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JUNE 2023

Syrian War Report – August 10, 2016: Further Escalation

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The battle for Aleppo is heading to its turning point. Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, a new brand of the Al Nusra Front terrorist group, various jihadi faction and the Western-backed moderate oppositioners has set a joint front against the Syrian government forces, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces and Iranian-backed Shia militias. They were pushed to make this move, which clearly showed there were only terrorists and terrorist-linked groups in Aleppo, because of successful actions of the Assad government and its Russian and Iranian allies that lead to encirclement of the militant-controlled areas of the city.

This and a threat of cessation of support through the Turkish border after August 9 meeting between Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan forced Jabhat Fateh al-Sham leadership and its allies to risk everything, redeploying all elite infantry in the battle for Aleppo and moving rear supply bases and command centres closer to the strategic city. The militants’ actions show that they the “all-or-nothing” approach.

Despite all PR claims of the West that the Assad government and its allies have to stop military operations, it’s clear that the intensification of military pressure on the terrorists storming Aleppo, including the usage of strategic bombers that have already been in action over Palmyra, is the most rational answer to the challenges faced there.

The Russian missile ships Tatarstan and Dagestan, which are scheduled to hold missile and artillery live-firing drills in the south-western part of the Caspian Sea, could also use Kalibr missile systems in order to destroy the jihadists’ command centers, training camps and rear bases in the Idlib and Aleppo countryside.

If the jihadists’ resistance is broken, pro-government forces will take control of the important logistic hub and put an end to the US-, Turkish- and Saudi-backed jihadists as a united force in Syria. It will create an opportunity to destroy the rest of terrorists and terrorist-linked groups, ignoring the PR statements that the so-called “moderate opposition” has forgotten to separate from them.

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what a lot of wishfull thinking


Yup !! A lot of wishful thinking by supporters of Nazi-Zionist terrorists !! (PD and your seudonim is also appropriate !! Escapos …from reality !!)


I would like to see peace in Syria as soon as possible 400.000 dead.Someday the people will rule there are other ways to solve this war please find other ways to end the war it was wrong from the start. God bless the Syrian people.

Jens Holm

Wont work. A lot of populations in that region has beeen 10 times as many within 100 Years – Thats why the Europeans are so worried. Killing themselves and helping them wirh guns faster is not enough.

The solution has to be they make peace.

Jens Holm

Repeter parrot copy paste again.

Silence is gold


The breaking of the encirclement is a blessing in disguise !! Is like a plate of honey to atract the terrorists and save effort in exterminating them once for all !! Al Assad is stronger than ever thanks to incompetent US Ziinist minions !! Netanyahu better book another trip to visit the Boss in Saint Petersburg !!

Jens Holm

Do they put pebber on Assad too. Beware of the canibals.

to incompetent US Ziinist minions – Writing from toilet.

aba opaco

there is, as of right now a whole operation going on, looks like the goatlovers will be crushed for good.

Joseph Scott

There is something to be said for that idea. If the hope of success can convince the jihadists to throw a large portion of their best troops into the city, and into costly offensives against the SAA and allies in an attempt to widen the corridor, it may well prove an opportunity to decisively weaken them. Good luck and good hunting to all those fighting the Salafists.

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