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Syrian War Report – April 7, 2017: US Launched Tomahawk Cruise Missiles At Military Airfield In Homs

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Early on Friday, the US Navy launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a military airbase operated by the Syrian Air Force near the city of Homs.

The launch were made by US warships stationed in the Mediterranean Sea. The missiles hit the military airfield in Ash Sha’irat 38 kilometers southeast of the city of Homs. The missiles delivered a damage to the aircraft and infrastructure, including the runway. Air defense systems and fuel depots were also hit, according to reports. The number of casualties among Syrian military personnel and civilians is now unclear.

Following the strikes, US President Donald Trump accused the Syrian government of using nerve gas that killed civilians in Idlib’s Khan Sheikhoun. So, the strikes were his response to this.

Few countries including Russia were notified in advance of the strike, according to the Pentagon. Pentagon also said that the US did not target the sections of the airbase where Russian forces were believed to be present. Trump’s national security advisor Herbert McMaster said that the United States has gone out of its way to minimize Russian casualties during the strikes, but there are no guarantees.

President Putin called the move an “aggression against a sovereign nation” through his spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. Moscow also demanded an urgent UN Security Council meeting on the issue.

There are no doubts that these strikes will contrinbute to operations of various terrorist groups (like ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sha) in the provinces of Homs and Hama. The Ash Sha’irat airfield played an important role in providing an air suppor to Syrian troops combating terrorists on the ground.

ISIS terrorists already took an upper hand on this situation and launched an attack against government forces near the important town of Al-Furqalas in Homs province.

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so the terrorists now have a navy – the US Navy

Daniel Castro

Easier to say NATO are the real terrorists, but since they do not have ground troops anymore they have outsorced their infantry forces to Saudi Arabia.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I have the proof that Syria did not have or use chemical weapons like the USA and Trump says! Trump said “we fired on the very air base from where the Syrian airplanes launched from that were caring chemical weapons” -Trump. Well the USSA destroyed the munitions at the base, and no chemicals were released into the air! Their were no chemical weapons to even load on any warplanes. This Is Proof! Syria and Assad are innocent! Impeach Trump! He is now an equal war criminal for Zionist-Supremacist as Obama and Clinton and Bush are! http://www.dailystormer.com/

Jim Mooney

That’s a good, logical point – so you will Never see it in the US WMD-MSM, especially the NY Times or WaPo


Nice thought, but it doesn’t hold water on a couple points – i.e. – “the chemicals were all used up”. That is not to say I think Syria did these attacks – my evidence is that Pres. Assad is not stupid – the USA tried this exact same trick in 2011 and so Assad knows that using chemical weapons brings a ton of shit upon Assad’s head…. he wouldn’t use CW now.

Ryan Law

https://www.lrb.co.uk/v36/n08/seymour-m-hersh/the-red-line-and-the-rat-line this details the likely origin of certain highly controlled precursors. theirs been like 160 gas attacks in syria and whenever its been blamed on gov investigations have shown it was al nusra or isis, its happened a couple of times. its not Syrian gov stopping weapons inspectors getting to the site its al nusra

Jonathan Cohen

Pence is more McCarthyite and aggressive than Trump. Pence must be removed first like Agnew was. Agnew was key to the ONLY successful presidential impeachment effort of Nixon. The VP must go first or impeaching the president is useless. Removing Agnew led to the Fall of Hanoi. Agnew would have bombed the advancing NVA unlike Ford.

Daniel Martin

In my opinion this is a direct military provocation against foremost Russia, since there was according to some unofficial sources (if true) also Russian military personnel present at that base.

Jade Zee

how in the h ell can this be against russia when putin was called and told of the attack so he could move his people out of harms way and not shot the missiles out of the sky with their s-400’s?

untill we make it illegal for people like you to vote…there will never be real change

Jonathan Cohen

Are you saying Russia could have shot the US missiles down???? if so, why didn’t they???? and why didn’t they immediately tell the Syrians what they knew so the Syrians could have moved their jets away too? Trump seems to have forgotten that Hayat Tarir Al-Sham is Al Qaeda. So if I was Assad then in response to this, I would transfer forces from Daesh fronts to concentrate on squeezing out HTS pockets and making sure the terrorists in then can never fight again. Let the US/YPG fight Daesh and Turkey too while you concentrate on HTS/AQ. That is after allowing abortions of course.

Dod Grile

You want to see our badges?


Brad Isherwood

https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2017/04/what-is-al-shayrat-military-airfield/522249/ Excerpt On Thursday, U.S. officials gave the Russian government a heads-up that the attack was coming, the Times reports:

[A U.S. official] said that no Russian planes were at the airfield and that the cruise missiles did not target any Russian facilities.

The Pentagon informed Russian military officials, through its established deconfliction channel, of the strike before the launching of the missiles, the official said, with American officials knowing when they did that that Russian authorities may well have alerted the Assad regime. “With a lot of Tomahawks flying, we didn’t want to hit any Russian planes,” he said.


Wow….this is biggy huge bad … Russian radar definitely can read the incoming cruise missile attack. http://spioenkop.blogspot.ca/2016/08/photo-report-syrian-arab-air-defence.html

http://news.nationalpost.com/news/world/russia-furious-after-u-s-missile-strike-vowing-to-protect-syrias-air-defence-after-significant-blow-to-relations Excerpt The Kremlin later moved to diminish the attack, saying that just 23 of 59 cruise missiles reached the air base, destroying six Syrian jets but leaving the runway intact. Moscow also confirmed it had been informed of the attack in advance.

To protect key Syrian infrastructure a range of measures will be taken reinforce and improve the effectiveness of the Syrian armed forces air defence,” the ministry said in a statement. ******

Hopefully some of the cruise missiles were knocked down by Syrian airdefence.

Russia should give Syria 6**….Su 24m2….to make up for Syria’s loss. They should. ..to shove back at the US for attacking Syria over a lie… They should also….because the previous airdefence they gave Syria is shit.

Daniel Castro

Agreed. Russia probably has hundreds of MIG-23 stockpiled, they should send 12 to Syria, and a new radar to the base…

However nothin will bring back the lost lives.

Brad Isherwood

In a dark jaded smirk…..at least Syria did not loose any pilots. Some reports state that 9 aircraft were destroyed. Turk sponsored Takfiri kooks have window of opportunity to regain Momentum after recent defeats. Trump knows the CIA created ISIS…..His Ego maniac act on White Helmets False Flag reveals Trump’s Ovey to Deep State and Israhell. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C574_4MUsAAkDRJ.jpg

Jonathan Cohen

My guess is the Syrian pilots are best trained to fly the aircraft types that were destroyed, so that is what would best replace them to avoid retraining. Otherwise I would say the most needed Russian type is SU-25/39 in quantity. Unless they want to chase Tomahawks with interceptors; but my guess is Russians would be better at doing that themselves, while Syrian pilots pound Hayat Tarir Al-Sham. But my US vote doesn’t care much unless Assad defends abortion rights like Russia and SDF do.

Daniel Castro

Abortion rights is a completely irrelevant subject compared to the dangers we face in the world nowadays.

Jonathan Cohen

None of the terrorists were aborted and few of their mothers had that option. lack of abortion rights is the fundamental cause of terrorism and resource wars like oil.

Daniel Castro

Don’t be ridiculous! Abortion rights have ZERO impact on terrorism, most women would have the children with abortion rights or not, the real cause for drop on child birth isn’t abortion, it is feminism, but good luck teaching feminism for wahabist muslims, they will eat you alive… and I don’t blame them, it’s hard to say what is worst, if wahabism or feminism… I would even guess in the long run feminism is worst…

Jim Mooney

Putin just shut down the deconfliction channel. He’s playing chicken with Trump.


The logic used by Real Anti-Racist Action is totally valid, this must spread to all those idiot people that just see CNN , FOx, CBS, or BBC news.

Rodney Loder

I heard the air field at Ash Sha’irat was back in commission, flights departing and landing, and also “one off” is being spoken by Western Press, probably only a cosmetic attack to impress Xi, but Putin ripped up battlefield cooperation and I think He is warning or about to start warning about Missile defence being activated in Syria, so all is not lost, Obama used to rely on secret polling to determine his policy Trump thinks the public will respond by committed leadership and then do the polling, Russia and China who is being threatened by another half whitted maniac Duterie thinking Trump has clinched the deal maybe he has, I wouldn’t call Erdogan half whitted at the moment, he may have been right all along, Religion comes first.

Jade Zee

…obama had secret polling….geez…are we really stuck with this many loons?

Rodney Loder

Leading poolstar now is Google, crime profiles of amazing people determine what they will do in specific situations, all prevarication is rewarded by what was providence is now only algorithm which has replaced everything except Obamacare, the reason it didn’t succeed there is because, crims can’t help dobbing themselves in on reality TV and virtual reality, take Anders Breivik before he went wacko he applied to live in Brooklyn but Obama had his profile and offered him a job in New Zealand he accepted, did a bit of research and watched the x cannibals do a Harker it sent him into a frenzy and we all know what happened next, think about it, Obama knew so did Hillary that’s what inspired Pizzagate.idiot.

Mark Emarc

i hope trump gets a hold on this. the neo cons have set this up. not assad. McCains rebels have done it. McMaster is scum. Trump needs Flynn back by his side not these war pigs

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