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Syrian War Report – April 19, 2018: Journalists Find Boy Filmed In Staged Video Of Chemical Attack In Douma

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A group of Russian correspondents led by Evgeny Poddubny has found a boy filmed by the White Helmets in their video showing people “affected” by the alleged chemical attack in Douma on April 7.

According to Poddubny:

  • 11-year-old Hassan Diab is fine;
  • He suffered no injures from the “chemical attack” because there was no attack (at least then and there);
  • The boy participated in the video for food (rice, dates and cookies).

Poddubny also contacted Hassan’s father – he also said that there was no chemical attack in the town.

The April 7 case was not the first time when the White Helmets and other pro-militant organizations used kids for propaganda purposes. During the battle for Aleppo in 2016, a photo of Omran Daqneesh after alleged strike by Russian warplanes became popular in the mainstream media (MSM) and then was used in a wide-scale campaign against the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance’s operation in the city.

After the liberation of Aleppo, Omran’s father accused militants of using his son as a propaganda tool and praised efforts of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to liberate the city.

Another widely known case is Bana al-Abed, that thanks to the MSM, became a popular twitter blogger constantly accusing the SAA of civilian casualties and other crimes during the operation to liberate Aleppo. De-facto, her content was one big accusation against the SAA.

The only problem is that Bana was almost unable to speak English in 2016 and her account was run by her mother, according to a later version designed to explain how the girl was able to produce all that text and video content.
Russian journalists are not alone in finding no evidence of the chemical attack allegedly conducted by the Assad government.

Pearson Sharp, a reporter of One America News Network also visited the city and found that all the locals say that the chemical attack had been fabricated by militants. Robert Fisk, a Middle East correspondent of The Independent, also visited the site and found no evidence of the attack. However, such reports from the ground face a strong criticism by or ignorance in the MSM.

On April 18, the SAA and the Tiger Forces launched a military operation against militants in eastern Qalamoun. Government troops advanced near the town of al-Ruhaybah and captured the Hawash area.

The advance took place as militants in al-Dumayr are surrendering their heavy weapons and preparing for evacuation. According to the state-run media, about 1,500 militants and 5,000 members of their families will withdraw towards Jarabulus.

The situation in the Rastan pocket was stabilized as the SAA and local militants reached a temporary ceasefire and agreed to re-launch negotiations on a reconciliation deal.

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Dear world, please understand here in America, we are covered with ‘fake’ news of one sort or another. We are so inundated by ‘half truths’, missing facts and outright lies, most of us are doubtful of our own understanding. Being doubtful leads to indecision and paralysis, but I have faith America will sooner or later get the facts straight, and we will begin acting in a sane rational way.

paul ( original )

Just how long did it take Americans to realize the truth concerning the Gulf of Tonkin incident? Also can you remind me how many Americans still believe Iraq had weapons of mass destruction?


I am not all americans. Can you ask a sensible question?

paul ( original )

You don’t have to be all Americans to answer the questions. But you give a clear impression of what you are.


America is waking up slowly, in spite of the Lams stream media. Turning a blind eye to the False Flag in 2013; invited more of the same.

Previously; The Syrian War What You’re Not Being Told https://youtu.be/dkamZg68jpk

The Covert Origins of ISIS Americans better figure this out in time. Who will pay attention to covert US foreign policy and share?


Jack Young

Hey Eagleye, Could you please post the link for this video so I can share it. Thanks.


The Syrian War What You’re Not Being Told https://youtu.be/dkamZg68jpk


Since the psychopath criminals and murderous nations of the FUKUS(FRANCE, UK, US) attacked Syria for an allege “chemical attack”…

Russia, China, Iran and the coalition of the willing, should mount a missile attack on the air fields, aircraft, chemical facilities that are poisoning the American people every day with the GEOENGINEERING PROGRAM, attack all the water treatment plans that are poisoning the American people with FLUORIDATED CONTAMINATED WATER AND OTHER HEAVY METALS and also attack all those manufacturers of VACCINES that are poisoning the American population and children WITH MANDATORY VACCINES, also attack the CDC that approved the POISONING of the population, and attack the EPA BUILDINGS that are complicit in the CHEMTRAIL PROGRAM, also attack all the G5 MICROWAVE TOWERS that are causing CANCER AND MENTAL DISORDER IN THE POPULATION, MONSANTO AND THEIR GMO and all the HAARP STATIONS CONTROLLING AND MANIPULATING THE WEATHER destroying the global food supply and killing the wild live animals and forests.


The Syrian War What You’re Not Being Told https://youtu.be/dkamZg68jpk

The Covert Origins of ISIS Americans better figure this out in time. Who will pay attention to covert US foreign policy and share?



Question: When will the US government know that Operation Mockingbird was successful?

Answer: When everything the American people believe to be true is a lie.

They have already succeeded in mind control and brainwashing of over half of all Americans of lower intelligence. Thank God there are some of us who are too intelligent to be fooled. We must never fall for their lies and propaganda.

It is to the point today that everything our treasonous government and the Projectile Vomit Media spews is only lies and propaganda that must be totally rejected. In fact don’t even subject yourself to their programming, consider it all to be propaganda because it is.


I watch the CBSNBCABC network a bit, to see the BS script they it is reading to the sheeple. World War III – Who Will Be Blamed? If you want to start a war, the unwashed masses must be convinced to send their brothers, sons and fathers to die on the front lines. The specter of an external enemy must be etched into their collective mind through trauma, exaggeration and repetition. History must be whitewashed, twisted and cherry picked down to a politicized nursery rhyme. At no point should the real motives or consequences of such an endeavor be discussed. https://youtu.be/hvcq3OpX8qQ For those that think the truth is important enough to know; copy and share. Covered up BS, invites more BS.


US, UK and France are on the top of the list in corruptions and in frauds. Educational standard in schools, colleges and in universities is worst. Due to which worst leaderships and professionals are prepared. Fake charities is on second number which is also a very attractive business for majority of politicians. 3rd number is foods and medical treatment particularly dentistry.


SOHR reported NO chemical attack in Douma.

SOHR reported 65+ missiles downed during the strike on Syia.

SOHR is a long standing MI5/MI6 front (this isn’t even disputed)

Something VERY strange is happening, and NO it has nothing to do with ‘internal struggles’ in the british intelligence services- since Blair’s time these agencies have been 100% united in common cause.

Few here get the import of the themes of Sherlock Holmes stories. When the dog does NOT bark, you learn an essential detail. Why did MI6 have its major asset seemingly do our work for us? In no sense were they trying to help OUR cause.

Sergey Tokarev

You only state a fact, but don’t have any thoughts why SOHR all of a sudden began to report truth. Correct?


Southfront = sputnik.


Wow…the BS is thick in here…You guys musta been the ones that interfered with the US elections; haha.

Frank Behrens

Oh yeah…a russian team (nb. 1 in the ranking of free press word wide and, as ally of the regime, totally without bias)) find ONE (of the) boy(s)…in an area now controlled by the same gov. /troops (which are known for their lawfulness and respect on human rights and would totally respect the boy and his family if he had said otherwise) which were accused of using chemical weapons …a-hum…sure.


Fake news: https://theintercept.com/2018/04/23/russian-tv-interview-syrian-boy-secretly-conducted-army-facility/

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