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Syrian War Report – August 3, 2018: Syrian Army’s Operation In Southern Syria In Numbers

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On August 2, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claimed that warplanes of the Israeli Air Force had bombed several fighters of the ISIS-affiliated Khalid ibn al-Walid Army near the occupied Golan Heights. Seven militants were killed in the strikes according to the Israeli media.

This was the second attack by the IDF on the Khalid ibn al-Walid Army during the last two weeks. On July 26, Israeli warplanes destroyed a rocket launcher allegedly belonging to the group in southwestern Syria.

An official of the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) announced that members of the Khalid ibn al-Walid Army are attempting to cross the border from Syria. According to him, the JAF’s 10th Border Guard Battalion clashed with the terrorists in the Yarmouk Valley killing a number of them.

According to Syrian sources, some number of terrorist group members are still hiding near the Golan Heights and at the border between Syria and Jordan. They are attempting to flee the area in order to hide from the ongoing security operation by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

During the operation in southwestern Syria, the SAA and its allies liberated 3,332km2 and 146 settlements, the head of the Russian General Staff Col. Gen. Sergei Rudskoi said during a press briefing. 50 of them were liberated by peaceful means after negotiations.

Militants in the area surrendered over 650 pieces of military equipment, including 39 battle tanks, 28 infantry fighting vehicles and armoured personnel carriers, 10 Shilka self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, 35 anti-aircraft guns, 17 multiple launch rocket systems, 60 machine guns and 23 anti-tank missile launchers. A total of 4,927 members of militant groups and 5,355 their supporters left the area towards the province of Idlib via an open corridor in the framework of the reached surrender agreement.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) conducted its first patrol along the separation line between Syrian and Israeli forces. The Russian Military Police established eight observation posts in front of the UNDOF in order to prevent provocations in the area.

As soon as the situation in southwestern Syria is stabilized, the SAA will be able to re-deploy most of its forces to other frontlines and to start another round of combating terrorism in the country.

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Hide Behind

Me thinks that there are one heck of a lot of behind the scenes diplomatic ” and economic” negotiations ongoing. Syria for next few years will remain a divided nation, with the NATO supported Kurds being an “autonomous region. A hint is in the recently held agreements that for crude oil in Kurd area to be exchanged with Damascus government refined fuels. Quick glance at international oil contract bids, both for old repairs and maintenance of old infrastructure with brand new pipelines from new wellness are already underway. Haliburton, who is now headquarters in a UAE state, in Partnership with UAE princes and Rothschild financials is a leading contender. Also the sourcing of materials and labor towards rebuilding in three Kurdish Republic political centers is flooding in, this includeds foods from Euro and Israel, all on premise of future oil revenues from NATO/Kurd area. The very same economic colonialism as is now in place within Iraq, Libya and parts of Afghanistan, where by any indigenous business concerns are shunted aside. Quietly it seems ,reality is, Syria will gradually become more and more a non sovereign part of the already established NWO. If any think Russia is not first and foremost protecting and projecting its power over Damascus for any more reason than fighting for a chair within leadership of NOW best begin by stopping to listen to any National/ religious B’S put out by residents and fanatics, and read outside this site. This site is good as smokescreen for armchair warriors on combat footage but sadly lacking in info on real geopolitical happenings. Hints such as Jordan pact and Israeli allowing more U.N. patrol of Golan Heights and Russian watchtower show a collusion of forces with plans into the future. Hints Iranians agree to pull back from Golan areas and borders with Lebanon also show International agreements.


‘Syria for next few years will remain a divided nation’…Keep dreaming.


sorry. i thought u said that


Good day. You thought that I said what?

Feudalism Victory

Is this like a whos on first joke?

Bill Wilson

I’m constantly amazed at the made-up bullshit posted on SF. In January, Russia won the exclusive rights to produce oil and gas inside Syria. They’ve been getting select fields and pipelines back on-line while training a new generation of Syrian oilfield workers. The few Syrian refineries require reconstruction due to running at reduced capacity for years on end. The industry pros in Houston figure it’ll cost between $35-40 billion USD to rebuild Syria’s ruined oil & gas sector, which is a shitload of money to spend on mature fields that were being rapidly depleted before the fighting started.

The Syrian Petroleum Company still owns and operates the oil & gas fields in SDF areas where it’s safe. In the north the Kurds get paid a royalty on what’s sold which is used to pay civil administration salaries and the local Arab militias guarding those fields. In the south they’re giving the SPC access to the al Omar fields and receiving fuel in lieu of royalties since their light sweet crude yields considerably more quality fuels using typical modular refineries.

Hide Behind

And who or whom do the Russian oil fir.s contract out the exploration, drilling and building its energy infrastructure to. My point (s) are that Syria has lost all independence and true sovereignty, the whole purpose of US/ Israel/NATO and nearby ME nations invasion and chaos, and is becoming as Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya mere vassle states side National and its corporate worldwide financial sytem. Assad cannot fart without Russian permission and in future will remain Indebted to foreign interest. W T F UP; All future energy in order to keep the Syrian nation In name only alive is outside of Damascus hands. Who gives a Fly’n pig about before the chaos, the plan to destroy old Syrian nation bas happened. Damascus, like Iraq will be left with a bloated military budget of foreign armaments,an infrastructure dependent upon foreign loans with partial ownership, and as inn Iraq flooded with imports of daily needs including ffood ( !agricultural needs including rebuilding of massive irrigation. Syria through Russia’s closeness to US has already ceded old sovereign owned oil fields and even irrigation needs to US tassels the kurds.


Look at that – even their allies don’t them! …Can’t say I blame ’em.

Tommy Jensen

They were losing. Their allies will now find winners who can win battles.


Idlib, next, the final pocket of Al Qaeda, and ISIS. FSA the Turkish jihadists, will fall with them. The Turkish army will fall back, or be moved back. The Americans will have no further excuses to stay after the Kurds reconfirm their allegiance to the sovereign state of Syria. Peace, may fall upon the land. Godspeed.

Tommy Jensen

As long as there is 1 terrorist left in Syria, our US Military bases and US Marines will stay in Syria to secure the innocent Syrian civilians. The United States and Nato´s 60 countries Operation Inherent Resolve Freedom Coalition will never allow Butcher Assad to bomb democracy and his own citizens in NE- Syria and our US Marines will fight as Spartans in Al-Tanf against Russia´s hypersonic nuclear bombs.


One terrorist can always be found in any nation, or inserted, so you say America has the right to squat on the third of Syria with its oil and gas fields….. How convenient. Wish the “Freedom Coalition” had considered the innocent Syrian population before they cooked up this “regime change” excuse for war. Guess the Rand Corporation can’t consider such trivialities. Death before Dishonor : you should not mock the Marine Corps with your trash talk.


The surrender of the Zionist backed terrorist is providing the SAA with a windfall of weapons. Assad should send a thank you letter to Netanyahu for the military assistance. Shalom.


When can he expect a letter thanking Israel for vacating the Golan Heights??

Barry Warmkessel

Take back the Golan, send the Khazarians back to the Ukraine.


Israel claiming that they attacked ISIS, hah that’s the phoniest thing I heard all year.

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