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Syrian War Report – April 9, 2018: Another ‘Chemical Attack’ Story Triggers Escalation In Region

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Another chemical attack story is developing over Syria putting the war-torn country on the edge of a new regional conflict.

On April 5, Jaish al-Islam, the group which controls the last militant-held town in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta, broke the previously reached reconciliation deal with the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance and refused to withdraw its forces from Douma to the Turkish-occupied town of Jarabulus in northern Syria. The evacuation of civilians, sick and injured people from the region was also sabotaged.

In the period between April 5 and April 6, Jaish al-Islam leadership rejected all proposals to resume implementation of the agreement and refused to back to the negotiations table. According to the Russian military, the group has even killed three own commanders involved in the negotiations on the peaceful surrender.

These commanders were identified as “Abu Hamam” – the head of Jaysh al-Islam political office in Duma district, “Abu Ali” – the secretary of Jaysh al-Islam leader Essam al-Buwaydhani and “Abu Omar” – the financial administrative of the armed group.

In the evening of April 6, the Syrian Air Force started a bombing campaign targeting fortified positions, weapon depots and HQs of the militant group in the Douma area.

On April 7, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Tiger Forces and their allies launched a ground assault on militant positions east, south and southeast of Douma and even entered the town.

A few hours after the start of the ground operation, the Jaysh al-Islam-linked news agency Kumait accused government forces of conducting a chemical attack. The pro-militant media outlet claimed that 15 civilians had been affected with some toxic gas in the area of Duma.

By April 8, the chemical attack story had reached major mainstream media outlets and with help of so-called “rescuers and medics” from Douma, mostly members of the notorious pro-militant propaganda organization White Helmets, the number of the alleged civilian casualties had grown to 50-70 killed and 500-700 or even 1000 injured.

The US State Department reacted to the story by saying that if reports are confirmed, the US demands an “immediate response by the international community” and claimed that Russia “ultimately bears responsibility for these brutal attacks.”

US President Donald Trump ignored the words “if confirmed” and blamed “President Putin, Russia and Iran” as well as “Animal Assad” for the alleged attack.

The Syrian government rejected all allegations of being responsible for the alleged incident. The Russian Defense Ministry also denied “these claims” and announced its readiness “to send Russian experts in radiation, chemical and biological defense to Douma after its liberation from terrorists.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry described the chemical attack reports as “hoaxes” and warned that any foreign military actions against Syria over “fabricated” reports of chemical attacks may lead to the “gravest consequences.”

Meanwhile, Jaish al-Islam failed to repel the SAA attack and was once again forced to accept a withdrawal deal, which will be reportedly implemented within 48 hours. Under the deal the militants will have to depart the town towards militant-held areas in northern Syria.

Despite this, the situation remains tense as recent events on the international arena have shown that the so-called West, first of all the US and the UK, need little evidence or facts to blame somebody for something and are ready to make aggressive actions justifying them by barely confirmed allegations.

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sharim khan

The animal Assad, the animal Khamenei and the animal Putin, will have to bear the grave consequences of their cruelties on Sunni Muslims of Syria… The Shias have crossed all limits under the addiction of power to crush Sunni-Muslims in Syria .. World is round, and time never remains the same.. wait for your turn..!!


The comment of a Zionist disguised as a Muslim. Immoral.

Rakean Jaya

Yes it is Al, i recently just got two of this kinds . Hasbarats army in red alert mode right now.


Don’t deserve a reply, but I do encourage you to change your medication

Samuel Boas

Go troll somewhere else kid. The majority of the SAA is Sunni.


kill both, sunni animals and shia animals

Gregory Casey

You’ll be aware that the Syrian Arab Army comprises approx 15% Christian, 30% Shia and 55% Sunni.


As Zionist slaughter defenseless Palestinian protesters, they will deflect attention to bombing Syria as they do with impunity. Time to make aggressors pay a price.

Denver Prophit Jr.

Knifing Israelis in the street. Giving their families money as a reward, throwing heavy stones that can injure another is hardly innocent. Palestine is a name given by the Roman Emperor. The Levant will always be Israel. You are the nomads of the east and north. You have no heritage going back centuries. You have no ancient currency.


You have no heart or understanding, even if you claim to be Christian.

Bill Rood

Even Ben-Gurian and Ben-Zvi knew the Palestinians are descendants of ancient Jews. They wrote a Yiddish book about it near the end of WW I. The ancestors of Palestinians converted first to Christianity, then to Islam after the Arab conquest. The Arabs ruled the Levant and maintained garrisons but did not colonize (settle in) Palestine. The indigenous population gradually accepted the language and religion of their rulers, just as occupied populations do today.


Let me guess- make enough of these posts and you get an invite to Roman Polanski’s next child rape party.

Gregory Casey

You clearly know nothing of your history. Ever hear of Assyria?


You guys are sick

Kell McBanned

The zionist terrorist extreamists in Tel Aviv, London and Washington are getting desperate, tick tock tick tock their time is nearly up

Denver Prophit Jr.

More like your time is nearly up. Psalms 83

Brad Isherwood

Is that one of those Dynastic Egyptian Psalms King David quotes?

Lol…..King David and King Solomon never existed! http://www.jesusneverexisted.com/egypt.htm http://www.jesusneverexisted.com/david.htm

Don’t worry ….there’s No Farrgin YHWY either to send you to Hell if you decide to walk away from the Greatest Lies of all time : )

paul ( original )

In my mind if an enemy breaks a peace deal then there is no second chance. The only outcome then should be total destruction.


They now have US air force on their side. Imagine just a simple acting and crying, gets entire US behind you.

Pave Way IV

What a pathetic display of Jaish al-Islam small-penis-syndrome desperation. People were speculating that there must be a few Israeli, Saudi, US, UK and French operatives holed up in Duma. I would say a whole lot of them if they would still stoop to a CW false flag this late in the game. Sorry, head-choppers (and western handlers) – short of WWIII, there is nothing that’s going to prevent the Tigers from either burying you alive in your Douma rat holes or blowing your cowardly asses away. Too bad. You could have been sipping tea in Jarabulus by now. I would be otherwise delighted with your imminent demise, but you insist on taking too many hostages and civilians down with you.

Denver Prophit Jr.

And now the world’s mightiest super power is going to teach you a lesson.

Pave Way IV

Do you mean my country – the USA – is going to teach me a lesson in psychopathy? WAKE – THE – FUCK – UP, Prophit. Class has been in session since WW I. Did you just roll in on the short bus?

Ron Wheeler

Denver must be talking about Russia.


Notice the co-ordinated jewish trolling that’s hit in the last couple of days. The jew who calls Putin a ‘jew’ in order to PROTECT Putin from criticism by the people rushing to correct the slander. And the two jew filths who APPARENTLY post under their own names, with their own photos (but both are FAKE), goading people here.

Jews work in packs. They take different ‘roles’. Until a few days back, the jews here posed as people on OUR side, and spread classic disinfo – or cheered Putin’s appeasement. The same jews told you nothing bad was going to happen- at least until the penny dropped two days back.

When the british, french and americans begin their blitz on Syria tomorrow or the day after, all the jews here will be glorying in the death of the innocents, or telling Putin to sit back and do nothing.

But this forum has been nothing but a disappointment, as once agian this particular forum service proves to have participation even worse than the youtube forums- and almost as bad as reddit. When it isn’t a jewish troll, it’s a Saker reading FOOTBALL HOOLIGAN who ‘thinks’ (that’s a laff) that supporting your own side with blind and braindead loyalty is what it’s all about.

Gregory Casey

You idiot


you never believe invalide duck Trumo , biggest liar all around the world !

Manuel Flores Escobar

Change Kim jong un for Al Assad..and Houttis for SAA…then no US&Israeli attacks!


Good news Jihadis’! I was at the Pentagon today and it was packed to the rafters. I think you are about to get that bitch slapping you have been aching for :D

Denver Prophit Jr.

Isaiah 17:3 “… The fortified city will disappear from Ephraim and royal power from Damascus;”


Saker told you this day would never come. PROMISED this day would never come. And you all believed the zionist troll based in the jewish heartland of Florida (bit of a clue, eh- a person PRETENDING to be pro-russian and anti-zionist who lives in a jewish community just down the road from one of America’s most important military bases).

The Saker had ONE MESSAGE. Putin must always be an appeaser. Don’t believe me, go to his site and look back at his posts across the last several years.

He fronted the lie that sanctions against Russia would be over in MONTHS- then that the sanctions were “good for Russia”. Today the rouble is in collapse, along with stocks in major Russian companies after Trump’s latest sanctions.

Now zionist appeaser Putin is royally screwed. Having failed to punch the bully in the nose, the bully is fatally emboldened, has gathered as many of the rest of the kids of the school as possible, and is going to THRASH the helpless mate of appeaser Putin under Putin’s own nose. And Putin’s only choice is to let it happen or engage in a fight to the death with the Bully and his team.

And the teachers at the school all think it is PUTIN who is the bully- you just couldn’t make this up. But this situation is exactly what Team Saker worked so hard to manufacture.

The Great Game has no mercy to those powers who will not or cannot play it. Putin the zionist appeaser has never stoped whining “please be reasonable, please listen to sense”. The words of a beta or worse, a GAMMA, but never the words of an ALPHA.

Putin is now backed into a corner. The BRITISH manufactured the East Ghouta false flag, so its apparent ‘facts’ are unassailable. It happened, people were poisoned by nerve gas, and medical samples proving the same are with the americans via the American medical NGO on the scene, SAMS. By Putin having his ‘experts’ dribble “but it never happened, trust us we checked”, Putin plays straight into the hands of the British.

Certain people who SEEM on our side hate me here for I always explain the facts carefully. Break down the proofs showing how much of a zionist appeaser Putin can be PROVED to be. Explain how the false flags work. The zionist trolls who are sent to PIED PIPER you, like The Saker, hate it when their pseudo-analysis is bust wide open- when their own former LIES are used against them- for they need you to have the memory of a goldfish.

We are in desperate times. Many genuine people are begging Putin to do NOTHING, having a care only for their own skins, and those of their friends and family. They will sacrifice every last Syrian for their own. And this is why I said over and over and over again that Putin had to punch the nose of the bully so hard, the bully never tried to back Russia into the corner it now finds itself in.

It’s too late. Putin has lost. Every last move left to him is like those moves the computer tries at the final act of the movie “wargames” when the computer finally concludes that the only ‘winning’ move is NOT to play the game in the first place.

I say no move left, but Putin could 1) order all foreign enemy forces out of Syria 2) sign a treaty to bring Syria into the Russian Federation. The USA is never ever going to attack a member of the Russian Federation BEFORE WW3.

But literally no-one thinks the above two are possible, so I’ll leave you all for the moment to your own created INSANITY.

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