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Syrian War Report – April 5, 2018: Russian Forces Shot Down 17 UAVs With Range Of 100km

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On April 4, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) attacked positions of the Syrian Arab Army near the town of Taqsis in southern Hama reportedly killing and injuring several SAA members and destroying a SAA artillery gun.

In response, the SAA shelled positions of the terrorist group near the villages of Tulul al-Humur, Aydon and al-Ghantu.

Government forces established control of Taqsis and nearby villages on April 2 thanks to a reconciliation deal with the locals. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is concerned that the SAA may achieve more progress in securing parts of the Rastan pocket soon.

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that Russia had “received hard evidence that militants are plotting provocations with the use of toxic agents.” He added that Iran, Turkey and Russia had “agreed to build up three-party coordination on all aspects of anti-terrorist fight, increase the information exchange”.

Russian forces have shot down 17 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) over the past three months, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at the Moscow Conference on Global Security.

According to Shoigu, the downed UAVs have had the range of 100km and have been capable of carrying weapons. The defense minister noted that the creation of such UAVs is not possible without assistance from technologically advanced countries.

Head of the Main Operations Department at Russia’s General Staff Colonel General Sergei Rudskoi said that the United States is seeking to divide Syria and to trigger a new large-scale all-against-all war in the country.

Rudskoi also draw attention to a US attempt to establish a quazi-state with own armed forces on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River describing the move as unacceptable.

Rudskoi revealed that Syrian government forces had liberated a total of 113,000 km2 and 1,245 settlements as well as eliminated 65,000 militants with support from Russia and Iran.

Meanwhile, remarks by US President Donald Trump about a soon withdrawal of US troops from Syria have appeared to be a bit far from the reality.

On April 4, the White House released an official statement saying that the US and its partners “remain committed to eliminating the small ISIS presence in Syria” and Washington “will continue to consult with our allies and friends regarding future plans.”

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MD Ranix

filthy zio satanic masters and slaves are born losers no doubt – war criminals to the max

Vince Dhimos

If the Chinese oil futures market is successful enough, the dollar will soon start to erode and the US will have fewer and fewer “friends”. Further, Trump’s trade war is playing havoc with the stock market and that cannot end will. With economic and financial power on the wane, there cannot be much military power.


The Zio financier Goldman Sachs can just lend the money for the next war with Russia, just like English Rothschild lent money to the English to fight Napoleon. The French Baron de Rothschild lent money to Napoleon to fight the British. BTW the Catholic Church and the Pope invented international banking for Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land.

Christianwestisbest Pickup

Nobody should contribute 1 cent to this anti west , anti jewish website which is full of hate and vile !. Lets remember one thing.. ..muslims have killed more muslims over the last 20 years than the Isrealis or christians and if you are anti western then you are pro Russian / pro Putin who are supporting the biggest and most brutal mass murder of his own people since Pol Pot . South Front go to hell . Your website is pure islamic extremist propogsnda !!

jerry hamilton

No one has come anywhere close to the murders committed by the jewish Bolsheviks.

Law Se

Why are the Americans there? What ever the Americans touch bathes in blood….as for your rants the Jews are no better than the monster NAZI Germany they left behind they have millions locked up in a huge concentration camp called Gaza ..Assad protects the Christians what you Yankee bastards do sell weapons to the Arab monsters and turn around and speak as though you are innocent of any wrong doing…Let RUSSIA bring back global sanity your trump is a global joke a comic in a land of liars and deceivers…

Janne Kankaanpää-Haissoufi

Basicly extremely few people in the world are anti Jewish. But majority of all people in the world outside of US are anti Zionist and anti ISIS. This website does not belong to Zionist-Neocon industrial-media complex if that is what you mean. If you go to any place outside of US-UK, almost 95% of Media is very critical of Israeli apartheid policy. Only North Korea is country that is more racist to it’s minorities than Israel. And US and it’s bullying policies around the world is leading even the strongest allies of US to detest them. In my opinion USA is the cancer of this earth and has caused death of tens of millions of innocent people since WW2 with zero accountability. If US would recompense for their victims in a proper way, they would be 10 times their GDP in debt. Regards from a Proud Finn.


Hey braindead asshole – you go to hell along with that mass murdering monster Netanyahu. But first eat shit, both of you.


Your ass must get jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth. No one force you to visit/pollute this site, go stink someplace else (try Mossad.com)

Christianwestisbest Pickup

1. I agree that Isreali goverment is a monster ..but not the Jewish people unlike a lot on this chat
2. I am Christian but i would rather denounce my religion and be an atheatistic than let that murderer Asad and his Lebanese, Iranian and Russian mercenaries fight , kill, maime, rape and murder in my name !
3. I support the Kurds who have been deprived of a home by the Iraqis , Iranians,Syrian and Turks yet they all think that Palestinians deserve their own land !! Why because they are muslims !!! What hypocrics !
4. The blind and stupid idiots that think the jews have killed more muslims need to check their facts ! How many Shia killed Sunnis in iran-iraq war ? In yemen ? In Iraq ? In Syria ? How many have the Isrealis killed ? Less than a few thiusand compared to your millions !
5. Yes USA should be damned for theur blind support for Isreal and involvement in middle east but where would arabic love have gotten the arabs without theur intervention. The west should keep out of middle east 100% and let saudi sort out all the mess and pay all the bills .
6. Nobody should give one cent to support this vile site full of poisoned minds .

John C Durham

Abraham had 2 Sons, both of which had 12 Sons which formed the 24 Tribes of Abraham. This fact has been reduced to talking only about the 12 Tribes of 1 of the Son’s, Israel, leaving out the entire Arab Peoples.
This slant of events have origin from 1920’s (Oil interest driven) MI5-6 London who spread this idea of Israel being the only Chosen Children of Abraham. Check out the Bible (Torah). Late 20th Century Christians have swallowed this heresy.
BTW, the mother of Israel did, according to scripture, attempt to murder the mother of Ismael.


Your religion is false!

northerntruthseeker .

Judaism is a fraud religion based on nothing but lies and falsehoods…

There is NO real history for these freaks other than one that they invented and have been using to steal land and murder others!

northerntruthseeker .

Have you ever read the Jewish psychotic book called the “Talmud”?

Look at its passages, especially those where the freaks think it is ok to bugger children and murder everyone that is NOT a Jew…. Once you do that, get back to us…


Yes, Talmud teaching and learning is something that must disappear from the face of Earth since it establishes hate, discrimination, hypocrisy, two speaking and moral faces, and racism as its basic elements for jew education.


1. So you created a new account (3 comments) just to spam retarded, psychotic hate against SF? You butthurt, little loser troll lol.

2. go fuck yourself
3. again…
4, 5, 6. and again.

Christianwestisbest Pickup

Go worship !!! Let me know if praying stops the self mutilation of Shia v Sunni . Go kill each other for all i care ! Before Mohammad ( PBUH) the arabs walked in circles around a black meteoirite . Then when they were beaten in battle and ” converted” they invaded the whole of north africa , turkey and austria …..the FIRST CRUSADERS and ÌNVADERS !!!! None of you except Lebanese democracy as you are little people and you will always be little people while you are filled with hate , jealousy and misplaced ideas of islamic superiority . You will never have peace and your families suffer . Just go join ISIS as you have exactly the same “religious” fanatism as them !! You are Deash !!! You actually think and beleive that ISIS are more iñnocent and kill less people than jews !! The west should have left you all at the mercy of Daesh as your cowardly muslim iraqi and syrian army ran away back to their dictators until saved by the west and kurds . By the way ….keep our Hezbolla there with their Shia puppet masters until they are all dispatched to hell . Time for another beer while you go pray for more blood . Why cant you be good muslims like those in Dubai ? Oh by the way we noticed that ISIS has not killed one jew . Allah is protecting the jews from heretics and blashemers like you


That was a big mouthful of diarrhea.


Obviously, the Donald is not in charge. In Canada, there was once a Prime Minister by the name of Joe Clark. He was affectionately referred to as, “Joe Who”. We are fast approaching, “Donald Who”.

Ivan Freely

Majority of countries are in a similar situation. It’s irrelevant on who is the King, Emperor, Prime Minister or President. Follow the money, if you can.

Christianwestisbest Pickup

I think that this is what you lot do and not much different to the koran . So please dont throw 100year old books into the argument !! ISIS ….muslims or jews ?? Taliban , Al Shebab , Boko Aran …..jewish ??? In museum in instanbul their is the sword of Mohammed …i asked if they had a sword of jesus . Funnily enough they never heard of one !!


Were Columbus, Hernan Cortez, George Washington and Andrew Jackson Christians?

Christianwestisbest Pickup

Well someone tried to block me and someone tried to send me a virus . It seems that its ok to say vile things aboyt jews , chrustians and west but not muslims !! You fear the truth and its obvious that your site is run by ISIS , Assad and Russian trolls !! Well I sign off as you areseholes bore me with a message to” Everything is Allahs will, so every muslim death either by jew , christian, kurd , turk or Yankee OR MUSLIM is the will of Allah so it means he wants you all to suffer and die . He knows best and if he wishes you , your wifes, mothers and children to be gassed, barrel bombed and raped then learn to live with it and stop blaming Allah . Praying 5 times a day has not changed his mind about you lot and where are your brothers from egypt , saudi , GCC, and Pakistan ???? Enjoy your hell on earth and your hell in death !@@@

Christianwestisbest Pickup

Its your gods will you die and kill each other…end of story !!! I dont give a rats a about you lot !! I am sitting on a nice sidewalk cafe in a nice civilized christian area in beruit having a nice cool beer with my frends and some lovely fresh seafood and havng a good laugh about you morons ad the shit countries you live in !!

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