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Syrian War Report – August 11, 2017: Government Forces Liberate 1,300km2 Near Jordanian Border

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the National Defense Forces (NDF), the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) military wing and other pro-government factions have liberated from US-backed militant groups 1300 km2 in southeastern Syria, including 30 km of the border with Jordan. The recently liberated area includes Tal al-Tabaqah, Tal al-Riahi, Tal Asda, Tal al-Ezami, Bir al-Sout and the Abu Sharshouh crossing other posts and points near the border.

US-backed militants withdrew to the al-Rushd refugee camp where they could hide from government forces attacks and airstrikes. According to pro-government sources, the Russian Aerospace Forces participated the SAA-led advance. This confirms that Moscow supports the Damascus willingness to regain control over its borders and to drive US-led coalition troops out from the occupied garrisons near At Tanf.

The control over the border will also decrease significantly arms and goods trafficking in which so-called US partner forces are deeply involved.

ISIS has been evacuating its members from the key town of Maadan in the southern Raqqah countryside, according to pro-government sources. Earlier this week, the SAA Tiger Forces and tribal forces allies reached Maadan and seized a number of villages near it threatening to encircle the ISIS-held town. This situation allegedly became a main reason behind the reported ISIS decision.

In the eastern Hama countryside, the SAA recaptured Khara’eb al-Katna area, Mount Doyleb and Tal al-Mazrou from ISIS.

In the area of Sukhna, government forces are dismantling IEDs set up by ISIS in the town amid continued clashes with terrorists. ISIS and its suicide bombers still pose a notable threat to the SAA there but it seems that the terrorist group will not be able to take Sukhna back.

The ISIS-linked News Agency Amaq published an infographic showing alleged losses of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) during the 2 months of the battle for Raqqah. According to ISIS, 1040 SDF members were killed, 207 of them because of sniper fire, 40 SDF vehicles and a bulldozer were destroyed and a UAV was downed. ISIS also damaged 3 BMP vehicles and 6 other vehicles. In total, the terrorist group conducted 54 raids against the SDF, including 36 suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive device attacks.

On Thursday, the Pentagon announced that a US Special Operation Forces vehicle came under sniper fire near Manbij city in the northeastern Aleppo countryside. No casualties were inflicted. Army Col. Ryan Dillon said that the US-led coalition do not know who is behind the attack. According to local sources, ISIS was likely behind it.

The tensions between the Kurdish-dominated SDF and the Arab population as well as the indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas by the US-led coalition create a situation when a notable number of long-standing ISIS supporters remain and new supporters appear in the areas formally liberated from the terrorist group. Following the formal defeat of ISIS, the US-led coalition will likely face an ISIS-led insurgency campaign in Syria and Iraq. The same problem that the US forces faced following the invasion in Iraq.

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Goran Grubić HardyVeles

New voice – the best so far! I’m not a sexist but that male voice have sometimes crazy strange pronunciation, for some time I thought it is TOS module, but later noticed his name under some report. Since then I’m puzzled: it’s not I really don’t like his voice but I’m curious: what is his native language? I’m really puzzled with his stress (in linguistic sense).

Montenegrin ??

This voice is very bad quality, likely over skype, and they pronounce things wrong very badly. “ko lenel” for “colonel”(kernel).. really??

Jonathan Cohen

SDF should let Raqqa starve a while, while they liberate oil fields for ABORTION RIGHTS! Also, If SDF gets to Dier Ezzor first, ten they can trade with SAA, ammo transit to dier ezzor for ammo transit to Afrin. plus food to both. Afterwards they can go back to liberate, then feed, Raqqa.

Tudor Miron

Why it is so important for you to kill children before it is even born on this planet?

Jonathan Cohen

To save oil.


Please Mr Cohen, answer Mr Tudor Miror. I think your jew because of your last name, if it is true.

Jonathan Cohen

My last name is Ditmore and it is german


How America do direct and indirect operations and air strikes inside Syria and Iraq? The answer is very easy. America have made them defenseless. The leaders of Middle East countries are all incapable.

Jeff Lewin

The Turks have some advantage in tactical air power (about 2.5 x as many tactical aircraft as Britain). The US-led coalition also holds numerical advantages in tactical air power and naval power. There also is the Zionsts, with their intricate intel/covert-operations network, and about 4x as many tactical aircraft as Britain.

The disparity viz-a-viz the Zionists has affected all Middle Eastern countries, however, those who have made serious commitments to Palestine–Qatar, Syria, and Iran–have been openly targeted by all states in the Zionist orbit.

Jeff Lewin

With limited, modest means, Iran has sought to adapt to the military status quo in the Middle East by its program of “asymmetrical warfare.” One plank of this is its arsenal of anti-ship missiles, and its massive arsenal of conventional, long range surface-to-surface missiles (65,000? 100,000??).

The Iranians have also designed special rules of engagement to specifically address the unique Middle Eastern military and political order. Their policy is that, “No matter how the next war starts, the first 1,000 missiles will fall on Tel Aviv.”

Iran has also modernized its technological assets, which now include electronic warfare hardware, military drones, and domestically-produced tactical, and stealth, aircraft.

Nigel Maund

The SDF and US, especially, continue to make the same damn fool mistakes by their indiscriminate bombing (inflicting “collateral damage” – a hated sanitized euphemism for civilian casualties) of their enemies. This unsurpisingly results in greater antagonism and reaction to US forces and their proxy forces. However, all wars since Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, demonstrate that the US Military doesn’t give a damn as long as “the ends justify the means”; or, so the theory goes. How wrong this is the US will learn to its own painful cost as they are the main recruiting sergeant for ISIS. So long as the Proxies are the dead and wounded the US public can live with it. However, should US casualties rise then support .may begin to crumple. The US public are very slow learners and adore their military to the point of blindness to both the justification for war and its eventual prosecution.


On Thursday, the Pentagon announced that a US Special Operation Forces vehicle came under sniper fire near Manbij city in the northeastern Aleppo countryside

So what were those possible war criminals doing in Syria? Were they sanctioned by the Syrian government or just lurking illegitimately waiting to inflict harm on Syria, its people and infrastructure pretending to be fighting ISIS – the creation of their own government of course. They should get out of Syria – they are not wanted – before – hopefully the Syrians and their allies throw them out as they deserve. An invading illegal occupying force. Nothing but trouble.

Cheryl Brandon

This is such great news for both SAA and Iraqi forces! Well done SAA and Iraqi PMU’s.

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