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Syrian War Report – August 12, 2016: Militants Threathen Government’s Supply Lines

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On August 11th, 2016, all major fronts around the city of Aleppo experienced a flurry of activity.

In northern Aleppo, Fatah Halab fired Lava and Elephant rockets on pro-government positions within al-Mallah farms. Jaish al-Tahrir used mortars to harass Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Iraqi militia troops along the Castello Road Front.

In southern Aleppo, four separate groups of terrorists launched attacks on government positions. Jaish al-Nasr, Ahrar al-Sham, Faylaq al-Sham and the Bayan Movement managed to capture the Mahmiyat al-Ghizlan camp situated in the Khanaser Plain. The so-called Mountain Hawks Brigade operating on the Sabfiya front in southern Aleppo, uploaded footage of a TOW missile attack against a government outpost. Terrorist gains in this region threaten crucial supply lines to pro-government positions attempting to maintain a perimeter around the city center.

Pro-government forces pushed back when Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) troops made a push in the countryside of southern Aleppo. However, no strategically significant ground was secured.

In western Aleppo, Russian precision air strikes hammered the 1070 Housing Project, a hotbed of Jabhat Fateh al-Sham activity. The results of the strike are seen to good effect in footage shot from a rebel technical that narrowly escaped destruction.

The Syrian Arab Army was out in force around the southern reaches of Aleppo, with evidence indicating the deployment of a T-72M1 equipped with the Sarab-1 Jammer. In addition, a T-62 and assorted artillery were used to pound the terrorist positions outside Aleppo.

The first recorded death toll, from the Palestinian militia group ‘Al-Quds,’ was released after pitched battles around the Ramouseh Roundabout, in western Aleppo. Nine militia members died fighting on behalf of the pro-Government cause.  The Jaish al-Fatah operation room cannot supply its allied militants in eastern Aleppo on a constant basis because the group does not control this strategic roundabout and the Ramouseh Garage. The road on Khan Touman is also on the scene of fighting with the Syrian government forces.

In the skies over Ramouseh, a Syrian Arab Army drone was shot down.

Away from Aleppo, the Syrian Democratic Forces reported 230 terrorists killed in a failed Islamic State offensive to break the Siege of Manbij along the Jarabulus Front. So-called democratic forces also recorded the capture of an Islamic State religious police headquarters in Manbij city.

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Jay Kim

All foreign forces including Russian, Iran, Western countries should stop intervening Syrian civil war. it is like a Veitnam war. Russian can not stay forever. let the jungle law rule. Syrian blood will be saved in that way ..

Jens Holm

A song says: What did You learn in school today, dear little boy of mine …

Bill Rood

That would be wonderful. I suggest the CIA/KSA/GCC funded mercenaries leave first along with the “Turkmen” from Turkey. Then, the Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah forces will leave as well, since there will no longer be a reason for them to risk their own citizens to defeat the Wahabbi forces of darkness.

Jens Holm

Well Assad and The Baads wont remove the reasons for the uprise. It could start with that by making a country instead of letting 70% doing to 30% whatever they want to knock them down again and again.

Real Anti-Racist Action

If the UK Israeli Turkish US Saudi Forces leave first (because they came first) then three short months afterwards, Russian and Lebanese and Iranian forces will also leave. Which is a bargain. Considering Syria fought by itself for almost two years before Lebanon and Iran rushed in to help. Then another year before Russia came in to help.

Boris Kazlov

It is not a civil war, Russia is saving civilization, and itself, by helping Syrian brothers against foreign mercenaries controlled by Usrahell, it is an epical battle. Understand, stop parroting the ‘civil war’ line.


Please bring back the female’ voice, his voice is so appalling.

Doom Sternz

I like them all, very informative and the quality is very good.


Yes i agree bring the female voice. I dont like american accent

Boris Kazlov

Yes, me too, every time she shows dead terrorists she makes me cum.

Hisham Saber

It is clear that foreign advisors are responsible for the movements of militants and terrorists. Its time to send in special assassins.


It is clear that the UNITED STATES advisors are responsible for the GENOCIDE in Syria.

Jens Holm

Could be because a Hisham Saber, an El Zorro or in that neighborhood thinks and behave as totally IR-responsible according to many peacefull advices from the United nations and others.

And the incommers all are kapitalistic democrates too wishing to die for coca cola and any american president.

Syria as a nation should have changed many years ago and become a nation. Now You are back to tribes and regions again – And more.

Assads & Baads as Nationbuilders ? Too many independent Years doing almost nothing to it the last 50 Years,

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