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Syrian War Report – April 4, 2017: Important Developments In Aleppo And Hama

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

On April 3rd, government forces captured the villages of Atshanat Jubb Miri and Idrisiyah which had been controlled by ISIS terrorists in the province of Aleppo. The villages are located directly north of the Jirah Military Airbase which is a major ISIS stronghold in the province.

On April 4th, the SAA and the NDF continued offensive operations in the area of the airbase, aiming to retake it from ISIS terrorists.

In March, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) made some attempts to storm the Jirah Military Airbase but failed to break the ISIS defenses. The situation was dramatically complicated with the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham-led offensive of the ‘moderate opposition’ against government forces in northern Hama. However, now, that the problems in northern Hama are mostly solved, the SAA and the NDF are resuming their attempts to recapture this strategic site from terrorists.

The control over Jubb Miri and Idrisiyah will allow government forces to launch an advance on the Jirah Air Base from 3 directions (northern, eastern, and western) simultaneously. If the SAA and the NDF are not able to achieve success in this storm, they will likely make a push on Duroubiyah Kabira and Jarah Kabir to encircle the ISIS-held airbase.

In northern Hama, government forces liberated Maardes, Iskanderiyah, Tal Zaydan, Maardes bridge, and other nearby points from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies. By April 4th, the SAA, the NDF, and other pro-government formations had concentrated significant forces east and south of Souran and launched an attack on this militant-held town. According to reports, militants already retreated from the area.

Artillery and air strikes continued against militant targets in the vicinity of Hulfiah, Tal Nsriah, and Tibat al Imam.
In case of a rapid collapse of militant defenses in the area, government forces could make a flanking maneuver aiming to besiege Tibat al Imam from the northern direction, capturing Lahia, Buidah, and Masasnah. If the SAA and its allies are able to do this and to entrench in these positions, the situation of militants in Tibat al-Imam will have little chances of keeping the town.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan has announced that Ankara is now preparing new military operations in Syria.

“We have completed the first phase of the Euphrates Shield Operation with the cleaning of Syria’s al-Bab from terrorists. It is now over and there will be [operations] from now on. Right now, we are preparing for new operations to walk all over terror organizations in other regions. We will give new names to new operations. We have very good surprises for all terror groups, including the PKK, YPG, DEASH, [and] FET waiting for the spring,” Erdogan said during a rally in the province of Trabzon on Monday.

As SF forecasted earlier, the official end of the Turkish Operation Euphrates Shield in Syria does not mean that Ankara is going to decrease its military involvement in the conflict. Furthermore, the Erdogan government is seaking options to increase its influence.

The statement came amid widely spreading rumors by pro-opposition sources that Turkey and the United States have made a secret deal which will allow pro-Turkish forces to participate in the storming of the ISIS self-proclaimed capital of Raqqah. While these reports look barely reliable, the whole media campaign has a clear aim – to play into the hands of Erdogan to allow Ankara to get a bigger piece of the pie under a pretext of combating terrorism.

The growing Turkish influence will at least contribute to the Israeli, Qatari, and Saudi plans aimed at defending that what they consider to be own interests in the war torn country.

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Russia must stop Turkey immediately without excuses ! Turkey is invading Syria because Russia has allowed it to do so, since the beginning (they say cooperation against terrorists, that made my laugh too much).


Turkey has nullified all cooperation with Russia. It is time to stop honoring their invasion of syria.

DJ Double D

No, not really. Turkey ‘stabbed them on the Back’ one more time by suddenly without prompt levelling 130% import duties on Russian grains and cancelling other imports completely. And that was immediately upon Erdogan’s return from a visit to Russia in which he claimed success was achieved. So, you see the Guy is very unpredictable. But not all Deals were nullified, as the Atomic and Gas pipeline contracts are still on and Russia needs these badly. So it seems Russia is held hostage by these contracts.


Sultan Erdogan is a reminder of the days of that fascist tosser Begin and Charlie Haughey in the 80s.


Erdogangster shall be sorry for this!

He has made enemies both in the EU and in Russia. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the leader of the Republican People’s Party, is going to reveal the details of Erdogangster’s orchestrated coup attempt.


Jew or judaism name does not exist either in the old testament, in the new testament or in Quran, only Yahud exist but not Jew or Judaism. Judaism is modern era religion developed 1000 years ago when Yajuj and Majuj released from Khazar town. They were so much dangerous people that King Zulqarnain blocked them behind steel wall. When they released they spread in entire world. Israel are 95% Ashkenazi Khazar Jews. They have destabilized entire world. Turkey and Saudi Arabia have 70% Ashkenazi Khazars converted to Islam and chrisnaty just for political aims and not for religion purpose.


As of 2005, over 61% of Israeli Jews are of at least partial Mizrahi ancestry.

Hisham Saber

Look, a Jew is a Jew, and so long as they follow the Talmud, they are one and the same. A big problem humanity must solve. Perhaps build giant space shuttles with enough fuel to get them past Orions Belt. But I fear Alien races would attack us for such a dis-service and cruelty unleashed on them too.



Now Israel is established, they want to take Ukraine as their second homeland, the New Khazar Empire is being created.

Majority of Israel’s population are Khazarim and many are returning back to Eastern Europe as the Khazarim have found it difficult to exploit their Arab slaves and found it easier to fleece and enslave East Europeans, Ukrainians, Romanians, Balts, Slavs, etc.

Read the Times of Israel: Leaked report: Israel acknowledges the Khazars;



There aren’t any Jews in Palestine, the zionist occupation has driven them out in disgust. Stop confusing jews with zionist terrorists, it’s so C20th.

Gabriel Hollows

Zionists aren’t Jews now?

Hisham Saber

Zionism is just a recent manifestation of the problem of Khazarian, international Judaism. The Israelites of the Bible and Quran are not todays Jews. Todays Jews openly say that the man(Rabbi-_written Talmud supersedes the Torah. The Jews of today follow the Talmudic teachings of the Levite Rabbi’s and the tribe of Judea, which fought incessantly against its neighbors.

So long as todays Jews believe in the non -sense of racial supremacy, proscribed by the racist, demonic Talmud, there will always be instability in the world.

The Talmud is the vast ravings of demonically inspired Rabbis who often performed human sacrifice and conjuring demons(demonic jinn’s)who in turn give the ‘Jews’ secrets such as how to split the atom, and cause untold destruction. Ever wonder how Oppenhiemer and Teller figured this out? Or the Jewish scientist who first came up with chemical weapons during WW1?


Where do you get your information from? Have have read the Bible for yourself? Do you want quotes?


Jesus Prior to Islam, Arabia, Mecca, Medina, etc were populated by people of Judaic faith.

Nigel Maund

Good analysis

Expo Marker

What troubles me most is Erdogan’s quote: “Right now, we are preparing for new operations to walk all over terror organizations in other regions.” He is planning to target other areas in Syria, and perhaps in Iraq. This neo-Ottoman maniac must be stopped at all costs.


russia can hurt and scare them enough to back off easily. yea i know turkey is part of NATO but if they are being the aggressor, i doubt the US or any other nato member would come to their aid

DJ Double D

Unfortunately, Russia is more interested in the Pipeline and Atomic Reactor Deals. This is truly unfortunate.


If so, they should force turkey to make a deal with them: back off up out of Syria and you will have your energy deals, yes?


Thegr8rambino Turkey is controlled by the Neoconservatives and wants the Saudi Qatar oil and gas pipeline through Syria into Turkey and onward into the EU.


DJ Double D Russia is playing a double game, they have to prevent the Saudi Qatar oil and gas pipeline to Turkey via Syria.

Russia will allow all war, conflict and chaos in Syria as long as the Arab pipeline is not built.


Thegr8rambino Inside Syrian territory, the Turks are fair game, as in “Turkey Shoot”.


hahaaha i love itttt

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