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Syrian War Report – April 26, 2017: Turkey Bombing US-backed Forces In Syria

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The Syrian Republican Guard has repelled another ISIS offensive in Deir Ezzor. The fighting took place near the Deir Ezzor Airbase, the Tamin Brigade base and in the cemetery area. Earlier this month, ISIS allegedly transferred its self-proclaimed capital from Raqqah to Deir Ezzor amid the continued US-backed advance on Raqqah. If true, the terrorist group will increase attempts to capture the government-held area in the city.

On April 25, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies launched a counter-attack in northern Hama, aiming government forces in Masasanah and near Zilaqiat. In Masasanah, militants used a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device to break Syrian army defenses and entered the village. In Zilaqiat, HTS-led forces engaged government troops in a series of firefights. By April 26, government forces have re-entered Zilaqiat and repelled militant advance in Masasanah, according to pro-government sources. However, clashes are still ongoing in the area and will continue until HTS-led forces don’t burn their tactical reserves in the area once again. This is expected soon.

On April 25, the Turkish Air Force bombed the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) General Command HQ in the Mount Karachok near the town of Al-Malikiyah, according to a statement released by the YPG General Command. Airstrikes also hit “a media center, a local radio station [Voice of Rojava FM], communication headquarters and some military institutions.” The YPG Central Command also confirmed causalities among YPG members and civilians. According to pro-Kurdish sources, about 20 persons were killed in the airstrikes. The YPG is a core of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces operating in Syria.

In turn, the Turkish military released a statement saying that Turkish warplanes had bombed members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Syria and in northern Iraq. Ankara sees the YPG as a branch of the PKK in Syria and describes it as a terrorist group. According to the statement, some 70 PKK members were killed in the air raids [30 – in Syria, 40 – in Iraq] and the targets were hit to prevent the PKK from sending “terrorists, arms, ammunition and explosives to Turkey.” The Turkish statement clearly dismissed speculations that Ankara forces hit US-backed fighters in Syria by mistake.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan said the US and Russia were informed of the attacks. However, the Pentagon said, “These airstrikes were not approved by the Counter ISIS Coalition and led to the unfortunate loss of life of our partner forces.”

In the same statement, Erdogan argued that Moscow is softening support for the Assad government referring to an alleged conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, the Turkish artillery started shelling of YPG/SDF positions near Tell Rifat in northern Aleppo.

Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has accidently acknowledged that Israel has an open communications channel with the ISIS terrorist group, or at least its part operating in the Syrian Golan Heights. Speaking about Israel’s neutrality in the Syrian war on Satuday, Ya’alon said that the terrorist group apologized for opening fire on Israeli Defense Forces soldiers in the occupied Golan Heights. “There was one case recently where Daesh [ISIS] opened fire and apologized,” the Times of Israel quoted Ya’alon as saying. The statement was likely a reference to a clash that took place near the Syrian border last November, in which IDF troops exchanged fire with ISIS members.

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Erdogan is a bizarre man.

He talks to the people who betrayed him. Then he talks to the people he betrayed.

He’s got nine lives, he’s drunk with power, and he’s playing with fire.

He’ll be gone before Assad.

Bill Wilson

Gulens will git him.


He’s going to impale him (old turkish tradition)


Not suggesting a diagnosis – but it’s just of some interest – that it is very common trait for people with some spectrum level of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, to misconstrue their social and professional relationships to be far closer than they actually are. They will have cursory meeting or interaction with someone and thereafter work off a deeply flawed assumption they are far closer and more connected than objective reality would indicate.
Reason mentioning this, is the remark by Uncle Erdie, that he drew a conclusion from brief discussion with Putin, about Putin’s forward intent and position as a ‘softening’ on Assad. Uncle Erdie apparently presumes he can both read Putin’s overall mindset and that their relationship is far more intimate and revealing than recent concrete events would either suggest or ever politically allow.

chris chuba

So when is DT going to launch a cruise missile attack on the Turkish airbase that launched the attack on our Kurdish allies?

Brad Isherwood

Would Trump attack Erdogan when he is with Putin ….in S 400 sex ?

Jens Holm

Forget that rubbish shit. Could be made of paper as an advertizer.

Trustin Judeau

Trump is cozy to Erdogan but he should know that Erdogan is not trustworthy . History shows it . There are reports about Turkey preparing for offensive against Kurdish groups . The rebels from Al Bab have left and FSA police have come in their place . This means that these rebels are preparing for battle . The options are Sinjar and Tel Abyad .

Jonathan Cohen

Any Kurds driven from Turkey can just move south to join the attack on ISIS, Plus Turkey can attack ISIS by going around Rojava through Sinjar. Hopefully both moves will be bad for ISIS. As long as Turkey respects abortion rights I hope YPG uses all it’s ammo on ISIS, leaving little for PKK.

Manuel Chrut
John Brown

I knew and predicted this. Erdogan knows that under the
Yilon plan Turkey at best keeps less than half its territory and has a large
part of its population irradiated. Soon Turkey will be in all out war with the
Kurds in Syria, Iraq and Turkey and pull out of NATO to join the EEU, Russia
China and Iran.

Israel / Rothchilds etc. can hire and bribe corrupt
politicians in what was once Western Europe and the USSA to betray and exterminate
their own people and populations but not Turkey. No way would Erdogan not be
killed by angry Turkey if he lets this happen to Turkey. Now he has past the
referendum he should be able to fight off another Israeli coup attempt and join
the Russian and Chinese payments systems and economic block when Israel cuts
Turkey out of SWIFT and orders a total trade boycott by its conquered vassals
the EU and USSA. Racist Supremacist Israeli’s are chasing Erdogan and Turkey
right into the arms of Russia, China and Iran.
Say what you want about Erdogan but compared to the parasitical, evil, collaborating,
scum running Europe to total destruction like Merkel, Holland etc. for their racist
supremacist Zionist masters, Erdogan is a good honest guy in comparison

Jonathan Cohen

Googling “Yilon plan” doesn’t get me much. Irradiated by what?

John Brown

The Yilon plan is your plan and it is there if you want to look for it. You can read and write so you should be able to find it if you don’t it is because you don’t want to. Spell check mistake I meant to say eradicated

/ exterminated as according to Jewish Talmudic, Torah, Kaballa etc. law as you well know as you have been taught your entire life, all Goyims (non-Jews) “me” are to be enslaved or exterminated by the master, chosen, racist, supremacist, Jewish, race “you”.

To see your thinking in action one only has to watch your blood ritual slaughter of animals to cause the most pain and suffering possible for your god and you consider Goyim to be lower then animals. The animals get the good treatment compared to Goyims. If it were up to me your ritual slaughter would be shown on T.V. for all Goyim to see as only evil is done in secret, good works are done in the light of day. Let the Goyims see your good work ritual slaughter and we shall see if they think it is good or evil and which god you are doing it for.

Jonathan Cohen

I’m not Jewish, certainly not racially so if they planned racial genicide they would certainly include me; though they only have to wait because I got a vasectomy 25 years ago. Not only that but I now want to see the YPG or Russia invade Israel because Israel recently banned abortion, according to wikipedia. But I still can’t seem to google “Yilon Plan” It only gives me Yukon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abortion_law , On this abortion map, Israel and Palestine look like allies.

888mladen .

Either you are lying which is the most likely or you are using a pseudonym which is about the same..

Jonathan Cohen

forced into pseudonym by facebook. my real name is Ditmore.

888mladen .

“I’m not Jewish” You must be than an African Pygmy.

Jonathan Cohen


888mladen .

Masonic Jew of Khazarian origin related to Scottish Right.

Jonathan Cohen

My grandfather was a mason but I’m not, because masons don’t give abortion rights the public priority it deserves, and are too ritualistic, secretive, and hierarchical.

Joe Doe

Kurds should quietly connect with Russia and switch to the Russian train, as americans will backstab kurds sooner than later. The benefits for the Kurds switch over Russia when the time is right, the Russians are more dependable partner. Americans have log culture of backstabbing


There are only cucks in the Pentagon. Their statement clearly means they are again going to throw kurds under the bus, but officially trying to play it both sides, like for the past many years. If you bow to one direction you show your ass to the other direction, haven’t they still learned?

Jonathan Cohen

Kurdish “support” mostly amounts to accepting ammo to shoot at ISIS. Kurds should obviously accept ammo from whoever gives it to them, including BOTH Russia and US.

Jens Holm

Well, they have taken ammo like that. The problem is, there are no others. PKK was supported a little by Assads as well as Russians. I dont know how it is now.

And Yes. We and US has went in to fight ISIS because we dont want those to replace Qaidas and not because of some kurdish freedom fighting – more like Syrian freedom fighting to get rid of Assads.

However many people are not treated according to Human Rights and here not only kurds are hidden hard in a bad way, but they are extra and some improvements would be a good thing in stead of central dictastor governess.

Jonathan Cohen

Kurds should support both Russia and US (mostly visa versa) in a three way alliance for abortion rights across the Middle East, include Turkey too if they keep abortion rights and quit bombing them. PKK should move South to attack ISIS instead of Turkey and Turkish Army should attack ISIS via Sinjar, with KDP transit permit.
I think Kurds simply take ammo from whoever gives it to them and shoots that ammo at ISIS, they don’t have much “support” to give in return to anyone. If Russia wants to give ammo to kurds then they are more than free to do so, and they should to crush ISIS.


Many readers seem surprised. They should NOT be.
Backstabbing is considered a clever move in Turkish culture, even a “valiant” one. It is the equal of outsmarting your opponent.

Many warfare/ political practices that either in the West or in other civilizations are viewed upon as dishonorable and ignoble are hailed in the Turkish culture..

Jens Holm

Well those many readers actually knows that very well. We has seen it more and more open from AKP & Erdogan the last 13 years.

They dont understand, we demand that if they want to join the common things in EU it is demands and include them.

We have systematicly seen the opposite and before that had some kind of hope having at least a small majority for joining or at least better agreements among us.

Now all is changed. Turkey got a list and seems never to even try to would like to full fill it.

And it seems like Turkey are getting the pay for it. Smaller and smaller relations in investmenets, not many tourists, no cheep loans a.s.o.

The being above all others are common – or was – in the old empire states incl. russians. So we do know that attitude. Its mainly gone in France, England, but You still can find it in USA, China and Japan even they are reduced as well.


“Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has accidently acknowledged that Israel has an open communications channel with the ISIS terrorist group, or at least its part operating in the Syrian Golan Heights”…TRANSLATION…Moshe Ya’alon has acknowledge that Israel maintain open communication with I.S.I.S to coordinate attacks on the Syrian army.

John Brown

El Zorro you almost had it right but no, the right the TRANSLATION is Israel is ISIS, ISIS is Israel, Israel created and runs ISIS, Israel gives orders to ISIS, they don’t just work together. The servant ISIS apologizes to the master Israel! I don’t see ISIS apologize to any one else. Does the master ever apologize to the servant?? No!

John Brown

The Kurds need to wake up from the trance of false promises Israel and Israel’s master Satan gave them as Erdogan and Turkey have done and understand they are not going to get any home land or their own state. The best they can hope for is bilingualism using their own language and looser border controls between Syria, Iraq and Iran for them, that is it or be exterminated by Israel.

Jens Holm

bork, far out like yesterday and yesterday. Israel bombing and aiport in Damaskus to support kurds. Hallo there – Is anybody home ?

John Brown

Israel flies over ISIS and al Qaeda positions to bomb the Syrian army, to support its creations ISIS and al Qaeda

888mladen .

Neither Erdogan nor Kurds are trustworthy. They are both hostile to the Syrian government. YPG is non entity on the international scene. It hasn’t been recognized by any member of UNSC as a sovereign state. Only Damascus has a legal right to protect them but they are in no harry after all the animosity which YPG has shown toward the central government.


YPG is a militia.

The PYD, a political party, does not want to be a sovereign state. They want internal autonomy within Syria. They acknowledge Syria as a state, but not Assad as a murderer of his own people.

As the central government has ever been hostile towards kurds, it is not surprising for them to have animosity towards a dictatorial government that has ever wanted to destroy them as a people.

Damascus has no legal rights as ethnical genocide, a favorite pastime of the Assads, is forbidden by international law. A democratic Syrian government would have legal rights, but there has never been a democratic Syrian government.

Jonathan Cohen

There never will be a democratic Syrian government either. the best we can hope for is abortion rights. YPG serves PYD unless they have their own legislative policy they can be used interchangeably as long as land taken by YPG is under laws written by PYD. (not sure that is true of Turkish army/Al Bab and Turkish abortion law for example, or Roe vs Wade in Baghdad or even Bagram or Guantanimo).
Of course PYD wants sovereignty and are just too scared to demand it. If they had a million F-22 and trained crews, they would demand it immediately, like anyone would. They would demand a port too; and take one.
What they want is weapons, ammo and the ability to use them. Their demands, like anyone’s, will expand in proportion to how many weapons they get. I hope they demand abortion rights from Kabul to Luanda and everywhere in between. and I hope they get a million F-22 and T-50 with which to get it.

Jens Holm

yes, but You forget a few things. One is, that 1 – 2 millions are not there and most of them are not kurds and only most of the kurds are PYD.

I really think You should read their program. Hard to see, You insist and know better then themselves.

Jonathan Cohen

They are more socialist than me I hear, but economic system is not worth fighting over. Abortion rights are. Plus I don’t suppose they want to speak Kurdish in Santiago; but that’s what esperanto is for.

888mladen .

“They are more socialist than me I hear”. Yea it seems you both are the birds of feather. “ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the STAR of your god, which ye made to yourselves.” Amos 5:26


Jens Holm

Well, if You are that marginalized as many kurds are, economy and growth by that is.

To me its a matter of having a sekular sector and take the religios parts away. Its also a matter of putting response to the people – and all – not only the father in the family and the woman and girls nothing or almost nothing.

When You as in Syria let hundreds die because its dry with no rain and there are no lack of money, because all money are taken from the oil production as well as by corruption and ineffectivines it need no language and it doesnt matter if it Santiago de Chile or Compostela.

You can see it in Syria. The useuasal sayd the inhabitants in this town is that many and thise that many. There are no kurds there and there.

But its wrong. Many areas before with agriculture are abanded after being dry. They are not helped up. There are not invested in modern irrigation.

And it is a problem town has grown hard and there are no jobs.

Jonathan Cohen

The more marginalized they are, the less kids they can feed and the more they need abortion rights.

Jens Holm

Well, many way to go to improve living standard. Poor people make many children, because thats the only way they can be safe, when they cant work.

So another way seen here in the next generation all old people and handicapped get pension, which all taxpayers pay too.

That make people use contreseption very much and let the abortion rate go down. There is also a next day pill to use, which is for unsafe sex and possible pregnancy. We also have You can get permanent or temporary infertile cutting somne strings.

So the birthrate goes very much down and abortions too.

We cabn see it. When they come they have and will have as much children, they can and at least until they have 1 or 2 boys because they sell females for mmarrige and boy biy them.

But today we see familis here normally has 1,8 child and the incommers in next egenration are down to 3,1 in stead of 6 or more.

I think you dont get, that they often dont want abortion because the chikdren shoudl support them and they know the strongest will live. Its not only becauese woman bodies cant handle so many and there is no food.

So they have to learn new things, Im fine with abortation compared to unwanted children.

888mladen .

You are wrong. He has been reading the original document “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. What they have written for Kurds is just for Goyims consumption.

Jens Holm

he a clone too ?

Jens Holm

Thats rubbish. Very unusual Assads should defend any kurds. Assads were gone years ago if kurds had taken part of the uprise even if all has keft the country.

And ÝPG is like YPJ a military part of SDF, which contains many groups. Here YPG is the biggest one.

Har to read You after 5 years know that little even its available at the internet in less then seconds.

888mladen .

Don’t unleash your tong on anybody mate .It doesn’t make you look smart. You better check on your facts and less watching CNN, ABC, BBC would make you look and sound a lot smarter.

Brad Isherwood

The Saker was interviewed recently on Guns and Butter/KPFA

Saker coments on Putin’s political reality.. ..public popularity,…and snakes everywhere
If Putin/Russia are showing That Syria cannot be allowed to fall,….then it must be the
Long game,….as I’m not seeing Russia or Iran take initiative.
Both seem to be playing pawn vs pawn against Empire. ..Neither are giving Israel
One night lost sleep, …..not even Hezbollah.

Long war…….pour a glass of disappointment and make it a double.

888mladen .

Honestly I have no sympathy for the ambitions of Kurdish leadership. They’ve brought it on themselves. There is very little hope they will come to their senses.

Jonathan Cohen

They do seem to shoot too much at Turkey and therefore not enough at ISIS.

Jens Holm

They hasnt attacked any and hasnrt been in the uprise against Assad.

So whats Ypur proposal. Should they sit by their hands and be killed by ISIS or all be refugees in Turkey.

Whats better – Being turkish and deported to Istanbul or what.

888mladen .

Are you telling me Turks are attacking them for no reason? How many Kurdish MP are in Turkish parliament? They haven’t attacked anybody? Really. What about Assyrian Christians and Arabs in Hasaka? Who provoked them to attack SAA? It’s tragic how Goyims can’t see how “the Elders of Zion” have been controlling both sides in the conflict.

John Brown

You can only trust people to do what is their own best interest. That is the best and strongest kind of relationship to have, when it is based upon realty and mutual win / win benefits. Then you know the other party will stick to any deal because it is in their interest and to their benefit not because they like you. Liking can change in a second unexpectedly. Benefits and self interest can change but it takes time to do so with plenty of warning to make adjustments.

Problems arise when parties are irrational not knowing their own interests or brain washed
and occupied and conquered like the USSA has been conquered and occupied by racist
supremacist Jews and Israel. So no deals with the USA are possible. Deal with the master, racist, supremacist, Jews, and Israel as slaves like Americans, French, Germans, British etc. can’t stick to deals even if they want to, as their Jewish slave masters call the shots not the Goyim slaves. However Israel won’t openly do such deals because they can’t openly declare their slave empire of Goyims for fear of a rebellion. Racist Supremacist Jews need their Goyim slaves to falsely think they are free. It is why the amount of brain washing and propaganda in what was once the west is 100 plus times what is was in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany etc.

Jens Holm

And the hindus.

Bernie Matthews

Erdogan laugh’s in the face of the US and Russia because he’s playing both side’s and any loss and disunity between the US or Russia is to his advantage

Jürgen Walter

I think Russia would do something if he invades al Hasshak that threatens Assad since it’s oil rich and more valuable then albab.

Bernie Matthews

The longer theirs disunity between Russia and the US the war in Syria will never end.


Erdogan can not make these attacks without USA approval. Kurds are sleeping with the enemy.

Jens Holm

Very fast conclusion. I think its very manipuolative to write US as an enemy.

gfsdyughjgd .

There is no difference between head chopping terrorist and a Muslims government country both are headchoppers.In legal and illegal way according to the gaotfucking Allah traditions.

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