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JUNE 2023

Syrian War Report – April 20, 2017: Foreign Powers To Increase Support To Militants In Syria

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) continued its operations in the city of Daraa. HTS forces are attacking the remaining Syrian Army points in the northern part of Al-Manshiyeh and the nearby areas. On April 19th, HTS claimed that it had managed to destroy a tank and a heavy rocket launcher belonging to the Syrian army in the al-Sajna district north of Al-Manshiyeh. HTS also used an explosive house to target the remaining Syrian Army positions in Al-Manshiyeh.

The US Special Operations Forces reportedly carried out an air landing in three sites in the ISIS-held area in eastern Syria last Monday night. US forces landed in the area of the Maizala Dam, the desert town of Granig, and the surrounding area of the T2 in Al-Tanf in the Al-Mayadin desert, according to local sources.

On April 19th, ISIS announced in Deir Ezzor mosques that US troops had evacuate spies who used to work in the area. If true, this would be the fourth time during this month alone in which the US has evacuated spies from the ISIS-held areas.

Pro-militant sources have announced that so-called opposition forces have created a new militant group, the Eastern Shield Army (or the Al-Sharqiyah Shield Army) in order to capture Qamishly, Haskhah, Deir Ezzor, and Raqqah. The Al-Sharqiyah Shield Army will fight the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), and ISIS. The group also released a video showing a few poorly armed fighters during what appeared to be a military training exercise.

Meanwhile, another militant alliance is being set up in order to consolidate military control in the province of Idlib, in northern Latakia and in western Aleppo, Al Jazeera English reported, citing its own sources in the Free Syrian Army.  The newly formed militant alliance will allegedly be funded by the so-called “Friends of Syria”, in other words, the United States, the EU, Turkey, and Gulf monarchies. It is stated in the report that the newly formed alliance will fight the Syrian government and will not fight Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda). Indeed, nobody is surprised with this decision.  So-called moderate opposition groups backed up by the Friends of Syria are well known friends of al-Qaeda. It’s interesting to note that it is also stated in the al Jazeera report that in January of 2016 the CIA pressured some militant groups in order to force them to ignore the Astana talks backed up by Moscow, Tehran, and Ankara.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), predominantly consisting of members of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), has created a “civilian council” to rule the Syrian city of Raqqah after its expected liberation from ISIS terrorists. The announcement took place after a meeting in the SDF-held town of Ain Issa located north of Raqqah.

These developments clearly show that foreign sponsors of various factions involved in the war are increasing their activity in Syria ahead of the expected division of spheres of influence after the collapse of ISIS.

Now, the key question is what areas will the sides really control after the fall of ISIS. An important competition will take place for gas and oil fields in the countryside of Palmyra and Deir Ezzor.

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Bill Wilson

Who in the World would want Syria’s eastern oil & gas fields? The oil is a very low grade very heavy sour crude that requires natural gas to be injected into the deposits so it can be forced over to the wells to be pumped out. When processed, half of it is waste asphalt while the other half is mostly kerosene and mineral spirits with very little gasoline and lubrication oils. The Syrian government exported that for years since they didn’t care to spend a lot of money on adapting their refineries to process that junk.

Keith Smith


Jens Holm

You can probatly find the Yourself, if You ask google nicely. They are probatly correct referred, but the manufacturer is not to rely.

Keith Smith

soooo… no evidence then

Jens Holm

Its not meant like that. Its meant as public statistics often are hiddeni some parlament structure and its in there somewhere and might be hard to find.

Others can have copied fx to compare with themselves and has taken all or important parts from it. You then can take parts of it and compare with other data as long as it goes.

So You have fx official numbers and has to compare wirth whats seen so many times. Its – as I think I wrote – some countries write up the numbers of inhabitants to look more populated as they are. Its then also seen, that all those cant be refugees, because they are estimatly not there – as well as all the estimated refugees in towns as Al Bab, Manbij, Aleppo, Mosul actually are not there – even there are many of them.

One indication on that is how many meals You have to find for them – another could be how many tents Ypu have to put up.

If You add those and many, they are proof if You suddenly has 50.000 unused meals by UNHCR and still comming the next year. The opposite too of course – a lack of meals for 50.000 the next year.

We also see it here with crimerates. Most refugees comming here are like us, but when specific groups from specific countries arrives parts of them are higly criminals, we therefor put extra resources incl. police there or would like they dont arrive at all – even most people from there are fine to.

You cant say who those are, when they rape, steel and are much more conflicting with own as well as ours. Its not acceptable they have to do it, and then we act. So statistics say we without hard evidence can take the top of it being prepared.

Keith Smith

statstics can be and always are misrepresented and skewec. if 80 % of people who had a car crash had eaten a burger the night before, MSM would try and say burgers cause car crashes. UK and US stopped the investigation into a sarin attack. But they moan that russia used it’s veto to stop further sanctions. go back to your sources, i can list a hundred sources debunking them

Jens Holm

Thats right, statistiscs can me used and misused correct. There has to correalation. We have marked special places for people crossing streets and many are wounded there. It doesnt say, we should luck down those white striped either.

Keith Smith

so remember. this is not and never has been a civil war in syria. it has aways been armed terrorists backed by a plethora of foreign sponsers. MSM is full of shite white helmets are al qaeda doctors. also here http://www.globalresearch.ca/twenty-six-things-about-the-islamic-state-isil-that-obama-does-not-want-you-to-know-about/5414735

Jens Holm

No, it has systematic killings of all opposition since the third star went of the flag by people which in stead of a country has made it into their own proporty stolen from the people by a regime runned by a currupt mafiosasystem of the worst kind.

So when they finally has got possibilities to shoot back, they do for good reasons – The oppositions which is still alive and not afraid to die. The dead only speak at heavens gate.

It make kind of laugh in serious matters, that You in the most pathetic way pretend those people and refugees are a shield of hostages, which even should be worse gives an argumentatíon, which is far out with empathy, whích only psykopats has.

The history of Assads and Baatgistas is an endless line of treating many, many people much worse than bad.

Most of Your people shold be at least 1000 Years old and sit in jail until then, because You can execute them more then once.

Keith Smith

cia created isis

Jens Holm

Yes and no. But You forget USA and we has been trying to take turn that 180 since.

And its too much forgotten, that if we You want to grow something it helps very much if others make sun, rain, shadow, wate, fertilzer and soil.

But true: Dirt sometimes grow from nothing, but I can only see, that USA by Obama saw what ISIS really became, it and we turned upside down.

ISIS was kind of accepted, because Assads didnt fell as hoped. Then som gun and noise might do it, but that noise became very dangerous –

Assads were helped and and by russia, iran & hisbollah. So in stead of some kind of change and hope, You got full scale civile ware with 8-10 mio refugees as well as estimated at least 300.000 dead.

What a great succes.

Samuel Boas

And how did you come up with this wisdom?????

Dustil schmit

According to the 2009 Syria Report of the Oxford Business Group, the oil sector accounted for 23% of government revenues, 20% of exports, and 22% of GDP in 2008. Syria exported roughly 150,000 bpd in 2008, and oil accounted for a majority of the country’s export income. Syria is a relatively small oil producer, accounting for just 0.5 percent of the global production in 2010. Although Syria is not a major oil exporter by Middle Eastern standards, oil is a major pillar of the economy. According to the International Monetary Fund, oil sales for 2010 were projected to generate $3.2 billion for the Syrian government and account for 25.1% of the state’s revenue. One could argue that Agriculture is more important then oil in Syria. Compare that to Iraq and other middle eastern nations.

Rodney Loder

Syria was an intellectual hub for manufacturing chemical development , oh, ! scratch the chemicals, and medicine type products.

Jens Holm

Well, You have to compare with all was imported before that.

Rodney Loder

Syria was 90% self sufficient in the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing was really strong compared to their neighbours, Syrians have a work ethic missing in most Arab Countries, in a way they are a bit unique like the Filipinos copied the Spanish the Syrians copied the French, I know the French have gone bad they went real bad, fortunately though the Colonists had departed and the Syrians didn’t succumb to their lumpkin development and maintained a zealous consistency.

Jens Holm

Im no amateur in those matters.

Rodney Loder

All Southfront people salute you being one of them.

Jens Holm

Thank You. I wish all in Syria would do, what I told them.


Modest too.

Jens Holm


Jens Holm

Im very mixted about almost all numbers from that state. the more I look, the more fakes, there are. Im sure the potential are there, but too much of the country are ruled, so its not possible.

I have the same about all those inhabitants in the townd. Much is fake and total unreliable.

Too much is construted to make Assads and baatists look great made by some well paid poem makers in Damaskus.

Look at the militaries as a well described sector. The lack is the skill of the soldiers because of the lack of understanding how effective armies get working well by decentralized dessisions. Well colored and supported by the islamic thinking ogf obedience in stead of learning to act flexible, when the opportunities are there.

No wonder they have been knocked out by israels so many times and still think tanks and aeroplanes make the defence/attack better.

Well, it was very fine in the Good old days of Muhammed and many centuries after that, but not know and for many years.


The quality of the fields is not important. The plan is to partition Syria into zones and keep Damascus weak. I think the Jihadist offensive in N Hama was launched just to keep the SAA preoccupied around Idlib province while the anti Assad coalition is grabbing territory in eastern Syria. They are moving into the void left by a weak ISUS, before SAA can.

Jens Holm

I agree. The fields are not importants. Its more important to make some stabile areas, where people can come home in peace and rebuild – As well as not many out there want Assads back at all or maximum as a formel leader in a United Syrian States or something…

Jens Holm

You can only be partly right in that, and acually there are gas for heating too. Its very important for countries have local energy sources and asphalt is not so bad, when You have very long road systems.

Syria of today are with cotton in the same way. Because of the low income its duable locals and others can make own clothe.

Parts of farming are same thing. Much is very primitive, but it gives food every day – exept if there i no rain for years, which happens – You therefore can feed Your own population as well as upgrade parts of the production and get people more resistantant against decieses.

And You have it. None says al has to be taken up and sold as soon as possible.

People has to try, what they can. Denmark has wind full for windpower for 200 days a year and thats a great help for own economy as well as export of mills and know how. Other uses Atomic powerplants. Syria has oil as well as gas.

I would also say, that many here use asphalt product to make cheep roofs in wide long roles. Syria might need som new houses here and there. But You cant use those roofs sleeping up there or put up laundry.

gfsdyughjgd .

North Korea is apparently the biggest threat according to USA/Nato but their are one’s. Their create different terrorist organization in Syria and yet expected help from China and Russia to oppress North Korea,Iran and other’s that their dislike.North Korea has never test Moab bom or invade any country.After get what their want their pomp in troops to Russian borders and violate South China seas.North Korea is impoverished with stupid UN sanctions while USA/Nato and fake UN cries for starving terorist and chemical attack as of there is special death.

Jens Holm

Seems You forget, those Koreans cant even feed themselves and make threats to everybody if they dont get it.

If You present normal help for better productivity in farming as well as all sectors, You get a no and threats again.

I cant see those sanctions are silly, after all all nations are members of UN and has decided that.

Most of the shit in Syria are made by Assads. and not by us. Thank You.

When some leaders here are not duable, we elect some new we hope is better. Since Old Assads and a star was taken away from the Baatista flag all “might be duable” has been killed – NOT BY US.

So thats where You are today. the only opposition with a structure and not afraid to die – are those religios ones, where some rather look like ordinary warlords.

We are so bard of the long lists of excuses from You. Only corners are kind of true.

chris chuba

I was thinking that Al Qaeda (don’t care about their latest fake name) was going to launch another false flag WMD attack but now I realize that they got what they wanted, a safe zone in Idlib and the weapons spigot opened again. If they tried another false flag they risk being exposed and undoing their previous master stroke at Khan Shaykhun. They still might depending on how things go but currently they do not have to.


Notice that the UN envoy has damned the terrorist attack on children last Saturday to cries of indifference from the corp-0-rat media.


It is hard to refute this report. It is only not all inclusive.

Russia, Iran, PMU’s are also stepping up support for one of the players, Assad himself. They are also foreign powers so must be included.

Jonathan Cohen

I hope every abortion banner in the region, (Assad, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE) kills each other, leaving only YPG, Russia, US, and Part of Turkey and Bahrain. Current alliances make no sense.


Remove assad and Iran from that list and u got my vote ;)

Jens Holm

So You want to nuke them or what.


no, i want them to control entire middle east :)

Joe Doe

Looks like americans going for the Syria East gas and oil fields and will try divide Syria into 3 parts and have influence of those fields

Jens Holm

What a laughing shit. Do they have bottles with them for it or are sniffers.

Syria is no country and has hardly been ever. Its a private military possition of the 2 stars Mafiosa Baathistas of Bagdad, where corruption rules and the no sayers has been killed since before old Assads and also does today.

This dictatorship must be reduced or stopped and it can be done in several ways. But americans as well as others are primary reducing ISIS in those zones. The regime is not there, only some which still think they are kind of Khalifts, but have showed they mainly are gangsters of the worst kind.


Same NATO bullshit for regime change in every nation wanting sovereignty over it gas and oil and opts out of the US petrodollar system. It is also a favorite Zionist argument heard in Israel to dehumanize their neighbors. Before destabilizing efforts and militarizing the Sunnies for regime change there was peace. Now our NATO nations in their greed have destroyed another nation. What goes around comes around and we note the destabilization process taking place in the US caused by its own hand.


“Do they have bottles with them for it or are sniffers.” Judging by your ‘rant’ /comment – you should know.

Jens Holm

Its very infected to tell, US and we should take that area for oil, if US has their own way now, and it can be taken and controlled where it comes out.

Much is also found at sede west of Syria, Lebanon and Israel and there are the usual disputes there to ownership as well as production and distribution.

The only thing of importance could be reopening the old Saddam “oil for weapon” passing Deir El Zor where extra from the local sources inland can be used inland by that or be transported to the coast for export in small amounts.

Many maps as well as scemamtics about thet and getting things from Kirkuk and out. But I see no reasons for USA and we should invest there for oil and gas.

The reasons can only be 2 kinds of stabilisations. One is to keep ISIS total out of any game and 2 to dont leave it as a vakuum, where Assads can do anything as before, just showeling money to Damaskus and Latakia in the same problematics as in Iraq by kurds as well as sunniarabs getting.

An artificial map below taken in for its nice color and o https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a25bd0fea7b5c83c3d80facbe4df108204d3d7a54043ba7f310926e2de4cb0ba.png ne by many proposed ressources as well as transport for it.

Rodney Loder

The latest Kaiser Report has Max seeming very adamant that the all-market bull is probably permanent, and also, but nothing to do with Kaiser is KSA willing to dump ARAMCO to pay for survival, as well as that, the Institutional Investment Houses clearly believe US is going on to pull a rabbit out of the hat, I think that rabbit might be Putin, that’s what they think anyway, however this new group Eastern Shield to fight SAA, SDF, PKK, and IS is obviously Erdogan’s Band of Turkmen, it’s good to see them in this preview, because if Trump is successful with the Armada the old figh will be reenacted between the Brotherhood and the GCC, if not then the war is over.

Jonathan Cohen

I don’t understand? what makes Putin a rabbit??? You are saying the market is betting the US economy will thrive because the US will make peace with Putin? or Remove Putin? or otherwise access Putin’s oil????

Rodney Loder

He’s only a rabbit if he makes the miracle happen for Western Hegemony, like I say Kaiser is now agreeing with me for the first time, interest rates being zero or negative don’t inhibit the market, growth can be Capital Gains only, with money printing to sustain them, so as long as resources are available there are only two things important for US dominance to be maintained economically, replacing the USD as Reserve Currency is only the immediate focus but in the long term, 1. Continual Capital gains with Central Banks purchasing Gov debt and a housing market that is always on the go with only small recalibratios (corrections), so that every one that needs to be satisfied is satisfied and money printing sustains them, fiat currency is doing its job causing scarcity where needed. Putin knows this even Obama was the first to admit it, not in so many words, Trump will offer Putin in on the “deal”, but Trump will not mean it because the IMF& WB want Siberia and much else, also Russia comes with China and the West would not be dominant, (too many parasites kill the host) but Putin probably thinks the Federation is too powerful, but the West will keep at it until Russians give up and blame their leadership, Putin probably doesn’t believe that.

Jens Holm

Look like a plot for a new Monty Pyton to me in a Disney version.

Rodney Loder

The only thing I ever found funny with Monty Python was the little guy that would get patted on the head, he took it so well, but Disney was real not phony, political economics requires a little Guy getting hulminated but making a screwed up creepy joker look good and also a winner Disney won the creep came last, and we all know what happens to last place in Capitalism, he gets eaten alive.

Jens Holm

I didnt write Monty Python was funny. The reasons for those got so famous was, that a lot of the plots were looking at the bright site in a lot anything else but funny in from barking mad to tragic even I also llikes the walk funny.

And much disnaey are exact same thing. They compilate things in their own way, so You can hardly recognize them, but also want to see.

Many stories in Disney ends happy too, even You not are married to Cindarella.

In the first many films from there, You forget that people were so poor so poor and people straved to death. So they were also a comment to kapitalism as its worst and seen much because people then at least could laugh at their low conditions, which they couldnt change.

And right, eaten alive. Where else do You see that. Its not only in capitalism.

If You should compare it could be the conditions in China as well as russia when disney started and up to and around Wall street in 1929.

Rodney Loder

I understood that, but a plot is funny to me, a killjoy is someone who doesn’t like war and schadenfreude is an application to walk on the funny side of life. I think that’s because Capitalism was OK when there was an infinite availability of environmental to play the game in, (by manufacturing new Monty plots), so really it was man against nature, now it’s man against man fighting over what is left of nature, so schadenfreude becomes the overall funny thing because we’re all insane except for me and you.

Jonathan Cohen

housing is unsustainable. At some point people will either just be homeless or quit having kids, get old and die; or they will build more houses causing the old ones to depreciate.

Rodney Loder

Agreed but property values will continue to rise producing Capital Gain in housing, like the Romans experienced we just built up not out, that is basically because unlike Rome that was limited by the depth of their silver and gold mines causing contaminated air we invented ventilation, ie. Fiat Currency, every bank is a licensed to issue electronic funds as loans which are assets of the bank, there are no statutory reserve requirements on the local bank that have any significant meaning, monetary policy has been passed on or passed over by nearly all governments. Countries can over build and end up with empty skyscrapers but so far only China had managed to achieve this goal.

Jonathan Cohen

housing cannot continue to rise much in inflation adjusted dollars. that is what is unsustainable. in fact to a large extent we are on the housing standard. meaning the value of money is determined by how many houses it can buy. meaning that any rise in housing constitutes inflation by definition.

Rodney Loder

The abolition of Death Duties which was a tax on the Equity in the Property or Estate owned by the deceased person, coupled with the Nuclear Family probably means that Property Ownership will shrink as a proportion of Citizens, at a geometric progression, so then rents will limit the purchase price of housing since fewer owners will own more houses and will need to rent them out, but that will only be one factor effecting the value of money, because more people will occupy fewer houses spreading the rent out, and consequently pushing the value of money in a deflationary direction, since lower paid workers and welfare recipients will be expected to live in a greater concentrated way, so they will not need to be paid much. That will leave more money in the system for home owners the purchase more houses, exactly what happen in Rome before the fire, it was also repeated in London, only by burning it down and starting again was the problem rectified.

Jonathan Cohen

It can easily be fixed by city funded housing projects funded by local property tax, combined with limiting demand with municipal contraception and ending immigration. Neither Rome nor London had municipal contraception. The only challenge is political.

Rodney Loder

London did so have Municipal Contraception, and to prove it when the fire was at its peak, the Mayor was running around shouting aloud that he was a spent force which is what Contraception is. Apart from that the problem can’t be solved by decreeing a halt order because corruption is the bedrock of Capitalism, taxing the people who determine the taxes is impossible, that’s why Trump is holding out declaring his tax receipts, realestate margins have to be loses because borrowing is determined by equity value which will always outstrip affordable rents due to the financial incentives to borrow and loan new issue currency, that’s why China builds skyscrapers that will never be rented out.


Waht Russia, China and Iran will do about this?

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