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Syrian War Report – April 27, 2018: Russia EW Systems ‘Disabling’ U.S. EC-130 EW Aircraft

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By April 27, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Liwa al-Quds, the Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA) and other pro-government factions captured the factories area in southern Damascus and entered the districts of al-Asali and al-Qadam amid intense fighting against ISIS terrorists.

The Syrian Air Force has carried out strikes on ISIS positions in the Yarmouk refugee camp and the district of al-Hajar al-Aswad, according to local sources.

According to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq, ISIS killed four soldiers and an officer of the SAA in al-Qadam, Tadamon and the Yarmouk camp.

Horas al-Din, a coalition of 7 al-Qaeda-linked militant groups, and the Free Syrian Army attacked the SAA position in the village of al-Hamameyat in northern Hama late on April 26. The militants temporarily captured the village but then retreated because of intense artillery shelling by the SAA. However, in this encounter the militants destroyed a Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer and an armored vehicle belonging to the SAA.

Russian and Syrian representatives to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and witnesses of the supposed April 7 chemical attack in the town of Douma held a press briefing at The Hague on April 26. According to the witnesses’ words and the presented video of an undamaged gas cylinder, the video provided by the White Helmets was a staged provocation.

OPCW technical experts have interviewed six witnesses out of seventeen arrived in The Hague.

“The others were ready too, but the experts are sticking to their own guidelines. They’ve picked six people, talked to them, and said they were ‘completely satisfied’ with their account and did not have any further questions,” Shulgin said.

The US, the UK, France and some others boycotted the event. France’s ambassador to the Netherlands, Philippe Lalliot described the event as an “obscene masquerade”.

The US military is complaining that Russia allegedly jams US electronic warfare weapons and communications in Syria. According to the head of Special Operations Command, Gen. Raymond Thomas, the Russians are “disabling” even U.S. EC-130 Compass Call electronic warfare aircraft flying near the war-torn country.

When the Russian military first announced that the Syrian Air Defense Forces had shot down most of the missiles launched by the US-led bloc on April 14, some experts immediately suggested that Russia may have employed its EW systems to assist the Syrians in this task. Thomas’ words may be considered as an indirect confirmation of such a possibility.

On April 25, the Russian military provided photos showing the wreckage of the intercepted missiles thus debunking the Pentagon’s claims that all 105 launched missiles hit their targets.

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  1. hope springs eternal. says:

    Good show Russia. Keep it up. The world is on your side.
    The US can’t believe someone can stand up to them.
    The next two weeks i think will be crucial. The Iran nuclear deal and shifting of Israel’s capital to Jerusalem.

    1. ameer jabril says:

      hey numb nuts Me and majority of Muslims hate Russia and US equally. Your both imperialist rats using our lands to fight your beloved proxy wars and power plays. I think its safe to say the world has pretty much had with you both. And if your a european rest assured you ain’t liked much better.

      1. Kevin McCoy says:

        You don’t speak for “a majority of muslims” just your own belly.

        1. ameer jabril says:

          yeah ok because you do right………..McCoy<_<

      2. ruca says:

        Sounds to me like someone misses the Ottoman Empire. Too bad so sad. Catherine the Great really was great!

        1. ameer jabril says:

          Wow spoken like a true russian troll bot. This is why this site should stop calling itself southfront and just call it Russia today 2.0 as it does not speak for the global south and is full of russian troll bots and the white western racist nationalists who view Putin as their savior.

          1. Shahna says:

            What gives you the idea they speak for the global south?

            PS. Putin is not our savior but if he saves us from American invasion and aggression – that’s good enough for me.

            Sure, if he does, then Russia may well be the problem in 50 years time but we have to get there to get that problem.

          2. ruca says:

            “Putin is not our savior but if he saves us from American invasion and aggression – that’s good enough for me.” Bravo!!!

          3. ruca says:

            “white western racist nationalists”. Sorry but no, not interested. Do you intend to take on the empire all by yourselves? Not likely. If you don’t like Russia, try a ukrainian website.

          4. ameer jabril says:

            Russia is a lost cause. Its white slav population is crumbling with each passing day. Its not a question of if but when the ethnic asian peoples of north asia take there land back from you people. So no offense but no thanks. We don’t need help taking on a white man empire by falling in league with a weaker dying white man’s empire.

      3. NeoLeo says:

        And I think “it’s safe to say” the world doesn’t like you muslims either….

        1. ameer jabril says:

          Iraq was financed by both Russia and the US in the 80’s to attack Iran. The one country that both saw as an enemy. The fact that Russia now backs the Iranians when they put so much effort into helping Iraq under Saddam to destroy it is proof of its hypocracy and like the US only helps my people when there is something to gain from it. And that is but one example.

          1. Shahna says:

            Uhmmm… ackshully – it was just a change of govt and political ideology.

          2. ameer jabril says:

            sure it was. That is an excuse ive heard from both American and Russian war mongers to justify your nations aggression ive noticed.

          3. Shahna says:

            I live in an African country who’s name, I hear, has been taken down by the Waffle Waitress for not supporting the US.

            It is American planes, not Russian, that will be coming to drop their humanitarian bombs on my head, home and children to regime-change me.

            But tell me something : Would you rather Russia had not acceded to Syria’s request for help?

          4. ameer jabril says:

            i would rather not see white militarism spring up in the global south regardless of where it came from. The fact you don’t care makes me question if you really are african.

          5. Shahna says:

            WTF white militarism are you talking about?
            And what – precisely – do I not care about?

            Scared to answer it??
            Would you rather Russia had not acceded to Syria’s request for help?

          6. ameer jabril says:

            Fighting terrorism is just a bs white excuse to get involved in the global south business and leech off our resources by propping up puppet governments. Which is exactly what assad is btw. The US does it too and more so then Russia. But Doing it less don’t give your great white saviors the russians a golden pass to be imperialists and justify imperialism and killing brown people under the guise of fighting terrorism. Hope that answers your question. Again if you were a true anti imperialist freedom fighter then you would condemn northern white aggression on the colored global south regardless of where it came from.

          7. Shahna says:

            No – you haven’t answered the question.

            “Would you rather Russia had not acceded to Syria’s request for help?”

            It requires a simple “Yes” or “No.”
            I condemn aggression and illegal invasion – I don’t give a phart in a perfume factory what bloody colour it is because the results are only ever RED!

          8. ameer jabril says:

            No i wouldn’t. I don’t want any white nations getting involved in Muslim nations affairs……PERIOD!

          9. Shahna says:

            So you have no problem with the US turning Syria into Libya 2?
            And what about Yugolavia huh – that’s “white people country.”?

            Shame on you !

            Just because you don’t want the “white people” there doesn’t mean the US won’t go flatten the place with DU!

            So add a dose of PRACTICALITY to your desires – or just be a child.

          10. ameer jabril says:

            Russia is no different then the US and uses the same bs excuses of fighting terrorism that the US does. If you support them then you support white eastern imperialism over white western imperialism. Nothing more.

          11. Shahna says:

            Yes….. obviously there is nothing more there – that thinking dept has a single thought and is shut to sense.

          12. ameer jabril says:

            personally i don’t think you even are African. I have encountered far to many russian trolls over the internet peddling such nonsense of russia being our friend despite the fact that russia has the largest white supremacist population of any northern white nation. Let me ask you this assuming your not a troll bot white rat. What actually makes you think Russia or any other white northern nation is Africas friend? Or are so so ignorant of the past that you don’t remember that Russia was one of the biggest instigators of ethnic conflict in our continent during its time as the Soviet Union?

          13. Shahna says:

            You think?
            What makes you think I think Russia is a “friend” to non-allies?

          14. ameer jabril says:

            you are clearly trying to avoid my question. I repeat what makes you think they are Africa and the global souths friends given their past track record.

          15. Shahna says:

            What “past track record” are you referring to? Cold war proxy wars?
            Russia (and China) supported us in our struggle to end Apartheid.
            The US supported the Apartheid govt right up to the fall of the Berlin wall.

            Russia’s support for Syria isn’t something new – it didn’t start in 2015 when they rolled the planes and troops in at the request of Damascus. Syria and Russia have been allies for at least the past 4-5 decades.

            You appear to have some irrational idea that ‘all white people’ must get out of ‘all brown peoples’ countries’ – as though countries have a skin colour. That makes you the flip-side of the white supremacist (or IOW, a dirty little racist whose entire outlook on life is based on the colour of skin. About as important as “Shall I wear blue jeans or grey jeans today?!”)

            You also appear to regard it as utterly irrelevant that, if Russia did that, just got out, the US and allies would fast turn Syria into Libya 2, balkanise it into little Kosovos to be gradually incorporated into a “Greater Israel” from which they would then launch strikes against Iran, then Russia, then China.

            So as far as I’m concerned, you go find yourself a very large toothpick cactus and apply it vigorously to your rear end. The friction might rattle a brain cell or two – that’s where you appear to store them.


          16. ameer jabril says:

            Yeah they supported south africa. But what about the rest of Africa? If your talking about fighting off colonialism no we did not need russian or any other white help for that. Colonialism was going the way of the dodo one way or another. Had russia not helped there are other colored nations throughout south america and asia who would have. No russia just wanted their own proxy puppet governments set up. Governments who caused just as much deliberate ethnic tension between different groups to stay in power as the white colonialist before them. Angola my nation was caught up in an ethnic war that was as much caused by soviet influence as it was western influence. To this day my nation is still picking up the pieces of our nation russia and the white north as a whole helped to create. So you can stop right now with your phony white savior bs. To me and majority or real Africans its not gonna work anymore.

          17. Shahna says:

            Who are you to speak for all the people of 54 countries?
            I don’t recall those elections!

          18. ameer jabril says:

            I don’t recall you speaking on behalf of Africans either assuming you are one. In any case i work as a mariner so i have traveled throughout the African continent. I have talked with many Africans regarding the white colonialist north. And it was from the people ive talked with that i came to the conclusion that be they from the west or east don’t change the fact that whites can’t be trusted. And 20th century history has done more then enough to prove that. I suggest you deal with it.

          19. Shahna says:

            I didn’t claim to – and you did so again right here.
            I also didn’t claim “whites can be trusted.”
            You’re an unmitigated moron and I have had enough of your garbage.

          20. ameer jabril says:

            And yet here you are sending me yet another message. You ever heard of the term uncle tom. Its something i learned from my black brothers n sisters in the US. Its someone who glorifies whites be they from the west and east who feels that black people can’t take care of themselves and need big brother mighty whitey to do it for them. If your not African then i’m sure you have heard of this. If you are well congratulations. You have learned something about yourself.

          21. ameer jabril says:

            The US and its allies already have established a foot hold you moron! Its called Kurdistan. Look it up. They already have several bases. Also where was russia when the zionists in Israel blew the hell out of Iranian and Hezbollah forces in syria? Oh yeah NO WHERE!

          22. Shahna says:

            Russia pulling out of Syria won’t remove US troops and bases – what – you think the Americans are there BECAUSE the Russians are sitting in Latakia and Tartus?

            Russia is in Syria at the request of the Syrian govt to help fight terrorism. Everything they do or don’t do is in agreement with the Damascus govt. What – you think they’re the local nursemaid or something? There to make sure no-one hurts little darlings?

            Russia is not going to start WW3 just to please you!
            Now go stand on your head for a minute and wash those grey cells in oxygenated blood – their lack is showing.

          23. ameer jabril says:

            Yeah and who is to stop the kurds from forming their own government which they have stated they will do and requesting US forces to stay in their part of syria? Tell me please i’m curious?

          24. Shahna says:

            Are you trying to make my point for me?
            That the US won’t leave just because Russia does?

          25. ameer jabril says:

            The US won’t leave slick. And not just because of Russia setting up bases but also because it is controlled by Israel and they will have a nuclear war before Israel becomes in danger of being destroyed by Iranians. Russian government isn’t stupid. They will not go to war with the US on behalf of Assad. If Russia is there to stay then so is the US. Which means your whole point of them being their is thrown out the window. White leaders and their nations are looking out for themselves. Be it syria or kurdistan makes no difference. The people of this region are nothing but pawns of their white overlords. Time to accept it you uncle tom.

          26. ameer jabril says:

            There won’t be a ww3 because nukes will be involved. Insh’Allah both Russia and the west will wipe each other out. And spare the rest of the world their godless evil

          27. Shahna says:

            On what planet do you live that you think a nuclear war involving about 8000 nukes won’t affect you?

          28. ameer jabril says:

            Majority of nukes will be going on in the north. Prevailing winds might blow some of the radiation south but in the end it won’t be enough to wipe out the global south unlike the white imperialist north which will take the full brunt of nuclear fallout.

          29. Shahna says:

            And I will tell myself every day that the shìtty living conditions are well worth the destruction of the Hegemon. (And while not for me hopefully for succeeding generations – provided of course they don’t have 6 legs, 2 heads and their guts outside their abdomens each of course.)

            You do realise that you’re also condemned to death all Asia,China, the Indian subcontinent and the ME?
            Collateral damage?

          30. ameer jabril says:

            Hey your the one who seems to think Russia will go to war with the Us on Syria’s behalf. I already know your delusional but i am pointing out that if it were to happen then god willing they white west and white east are both destroyed. The rest of the world will endure. The human race has been through worse if you look at history.

          31. Shahna says:

            I looked for your brain and found a black hole – so go bug someone who cares.

          32. ameer jabril says:

            Note how Russia does not stop Israel from attacking syrian and Hezbollah targets. Not they only go after groups they deem to be terrorist and completely give the zionist state a free pass. So what good are they?

          33. Kira Binkley says:

            I—KiraSeer Binkley—asked President Putin in the late summer of 2015, to intervene in Syria, when I realized America could not be stopped with their misdeeds in the region.

          34. ameer jabril says:

            Yeah and where did he stop them. The Us has dozens of bases throughout syria ya dumb white cunt.

          35. Tommy Jensen says:

            Russia allowed US logistic and transport road of US arms and weapons to Afghanistan to please and suck up to America “our dear collegues and partners”, probably still do.

          36. ameer jabril says:

            I’m not American so what does this mean to me?

      4. Harold Smith says:

        So you’re jewish?

        1. ameer jabril says:

          Are you retarded or was that a lame attempt to be funny? Does Amir sound Jewish?

          1. Harold Smith says:

            Are you retarded or was that a lame attempt to be funny? Jews post under many names, especially fake names such as “ameer jabril.”

          2. ameer jabril says:

            Ive noticed russian troll bots do the same. And since your accusing me without proof of being jewish then don’t be surprised if i do the same Vlad.

          3. Harold Smith says:

            The “proof” that you’re a jew is in the statements you make. Of course you’re a jew.

          4. ameer jabril says:

            And of course your a vlad not a chad. But regardless i see no difference between white jews and non jews whites. Majority of Africans don’t. This is something you inbred moronic crapcasians don’t seem to get.

          5. Harold Smith says:

            “And of course your a vlad not a chad.”

            LOL! Unlike you judenfilth, I at least know the difference between “you’re” and “your.”

            Now, why don’t you run along and get back to your Talmudic studies before your Mommy finds out you’re at the computer again.

          6. ameer jabril says:

            white boy give it up already. Jews are no different then you. Your more Jewish then me as your white. Just like them. Time to accept it.

          7. Harold Smith says:

            Being that I don’t worship Satan, there’s an important distinction right there.

          8. ameer jabril says:

            you probably don’t worship anything seeing how godless bs is prevalent among you whites.

          9. Harold Smith says:

            “The triumph of fascism will be the triumph of the communist soul. But the communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that, just as in the Russian revolution the triumph of communism was the triumph of Judaism, so also in the triumph of fascism will triumph Judaism”
            (Rabbi Harry Waton, A Program For Jews And Humanity, p143, Astoria Press, 1939).

            “Since the Jews are the highest and most cultured people on earth, the Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and
            to be the masters over the whole earth” (ibid., 99).

            “There is only one power which really counts. The power of political pressure. We Jews are the most powerful people on earth, because we have this power, and we know how to apply it.” (Ze’ev Jabotinsky, Jewish Daily Bulletin, July 27, 1935)

            “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. NOTHING that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy, because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build.” (Maurice Samuel, “You Gentiles” p.155)

          10. ameer jabril says:

            you seem to make alot of pro Nazi comments their slick. I find that both ironic and moronic considering even post communist russia their leadership openly brags about fighting your kind.

          11. Harold Smith says:

            So now you’re going to start with the “Nazi” epithet, Shlomo? LOL!

          12. ameer jabril says:

            i’m sorry if the truth hurts.

          13. Harold Smith says:

            Coming from you, Shlomo, the “Nazi” epithet is a nice compliment. Thank you.

          14. ameer jabril says:

            i’m sure deep down it is to all you white people.

          15. Harold Smith says:

            Your dishonesty and/or ignorance of Nazi Germany reflects poorly on you, not on me.

          16. ameer jabril says:

            sure if that’s what makes your pink ass sleep at night.

          17. Harold Smith says:

            Aw c’mon Shlomo, you’re just butt-hurt because you’re jealous of us human beings. And no doubt you’re angry because your Satanic, messianic, judeo-communist “New World Order” is going into the toilet.
            Maybe you’ll feel better after you paint a few more swastikas on your front door?

          18. ameer jabril says:

            white boy this might come as a shocker but your people are headed for global minority status. This is something your own beloved scientists up in the great white north are predicting due to falling birthrates that don’t even come close to my African brothers n sisters soaring population. So don’t bother trying to tell me that i’m jealous. What is there to be jealous of about a dying race of people who will be getting a taste of their own medicine in the near future?

          19. ameer jabril says:

            And for the record English is not my first language….white boy.

          20. Harold Smith says:

            Stop pretending you’re not a jew.

          21. ameer jabril says:

            i will after you stop pretending to be a psychic white boy. If i’m not a magical negro you sure as hell ain’t a psychic white boy.

          22. Harold Smith says:

            I know you’re a jew; you know you’re a jew; you know that I know you’re a jew; and you know that I know that you know you’re a jew; so why continue to pretend Shlomo?

            Now that that’s out of the way, why don’t you run along and get back to making up “holocaust” “stories”, or stealing someone else’s land, or defrauding your insurance company, or painting swastikas on your front door, or whatever it is you do when you’re not online making an ass out of yourself.

        2. Kira Binkley says:

          He is a black American. Maybe even a Black Panther.

      5. zman says:

        a large number of people in the middle east clearly like the first world industrialism and comforts brought by the west.. im sure you must prefer the days before..

        1. ameer jabril says:

          Mid east and Africa were doing fine for centuries until the great white hope in the north (sarcasm) cam and blew it all to shit. So you can keep you tech. As can be seen with the rise of the global south. We can create things well enough on our own.

          1. Prince Myshkin says:

            Here’s Africa all blown to shit like the bubble you’re living in. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=ZfG-5ZhI3wk

          2. decorous says:

            Just a racist nig nog

          3. ameer jabril says:

            says u.

      6. zman says:

        how many diseases had no solution until scientists came with a medical solution to prevents so many people dying

        1. ameer jabril says:

          is this yet another excuse to justify white imperialism?

      7. alejoeisabel says:

        The opinion of a Zionist.

        1. ameer jabril says:

          yes because a name like Amir is so Jewish……typical inbred white boy. For the record just because some leftwing Jewish groups happen to be screwing over you mighty whitey’s on the lands yall stole doesn’t make your lot friends with the Muslim world. I suggest you deal with it.

          1. Kira Binkley says:

            You lie. Because you are black, maybe.

          2. ameer jabril says:

            yes cause all black folk lie right you racist pos? And i never said i wasn’t black either.

      8. Kira Binkley says:

        You lie.

        1. ameer jabril says:

          I wouldn’t talk about lying there. My guess is your far more likely a Vlad then a Chad<_<

      9. Antikapitalista says:

        Guess how the world like you and “the majority of Muslims”, then.

        Yeah, I mean you, who have ripped up their own countries for your own factional power plays, just think of North Africa and Middle East…!

        Maybe the Muslims of Southeastern Asia are better (after all, the most populous Muslim country lies there, but the Muslims of North Africa and the Middle East are a just bunch a bunch of fellow-killing savages, if you really mean what you say.

        Either that, or you are just a pathetic troll who has no idea about

        1. ameer jabril says:

          I wouldn’t talk about destroying ones nation. Especially if your a northern white rat. The soviet union is a shining example of you whites destroying yourselves from within. The EU it seems is heading in the same direction. So who are you to talk?

        2. ameer jabril says:

          And i am not from any of the regions you speak of white boy. I’m sub saharan African with not an ounce of Arab in me. That i’m aware of anyway.

          1. Kira Binkley says:

            Too bad.

    2. Kevin McCoy says:

      You are foolish and naive. The United States will deal with the Russians electronic jamming equipment shortly. Hate to break your bubble but remember I told you.

      1. Harold Smith says:

        You’re foolish and naive. The “United States” will deal with nothing. The Satanic, messinic, judeo-communist “United States” is going down. The only thing the “United States” can do now is “suicide by cop”.

      2. Shahna says:

        You’re the naif, Mr McCoy. Quite simply – if they coulda they woulda …. AND they wouldn’t be whining – they’d be bragging.

      3. clubof.info says:

        The US is overstretched and its presence in and around Syria is extremely delicate and easily eliminated. It would quickly be defending its own territory back in the US mainland if it started attacking Russia.

        1. ameer jabril says:

          same can be said for Russia. Rest assured all you white peoples empires both west and east are going down the gutter. Russia is proving itself a useful idiot by fighting zionist funded terrorists. Once Syria and Iran no longer need russian help they will boot them the same way they booted the Americans. Northern white Kufr’s have no place being in that region. And yall never will.

          1. clubof.info says:

            The Muslim and Global South countries lack strong defense industries and are reliant on defense imports from either the US or Russia. Refusing to pick a side between the military superpowers is virtuous, but in practice it leads to rusting equipment, disorganization and incompetence. It does not lead to effective military forces.

          2. Kira Binkley says:

            Uh-huh. Will you just please try to see the forest, and not the trees?

          3. ameer jabril says:

            spoken like a typical white colonialist who wishes his people to retain the status quo in the world. This ain’t the 20th century and much of the global south is creating its own indigenous weapons of war without any help from you mighty whitey’s. I suggest you deal with it.

          4. clubof.info says:

            Such countries must show off their great strength if they have it. They should not need you to argue for them in a comment thread.

          5. ameer jabril says:

            you whites have been losing wars throughout the last century. So who are you to talk?

          6. clubof.info says:

            The kind of crazy statement dictators broadcast before they get found in some pit with a bayonet up their backside, trying to hide while all their soldiers surrendered. All the talk of a bloodbath and a victory turns out to be nothing and you fail to do anything but die.

          7. clubof.info says:

            All the weapons in the Third World are bought from Russia and the United States. Almost no variation at all. Having a different skin tone won’t protect you from bullets

  2. Mikronos says:

    That’s probably the source of the ‘dangerous radiation’ they’re using to threaten the Donbass and Europe.

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      Could be but I would have thought that the full power of these systems have not been used yet.

    2. Neo Onh says:

      All of Novorossiya will be liberated from the Kiev nazi junta, not just Donbass!

    3. คงศักดิ์ วงศ์ชูศรี says:

      Europe is treatening Russia.Europe must stop your aggression.

      1. NeoLeo says:

        Europe is irrelevant, they are just a bunch of pathetic vassals… no free will, no sovereignty, just blindly follow orders from Washington DC.

  3. Rodney Loder says:

    Trump is the jewel in the crown again, Russia is manipulating the 2020 US election already, peace on the Korean Peninsula and catastrophic policies in the ME will anyone now say he’s not deliberately sabotaging US hegemony ? . Maybe Trump is thinking that his Trade War will get BRICS support except for China in exchange, So German surplus balance of trade account becomes no1 problem alongside China’s, that will upset Xi Jinping but probably he’ll get over it.

    1. Harold Smith says:

      Of course Trump’s not “deliberately” sabotaging US hegemony. History shows that empires fall. Why do they fall? They fall because they’re evil, run by evil people, and evil contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction.

      1. Rodney Loder says:

        That was before Global Supremacy within the monopoly stage of capitalism, and a ship only have one Captain if Trump is not confused he’s sabotaging US leadership of Globalism, he’s given up in Korea and probably also in the ME by taking the US Embassy to Jerusalem he’s pushing the Hashemites to join with Turkey, Iraq and Iran leaving Saudi Arabia, israel and the UAE with much less Arab support, Trump must be aware of this, like he must have been aware of the consequences of his Korean strategy, Russia India South Africa and Brazil I think is working with Trump against China in return for a peace that will see Trump re-elected 2020.

        1. Harold Smith says:

          I don’t know what mumbo-jumbo you’re talking about, but Trump does whatever his jewish-supremacist masters tell him to do. The “leadership of globalism”, which tells Trump what to do, is sabotaging itself.

          1. Rodney Loder says:

            I think that Trump’s bought into the idea of a multi-polar future with the US the dominant creditor Nation, Putin would support Trump on it because Putin openly shoots his mouth off about it all the time, Xi Jinping and Merkel don’t, they think like me a ship can only have one Captain, the USD is on a slippery slope, I’m not an investor but if I were I wouldn’t be denominating any of my imvestments in 2 things ; 1. any futures contract and 2 . USD.
            But Trump could win and save both I’m just saying that it will be close.

          2. Kira Binkley says:

            Do you have creditor and debtor confused, Rodney?

          3. Rodney Loder says:

            I think the base element that makes banking work is the fact that liabilities as in loans become the assets of the bank and the means of exchange (currency or property) that the bank has in it’s safe becomes it’s liabilities because “if” enough of it’s customers wanted their solvency declared indipendent of the bank causing a rush on the bank, then no bank could meet the demand, so the assets become a liability as the fundamental of banking.

            The US gives out its bank notes which are IOU’s in prolific amounts so the US has become a bank because it’s assets are tied up in loans which are providing credit by those loans.

            So these credit facilitating loans the US could never be accountable for if the US lost its position as the highest financial authority, and if that happened no other Nation would go it alone they would team up and provide an independent currently so no one Nation is liable as an overall Authority sustaining the World financial system.

            Some people say that you can’t taper a ponzi scheme, and a Ponzi scheme is where there is either not enough inflation to erode debt or too much inflation causing loss of confidence and a rush to sell USD on the Forex market.

          4. Kira Binkley says:

            You’ve got a fairly good comprehension of banking, Rodney. I can fine-tune it for you in that cage where my mare’s nest is.
            The U.S. liabilities, its treasuries and notes, including banknotes, far outnumber its assets. In fact, I’m trying to think of a credible asset owned by the U.S. I don’t believe there is that much gold in Fort Knox anymore. U.S. greenbacks are supposedly backed by “The full faith and credit of the United States”. But that has more-or-less bit the dust in the last decade.
            The U.S. economy is teetering on a see-saw. Waiting for the spark…
            I can’t wait to get into global macro-economics with you!!

          5. Rodney Loder says:

            We would have to be married to do that otherwise my Salafist Brothers initiative for decorating Allah’s table would have my head on it.

            Gold bugs do those sort of things like work out how much physical gold is being sold compared to being mined, some say that people must be selling their jewelry the difference is that great, it could be coming out of Fort Knox, everyone I know is predicting a jump in the value precious metals, eventually resources must be unavailable for the weakest Nations, I can’t see how a new gold standard will change anything.

            I think that an overt juxtaposition between working capital and saved capital will mean a writing off of futures contracts as their platforms go bankrupt and the problem is solved that way, probably that is the reason for massive share buy backs and almost zero interest rates.

            Try and think in the rostrum of minimalist ideology and so your bio footprint spends more time in bed.

          6. Kira Binkley says:

            Globalism has nothing to do with “jewish-supremacist masters”, because there is no such thing. There is, however, what I call the “vile entanglement of Leftism and Global Deep State” which contains Jew and non-Jew alike.
            Get off Israel’s back, Buddy!

          7. Harold Smith says:

            Hey buddy, on the contrary, “globalism” has everything to do with jewish supremacism.

            “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. NOTHING that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy, because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build.” (Maurice Samuel, “You Gentiles” p.155)

            “The triumph of fascism will be the triumph of the communist soul. But the communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that, just as in the Russian revolution the triumph of communism was the triumph of Judaism, so also in the triumph of fascism will triumph Judaism” (Rabbi Harry Waton, A Program For Jews And Humanity, p143, Astoria Press, 1939).

            “Since the Jews are the highest and most cultured people on earth, the Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth” (ibid., 99).

            “There is only one power which really counts. The power of political pressure. We Jews are the most powerful people on earth, because we have this power, and we know how to apply it.” (Ze’ev Jabotinsky, Jewish Daily Bulletin, July 27, 1935)

          8. Kira Binkley says:

            I object to being called “Buddy.”
            Who is Maurice Samuel?
            Ever hear of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” hoax, that even had Henry Ford believing it? But then, Ford had problems with Jews, as, I believe he couldn’t get financing from them in the late 19th century.
            Maurice Samuel was as far as I got in your post: You seam intent on maintaining some sort of arrogance, or bias, or fear. Or maybe all three.

          9. Harold Smith says:

            “I object to being called ‘Buddy.'”

            Me too.

            “Who is Maurice Samuel?”


            “Ever hear of the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ hoax, that even had Henry Ford believing it?”


            “But then, Ford had problems with Jews…”

            Who doesn’t?

            “Maurice Samuel was as far as I got in your post:”

            Too many “big words” in the rest of it?

            “You seam (sic) intent on maintaining some sort of arrogance, or bias, or fear.
            Or maybe all three.”

            Perhaps; but at least I know how to spell simple words like “seem.”

          10. Kira Binkley says:

            seam: make a long narrow indentation in.
            You are wrong. But spelling and peace are worlds, even universes, apart. One is needed for the survival of the human species; the other to show pretentiousness.
            Of course you know I won’t use your link. I know stupidity when I see it.

            Maybe when you find out about the Protocol hoax, I’ll check out Samuel. Maybe.

          11. Harold Smith says:

            “seam: make a long narrow indentation in.”

            Which is not what you meant, thus you apparently have trouble spelling simple words.

            “You are wrong.”

            Wrong about what?

            “But spelling and peace are worlds, even universes, apart. One is needed for the survival of the human species; the other to show pretentiousness.”

            You’re going to pretend you don’t get the point? I generally don’t take advice regarding matters such as geopolitics from someone such as yourself who can’t spell simple words.

            “Of course you know I won’t use your link. I know stupidity when I see it.”

            You’re supposed to be looking at your monitor, not your mirror, as you type your hapless drivel.

          12. Kira Binkley says:

            You really like those ad hominem methods of argument, don’t you?

          13. Harold Smith says:

            Well of course I do; especially when dealing with someone (e.g., you) who simply can’t be taken seriously.

          14. Kira Binkley says:

            So, your premise is if someone can’t be taken seriously they just need to be attacked. That’s a hard one to refute, Harold.

          15. Harold Smith says:

            LOL! Part of the reason that I don’t take you seriously is because you’re the one who first resorted to ad hominem.

          16. Kira Binkley says:

            I hope you have the maturity of intellect needed to understand sarcasm.

          17. Kira Binkley says:

            The ad hominem argument is brilliant when used to deflect reason from the substance of the argument. Where did you go to college—if you did? Yale?

          18. Kira Binkley says:

            Are you a woman, Harold? If not, your objection is trivial compared to mine. Maybe even a symptom of your obstinate character.

          19. Harold Smith says:

            I don’t have to be a woman to object to your patronizing use of a term of endearment.

          20. Kira Binkley says:

            “Buddy” is now a term of endearment?

          21. Harold Smith says:

            Based on generally accepted definitions, it can be construed as such.
            (From en.oxforddictionaries.com)

            buddy = friend; friend = affection; affection = endearment

            Definition of buddy in English:
            North American
            1A close friend.

            Definition of friend in English:
            1A person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations.

            Definition of endearment in English:
            1A word or phrase expressing love or affection.

            But since I am not your friend, you used the term in a patronizing sense. I hope that clears things up for you.

    2. Kira Binkley says:

      That sounds about right for the idiot Trump—El Stupido—is.

  4. Wulver says:

    Good. The magic dragon airship spews depleting uranium at about 6,000 rounds a minute.

    1. Approved says:

      you are mistaken in equating Compass Call aircraft with Spectre gunship

      1. Wulver says:

        Good anyway.

  5. Dr. Pro Liv says:

    Yes but U.S. has ISIS and Al Qaeda and they will revenge all this with false flag Chlorine attack on civilians and blame it on Russia !

    1. Kevin McCoy says:

      You sound like a Democrat with your conspiracy theories. LMAO

      1. Dr. Pro Liv says:

        And what is conspiracy theory ISIS or Al Qaeda ?
        It is even OFFICIALY admitted that CIA=U.S. have created Mujaheddin, Bin Laden and Al Qaeda !

        No you didn’t create ISIS alone you had your UK stooges and Israel to help you and Arab gulf states to finance it and many others involved !
        Even that is documented with many investigative journalists!

        The U.S. retards like you will never learn!

      2. คงศักดิ์ วงศ์ชูศรี says:

        You sound like american Nazi.

  6. fromaway46 says:

    How would the Russians know that they have this capability or the U.S. is tricking them into thinking they have it? When the SHTF can the U.S. simply switch their systems with the push of a button?

  7. Jens Holm says:

    And russians havew shown 1 shot down tomahawk.haha.

    1. Tommy Jensen says:

      Trying to export your cancer deseases to other countries Jens?

      Denmark, the worlds cancer hole………………………………………………..LOL.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        I just say its manipulative. None knows if all or many of those missiles was shot down.

        I say the same about many novels about many things here. Too much science fiction as if Islam told You has to lie, not You only You can for good reasons.

        The other way too – of course. More like too much canser all over the world then only here.

      2. Jens Holm says:

        I dont care who is doing those selective manipulations. More like that cancer is all over the world. None knows if more then 1 rocket was shot down.

  8. Approved says:

    Remember this everyone , anything coming from US officials can be depicted as

    A – Blatant lies and propaganda , like “all 100% of our missiles hit the target”. reason : the US want to “shape the media narrative” and win on the media front even if the ground truth is the opposite

    B – Exaggeration to buy new stuff , like “russian EW so scary we need to buy more modern stuff” , reason : the incestious relation between pentagon and weapons manufacturer are the way of life , theres no more industry left in CONUS except military manufacturers . its all a out money

    the Compass Call vs Russian EW ? you guess it. another plea to buy more more more

  9. NeoLeo says:

    “France’s ambassador to the Netherlands, Philippe Lalliot described the event as an “obscene masquerade”.”

    He is projecting: that failed false flag in Douma was “an obscene masquerade” organized by terrorists and their western masters.

    US/UK/France = the axis of evil.

  10. Siegfried says:

    Soon the Americans will have to use Jeff BEZOS’ Amazon-drones, to bomb something in Syria :)))))

  11. zman says:

    of all the countries in the middle east how many were invaded by the us? iraq is one.. but other then that most are friends or allies of the us and since ww2 the us helped to invest in them and certain industries especially oil and look how wealthy they became..

  12. Joe Dirt says:

    Russki propaganda, yawn.

  13. Shahna says:

    “France’s ambassador to the Netherlands, Philippe Lalliot described the event as an “obscene masquerade”.”
    No Mr Laoliot, the “obscene masquerade” is your tossing missiles at people whose only crime is – – – THEY DON’T WANT YOU BACK!

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