been doing all along.

Icarus Tanović

All along the watchtowers… but what if helicopter malfunctions due to technical problems? Meaning been hit by manpad?

Julian Clegg

They can’t get them all out.

Siegfried Stahl

LIQUIDATE EM ALL. i’ll like to see burnig beards all over idlib.

Icarus Tanović

Napalm them beards!

Tommy Jensen

Proff work again from Lavrov.


On August 28, ISIS militants carried out several positions of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the al-Azraq oil field area in eastern Deir Ezzor. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the SDF repelled the attack with help from the US-led coalition airpower.

Israel, ISIS, Al-Qaeda and SDF all created by US and UK for secrete operation in Palestine, Syria and Iraq.

Julian Clegg

Don’t lump the SDF in with the others; they are quite different.


Are they different by name or by agenda? The agenda of all US and UK stooges is same that is greater Israel. LOL



Turkey support FSA and FSA are allied with SAA against HTS and ISIS. The foreign ministers of Turkey, Syria, Iran and Russia I have seen in several meetings together.

AntiCommon Core

Don’t liquidate all of them.

Who is “Socks” Trudeau going to get to emigrate to Canada?

Send a few to the McCain household, so they can show their appreciation for Songbird’s support.

Feudalism Victory



So why not? Seems like calling the CW operation put a hold on that ploy, at least temporary, strike while the iron is hot. Drain that abscess. That British lady said the CW thing is a lie because the Russians called it so now they pretty much can’t do it or it would make the Russians right. Big problem is the court of common sense. Russians make sense, F.uk.us tell stories that just don’t add up.

Let me get one thing off my chest. I don’t like to see the little guys in these wars getting killed, oh psychopaths always deserve it no matter who they fight for, but most soldiers and sailors are just guys who could not get a good job and thought the military might not be so bad, or even with even less choices.

So when people cheer on the sinking of US warships it goes down sideways because in 76′ that would have been me out there dying because I did not like school and hated my home life. Young, dumb and full of come. Oh seeing most of our officers get it would not have bothered me a lot, but me and my enlisted shipmates just wanted to live, we hated getting ordered around, though it was interesting some of our near death adventures at sea, in a scary sort of way. It was mostly boring with occasional moments of shear terror, we were a bit overdue for an overhaul and equipment failures got downright spectacular, shudder, all hairs on neck stood up, just then.

So can we cheer on the deaths of the leaders and those who make all the money and kind of leave the average cannon fodder out of the hate rants. I get it but it’s like hating all of Israel because the Rothschild Zionists made it their rallying center. I am sure their are some Jews who hate the warmongers as much as we do, perhaps more.


“Liquidated”… yet another ‘secret’ Russian weapon we don’t know about? болшои ликвидатор??? Yeah, liquify them and brew beer. Seriously, what disgusting language. Certainly, this is a very Russian thought, they do it with Chechens too. Those, who still recognize the other as a human being would have them reformed rather than ‘liquidated’.


in fact, you mess up “liquidate” and “liquefy”.

Liquefied gas x liquidated terrorist.

But as for me, I don’t have any problem if Russia liquefies all ISIS members and their sponsors from Israhell and the USA as well. The sooner the better.

But I don’t recommend brewing bear from them. It is guaranteed commercial failure. Pour them in pig’s skin bags instead.

Julian Clegg

Liquidate means eliminate as a force. They could also say neutralise or even exterminate, but it doesn’t necessarily mean killing them all.

Kenneth Hammond

I say they should be liquified, they pour better and will not block the sewers.

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