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Syrian War Report – August 2, 2016: Syrian Army Advancing in Aleppo City

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Since August 1, the Russian Aerospace Forces have conducted over 120 air strikes on militant targets at the Syrian city of Aleppo. Most air strikes were reported in southern Aleppo where the Syrian army secured the 1070 Apartment Project and advanced in Tal Muta and Ohud that had been captured by the joint militant forces.
Intense clashes are ongoing in Handarat Camp north of the Castello Highway. Last night, pro-government forces – the Syrian Army’s Tiger Forces and Palestinian militias – launched an operation in the area, seizing positions at the eastern part of the camp. Russian warplanes made a series of air strikes in support of the operation. This move became possible due to the stabilization of southern front against the militant groups.

The Western backed NGO, known as “White Helmets” reported on August 2 a chlorine gas attack near downed Russian helicopter in Idlib last night. No video or photo evidence of the attack has been provided. The US and its allies will likely use this report in order to put pressure on the Syrian government and lift the pressure from jihadists in the city of Aleppo. Pro-Syrian experts suggested that if the attack took place, it was conducted by jihadists in order to launch a fresh PR campaign and save their collapsing defenses in southern Aleppo.

We remind on August 1, a Russian Mi-8 helicopter with three crew and two officers from Russia’s Reconciliation Center on board was shot down by jihadists in Idlib countryside. The helicopter was returning from a humanitarian mission in Aleppo city when it was targeted by ground fire. All those who were on the helicopter died.

The US-led international coalition air power has delivered 12 more air strikes on ISIS targets in the Syrian city of Manbij, targeting the ISIS positions and manpower while the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces have been consolidating the recent gains in the city. Predominantly Kurdish SDF units seized a significant part of Sheikh Aqeel Cemetry, Post Office north of the city hall and advanced in Sheikh Aqeel Neighborhood. However, the ISIS is still in control of the significant part of the city.

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Pave Way IV

Nobody ever seems to question how the moderate head-choppers seem to be able to do fairly sophisticated battle planning with cell phones and hand-held radios. It seems clear to me that someone is feeding them near-real-time intelligence – the obvious candidate being U.S./five eyes intelligence services. The head-choppers have a few small drones, but I don’t recall them ever having a huge signals intelligence operation or reconnaissance satellite network. They’re surely not maneuvering based on three-year-old Google satellite imagery. Someone is feeding them real-time, detailed intelligence of all types.

Whatever the U.S. and Gulf head-chopper supporters can’t supply to them directly in terms of arms, they are making up for in intelligence. The ‘disappearance’ of all the captured ISIS intel from Manbij (most likely carted off by U.S. SF types) suggests the U.S. wants to make sure their Saudi (or Israeli or Turkish pals) are not implicated in these intel feeds. I’m sure there is plenty of ‘uncomfortable’ information that might be seized in eastern Aleppo. Without U.S. spooks (or their quislings) on the ground to control that, they could be exposed. The U.S. can attempt to wipe this incriminating evidence from the internet as soon as they see it, but some of it is bound to get out.

If the U.S. mainstream media was not an arm of the CIA, we might have actually seen a question as to why billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars in intelligence systems are being used to tell head-choppers where to go to kill Syrian, Iranian and Russian troops. I guess U.S. ‘support’ for democratically elected governments only applies to paid-off NATO stooge countries.


Some of them are ex-military. For example, I have read that ISIS have in their ranks Iraqi ex- intelligence officers to help with their logistics etc.


Originally ISIS were ex Iraqi army that General Patraeus brought into the US military for his big surge. They always were terrorists, and Patraeus might still command them?


Absolutely, they are nothing but pawns, their every move is planned by american (and other foreing) masters.


Of course it’s the US, when Russia first intervened, the hardened American command centers were targeted.

Ships carrying hundreds of vehicles from the US to ISIS, but not a word in the press.

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