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Syrian War Report – August 21, 2017: Syrian Army Is About To Create Second ISIS Pocket In Central Syria

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The Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance has achieved a large progress in its operations against ISIS in the province of Homs.

On August 20, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) liberated the key held village of Humaymah, which had been controlled by ISIS near the Iraqi border. The SAA allegedly lost a bulldozer and an unknown number of fighters during the clashes for the area. On August 21, government troops continued operations in order to seize the T2 pumping station that remained that last valuable ISIS strong point in this part of the  administrative border between the provinces of Homs and Deir Ezzor.

On August 20, the SAA Tiger Forces, backed up by Russian attack helicopters, liberated from ISIS the village of Taybah and the Maqbarah Mountain located at the Resafa-Sukhna road posing a real threat of creating the second ISIS pocket in the province.

On August 19, pro-government sources reported that warplanes of the US-led coalition bombed the Tiger Forces in Kadir north of Taybah. No videos or photos from the area appeared. However, even the airstrikes took place they didn’t prevent government forces from further advances against ISIS.

Pro-government experts believe that the SAA and its allies will be able to clear the entire area north of the Homs-Palmyra highway from ISIS within a month.

The Russian Aerospace Forces have destroyed a large ISIS military column heading to the area of the city of Deir Ezzor “to regroup and equip their last base in Syria”, the Russian Defense Ministry said. Over 200 ISIS members  were reportedly killed and about 20 vehicles equipped with large-caliber weapons were destroyed.

On August 20, the Iraqi Army, Federal Police, SWAT forces and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) launched a large-scale operation to liberate the ISIS-held Tal Afar area in northern Iraq. The Iraqi military had deployed 40,000 fighters for the operation. According to the Pentagon, ISIS has about 2,500 members in and around Tal Afar. By August 21, Iraqi forces have achieved notable progress in the town’s countryside liberating over 12 villages and facing little ISIS resistance. The main fighting will likely take place inside Tal Afar itself.

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WTG SSA and Russian Pilots and crews


“On August 19, pro-government sources reported that warplanes of the US-led coalition bombed the Tiger Forces in Kadir north of Taybah.” ————– AGAIN? Russia – will you PLEASE airstrike those phuckers!? Just ONE good shot will chase those cowards away for good.

Jan Tjarks

That is the excuse the USA are waiting for.

You’re tactic, to go full in (in the comments) yields results the Japanese after Pearl Harbor can tell you about. No, don’t give the USA an excuse, but show the world who is the real aggressor, that’s way more effective and brought Syria where it is today, Otherwise we would talk about another failed state already.

The “wrong target” excuse won’t work forever.


Not even ONE little big “Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry SORRY – we thought you were ISIL!”?

Darn…………………… :-(

Jan Tjarks

USA becoming more desperate to slow down SAA is a good sign. It means, that they are running out of options and have to do the job themselves, as their minions are not capable of it, neither willing anymore.

But the development is critical too, as there is barely any statement if the USA are attacking SAA, means, who cares about laws, if everyone on both sides(!) accepts the facts created beyond law.


I have no doubt the story of US the coalition strike on Taybah is fake news. Perhaps a journalist made a statement about a friendly fire attack that caused a few casualties. But you understand how propaganda and lies work on this site. :(

John Wallace

I bet when you were a child you believed in Father Christmas , the Tooth Fairy , he Easter Bunny and monsters under your bed. However all were later proven too be false beliefs so without some evidence , 1st hand knowledge it is most probable that your belief this is fake news is also a child’s mistaken belief.I however have no knowledge that this is or isn’t fake news but willing too accept the possibility it is true based on this sites proven record in the past but also having 1st hand knowledge that the Truth is the first causality of any war this one not excluded. So while I accept it is likely to be true but accept other possibilities exist you have taken your stance just too infuriate others in search of responses too prove , to your thinking , that you are right with your reward being able too suck your own big dick. Congratulations and just be careful where you swing that monster.


I will stand behind my opinion. I think it is wrong for SF to mislead the readers about what is fact and fiction in Syria. So if you want to talk more insults to me this is your chance. FLAG SPAM: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fd9199ccb3d84152fc1466e80d2e450b602af628842894aa6f2c8ac3f6adaed3.png

Jan Tjarks

Most likely is, but I’m not linking it to this incident only. =)

You already went a rank up to deserve your personal troll? ^^


This story was originally posted on Twitter by Leith Abou Fadel: https://twitter.com/leithfadel/status/898960216208945152 It was also reported on Al-Masdar News as UNCONFIRMED. AMN was founded by Leith and is based in Arizona. It was also reported by https://isis.liveuamap.com/ as unconfirmed. This website named Fadel’s Twitter post as its source. Southfront’s only problem(s) was not naming its source and that the incident was UNCONFIRMED.

To call out Southfront’s error as propaganda and a lie is a very long stretch. The original story was based on the report of a Syrian journalist embedded with the SAA. That is where Leith got his story. Southfront simply picked up his story.


Good news all round, slow and steady advances, cool heads in charge.

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