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Syrian War Report – April 17, 2018: Syrian Forces Reportedly Repel More Missile Strikes

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UPDATE: There is a new version of the missile attack – a false alarm.

Last night, the Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF) repelled another missile attack allegedly carried out by the Israeli military. Missiles were intercepted in two areas:

  1. Near Shayrat military airfield in the Homs countryside – 6 missiles were intercepted (according to some sources, 9 missiles)
  2. Near Dumair military airfield in the Damascus countryside – 3 missiles were intercepted.

According to reports, the SADF also used its S-200 air defense system to launch a surface-to-air missile at aircraft that had attacked Syria.

However, the Israeli military told the Russsian news agency TASS that it has no info about any strikes on Syria.

Interestingly, the alleged attack came a day after Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman claimed that his country will not accept limitations on its “actions” in Syria from any powers including Russia.

Previously, Israel had carried out a missile attack on Syria’s T4 airbase on April 9. Then, the SADF intercepted 5 missiles, but 3 missiles did reach the base.

The Pentagon and the Russian Defense Ministry continue to make mutually contradictory statements over the April 14 missile strike. On April 16, Defense Ministry Spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov once again rejected the Pentagon’s statements that all the missiles launched by the US, the UK and France had hit their targets.

Konashenkov said that 71 US-led bloc missiles had been shot down by the SADF providing details on the defense systems used by the Syrian military:

  • Buk: 29 missiles fired – 24 targets hit;
  • Osa: 11 missiles fired – 5 targets hit;
  • S-125: 13 missiles fired – 5 targets hit;
  • Strela-10: 5 missiles fired – 3 targets hit;
  • Kvadrat: 21 missiles fired – 11 targets hit;
  • S-200: 8 missiles fired – no targets hit;
  • Pantsir-S1: 25 missiles fired – 23 targets hit;

SF recalls that the Pentagon says that 105 missiles were launched at only three targets. At the same time, the Russian and Syrian militaries say that the targets included Syrian airfields.

Meanwhile, according to the Russian envoy to the OPCW Aleksandr Shulgin said that Russia has “irrefutable proof” that the so-called Douma chemical attack was a “false-flag” orchestrated by British intelligence services with support from the US. The goal of the false flag was to justify the aggression against Syria.

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israeli poor loser!!



leon mc pilibin

Russia will make sure of that.


After RUSSIAN sources reported the missile strikes on two air fields, Putin today has FORCED the Syrians to deny an attack even took place.

Trump and Putin have BOTH announced that Saudi Arabian led forces will be INVADING Syria under the fig leaf of the Arab League, the same Arab League that expelled Syria at the behest of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Here’s a clue for the clueless. Putin has agreed to abandon Syria, but needs the usual political excuse. Trump has agreed to allow Russia access to its military base for the foreseeable future (the SAME deal that almost lost Russia access to it base in Crimea). Trump and Putin are working to have Arab League (= KSA terror forces) flood into Syria as ‘peace-keepers’, giving the wahhabis their PERFECT VICTORY.

PS Trump dropping the planned sanctions on Monday was another MASSIVE clue. After last nite, Trump has commanded Israel to lay off for the time being. It’s all betrayal all the time from now on.


If true, then Assad will be stepping down, but retiring where? The problem with the ‘Arab League’ is that it has a mercenary army, mostly Pakistani in the mid-level command and that suits Putin just fine as they like having a relatively good life. Now if you want to watch a movie that is about a command tragedy and vanity, watch “Padmaavat”, a Hindi classic.



The Russian air defense STOPPED the entire NATO armada for approx. 48 hours. After that, a small, negotiated NATO attack, 100 missiles with no AIR field hit.

Think the Kinzhal, Kaliber, to sink ALL US navy.


Hey Starlight, you have a time frame for your scenario? If so, I’d like to make a few bets with you.

If you’re a betting man, that is.

Ernst Lindenberg

Israel is pissed off since 2006 when Hezbollah humiliated IDF.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

Exactly. That was big. But, Hezbollah would be their enemy on one way or the other. But I agree that one was big slap hard to forgive.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

U know, even if there never was South Lebanon operation, Hezbollah would exist just under another name – even with with more intense Shia face of the militia – so for Israel it would always be an Iranian proxy organization.


Your imagination seems to be running wild.


BY ANY MEANS necessary

Joao Alfaiate

Time for Russia to support Syria with upgraded surface to air missiles.


A few ground to ground missiles wouldn’t hurt. Something for Syria to start shooting back at Israeli airfields.


Hell will freeze over before Putin allows Syria to have the s-300.

Kell McBanned

Mmm time to stock up on BUK’s and Pantsir’s

leon mc pilibin

Can’t wait to see the surprise that the Russian forces have for the lowlife liars May and the Clown Boris.See if they can lie themselves out of real evidence of their despicable treachery. Highly Unlikely.


They are Wars Criminals and deserved “Life Time” jail !

Fred Dozer

Peoples minds are brainwashed. Iraq is a good example. USA & Britain killed millions and pushed many, many millions into a humanitarian nightmare. They wrote about overthrowing the country in 1999 ‘Project for a new American Century” It included overthrowing Syria. Everything was a planned lie of murdering millions. What does this mean? The country with the biggest military, can rule the world. Honesty, Thrust, God, Human, Good, are all meaningless. Really sad. How does “family values” fit in with a satanist government ?

Ernst Lindenberg

There’s no family value in Harvey Weinstein-Landia.

paul ( original )

The important point about Russia having irefutable evidence on uk and usa resposibilty for the chemical attack is not that they will be able to pin the guilt on the true culprirs. God himself could say it was a uk and usa false flag, and it would neither be accepted or believes. No, the important point is that the Russians know it is true and understand just how low and squalid the west is. Let’s hope the Russian will stop calling these degenerates partners and start calling them enemies.

Mollie Norris

The adversary. In Hebrew, Satan.


European are under heavy MSM bogus Propaganda, but Peoples spontaneous sensibility is pro Russia, and pro locals in the Middle-East. Most of the France and Switzerland Journalists are Jews and the Medias are Zionists owned or Controlled !

Manuel Flores Escobar

USA should show images and videos of satellites at the time of the attack to know if really 76 cruise missile hit Barzah complex…

Thomas Wolsey

This theory of 76 missiles be launched in a single target is just a excuse to hide their failure. US will not feed this theory since it is totally nonsense.


If those evil Zionist C4NTS Would stop throwing spanners at the works things would go a lot smoother, overall i am not displeased.

1/The Cowboys blew up a couple of buildings, acting like they punished Assad(i more beleive 9/11 was real than assad ordered this latest provocation) 2/The Russians/Iranians can say we stood by our ally and helped them down most of the missiles. 3/The brave WARRIORS of Syria and its allies can go back to beating up the jihadis, all honor satisfied.

I am going to give Donald the benefit of the doubt, the deep state want strikes on Assad%allies manpower and equipment as long as Donny does not cave then escalation can be avoided.




why give any politician the benefit of the doubt? They are all, 100%, to a man (or woman) self-interested slimeballs who have made a profession of deceiving people aka telling lies. Believing what any pol including trump, says instead of analysing what they have done is just hopelessly handicapping yerself in the global dystopia survival stakes – kicking off very soon at your local neighborhood riot.


the future is always uncertain, i do not pin my hopes on trump, the jihadis wanted so much more than missiles being brought down by air defences the Americans KNEW this would happen beforehand.

It was a show, everybody can now get back to normal operations, AS THE WORLD TURNS Q


The Russian s300 is way,way overdue in southern Syria. Even better would be a small Russian “advisory” base just south of Damascus equipped with the s400 interlinked with Syrian defenses.


MOBILIZATION OF CY CYPRUS OF KKE Fighting action outside the base in Akrotiri Protesters symbolically ruled out entry to the base

Screenshot of the demonstration A militant mobilization outside the British base in Akrotiri, from which the British aircraft that hit targets in Syria took off, was organized on Sunday by the Party Committees of the KKE. The KKE’s rallying appeal met the positive response of many workers to the Saturday afternoons in workplaces and in the center of Nicosia and Larnaca.

They called on Greek immigrants and workers in Cyprus “to voice their opposition to the facilities made to the British bastards who are bombing the Syrian people. Now close the British bases. Neither land nor water to the murderers of the peoples. ”

Protesters blocked the base for one hour, wrote slogans on the wall in front of the entrance, and gave a resolution to the commander of the base.

The resolution “against the operation of British bases in Cyprus” states:

“The KKE Party Committees in Cyprus, Greek immigrants and Cypriot workers declare with our support to the people of Syria.




Fake “made in USA” and lies “made in Italy”

by Manlio Dinucci

To motivate the 2003 war, the US accused Iraq of possessing weapons of mass destruction: Secretary of State Colin Powell presented to the UN a series of “evidences” that turned out to be false, as he himself had to admit in 2016.

Similar “evidences” are now presented to motivate the attack on Syria by the United States, Britain and France. On 14 April, General Kenneth McKenzie, Joint Staff Director of the Pentagon, presented a report, accompanied by satellite photos, on the Barzah Research and Development Center in Damascus, calling it “the heart of the Syrian chemical weapons program”.

The Center, which was the main target, was attacked with 76 cruise missiles (57 Tomahawk launched from ships and submarines and 19 JASSM launched from aircraft). The target was destroyed, the general announced, bringing “the Syrian chemical weapons program back for years”.

This time there is no need to wait thirteen years to confirm the falsity of the “evidence”. A month before the attack, on March 13, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) had officially announced the result of the second inspection, carried out at the Barzah Center in November 2017, and of the analysis of samples taken completed in February 2018: “The inspection team did not observe any activities inconsistent with obligations under the Convention” [1]. It is no coincidence that the Barzah Center was destroyed just before the OPCW inspectors arrived there for the third time.

Syria, a member of the OPCW, completed chemical disarmament in 2014, while Israel, which does not adhere to the Chemical Weapons Convention, is not subject to any control. But this fact is neglected by the political-media apparatus, which instead accuses Syria of possessing and using chemical weapons.

The Italian premier Gentiloni stated that Italy, while supporting “the limited and targeted action to strike the manufacture of chemical weapons”, has not in any way taken part in it.

The attack was actually agreed upon and planned within NATO. This is proved by the fact that, immediately after the attack, the North Atlantic Council was convened: the United States, Great Britain and France “briefed Allies on their joint military action in Syria overnight” and Allies officially expressed “their full support for this action” [2].

Premier Gentiloni also stated that “the logistical support that we provide above all to the US could not in any way result in the fact that from the Italian territory started direct actions aimed at hitting Syria”.

In fact, the attack on Syria from the Mediterranean was led by the US Naval Forces Europe, with headquarters in Naples-Capodichino, commanded by Admiral James Foggo, who at the same time commands the Allied Joint Force Command Naples with headquarters at Lago Patria (Naples).

The war operation was supported by the US Naval Air Station Sigonella and the Niscemi station of the US Muos system of naval transmissions. As the radar tracks show, the US RQ-4 Global Hawk spy drones, taking off from Sigonella, played a key role in the attack on Syria, attack supported by air tankers to refuel the jet fighters.

Italy therefore shares the responsibility for a war action that violates the most elementary norms of international law. It is not yet known what its consequences will be, but it is certain that it feeds the flames of war. Although premier Gentiloni assures that “it cannot be the beginning of an escalation”.

Manlio Dinucci


Il Manifesto (Italy)

[1] “Progress in the elimination of the Syrian chemical weapons programme”, by Ahmet Üzümcü , Voltaire Network, 23 March 2018.

[2] “Statement by the North Atlantic Council on Actions taken against the use of chemical weapons in Syria”, Voltaire Network, 14 April 2018.


It all makers more sense than the codswallop gushing out of Fox and CNN.

But how come there is nothing to ‘see’ who’s firing those missiles at Syria?


NAZI Lieberman is trying to change the tide: a Syrian dara’a attack.

Hide Behind

Syria proper is toast, what is and will be eft is an overall smaller land mass as Turkish borders expand upon Syria, Israel will gain all Golans and add a buffer zone as well. And a Kurdish enclave complete with permanent bases leaving Syria with land south of Euprates River. And in future, now that Russia proved to be hot air that portion bordering Jordan could become part of Jordan Hashemite Kingdom. While everyone seems to be cheering Syria’s reclaim control take a look at how little overall gains will they actually bring back to Damascus control. Still massive amounts of NATO and their well armed and trained ex moderate militia men, who will act as co-ordinated Euro style Military units. US and it’s allies are still fine tuning and upgrading equipment and training levels of Kurds into more a National military Force All the B’S of those arrayed against Syrian military as being weak mentally and “spiritually” is no more true in realtime warfare Than going to mountains top stone, acrifising goat or if there are such thing as virgins left in M. E., asking for some Horned God to save ones butt. Syrian military has never won a real war. NATION vs. NATION and is fighting less numbers and multiple factions of civilian Malita trained lightly armed. Russia can send Syria all its excess old design armor, keeping best now tested in Syria guarded by 300-400 missles, and all the rest of world will flood Kurds and others with tank destroying middle hardware by the thousands. France has huge numbers of armor destroyer weapons, but finding all the Blacks in Africa have is Toyota trucks and redneck cowboy blacks they already easily kill with bullets sending thousands to Kurds for testing. DEJA VU, BACK TO LATE 60’S, Vietnam: US SENDING HUGE AMONTS OF ARMS FOR S VIET ARMY,…. Meanwhile, ahhh, quietly draining down of all its civilian and military men in country.

Ernst Lindenberg

Pentagon and NATO are actually pissed of how poorly descendents of Nazi V-1 misseles survived when facing Pantsir-1S.


Must be somewhat of a shock to the US having to claim it was intended for 3 buildings only while the intent seems to have been to severely damage the Syrian air force.

By the way the BUK scored nicely too, but the Pantsir must have been beyond US expectations.

Roger Snellman

I for one would use B-2s with a belly full like they use to take out training camps and larger areas. Would not even waste money on precision guided and just blanket the whole base. But what do I know.


So you would bomb another nation on the basis of a pretext?

Roger Snellman

Syria and Iran were completely impotent against that very small US missile attack, the World is still laughing at them. So now that military genius Assad makes up another US attack today and declares Syria stopped it completely and no targets were hit. That Assad missed his calling in standup comedy, he is determined to kill us all with laughter. Russia has already spent billions and billions on Syrian air defense. All Putin proved is how worthless it is. Remember a couple weeks when a Russian S-400 on a ship headed for China just happened to go through the English Channel where unfortunately the S-400 mysteriously disappeared forcing the ship to return to Russia for another S-400. Have to bet they did not go through the English Channel the 2nd time. Now the US and Israel have already figured out how to make the S-400 just as worthless as all the other Russian air defense. Syria is smaller than the state of Washington. With protection from the brightest and best from both Russia and Iran we still see someone flying in there and destroying some small piece of the Syrian military infrastructure a couple times every week. What does that tell you about Russia and Iran’s brightest and best. If I were Iran I would worry about who is next on Trump’s list. With Syria all carved up and the Arab League moving in to secure their chunk, Russia/Iran will secure their chunk and Turkey will secure their chunk you have to suspect Trump is looking to drop fire on the next bad boy in line. Iran better pray Kimmy chooses total destruction followed by a fiery death instead of peace and unbelievable wealth. Otherwise Iran is next on the list. My guess is there are a couple rich Arab Nations that have a score to settle with Iran. They might want in on the action. Sure Trump will let them buy their way into the game.

Jay Sheehan

Obsolete NATO buzzbombs obviously failed. 76 cruise missiles to blow up the equivalent of a university building.

Stephan Williams

If you have any links that substantiate your claims I’d be interested in reading them. I couldn’t find a single article online about the “missing” S-400 in the English Channel.

Roger Snellman

Does your government allow you to use Google? If so just search for S-400 English channel. If the articles do not come up then you are blocked from content critical of Putin.


Clearly misinformed.

Russian air defense was not threatened and stayed out of the fight. Syrian air defense downed 71 of 103 missiles. Particularly impressive were both Pantsir and BUK scores. Only the missiles targeted at undefended building got through.

You really believe that one requires 76 missiles each with a warhead of 500 kg for three building complexes? By the way the Barzah complex was inspected and cleared by the OPCW late 2017.

So the flabbergasted US confronted with a mostly failed attack was forced to present the failed attack on the Syrian air force and its bases as a ‘successful’ attack on three building complexes.

Roger Snellman

So 76 500kg missiles missed their target or were destroyed, jammed, etc. Where are the holes in the desert where those 76 missiles hit. Where are the pieces part of the missiles that did not explode or were hit by air defense? So far there is nada, none, zip, zilch. At least give one of your boys a shovel and send him out to dig a couple holes. Then you can post the pictures as proof US missiles missed, you will be a hero.


You smell man

Roger Snellman

Not sure if you are insulting me or making a pass at me. To be perfectly clear, I do not swing that way. Take your fixation with gut wrenching stench to some other sick and twisted board.


Mr. Snellman penetrates the fog.


Why would Syria use CW on it’s own people? Simple question have yet to hear a sensible answer!

Roger Snellman

Assad’s people must fear him or his replacement will not make the same mistake. Believing brutal dictators act rationally or even play by the rules is a big mistake. Your answer is: For the same reason he used Sarin in 2013 killing 1,700 in Ghouta. For the same reason he agreed to the UN demand that he destroy all chemical weapon stockpiles, production and research then went back on his promise and has all three to this day.


One word: Postol.

Go from there.

Roger Snellman

English please. Why do so many here think they can insult me in some foreign language. Trust me there are plenty of insulting words in English.


Sorry. That was oracular and assumed you’d be familiar with that name. (No sarcasm or insult intended.) Theodore Postol is an MIT prof who, along with Richard Lloyd, analyzed the munition used in the 2013 incident and concluded its limited range ruled out a firing from Syrian government positions.

(Link to analysis above.)

Roger Snellman

I do not claim to know who is behind the chemical attack or if there was an attack at all. Assad will always be the butt boy whenever these attacks happen or are made up. Very simple Assad did it in 2013 and the UN/World found him guilty. There were attacks before the one in 2013 and many after. Assad agreed to eliminate his chemical weapons stockpiles, manufacturing and research then went back on his promise.

That alone is enough to send an endless stream of missiles targeting Assad and his military.

If the militants/terrorists/freedomfighters/younameit have chemical weapons why haven’t they attacked Assad?


If you read Postol’s analysis you will know without any doubt that Assad was not responsible for the 2013 incident.

The UN did not blame Assad for this attack. It stated only that “surface-to-surface rockets containing the nerve agent sarin were used” by one of “the parties in the Syrian Arab Republic.” https://consortiumnews.com/2016/09/08/un-team-heard-claims-of-staged-chemical-attacks/

You cannot conclude from the mere occurrence of an incident who was responsible. Absent any source cited from you, you have nothing to show that Assad “went back on his promise.”

The scumbag jihadis do not use chemical weapons for military purposes but for PR purposes. That is why they haven’t attacked Assad’s forces.

I never encountered a commenter more determined than you are to avoid doing any research and to mouth empty accusations.

hope springs eternal.

I must admit it’s difficult to comprehend the truth. No doubt there are “wheels within wheels” spinning in the background, that most of us readers are unaware of. I feel the overwhelming air superiority and # of bases that the West enjoys will allow them to push thru any agenda they desire. For the sake of peace i pray they allow Syria to maintain it’s identity as a proud and sovereign nation. Haven’t they been through enough?


Guess the US isn’t so sure about its air superiority. The cost imposed by air defense systems might be prohibitive and the long range missile capability of Russia both against sea surface groups and air bases does not originate from within Syria. http://www.unz.com/article/russia-the-800-pound-gorilla/


The US Navy no doubt plans for missile defense but so far the Russians have not retaliated. Probably there has been coordination and clearly the attack on Syria is just theatrics. I think the militaries understand each other and with luck the US side is urging caution on Mr. Trump. Plus, if he is trusting the intelligence agencies still he has not been paying attention.

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