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Syrian War Report – August 24, 2018: ISIS Attacks US-occupied Oil Fields In Euphrates Valley

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On August 22, an IED blast hit a vehicle of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) near the village of al-Hawaji west of the Omar oil fields on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. According to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq, four SDF members were killed in the attack.

Separately, a booby-trapped motorcycle hit an oil truck of the SDF near the village of Juma east of the Omar oil fields. Amaq claimed that ISIS members had captured and executed the truck driver.

In response to the attacks, warplanes of the US-led coalition carried out a series of strikes south of al-Omar allegedly killing several ISIS members in the area, according to pro-SDF sources.

This was not the first time when the terrorist group engaged the SDF in the oil fields area. On August 18, over 20 ISIS members stormed SDF positions near al-Omar. At least 7 ISIS members were killed in the followed clashes.

On August 23, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) sent another batch of reinforcements including battle tanks and artillery guns to a frontline with Idlib militants. According to a source in the 4th Armoured Division, the limited SAA advance on militant positions can be started by the end of August.

Meanwhile reports appeared that at least 500 former members of various militant groups, which have reconciled with the Damascus government, will participate in the upcoming SAA advance on Idlib. According to reports, all these former militants are currently part of various units of the SAA 5th Assault Corps.

These reports have already caused a new media scandal within pro-militant sources, which have described this situation as another juggling act by the Assad government. SouthFront recalls that one of the key points for militants reconciling with the government is that they have to do their military service, which is obligatory for Syrian men.

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leon mc pilibin

Isis which is israhell, is looking to keep the oil wells.Not for long though.

Jens Holm

Not even the smallest children with locums in each hand and told by the grandparents, will believe that.

There is no oilproduction there as well. But of course that doesnt matter in Your little dirty narrow world.

james ha

probably a charade to distract from the fact that uncle samuel regularly airlifts ISIS terrorists to safety just as assad’s army is about to wipe them out.

Jens Holm

Seemes like Your comment is airliftet by something from Your behind. Very good computers so far dont reansmit smellings like that.

james ha

well you are correct: my comment was nicely airliftet directly from My behind. what on earth must i have been thinking?


Wake up dude, the USA is the most evil empire the world has ever seen.

Luke Hemmming

I’m with you on that James. It is well documented that ISIS targets SDF. In regards to the USAF strikes afterwards, if the source of that information was the US govt then it probably never happened or they dropped bombs on empty ground. Or they did take out a few but that was merely a charade as you said. As for the Jens Holms comments, did you make sense of what they were saying? The spelling was so bad it made no sense at all. I have no idea what that person was trying to say, did you? (Scratching my head with puzzled expression on face).

Jim Prendergast

One band of U.S. proxies attacking another band.


ISIS-SDF are both supported and directed by USA-NATo-Israel, do these attack mean that USA-NATO are creating a good excuse to remain in Syria land forever ?


If they throw in some raped goat here and there in their reports that would even bring up dramatics to the whole situation….


Intelligent move from Assad to bring along all that “moderate rebels” that have “reconciled with the government” to the Idlib fight. It is time for them to wash their sins and betrayal. Better that they get killed than those who are loyal to Assad from the start.

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