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Syrian War Report – April 30, 2018: Yarmouk Operation, Deir Ezzor Tensions

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Syrian government forces have liberated the districts of al-Ma’dhaniyah, al-Asali, al-Qadam and al-Jourah in the southern countryside of Damascus from ISIS. Government troops captured all these areas after air and artillery strikes had destroyed all the ISIS defense there.

The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed that 16 Syrian Army (SAA) troops had been killed in the recent clashes.

According to pro-opposition sources, members of Jaish al-Islam, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and Jaish al-Abadali operating in the eastern part of the southern Damascus pocket have agreed on an evacuation deal that is set to be implemented on May 1.

Jaish al-Islam members will withdraw to the Turkish-held Syrian town of Jarabulus in the province of Aleppo. HTS members will withdraw to the province of Idlib. Jaish al- Abadali members will withdraw to the province of Daraa.

On April 29, members of the SAA and local tribal forces entered the villages of Junaynah, Jiyah, Shaqrah and Hoyqat Ma’esha, which had been controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Later on the same day, SDF units, backed up by the US-led coalition, recaptured all the villages that they had lost on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

According to pro-government sources, 8 SDF members, including a senior Arab commander Ahmad al-Jifil, were killed in the incident. Pro-Kurdish sources claimed that 12 SAA members had been killed.

Some sources also claimed that members of the Iranian-backed Baqir Brigade had participated in the operation. On April 6, the Baqir Brigade vowed to fight the US-led coalition and its proxies controlling eastern Syria.

According to pro-government sources, the April 29 incident was caused by the willingness of the local Arab tribes to retake their villages controlled by the Kurdish-dominated SDF.

On April 28, ISIS attacked SAA positions in the villages of Ashayir, Sukkariyah and al-Hiri in the province of Deir Ezzor. The attack was a response to an anti-ISIS security operation launched by the SAA in the area in late March.

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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

iran are fighting isis

Shylo Duffy

Yes ain’t it grand? God bless all those who fight against Satan’s and his minions.

achiles Greeko

ISIS are armed by NATO snakes


We know that, you are damn’ right with it ! Another problem that nobody seems to have the courage to mention is: why the Russians let the ISRAELIS shoot into Syria whenever they want to? :( And WTF is this? = Russia considers to give ASSAD S-300. Ooo , wonderful, good morning Kremlin.. 5 years war and ASSAD still doesn’t have a reliable air-defence.. And WHEN did you initially intended to deliver Syria such S-300? When ASSAD is toppled and a NATO-a##hole sits in Damascus?

And why the CLEAR ENEMY the SAUDIS ( FINANCIER OF ISIS and of the whole Islamist crap in Caucasus , that made so much trouble in South-Russia 20 years long) and that Janus-with-two-faces TURKEY , that entered in SYRIA and make THEIR OWN ZONES for THEIR f*king terrorists in NW-Syria … they all get S-400 and your ALLIES Syria and IRAN get S-300 ? And NOT EVEN THAT is for sure?

There are some things that stink there, that’s the truth. Somebody wants a DEAL with the J€wish-Zionists, but didn’t get yet the expected price in return for his “neutrality” in Iran & Syria-issue..

Well, when you’ll hear that Heinz Kissinger went to MOSCOW, you’ll know that a DEAL will be made… John Kerry in January-2016 by ALEPPO was too stvpid for that ..

Hide Behind

ANd the SAA, Syrian Tribal malitia and Iranian followers got their butts kicked. And the S D F did it without US air support aiding them. Of course Syria had to test their enemies defences and after tens of thousands of small arms rounds, rockets and party they got lucky and hit 8 of enemy, while loosing 12 of own running back to safety. Verdict: it is not going to be as easy as in past and present as fighting against the loose knit terrorist malitis backed by Russian airpower,; for forces North of Euphrates River are now well organized, tacticly smart well trained and organized as military forces. To the Kurds above that river who have been ensconced for years now and gradually improving both infrastructure and military, those Syrians are now looked upon as invaders to the Kurdish homelands. The US and other invaders of Syria an afford to sit back and watch to see if all their money and training was worth it. Quite obviously the Kurds learned quickly and rather quite well.

Naija Lolade

Come back in 6 months time to tell me how far. ISIS was better funded, trained and well equiped than them.. They lost.. The combined western terrorists, NATO plus their proxies and whatever is left of their spent armies stand no chance… Syrian Arab Army has been holding Deir Ezzor since the begining of the War and has since gained more grounds. Wait for it Terrorist sympathizer

Hide Behind

By far I am not a terrorist sympathizer, and have enough military experience to know about the difference between training indigenous troop as paramilitary and training regular troop into an integrated military force. Contrary to most, in my opinion no para military can go toe to toe with a well trained and organized military force. All one has to do is look at the ratio of kills by US organized military compared to those they fight by casualty numbers, hundreds of thousand enemy per 1 US casualty. Films of Syrian regular military are not much above rag tag levels, and they are fighting less in number poorly trained in arms and tactics. It has taken years of Pro Russian military advisors training for the Syrians to even reach the piss poor level they have reached today. Even the Russian professional Mercenary forces got their asses stomped by a lesser force of Kurds with US air support. Even Turkish military is taking large numbers of casualties, as true figures from independent journalist point out, from going against a lesser faction of Kurds US quit supporting. I have lived in “reality” not some pie, Christian /Israeli Zionist God or Allah in the sky bullshit. PERSONALY I have “Ideals”, and do not give a damn who dies in these wars, as none of the combatants, no matter the nation they come from or live within, has ever and never will improve upon mans enlightment. A few survivors of wars horror will tell next generation, but it is an INDIVIDUAL RESPONSABILITY to rid themselves of those who “Rule” by deceit.

Naija Lolade

‘hundreds of thousand enemy per 1 US casualty’. Again you are a foolish troll. I cant remembr the last time this war has turned to Syrian Army fighting U.S real boots on the ground. This is where you need to get some brains. Dont worry it will soon reach that time and your U.S kill will raise at a maximum ratio. The conflict has not exscallated to that yet. Meanwhile all the foreign army killed were unreported . This is one thing the dead MSM did right in this on going war.

Did right ! I did not mean in a moral way but successfully kept the number of foreign boots death in convert alert and was able to do that successfully.

By the time the war turns to what you have written above. Watch how the U.S kill will raise.. So far the ISIS tier 1, Tier 2 FSA and rest (tier3) are nothing but Shield against the U.S kill you talk about. Trump was right when he said he wants to replace U.S troops with Saudi and Qarta plus france..

In reality what he’s saying is, they need to bring in more shield and money against the U.S kill. With your military experience, you ought to have seen this but you missed it, for this reason, you are still no better than a terrorist sympathizer cos you are on the wrong side of history and that makes you a terrorist sympathizer irrespective of your oppinion or military know how!

Naija Lolade

Mind you, this is a live replay of japanese 2nd world war where virtually all the boots on the ground were being hijacked from different parts of the world to fight in Japanese jungle while the same U.S Kills and British were reduced too.. Wait for it.. This will be Syria 1.0..

Let me remind you of this proverb! Once beating twice shy! The military know how is in Syria and on the side of Syria (The right side of history). Check the map a few years back and compare it to what you are seeing now.

Victory is not that far ! Again come back in 6months and report here. This is not about short time victory.. It’s more about long time !


How did the Kurds go against the Turks in Afrin, dickhead?

Hide Behind

The Kurdish group that both Turkey and US declare as terorist and that no longer recieve Saudi, Israel and US support. Independent journalist both in Turkey and Syria say dead: a few hundred maybe 1500 ; and wounded in rear hospitals 3-5 thousad. Those totals of invaders. dead and wounded is more than S A A has killed in total in months.


pretty bad indeed ! Kurds lost any battle, any point, and any region.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I don’t think you have quite enough military experience if you’re making comments like this “hundreds of thousand enemy per 1 US casualty”, that’s a 14 year olds comment, not an ex serviceman’s. In Somalia the crappy government militia lost about 100 killed to 18 US killed, about a 5 to 1 ratio, but they blew up a very expensive US chopper as well. If you’d have boasted 100 to 1 I might not have disputed you but 100,000 to 1, that’s just pure patriotic emotion talking. Every political system is ruled by deceit, they couldn’t rule us if they told us the truth. Rid ourselves of the whole system and start again from scratch I say.

Hide Behind

10,000,000+ in Viet conflict that. does not include uncountable #s in. Cambodia, Laos and Northern Tailand. Aided Indonesia in deaths of over 200,,000. Estimated 1.2 million Iraqi, not counting estimated 500,000 children under 5 years of age and thousands of adults in Iraq of disease and lack of food and medicines during 12 year. embargo. Daily all over Iraq and pockets of Afghanistan hundreds of children miscarried or born with. defects of physical and mental capacity, due to depleted uranium. The same depleted Uranium that is spread by the tons daily all over Syria and Yemen. And let’s. not forget SE Asia where bombs and bomblets and agent orange kill to this day. Add up all the casualties from wars since US founding, over 200 years of. killing, and they come no where’s near the death toll of Iraqi Afghan and Syria peoples losses in last 15 years. Get head out of dark and answer this one question, how many American military have Syrian military killed. Then while in daylight take a look at whose F’n cities are now rubble, and how many non combatants in Syria died and will die in future, NO MATTER WHO WINS,from Depleted Uranium and poverty. Tired of insults to my charater! ONE of effects of depleted Uranium for bothliving and. unborn is lack of mental abilitys, I wonder how many are already suffering. from such effects. .

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You should have made it clear in your original comment you were referring to secondary causes of death and not just combat kills. The A bombs in Japan boost up your total to even more than 100,000 if that’s the case. As to your character, “and do not give a damn who dies in these wars” comments like these aren’t deserving of respect, and you should stop making them if you want normal people to respect you. Boasting about all the innocent women and children your army has killed alongside the brave men who tried to protect them is a no no too. You could only make that comment if you were criticizing your own military for war crimes against humanity, and you weren’t doing that, you were boasting about it.

Hide Behind

I have demonstrated against US wars, although not a pacafist, I have smelled CS, never been hit with rubber bullets tho. I have demonstrated for Civil Rights, Union and non union fights for living wage, Civil Disobedience is in my Irish bones heritage. Wrote of such, and not always in hype for demonstrators as most are too blinded by single non worthy but profitable to themselves and are only cowards of convenience, “Sunday Walkers”. If Eurocentrics pulled out of Syria tomorrow, it would have negotiable effect upon world at large. There are movements afoot far more dangerous to mankind as a whole and they are obvious but not being addressed. Most minds are narrowly focused , have NEVER seen rivulets of blood red upon skins of white, black, brown red and yellow, or witnessed close up and personal the debased nature of mankind. Brag, about the millions of deaths caused by United States 9mm.and other nations leaders , ever held a 4 year old child that was almost cut in two by an American supplied M-60 to Latin American hit squads of terrorist, and cried, I have. Crying time will come only when such things and the people that commit and allow are gone, not in my lifetime. Tears and calling upon God’s does not stop bullets, and neither does bullsh… When SHTF here in US and in Europe what ever befall most of citizenry will be well deserved. I hide behind no moral banners, nor wear false gods on sleeve.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“There are movements afoot far more dangerous to mankind as a whole and they are obvious, but not being addressed.” I agree totally but I wonder if we’d also agree on, what and who they are. Putin is not a man I admire in any way whatsoever, but he is actually addressing the most “SINISTER” danger facing humanity in our current era, and he’s been doing it in Russia for more than 10 years now. Trump was a beacon of hope for me when he first ran for the US presidency, he was saying and doing everything I wanted him to, and regardless of my previous bad opinion of this egotistical celebrity businessman, I was hopeful he too would start addressing this “SINISTER” threat to humanity. I even believed he’d probably team up with Putin and combine their efforts to combat this “SINISTER” organization, but instead was bitterly disappointed. Trump did try but failed miserably, [people with huge ego’s can’t fight this organization], and now he’s just become another puppet for them to use, and they’re using him very well at the moment. I’m glad you bothered to clarify your moral integrity, your original post gave a totally different impression. I too have been accused of being harsh and lacking in empathy because of the way I’ve written things, so now I try to make myself very clear when I post. The “Sunday walkers” as you refer to them are the same mob that helped destroy the Roman republic 2000 years ago and changed it into a “SINISTER” empire, Brutus and his fellow senators tried to stop them but failed. They were also the mob that called for the crucifixion of Jesus when he battled against the “SINISTER” Pharisees and their perverted laws. He may not have been the son of God like the Christians believe, but he was just like Brutus, as in he recognized who the real enemy was. He also tried to fight the good fight to stop them, but unfortunately like Brutus, he lost. Don’t ever discount the power the “Sunday walkers” have to change the world, they’ve been the most effective tool the “SINISTER” have had since humanity first began. You’ll have to guess what I’m referring to when I use the word “SINISTER”. Good luck and I’m glad to know I misunderstood what you were really trying to say with your first post.

achiles Greeko

Who is going to read ur long stories!!!???

Hide Behind

Sorry, should of realized there were some of simple minds visiting. I will write short notes with no more than three syllable words for you in future.

achiles Greeko

Obviously u seem to be one of those ” choosen” one(s) similar to ur masters. PERHAPS Thats why u identify urself as a(n) “Hide behind”. SHAME ON u creeping decietful snake. u wouldn`t be manipulate others with ur decietful-stories.

2018-05-02 23:54 GMT+02:00 Disqus :

achiles Greeko

u wouldn´t be able to manipulate…..

2018-05-03 13:04 GMT+02:00 achiles Greeko :


Terrorists to the east of the Euphrates are well organised and led by Us/UK/French Special forces.

Hide Behind

Some realize that Syria is but only a small battle front in a worldwide conflict, actually a minor one. Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, all the U A E ME nations have NEVER been truly independent from EuroCentric influence, Never. Only 1 NATION in this conflict took full independent control of its own Destiny, and it is Persian not Arab, Iran. That Arabs and low life of many nations, various creeds. voluntarily for pay, religion or love of each other and war ( some were and still are Syrians) and a million + Syrians ran to foreign lands , shows tactical knowledge of a worldwide Geopolitical truth, “WHY GET YOUR OWN MEN HARMED WHEN IT IS EASY TO GET OTHERS KILLING EACH OTHER OFF, AND NO MATER WHO THINKS THEY WON IN REALITY ALL OF THEM ARE LOSERS”, PERMANENTLY UNDER YOUR RULE.” Tis said the troop on ground sees no further ahead than where a possible enemy may be, let’s add to that, a piss pot nation thinks they are great until the outside world comes kicking down their doors. Survival is by little things weighed, by those who see no further than their back yard. US and allies have 10’s of thousands of Africans helping them kill off any Africans who oppose their control, and those for pay African and Muslim Mercs kill more Africans daily than the SA A kill in 3 months. EuroCentrics damn near Genocides Iraq males and have driven or outright killed millions of their populace, and to this day they kill off Iraqi by having them fighting, the very same Paid Mercs there as are in Syria. and weakening their numbers. 6 months, he’ll there may be but a remnant of Syrians alive by then, and truthfully if they all became as Palestinian homeless or omething else , they would be no more than an earth fart to majority of world’s population

Roger Snellman

Most here miss the underlying problem. There are 35,000,000 Kurds spread between Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. The Kurds have been persecuted and murdered for a century by those same countries that govern their ancient homelands. That has made the survivors tough, desperate and driven to fight back. They have no where to go so they defend their new Kurdistan or die fighting.


persecute and murdered …..in Siria and Irak ? Do you have any prove about this ? Please, post it.

Roger Snellman

Come on, if you are allowed to use Google just search Kurdish persecution. Saddam alone killed 10s of thousands and burned their villages to the ground. Human Rights Watch has been calling for Syria to end Kurdish persecution for years.


The Kurds struggle is going to be a long one for, even if the Coalition could install a regime which would cede land to Rohava, they’re going to have to be a permanent presence to make sure that doesn’t get undone. Look at a map . The only way to supply Kurdistan, without Arab assistance, is by air, over them. Barring peace that’s unsustainable.

Hide Behind

That is partially true as to sustainability but let us not forget the Iraq Kurdish element that is semi autonimus. Then there is the completely corrupt ERDOGAN regime in Turkey, that used to buy oil from ISIS but those fields are now under US Kurds. The Iraq Kurdish areas ,as are Syrian Kurd fields contain the best , what they call sweet crude, and the largest buyer of Iraq Kurd is via pipelines direct to Israeli refinery. Halliburton has moved from US and relocated to U A E Emerates and Jordan and are partners with US based Rothschild, owner Fox News that were after Syrian oil and pipelines. Iraq government is no more than a corrupt mafia org and is under direct US Britain and Israeli/ France control, so that the new Highway from there to Syria, plus Turkey needing oil has to be brought into equation. The war against Assad was to make a new Iraq style weak divided nation, and will not be over for a while yet. “Escalation”? DAMN right!


Classic tactics. Withdrawing under fire in an open desert environment is rather tricky and 12 down would be expected.

Pave Way IV

Tactical note for stupid head-choppers: I know the Captagon makes you all jittery and nervous, but when a T-72 rolls up to within 30 meters or so in front of your bunker, do not attempt to take out said tank with small arms. The inevitable response from the 125mm smoothbore gun is going to look something like this: (nervous head-chopper in red circle – last ten seconds of his existance)



No wonder that you have problems by Deir-Ezzor, if you let the CIA-g@rbage to go to Idlib, Deir-Ezzor and around ALEPPO. And as long as the USA may build its base in Eastern-Syria without being harassed by Russian or Syrian Air-Force, you’ll have this war in Syria the next 20 years :(

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