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Syrian War Report – August 28, 2018: US Creates Strike Force To Attack Syria

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The US military is creating a strike force to carry out an attack on government forces in Syria, which is to be justified by a staged chemical attack in the province of Idlib, the Russian military says.

Besides the already noted deployment of the USS The Sullivans to the Persian Gulf and the rebasing of a B-1B Lancer strategic bomber to an air base in Qatar, the missile destroyer USS Ross carrying 28 Tomahawk cruise missiles entered the Mediterranean. Thus, the US could launch at least 84 Tomahawk cruise missiles and 24 AGM-158 joint air to surface stand-off missiles (JASSM) if it were to decide to strike the war-torn country right now.

According to Russian military spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, “these preparations are fresh confirmation of US intentions to use as a pretext a likely simulation of the government forces’ chemical attack, which Hayat Tahrir al-Sham [formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda] militants are plotting with active support from British secret services.”

Reports are appearing that the Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF) have already started preparing to repel an expected US-led missile strike by deploying additional specialists and air defense systems near the crucial objects of the infrastructure, which they expect may be targeted.

On August 22, US National Security Advisor John Bolton claimed that “if the Syrian regime uses chemical weapons, we will respond very strongly and they really ought to think about this a long time.” This was only one of a series of threats to the Syrian government issued by the US, the UK and France. While all these threats are clearly exploiting the chemical weapons narrative, their main goal is to prevent the defeat of the terrorists in Idlib by delaying the Syrian Army operation.

On August 25, a source close to the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) told the Kurdish news outlet Bas News that the US-led coalition began deploying radar stations at its bases in the governorates of al-Hasakah and Aleppo as part of a new plan to increase its control of Syrian airspace. The report  pointed out the airbases in Kobani and Rmelan as places where the radars were installed.  The US 727 Expeditionary Air Control Squadron is reportedly involved in this effort.

Meanwhile, clashes between the Syrian Army and ISIS continued in the area of al-Safa where at least one vehicle of the terrorist group was destroyed. However, ISIS resistance in the desert is still strong enough to draw Syrian military resources from other important frontlines.

In the Idlib de-esclation zone, militants feeling the support of the so-called international community have increased their preparations for the battle against government forces. An important part of these preparations are arrests and abductions of civilians, public figures and field commanders who would probably support peaceful negotiations with Damascus.

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Nigel Maund

One can always guess that the nefarious and devious British will be behind most False Flag attacks. The country has a dreadful reputation for utter duplicity.

Gregory Casey

Ou experience with the British in Ireland for hundreds of years taught us exactly how duplicitous they actually are …….. never trust them and give them not even one inch. Obviously, nothing has changed in the British Military-Security Establishment.

Jens Holm

You are right, but only blame them for, whays theirs. You dont.


So many millions died having none or wrong food and no health care and so many changed North-and south America as well as Ausralia and New Zealand.

And it was not only Europe at that time. It was India and many chinese and japanese went to USA or left their home coutries.

Irelland unfortunatly only was among the worst in %.

Gregory Casey

Rubbish. Ireland’s poor did not have the food required. Grain was exported out of the country by those who owned it ……….. the Anglo British Rulin Landed Classes while their Tenants who survived on a diet of Potatoes and root vegetables died in the ditches, having been evicted from their pitiful little landholdings, averaging 1 – 3 Acres. Landlords Estates ran to tens of thousands of Acres.

Jens Holm

Somebody else already has mentioned the landlords did that. I just told a lot should be added to make a more complete and less narrow minded picture.

The landlords hardly made the potatos ill as well as imported fx cholera and millions died, but millions also emigrated.


Not for nothing does England ( now Britain) have the title of Perfidious Albion :)

” Perfidious Albion is an Anglophobic pejorative phrase used within the context of international relations and diplomacy to refer to alleged acts of diplomatic sleights, duplicity, treachery and hence infidelity (with respect to perceived promises made to or alliances formed with other nation states) by monarchs or governments of the UK (or England) in their pursuit of self-interest. “


From a one hundred year old Irish rebel song, The Foggy Dew–a verse: The night fell black and the rifle’s crack made Perfidious Albion reel; ‘mid led and rain seven tongues of flame did burn ‘ore the lines of steel; by each shining blade a prayer was said that to ireland her sons remain true; and when morning broke still that war flag shook its folds in the foggy dew–A song from the Easter Riding in Dublin 1916. Yes, indeed, Perfidious Albion =all that is evil and treacherous was the phrase used back then == and long before.


I like the song John.
Few people are aware of the death and horrors bought upon Ireland by England, Scotland and Wales. It started around the time of the Norman Conquest and essentially ended in the 1990’s. Until the ‘Polish Plumber’ exodus to the EU the population of Ireland the Irish population had dropped by about half from its height in the mid 19th century from circa 9 million to circa 4.5 million. The majority of the decline in the Catholic population due to the Famine and subsequent emigration .


The Cromwellian era was particularly cruel, even by the standards of the occupation by the English Kings and Queens.

One of the English military governor’s of the 18th century based at Dublin Castle used a punishment named The Pitch Cap that was placed over the over the head of the victim and set alight. If the shock of that did not kill the victim, the tearing off of the cap along with the skin and head of the victim did.

” PITCHCAPPING A form of torture used by the British military on Irish rebels during the 1798 rebellion. From Walter Cox’s Irish Magazine in February 1810 showing a Captain Swyane preparing to light the pitch cap – Image ID: EJX7A2 ”

Ireland was he 1st English Colony.

Tommy Jensen

They say the rebels piked and burnt protestants alive, women, children, elderly. Maybe the atrocities were balanced among the races like today :-).
Remember Jesus said only a small crowd could pass the test.


I am certain that happened as well Tommy. Ireland was invaded by England though.

Tommy Jensen

Right, England made a lot of trouble for many countries in this period it seems.

Gregory Casey

Bullshit! The numbers of Protestants killed by Catholics in the manner described by you is so negligible as to be non-existent. The poor ……. both Catholic & Protestant did not begin to fight among themselves until the late 19th Century, specifically in N Ireland with the growth of the religious fundamentalists and of British Nationalism as UK pounded the world, from China to India to Africa and ransacked countries, peoples and economies while the numbers of Middle- and Upper- class Protestants killed by rebellious Irish was so small as to be no more than a blip in statistical terms. Unfortunately, however, the numbers of poor Irish of all religions who were evicted from their lands and who starved during the 1840’s with the failure of the Potato crop, through blight were in the many millions. During the Great Famine in the mid- 1840’s Ireland’s Population lost 2.5 million people of which, possibly a maximum of 0.75 Million managed to emigrate: to the new Factories of the North of England as the Industrial Revolution boomed and to North America with lesser numbers managing to make it as far as Australia, New Zealand and Argentina. While the irish starved in the ditches of Ireland through the failure of the potato crop, more than enough grain was being exported out of Ireland sufficient to feed the dead and the dying but, the grain was owned by the Landlord classes and very few of them cared anything for their Tenants. There were a number of other Potato crop failures throughout the 1850’s & 1860’s & 1870’s …… small enough in scale insofar as they lasted for 2 year rather than for 3 – 4 years as happened in the mid- 1840’s and Ireland’s total population fell from 8 million to 4 million with some 2 million dying of starvation and another 2 million emigrating to the New World. British Governments came and went but very few among the Governing Classes cared for the poor and the starving who they were responsible for.

Tommy Jensen

Thanks, I take yr points. Only have my knowledge from superficial search :-).

Jens Holm

Higly biased and manipulated numbers and reasons for it.



Its real history Jens written by the English sodiers and Brunswick Mercenaries who were actually responsible for the murder and torture , get used to it.

Jens Holm

Mine is too. Movies about it is made too. Soi know about Landlords and Soldiers.

I just as many died like everybody else even by cholera from china as well as many emmigrated.

Not all died as the manipulation assumes. Millions lived. Look at the numbers in the link. You also have gangster movies from New York about them.


Movies are the way people such as you ‘learn’ history and please do remind me who owns the vast majority of movie makers ?

Could it be wealthy Jews ? :)

To find real historical facts it is necessary to look at all the historical data and sift out the events that defy the laws of physics first.

Did I mention the ‘Holocaust ‘ Jens :)


Why does that sound not unlike the Mossad’s mission statement?


Its in their Genes Russ :)


US and their stoogies don’t feel shy that an unarmed group called Taliban have defeated them in Afghanistan. Now US and their stoogies want serious defeat from some other group.

Hisham Saber

What we are witnessing from the U.S., Israel and French/British alliance is but the death throes of global hegemony.

China is taking over the affairs of the world as we will know it. The 19th century was British ruled, and that was a disaster for mankind. The 20th century belonged to the U.S., which proved to be an even worse calamity for mankind. By the mid 21st century, the Chinese will have established themselves as the no.1 nation in the world.

They are in the process of inter-connecting the globe through the Silk Roads that will bring free trade, international rule of law, prosperity to the long neglected and victimized 3/4 of the world, the global south, through what the Chinese like to call a ‘ win-win ‘ for everybody.

The U.S./Israel et al come with guns and bombs, while the Chinese come with business opportunities and a handshake. They are a wise, ancient and serious people who will not be deterred by Washington’s and Tel Aviv’s , et al’s attempts at subjugation or subversion.

I wish I could say the same about Russia right now, but first Russia has to get rid of the Jewish 5th column that threatens its very existence.

China actually has a few battalions embedded with the Syrian Arab Armies Tiger Forces and 4th Armored Division. They will take part in the Idlib offensive that will take place soon, whether the U.S./Israel like it or not. And any attack on Syria by said alliance will result in not only a response of the Syrian Arab Army, NDF, Hezbollah, Iraqi PMU’s, Iraqi Hezbollah on U.S., British and French troops in the region, mainly Syria and Iraq, Golan Heights, but there is a gathering force for an all-out insurgency by the local Arab, Assyrian, and some Kurdish tribes that will make the lives of foreign troops in Syria and Iraq a bitter hell.

Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and also Yemen are to play a pivotal and crucial role in the OBR Silk Roads of China. China is getting involved, right now, very quietly.

Puny attacks by the U.S., Israel , Britain and France on Syria will not change anything on the ground, nor will they stop the momentum of the axis if resistance.

Cheers, Salam.


That’s right.

Ivan Freely

China have deployed a few battalions to Syria?! A TALL claim. Where’s the evidence to support such a claim? I ask as I have not found any evidence. I’ve been looking everywhere since that *false* claim of the Chinese carrier, Liaoning, conducting operations in the Mediterranean a fews years ago.

Jens Holm

It would be nice China took over, and You blamed them in stead of us doing stubbern doing nothings still insisting going strong.

I certainly hope that silkroad is for muslim refugee import as well. Soon You will eat pork or nothing too and twins will be named as Yin and Yuan.

Jens Holm

There already was chaos in the Osmans and harder and harder. You could by good reasisn say, they have not improved much.

Someone like me sometimes would say, that You should have been more well organized colonies in some New Empire in stead of the Osman one in stead.

In stead came 2 strange zones divided for own Brittish and French purpose. They could have made sevral more stabile units.

And of course the people there are not responsible for anything. If so, why dont they and You shut up and did as, Your were told to.

You even insist in those bad borders.

Gregory Casey

So ……….

US led Forces began deploying radar stations at their bases at Kobani and Rmelan in the governorates of al-Hasakah and Aleppo as part of a new plan to increase control of Syrian airspace with the US 727 Expeditionary Air Control Squadron involved in this effort.

Time for Syria, Russia & Iran to blow them all to smithereens. This is Syrian Sovereign Territory in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.


I’m reminded of Patrick Cockburn’s reports on the rise of ISIS 4~5 years ago. He argued they were militarily limited, and quickly making enemies of almost everyone else. However, the regional players distrusted each other almost as much as the feared the headchoppers, and had radically different visions for a post-ISIS Middle East. As a result, for a while the group could expand rapidly without a joint effort to contain them.

When the E Syrian SDF protectorate first went up, there were confident predictions that a joint Turkey-Iran-Iraq-Russia-Syria response would nip it in the bud. But was this ever more than a pipe dream? These countries haven’t stood shoulder to shoulder on anything else either, and the Armies of Mordor are no ragtag movement. Nobody wants to be caught in front facing the hegemon’s wrath, only to find that the cavalry didn’t follow behind them. The current unstated idea seems to be to wait until the Americans get bored of the gig, which admittedly may well happen. But Germans, Koreans, and Japanese are all still stuck with their visitors telling them what’s what.

Tommy Jensen

The job was to get controle of 100 different maniac groups and 60 International countries fooling around with machineguns and explosives in Syria.

Jens Holm

Thats no new plan. USA 8and we) have promised to attack the SDF zone as long as needed agaunst Assads(and Turks).

So when things escalate by them them, USA and We do it as well.

As so many here, You even forget, what UN says around Syria.


UK and USA are criminal states

northerntruthseeker .

Did you just figure that out now?

They created “ISIS”… Caused the “civil war” in Syria because of their lust and greed for a pipeline across sovereign Syrian territory…. Have been selling their souls to their Jewish masters in Israel…… Have been creating all of these fraudulent “chemical weapons” attacks to get their excuse for attacking Syria… Have caused some 500 BILLION dollars in damage to Syria so far including the death of some 800000+ innocent civilians…..

Need I go on?


I know bro

Hallis Creek

The drunken dimwits in Washington are apparently unaware of the fact that Russia has an immense human intelligence gathering presence on the ground in Syria


Yes, and? Russia claimed to know exactly where the bad guys were, what they were up to, and who trained them. And what did they do about it? Exactly. What’s the point of actionable intel if you don’t act on it?

Not everyone here is a fan of the YPG of course, but they make a real effort to exact a price from their Turkish enemy; in the Middle East, it’s the entrance fee to be taken seriously. Meanwhile, the White Helmets are prancing around Syria for years already with impunity; none of them should be alive at this point.

Tommy Jensen

Everybody tremble and pee in his pants, when he sees some of US Allies.


Yeah, and both AI research and biology tell us that behavior can be self-reinforcing. Neither the Vietcong nor the Taliban had any Russian wonder weapons, so instead they just got busy killing orcs the old-fashioned way. Sure they took big hits in return, but US & friends didn’t look 3m tall afterwards.

Tommy Jensen

Right. The trick is to go straight against them. They get confused because their superiority turns out to be an illusion and dont work.
“Power is only power if you recognize it is power”. (Mao)


Russia does not have to tell us what it does with intelligence. We might note that when they need to make a point (response) they blow up a huge underground command post and many foreign advisors were toast. We might note that Russians on the ground provide target guidance. We might note that Russians on the ground are doing a lot of political discussions with groups to build a united Syria. Just because Russia does not react the way we want does not mean they are not fully persistently following very careful plans to achieve their goals in their own way. Trust.


Yeah I’ve seen the story about that command post doing the rounds, but no proof from official sources; of course I might’ve missed it, or it could’ve been a morale-boosting rumor. Likewise for the captured Brits and Mossad at the end of the E Ghouta op: everyone was quoting everyone, with numbers going up all the time, but did we ever see their guilty mugs on video?

As you see from the above I’m not very trusting; good thing my trust doesn’t make any difference in Idlib. But if Russia wants to be trusted in the Middle East, they should beware of making idle threats.

Monte George

Putin and Sergei are out hiking in the wilderness. Putin is visiting his beloved Siberia one last time before it starts. It may be serious this time.

Amado Dominguez

or mabey he left the military staf to control the situation


Pray it’s all just sabre-rattling. The alternative would be disastrous.


Yes, too much extensive damage to US pride as their ‘best laid plans and planes’ go awry.

Vince Dhimos
Tommy Jensen

They will also bow. The hybrid war caravan rolls on and on. US will get them in the end. Americans always win because we are a winner nation…………………………LOL.

Vince Dhimos

Yeah, like we won in N. Korea and Vietnam.


It seems that the way the U.S. has been allowed to operate with impunity the Russians should just go home. If another airstrike does occur Russia wont do anything anyway just as before. It seems.

Ivan Freely

The first two missile strikes allowed the Russian’s to test their counter-measures. Syria was the bait and sacrificial lamb.


Perhaps but if it happens again without reprisal then we will know that this is all just scripted by the NWO.

Ivan Freely

Perhaps. It’s been said that the last strike was a complete bust. Sure, some non-essential buildings were leveled, but nothing that prevented the SAA from waging war against ISIS and friends. I’m guess the US may have a fix to counter Russians weapons. Time will tell.


No one from these DOGS wants to see Damascus/Syria to rise on its feet, they just want to see and create chaos because in chaos only then they feel themselves powerful and right then they can do whatever their purpose it is.

Hisham Saber

Yep, all at the behest of Israel, which is demanding that the U.S., Britain and France attack Syria and destroy the Syrian Arab Army, whom they are very afraid of, as they are real experienced combat soldiers who have been at battle for 7 years now. The IDF wouldn’t stand a chance against the SAA / Hezbollah.

Tommy Jensen

Correction: International Finance demand US/Co attack Syria. Israel only requires Iran out of Syria.


John McCain had always said bomb bomb bomb. God just build a small tiny bomb on his body and then he asked doctor that what is this. The doc replied that this is a tiny natural bomb. You cannot save yourself from this tiny bomb.

Hisham Saber

I actually has a toast when I heard that sick bastard had died. Music to my ears and warmth to my heart.

Ivan Freely

A great deal of Americans celebrated on the news of his passing. MSM and social media outlets have blocked most of the celebrations.


A US large naval strike on Damascus at best will prompt Russia to respond against the opposition area with a large naval strike of its own. The “chemical weapons” pretext can be used by both sides to justify their strikes and in that arena Russia has the advantage. Fewer and fewer people believe the propaganda the US repeated about “WMDs” to now deaf ears. There would be no support for such a war.

Brad Isherwood

Iraq is complete trash if they permit US to use their airspace to attack Syria.
If the attack comes via Jordan. ….Syria and Russia can’t sit on their @ and just take it.

Russia has to quit this …..Only here to fight Terrorism BS!

Nations permitting aggression for years against a Sovereign UN recognized nation such as Syria,
Are Terrorists!
Syria needs some General to go Rogue and Ballistic attack the illegal US bases in Syria,
Flatten Al Tanf…
Take the Tabqa Dam back.
Teach the Platform shoe midget King of Jordan a lesson for repeated Evil and war atrocity.

Jens Holm

It must be joke writing like that. No realisme at all.


interesting that the US has created a strike force, for something that hasn’t even happened,. note that Syria was accused in 2012 and 2013 of gas attacks that DID NOT HAPPEN and RECENTLY the US UK and France launched missiles after “what turned out to be a FALSE non gas attack which was attributed to Syrian forces that did not occur” .. did they apologize after falsely attacking Syria over the fake gas attack? NOPE!
Now the same CRIMINAL ELEMENTS OF THE US GOVERNMENT “who have been shown to support ISIS” threatened to attack Syria again over something that hasn’t even happened and are geared up to attack.. ISRAELS ATTACK DOGS ARE SET TO BE UNLEASHED AGAIN..

THE ZIONIST FAKE JEWS REFUSE TO GIVE UP ON THE GREATER ISRAEL PLAN! No lie, no truth will divert them from attempting to achieve their goal


The deployment of nukes in Syria is the only long-term solution.

Tommy Jensen

They will be employed to wipe out the US base in Al-Tanf in one shot.


The US MSM is reporting that there is no military build up of US forces, is there a source for these movements of planes and destoryer ships besides RT and Stormfront that some one can link me too? CNN is reporting that in response to these claims Pentagon Spokesman Eric Pahon said “What I can tell you is that Russian reports of a US military buildup in Eastern Med are nothing more than propaganda, its not true.” I was warning some of my friends about this situation and they said that there is no actual information saying US is moving in ships and missiles except RT.

Tommy Jensen

There is photos of 3 American speedboats, 2 US cannon boats, 1 US Aircarrier with 3000 men and 1 US Destroyer closing in on Syria and ready to attack the entire area of dictatorship countries.


If only what you said about taking out the dictatorships was true, it’d be great to take out Saudi Arabia, UAE or Bahrain, or the fanatical headchopping Islamist terror groups like HTS, Noor Al Zinki, Jaysh al Islam, but nope, they’re there to be the airforce for Al Qaeda as usual and attack the elected, legitimate government of Syria which they’ve already invaded.

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