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Syrian War Report – August 2, 2019: Idlib Militants Rescued By Another Ceasefire


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Syrian War Report – August 2, 2019: Idlib Militants Rescued By Another Ceasefire

On August 1, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies continued their advance on militants’ positions in northern Hama liberated the villages of Mushairifah, Aziziah, Abu Raeida Gharbi and Abu Raeida.

According to local sources, SAA units also pushed towards al-Zaka and al-Arbaeen, but were not able to capture these strongpoints of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham.

The former Syrian branch of al-Qaeda and its allies, especially Jaysh al-Izza, have reportedly suffered from heavy losses as a result of the recent clashes and intensified bombing campaign.

At least eleven militants of the Turkish-backed Suqour al-Sham Brigades were killed on August 1 when pro-government fighters raided their position near Ejaz in southeastern Idlib. The attackers reportedly used silenced weapons to kill everyone that was inside the position before withdrawing to the SAA positions near Abu Duhur airbase.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the raid was carried out by pro-government tribesmen from southeastern Idlib. However, the Military Media said that SAA’s Special Forces were employed.

Late on August 1, the Syrian state-run news agency SANA announced that the Damascus government had accepted a new ceasefire agreement in Greater Idlib despite the tactical success in northern Hama. The ceasefire entered into force on August 2.

A military source told the state-run agency that the ceasefire will be implemented as long as Idlib militants remain committed to the demilitarized zone agreement. The agreement reached in September 2018 says that radical militants and heavy weapons should be withdrawn from the demilitarized zone around Idlib. However, it was not implemented because militant groups just ignored it. Local sources say that it is unlikely that they will fulfill the agreement demands despite a new peaceful initiative.

On August 1, the Israeli military struck an SAA position at al-Buryqah hill in the province of al-Quneitra. Last week, a similar Israeli attack targeted military equipment of the army in the towns of Tell al-Harrah and Tell al-Ahmar.

Israeli and some Arab sources claim that the targeted positions hosted Hezbollah forces or even Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps personnel. Nonetheless, no evidence was provided to confirm these claims.



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  • chet380

    Another opportunity for the vermin to rest and recuperate and to rush in reinforcements … what effing bullshit!!

  • Rob

    Syria is only a country in the world where terrorists have made registered nests with the help of Turkey, America, UK, Saudi Arabia etc.

    • Jens Holm

      No, its not

    • David Parker

      If Trump and Erdogan and Netanyahu can continue to make it so.
      However, the US taxpayer is strained to the limit, the Zionist “federal reserve system” paper-printing press has strained whatever credibility it had to the limit, etc., so this house of Zionist paper is coming down.
      My bet is Russia can sustain its present level of support for Syria indefinitely and that the Russian people are supportive of protecting the Syrian people and their government over the extremely unsavory scheming murderous Turks and Israelis. The Zionist shootdown of an airliner full of Russian tourists from Egypt, the Zionist-engineered MH-17 shootdown, Turkey’s shootdown of an Su-25, the Zionist-engineered shootdown of the Il-20 killing 15 Russian aircrew, the coup de etat of the Ukrainian government, the current piracy of tanker ships, the war drums for attack on Iran, etc., show the Russian people very plainly that they must defend themselves. The Zionists want the US military to turn Iran and Russia into another Iraq.

  • Jens Holm

    Assads has no more hard troops, no ammo as well as fuel.

  • God

    Did really SAA lose the recent gains? pls answer

    • xTheWarrior22

      No they didn’t.

      • Jens Holm

        They havnt won them as well. Its a limbo like tired boxers hardly raising their hands.

        We many years ago saw the same for Iraq – Iran. That war stopped, because both could not have the capility to fight anymore. Most people would say Iran kind of won, because they didnt loose oilwells to Saddam.

    • Jens Holm

      Much more like they didnt win the recent gains. The reasons are many. One important is, that the rest of their territory is not cleaned up and they dont have forces as well as politics for it.

      They seemes to be in a kind of maximum. The same goes for others. They dont have ressources to fight anymore. Much as Assads only are kept up because of Russian heavy bombardments as well as soldiers from Hesbollah and Iran.

  • Ma_Laoshi

    The gamer replays the same battle again and again, in the hope that practice makes perfect. Slight advantage is that at the start of every round, all your units and supplies respawn fully recovered. But even the most devoted gamer knows that in real life, it don’t work this way.

    If you’re repeatedly banging your head against the same objective, isn’t that an ideal scenario for HTS to concentrate their limited resources towards defending it? A year ago we were told that the loyalists by now had a massive advantage in numbers and firepower; what gives? Wouldn’t you want to use that for a broad offensive? Or most of those troops were always of low quality, while Hezbollah and IRGC have since withdrawn in disillusion?

  • David Parker

    “On August 1, the Israeli military struck an SAA position at al-Buryqah hill in the province of al-Quneitra. Last week, a similar Israeli attack targeted military equipment of the army in the towns of Tell al-Harrah and Tell al-Ahmar.”
    The Zionist IDF now directly invades Syria and attacks the SAA! This also relieves the SAA pressure on the Zionist’s army of head choppers who are being killed baster than Netanyahu and Erdogan and the CIA/MOSSAD can send reinforcements.
    Assad should make a formal mutual defense agreement with Lebanon for air defense. It would be good to start costing Netanyahu for his undeclared war against the people of Syria (and the world as far as the Zionist is concerned). Even at the US $10,000,000 per day in “foreign aid”
    to Israel, there is a limit to how much Netanyahu can afford to lose. When Zionist invaders enter Syria and Lebanon, Hezbollah should be allowed to demonstrate to them that they are not bullet proof either.

  • Free man

    The ceasefire is so SAA can recuperate.
    The SAA is unable to sustain prolonged battles.

  • frankly

    Actually it’s somewhat cruel to leave these demons in their holes awaiting their inevitable demise. God what if they replace the virgins with leaches.

    I would say they missed the bus, surely they must know that if the Syrians don’t kill them, the US will only let them live while they are useful.

    Hell look how they treat their Veterans at home, you think they will treat brown skinned people any better. Look how they treat their officers like Tulsi Gabbard. Of course she is far too old for the Satanists.

    So sleep lightly evil agents, enemies abound when you sell your soul. Todays friend is gone when the money stops. Look at the chart, the debt is going to infinity. They will be lighting cigars with hundred dollar bills and shooting themselves in the head with grandpas revolver.