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Syrian War Report – April 12, 2018: Russia Starts Exercises Off Syrian Coast, Vows Response To US Strikes

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The Russian Navy has launched live-fire exercises off the Syrian coast as the US is still preparing for a possible military action against the country’s government.

The Russian exercises will be held from April 11 to April 26, the period when, according to some experts, the US strike will be most likely if the administration of US President Donald Trump decides to attack Syria.

On April 10, Russia’s envoy to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin once again confirming that Russian forces are ready to shoot down missiles and target the launchers in case of an escalation in the war-torn country.

Ali Akbar Velayati, the top adviser to Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, vowed to support the Damascus government against any attack of the US and its allies.

On the other hand, Israel, which is alongside with Saudi Arabia, is the main Iranian competitor in the region openly supports a US military action against Syria. Housing Minister Yoav Galant, a former commander of the Israeli Defense Forces Southern Command, publicly vowed to assassinate the Syrian president arguing that “the world will be a better place without Assad.”

The UK, France and Germany are following the course of the US administration.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, over 3,354 fighters of Jaysh al-Islam and 8,642 members of their families had been evacuated from Duma district since the evacuation agreement was reached between the group and Damascus on April 8.

The number of the remaining fighters of Jaysh al-Islam in Duma district is unknown. However, local sources expect that the evacuation process will be over within 48 to 72 hours. Formally, the Syrian Army already established a full control of the area.

On April 12, serivcemembers of the Russian Military Police are set to be deployed in the Duma district. According to pro-government sources, they will secure the area for OPCW investigators that may arrive area later this week to probe the alleged chemical attack, which took place there on April 7.

Russia, Syria and Iran described the chemical attack reports as provocation while the US and its allies used them to increase pressure on the Assad government and started drawing up plans for military actions against Damascus.

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good news!!


I think this perverse idea to strike Syria will lead to the US/Zionist Empire decay.


Not really, ti is just one defeat more, that is all.


You mean more than it’s already decaying? It has been underway for a long while!


To think that a terrorist’s lie of CW attack can cause a world war, is something beyond comprehension. This shows how rotten the world has become, maybe it needs cleansing with this war. But I doubt that it will happen any time soon, those bullies never fought any real army like the Russian army, which can retaliate and sink their ships or shoot down their toys.

paul ( original )

I agree in so much as I don’t think the usa would risk a strike on its
homeland. I don’t think there is much restraint if the wars are
confined overseas. Like all societies the usa can easily rationalize
away the deaths of substantial numbers of men ,as men are disposable.
At the moment I feel fairly confident that the usa believes they have
sufficient stand off weapons so as to give them only the number of
dead needed so as to encourage the sacrifice of the others.


The lie is just an excuse. They are actually wanting a showdown with Russia after their special forces were wiped out suddenly by the rapid advance of SAA as it seems special forces are not that effective against SAA.

Moreover after the collapse of Eastern Ghouta which they had wanted to use to attack Damascus , they have no plans left . So this open confrontation with Russia .


Pentagon said few minutes ago that there is no evidence of an attack in syria with a chemical weapon, maybe it will calm down now… but will fire up as soon as the SAA cleans the next pocket of terrorists…

Jone Liu

The drums of war are beating, lets dance to the beat of the music!

Tomas Kinoshta

its over, almost nothing, probably less damage than last time

Dave Gray

Poke the bear one more time and it will be checkmate !!!

Smith Ricky

God bless Russian alliance ?

chris chuba

PS 68:30 … Scatter the nations who delight in war.

I’m kind of like the anti-Pence. I do not believe that the self-righteous have God in their camp as they believe. Syria, especially under this Assad, has never done anything against any of her neighbors, Europe, or the U.S. They do not deserve to be obliterated just because they accept phone calls from Iran.


Your are right, but Israel wants to dominate Syria and Persia because it is written in its Torah. Things to do for jews are written in this book.

End Sieg

Go Russia ! Stop us-zionist aggression ! Now is the time .

Manuel Flores Escobar

Accord Al Masnar news…1 TU 95M bear and 2 TU-160 blackjack armed with total of 40 KH-101 long range ( 5000km) stealth cruise missile( with capacity vs moving targets and route changes), have been deployed in Iran air base!…supposedly to strike US navy battle groups in Persian gulf/red sea in case of war!..also have been deployed Il-78 tanker and many Su 35!




Yes, that is the reason why USA wants to think a little bit more a possible attack to Syria government. They know now that Russia words are real.


Then again maybe not?

Tomas Kinoshta

it is over, almost nothing


Thanks IRAN. Where’s China’s help?

Tomas Kinoshta

40 is kind of dinky. USA will be able to fire 1500 cruise missiles into Syria.

Manuel Flores Escobar

40 cruise missile vs 5 US navy warships..enough to wipe off them!…now send another 5 and Russian express send there another 40!…at the end USA will have to send fishing boat!

Tomas Kinoshta

like I said probably nothing, it looks like close to nothing.

Manuel Flores Escobar

yes they will launch 600 missile and launched 100..72 of them were intercepted…no needed to attack vs Warships!

leon mc pilibin

The israhellis can expect to receive a few missiles raining down on their warmongering heads this time..They have made themselves a big target with their big mouths.


I think you worry for them more than they do

Hide Behind

Looks like a lot of “My Dick is bigger than your Dick, displays.
What better way, for all these tough guy nations, Syrians excluded, to find out if all the Trillions of Dollars they spent building toys for war was good, waste of money, or just needs a bit more tweaking, than to have a live fire “limited engagement” test.
THE real world geopolitical war is out in open for all that have an I Q # higher than their dick length # of inches, to see..
They all have found a neutral and convenient place to set up their game pieces, White Knight moves first, to be countered by….¿¿¿?
THE Syrians are less than pawns, dust upon the board, The pawns are the believer volunteers willing sacrifice life and limb operating those billion dollar toys.
While the opulant Black and White kings are thousands miles away playing stinkfinger with their military brass closet queens, safe in sex and from war.
THE pc game players and tech wizards behind keyboards will have orgasms while comparing specs and percentages of weaponry.
But then why not sit back and relax, it is not you *, is it.

Dissident X

“To think that a terrorist’s lie of CW attack can cause a world war, is something beyond comprehension.”

For sane people, not dedicated towards destruction of humanity, and not in control of the preponderance of the empire’s MSM (propaganda/perception management agency) it is beyond comprehension.
But WE (everybody not in their secret little club of advanced ‘situational intelligence) have to recognize the undeniable trend of these agents of Moloch.

Torah-Pharisees-Talmud cult, terrorist illegally occupying Palestinian territory,”….Housing Minister Yoav Galant, a former commander of the Israeli Defense
Forces Southern Command, publicly vowed to assassinate the Syrian
Isn’t that big of him, (likely trying vainly to compensate for something that is incredibly small)?

Neo Onh

If neccessary, nuke USA!


Hahahahaha, Russia would be absolutely humiliated.


The theory that Bashar Assad wants to commit suicide by using chemical weapons as he is victorious in battle is absurd to the extreme. It is only Trump that wants to commit suicide by attacking Russia that is committed to defend itself to the fullest. Israel and its vassal Saudi Arabia want war in the Middle East. Once they are defeated, peace will reign in the Middle East.

Icarus Tanović

No longer German support.

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