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Syrian War Report – April 10, 2018: Instigators of Global War

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As the situation in Syria continues to escalate, US President Donald Trump has promised a “forceful” response to the alleged chemical attack in the town of Douma, located in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta.

“We have a lot of options militarily,” he told reporters adding that a response would be decided “shortly”.
Earlier, Trump promised “major decisions” after the US figures out who was responsible for the alleged attack in Douma — Russia, or Syria, or Iran, or “all of them together.”

During a meeting of the UN Security Council US envoy Nikki Haley claimed that the US will act against the Assad government with or without the blessing of the UN.

“We are beyond showing pictures of dead babies. We are beyond appeals to conscience. We have reached the moment when the world must see justice done,” Haley said.

“The Russian regime, whose hands are all covered with the blood of Syrian children, cannot be ashamed by pictures of its victims. We’ve tried that before,” she continued adding that “no civilized government would have anything to do with Assad’s murderous regime.”

Does the US leadership really believe that Russia, Iran or Syria may have been interested in conducting a chemical attack in Douma, at the precise moment militants had almost agreed to surrender, in full view of all the mainstream media and Western powers censoriously studying their every step?

This question remains unanswered.

According to media reports, the Pentagon has presented Trump with various military options, such as a cruise missile strike or a massive airstrike on crucial Syrian facilities. According to Reuters, one of the options is the so-called multinational response, i.e. full-scale invasion, which may involve France, the UK and some other US allies.

Meanwhile, the US Navy guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook, armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, was reportedly “harassed” by low-flying Russian warplanes in a clear signal of the growing tensions in the region.

Earlier, experts of the Russian Defense Ministry visited the parts of the town of Douma where the alleged chemical attack took place. According to the defense ministry’s statement, no traces of chemical weapons use were found. The Russian military described photos of the chemical attack victims posted by the so-called White Helmets as fake.

The situation is developing.

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Mauricio Barros Porri

estan hablando ucho de algo q no existio…el atque quimico si existio…q estoy seguro de q no, fue de los terroristas…creo q es hora de no continuar con la mentira, parte de la maquinadia belica de la otan

Alejandro Bonifacio


Philip Nash

This fake chemical attack was likely instigated by Israel as it has the most to gain from deeper US involvement. Trump does not seem to realize he is being manipulated into a military response.


Trump is not a baby to see this manipulation, but it is after him his decision and responsibility.

Hisham Saber

Just like the ‘mysterious’ chemical munitions Israel just recently used on unarmed protesters.

And no Cry Bitch and Moaning about it at the U.N. about that from the U.S., UK, France.

Boy, the U.N. is about as useless as tits on a nun.

Maurizio Pucci

Give a dildo to that woman :-D

northerntruthseeker .

Nikki Haley needs to be bitch slapped….

leon mc pilibin

its a tranny,just like most of the zionist WH.

First Lastname

That is one convincing tranny, my friend.

Nigel Maund

Drop her from a height of 10 km onto the hard bare rocks of the Arizona desert without a parachute!


Zombie Haley was rambling without providing a single hard fact, just emotional jibber jabber.


She knows that she’s lying.


Its Nimrata (Nikki) Haley


Barking so mucha bout nothing.

Manuel Flores Escobar

I suppose they will attack like Israel do with long-medium range air to ground missile away of Syrian air space to avoid S-400 or SAF S-200/Buk….cruise missile from ships in the mediterranean are an easy targets for Kalibr K antiship cruise missile launched by kilo class Subs targeting US destroyers!

Pave Way IV

Why is anyone expecting Trump to start things? The chemical attack false flag just didn’t have the marketing appeal it had in the past. UK psyops is really blowing it lately (and they used to be so good at this).

The Cabal of Evil needs a great provocation to justify attacking (Iran via) Syria on behalf of Israel. Trump is a showman. He needs something big, and he needs to convince everyone that either Russia or Iran started it. I’m guessing the Donald Cook guided missile destroyer is going to be the new USS Liberty since we’re suddenly being made aware of its presence in the Mediterranean. Curiously enough, the western navies seem to have left the area of the east Mediterranean. They must not trust the Israelis to sink the right ship this time.


We All know who sank the USS Liberty….so there is little guessing Who will do it this time… Go Ahead Israhell…make our day…a little revenge on the horizon…

John Whitehot

the ship did not sink, although the US Navy suffered 34 killed and 171 wounded in the attack from the Israeli air force.


With Pearl Harbor they sank ships right? For me it is all about “Our” Governments attacking Foreign Nations to Loot and Attacking their Own Citizens and Military, Firemen, Cops..people like us, to make the Looting possible… that is pretty sick…and it worked for Centuries…not anymore..


US governments have done it to its own people, I believe you would know about the atrocities the Natives faced!


The U.S. Destroyed them in any way they could..and still does until today..

Pave Way IV

Israel’s failed false-flag to make the US think Egypt sank it was covered up by treasonous, Israeli-firster US military commanders at the time. What makes you think Israeli-firster CENTCOM wouldn’t cover up the same thing this time – whether the false flag was successful or not? Sure, there would be some speculation on the internet, but that would be it. A year from now, most people wouldn’t remember anything besides, “Those Russian bastards sank the Donald Cook”.

And I’m not even sure if anyone would even discuss it on the internet. Cloudflare and the US broadband ISPs seem to have finished up whatever clownfuckery they have planned. The internet won’t be shut off, but you won’t be able to see anything like SouthFront or other non-PsyOp-approved sites (at least not their real versions). Sadly, Twitter and Facebook are probably ‘enough’ for 95% of Americans.


Most of the time it is 3% that does the actual fightin’ right? The rest of’m to busy with their own lives anyway…many waitin’ in ambush…but the Government should start..Self-Defense is the best Offense… I wonder what their next false flag will be….very interesting…cars get boring.. chemical attacks….boOORinggg…perhaps they are rigging some Skyscraper somewhere… who knows


John McCain’s father was involved in that cover up.

Hisham Saber

interesting that the U.S.S. Donald Cook was the ship rendered usless, with its entire electronics suite blacked out while a Russian Su-25 made a dozen or so mock bombing runs on it at super close range.

With such a reputation, I can see why they would use it as the sacrificial lamb.

Pave Way IV

…according to someone on the internet. It may be possible Saber, but I’m pretty damn skeptical about that one. The only people that would possibly know this were aboard that ship. And sailors would not be quick to blab about a vulnerability that could be exploited to kill other sailors some day.

I really have no idea why the Donald Cook is even that close to Syria. Here’s a map centered on Trump’s Damascus target of retribution with a circle showing the 1700 km range of the Block IV TLAM-C/E Tomahawks. Does it make any sense to have a two billion dollar destroyer with a crew of just under 300 bobbing around that close to shore for some reason? Is Israel worried about fuel costs for their ships and subs dispatched to sink it for the false flag? I guess the knuckle-draggers in the US really need to see that “It could only have been Russia!”


First Lastname

Ohhh fugg :DDDDD https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0a24d542d5ab457f8af5b0dba68d87aa2d24371ba11f25727ba610c2ad75d0f9.jpg

S Melanson

I am familiar with the 6 days war Liberty tragedy and very good observation. While the attack may have been accidental, testimony of survivors put this in doubt. If deliberate, Why? Speculation on possible motive includes Israel wanted to draw the USA into the war on their side by blaming the attack on Egypt. Israel is pushing for greater US intervention in Syria to counter Iran and Hezbollah – which is understandable given the deteriorating security situation on Israel’s borders – Western policies have themselves to blame for this however. What the Liberty incident shows is the plausibility of such extreme measures as to sacrifice a US warship to achieve Israeli goals. If a missile destroyer gets taken out, remember the Liberty.


I enjoyed reading your post, sarcasm is obviously lost on some! You are most correct below as well. After seeing Trumps tweet I thought who in Russia vowed to shoot anything down? Couldnt find the source at first, turned out to be a low level envoy to Lebanon who gave a few min to an aljazera interview. Not really what one would call a policy maker. I bet he had no idea how his comments would grow not just legs but wings so damn fast! Poor guy. I have read Syria had taken delivery of 72 yankhont ? I assume they did not simply buy them for their phallic nature. After all it is a Russian missile? On the bright side maybe Zuckerbers A.I. will be so smart it will see through the B.S. and recognize U.S. foreign policy as hate speech?

Ricky Miller

We have reached the point where the world is about to change. If Russia doesn’t fight this is the end of the independent nation-state as we know it. Everyone except maybe China and India will be little more than Washington provinces and possessions. Countries like Russia and Algeria might have armed forces but they will be of little use. Use them to support an ally and get hammered. Stay at home but don’t play your proper part in the globalist machine and your government either gets overthrown or an insurgency starts with outside help and weapons. Use your armed forces to restore order, get hammered. Successfully resist and you’ll have your entire economy wrecked and forced into a corner. Get economically hammered. Try to hide out and develop on your own, stay quiet on the International scene while still doing your own thing, watching while others get hammered and guess what, they’ll find you. And either you change too or get hammered. The UN and all other multilateral institutions are all cosmetic, not real. In fact, they amount to little more than PR smokescreens hiding the currents of raw power and conformity flowing into nearly every corner of the globe. If Russia can be backed into a corner militarily, economically and media-ly with her vast nuclear arsenal than no one is safe, anywhere.


Similar thing happened in Yugoslavia when Russia was so weak that it did nothing. Now they are significantly stronger, but we can’t be sure if they are ready to go all the way, or even if that would be the best thing to do. The only thing I am sure of is that Putin knows what to do better than any of us.


What is sad is that it is them alone.

Dissident X

Just how sick can it get?! I feel way too close to ‘civilization’ right now. The scary thing is just how ridiculous the false flag is this time. The “White Helmets” is a group of failed actors; their footage is the definition of poorly done fake news, yet, here we are. Trump will use any ridiculous pretense for anything, or outright, completely unsubstantiated absurd lie, but … it already looked that way when he was in the primaries; so anybody who didn’t know that just wasn’t paying attention, but that an entire government, of the largest country in the world, is moving towards potentially cataclysmic war… on… obvious utter nonsense?!?!?

It’s seems like a nightmare!

With respect to the USA’s spokesperson at the UN? What could be written? There are no words to accurately describe this kind of toadying, bullying, lying… reprehensible behaviour. Many people must truly despise her… and she has earned it all!

That my country’s government is NOT standing up and challenging this utterly anti-social, anti-humanity behaviour is ghastly.

Respect to VVP and Russia, the only ones courageous enough to call it as it is.

This stuff by the empire is WARMONGERING!

Jim Prendergast

I feel the same way. It is hard to believe they can get away with this stuff.

John Whitehot

my feel is that they don’t even care to present facts or coherent arguments.

they just tell the ragheads to perform a fake attack and then go on with their indignation and vows of attacks on Syria.

This is largely because the western press and the medias have become an abomination.


The public don’t influence policy yet the establishment media peddle crap like an overflowing toilet, as if it makes a difference. This obscene pantomime must be secondary advertising – trying to convince us that our opinions matter.

Jim Prendergast

This “gas-attack” fell flat on it’s face. Let’s hope this is the last time the Western Mainstream Media tries this.


No it didn’t. It fell flat on its face with folks like us, but we ain’t everyone. Unfortunately.

Kell McBanned

Imagine if Israel got nuked? That moment all these problems vanish and the world could finally be at peace.

John Whitehot

if there was a way to spare innocents i’d be all for this solution.

First Lastname

What innocents?

Hisham Saber

I’m sure Iran, Russia and China have Israel mapped out for that eventuality.

But Israel is only a part of a bigger cancer infecting humanity, and its well being. That is the international Talmudic Jews.

First Lastname

Literally every person on earth would join hands and start singing songs of peace the minute Israel got nuked.


I think Russia should strategically nuke Riyadh – it is the Saudi’s who are the largest financers of this war and nuking it would stop the Saudi’s war on Yemen too. They can’t even fight the dirt-poor Houthi’s well. U.S. gets countries like the Saudis to support their warmongering – including weapons deals amounting to $100 billions over a decade. Plus, it is a desert and won’t contaminate much fertile land.

Nigel Maund

Not quite ……………..there’s 7 million more of them in the USA.


Whenever Nikki Haley starts to bitch about the Russians having blood on their hands the Russians should run a powerpoint show of what the Americans did to Raqqa and Mosul.

Icarus Tanović

Entire Iraq and lets say…. Vietnam. How about that little girl running away in flames from USAF Napalm attack?


How about Yugoslavia? Scenario seems pretty similar.

Icarus Tanović

How about Korea? Theyve killed 25% of entire population.


These false flags…Skripal and Douma…have been planned well ahead of time by the Globalists…The media lockstep is firm and consistent….The Globalists dont care what we think anymore and are confident we cant do anything to stop this even if we wanted to…There will probably be one more Major false flag, and then it will be major war….These are the Eugenics cult globalists…They dont care about who wins as long as they kill a few billion of us and destabilize the entire world…I expect they will use up the U$A military on this war, and then discard the U$A as it plunges into bankruptcy…U$A has been a usefull asset, but is not sustainable…The Euro groups suit the Elitism of the Globalist better, and the World Central Government will be established there…

We better hope Russia and China come out of this in some sort of sustainable way, or their isnt going to be much civilisation left thats not enslaved by these Elites…

The remaining moves of the Globalists will be an abomination…you dont want to be there for that…

Hisham Saber

By Globalists, you are referring to Jews, are you not? Then you will have been correct. They themselves call themselves Globalists.


No…i am referring to Globalists…roughly 500 entities of ancient Royal families, old financial and industrial families, as well as many more modern corporate entities…There are Zionists that are part of this Elite Global Culture…Most of the Zionists are not even Jewish, let alone Hebrew….do not use my post to support your racism…

Dušan Mirić

Hmm. Isn’t it better to “skripal” instigators than let them make more damage


Go read everything I’ve posted and then see how perfectly you were warned about what was coming. Go read others, including The Saker, and see how they LIED and LIED and LIED.

This forum seems to be almost 100% jewish trolls and brainless football hooligans. The trolls you understand. The brainless football hooligans are the braindead dribblers who support a side unquestioningly, and seek to kick the head in of ANYONE who questions the actions of their leaders.

Putin is a ZIONIST APPEASER. The first is hardly in question- Putin and Lavrov bend over backwards to shout their loyalty to world jewry and Israel. Anyone who ignores or denies this is not even worth the slightest consideration.

Understandng the second- that Putin is an APPEASER- requires an IQ in at least double figures to comprehend- which experience in this forum suggests is an intelligence level missing from most on our side. History is full of appeasers, and the calamity said appeasement has brought to their people and others. Appeasement confounds the stupid (most of the regulars here), for the stupid can try to argue to themselves (encouraged by zionist agents like The Saker) that appeasement comes from a ‘good place’. Or that appeasement is a ‘trick’ masking other action.

The massive British, American and French force has been in place, ready to strike Syria for a long time now. While kremlin distraction nonsense focuses on US ships, the real deal are the West’s massive and numerous military bases all across the Middle East- including the gigantic RAF base in Saudi Arabia that the british use to bomb Yemen daily.

NATO has numerous ground forces ready to invade, based in Jordan and Turkey, and has a large presence already in East Syria comprised of NATO’s french, turkish, american and british forces, thanks to appeaser Putin. Ground action would seem extreme at this point- but it waits on discovery of just how cowardly the Russians are. If Putin sits tight while the West bombs the Syrian people to destruction (as The Saker demands), the ground forces will roll in. If Putin puts up some form of defense, they won’t YET.

I remember when Blair’s invasion of Iraq approached, and telling people it would be a ground invasion from day one. They laughed (as all dribblers do) and said the West would simply bomb Iraq for WEEKS, just as the jewish controlled press told them would happen.

This war on Syria has been planned for the longest time- made complex only cos of Russia’s alliance with the Syrian people. For the demons who run the Deep State (like Blair) this only makes the conflict that much more interesting. Another ‘complication’ is that the West doesn’t need the war- Putin already allowed the wahhabi forces of the the West destroy Syria across all those years before Russia intervened. But the West WANTS the war on principle. Syria is on the list, and conquering it is neat prep for the coming Iran War.

What does the West need of Russia? Isolationalism – a Russia RUINED commercially on the international stage- a pariah that even non-aligned states won’t deal with. The Saker has been advoctaing this from day one. Russian doesn’t need anyone. Russia doesn’t lose when two decades of trade with the West are ruined. Sanctions against Russia are ‘GOOD’. Putin can just stay safely in the Russian Federation gibbering and shivering- all messages pushed by The Saker over the last 2-3 years.

The alternative is Putin standing strong- directly confronting the war-mongers of the West- as China requests over and over and over again. This Putin has yet to exist.

The jews and the fabians have spent years TESTING Putin to prove to those that need to be convinced that Putin is a COWARD and an APPEASER. The US military will NOT go to war against a superpower unless the key generals are convinced that superpower is led by a COWARD and an APPEASER. They need proof, and Putin has chosen to give them all the proof in the world.

And this is the terrible danger the world now faces. Let’s say Putin finally discovers his balls, and shakes off the jews for a week. The enemy that approaches Syria is convinced Putin is ball-less, based on all his previous actions. Their intent is to strike a land ‘protected’ by a ball-less leader as hard as they can. So Putin is confronted with an attack so massive, it can only be defended against using full super-power tactics- direct military confrontation great power to great power.

Adolf Hitler cut thru Europe like a hot knife thru butter after years of appeasement by the other side. The military strength of the other Great Powers counted for exactly ZERO. The nations that fell to the Nazis had been protected by Putin style military powers – ball-less cowards that when they had their bluff called folded immediately. Hitler’s armies faced opposing armies that, on paper, were up to defending their lands- and the defenders ALWAYS have the military advantage. But Hitler went in mega-fast with the full psychological advantage of perfect propaganda. Which should ring a bell today.

So it is SURRENDER or WW3, and Putin is going to choose SURRENDER as I’ve warned you all along. Surrender means Syria is lost to a degree none of you yet understand. NATO’s massive expeditionary force that Putin has allowed to enter East Syria will blitzkrieg to the West, the massive NATO force in Jordan will roll northwards, and Syria will be conquered in a week. Damascus will be leveled (ever see Mosul or Raqqa?).

Zionist trolls led by The Saker will all scream that the conquest was inevitable- what could Putin do against such ‘illegal maliciousness’, and isn’t it good the ball-less coward lives to fight another day.

Yet most of you also want Putin to give up, just as most European people wanted Hitler LEFT ALONE, rather than risk triggering a world war by confronting and halting him. All Hitler had to do was get the world to a position where the average cowardly sheeple was so frightened, it made more ‘sense’ to allow the demon his way than risk trying to stop him.

Tony Blair has briefed the Deep State mechanism to get the people of our time to this SAME place.

For this reason, and this reason alone I’ve screamed about how important it was for Putin not to allow himself to be backed into a corner. Hitler was the supreme Bully- by intent. He knew the risks faced by a bully, and the psychology of successful bullying. For sure he understood that one day bullying would not be enough, and by that day the gains from the bullying would need to be great enough for the next stage (clue- they were NOT). But the West isn’t Nazi Germany- the spunky underdog. The West holds more power than Hitler could have dreamt of.

The Deep State wanted one thing – a situation where 99% of people on our side say “THE STAKES ARE TOO HIGH”. And today, in Syria, they have it. And that is a perfect victory for the Deep State.

John Whitehot


No, you are a zionist appeaser.

S Melanson

Starlight – I stopped reading Saker after his analysis of Russian sanctions imposed under Trump. The analysis was so flawed I considered the piece as purposeful disinformation. As for WW3, the script is eerily similar to the lead up to WW2: the hot war (WW2) began with a flimsy false flag. German soldiers dressed in Polish military uniforms ‘attacked’ German border posts (SAS agent gasses civilians to blame attack on Syrian regime) and Hitler used this as a Cassus Belli for invading Poland (Syria). Germany had been demanding a corridor to East Prussia (regime change) and Poland (Assad) refused and German (US, UK, French, Israeli) armed forces moved into position for invasion. The Russian non-aggression pact that included hidden protocols for the partition of Poland (Turkey, France come to mind …. hmmm) sealed Poland’s (Syria) fate. So the false flag was obvious as such then as it is now, but did it matter that it was fake? No. We are close to global conflict and events and people (Bolton!!!) point to this being the intent of powerful factions. This overwhelming momentum is what is important, false flags simply provide the spark at the desired time and place. However, the powerful are not unified and things can go in many directions, unexpectedly. Hitler expected Poland to cave to his demands. They did not. Hitler expected the West not to make good on their security guarantee of Poland. Hitler was wrong. Hitler expected Britain to stand down and make peace with Germany once France fell. Hitler should have known this was unlikely. Britain allied with France to prevent Germany from taking France. British policy was to prevent rise of a hegemonic power in continental Europe across the English Channel. Hitler did just that and Britain could not tolerate a hostile state unapposed across the Channel. This is much like Turkey and the Kurds. The Turkish response to Us arming Kurds was no surprise and the US would know this. I agree Turkey is not trustworthy, but it is difficult for me to see Turkey aligning with USA given the long brutal history with PKK. In building a Kurdish fighting force on the border of Turkey, the USA could not have crossed a line with Turkey any redder. Lastly, Erdogan and Macron are both narcissist that see reemergence of Ottoman/French Union respectively. Syria was once part of Ottoman Empire and then a colony of France as per Sykes-Picot. Clearly, Erdogen would then see French intervention in Syria as not only a threat, but also a humiliation of Turkey should even there be a hint of a new French Syria.

Dušan Mirić


Hisham Saber

At a recent Security Conference In Russia, China’s New Defense Head said, while standing next to his counterpart, Shoigu, ‘that China stands with Russia militarily.

That’s a huge declaration.


Do it, US regime filth. Better for this world to be purged of the human species than to exist your evil tyranny. Megadeath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

leon mc pilibin

Putin will make a Donald Cook out of the trump if he attacks Syria,and the sneaky zionist israhellis better get in their bunkers before the shit they started ,hits the fan.

Hisham Saber

If they war, that is the Israeli/U.S./U.K./French nexus, then they may just get it, but will suffer defeat that will all but seal the fate of the unipolar centered west.

17 years, and they are still fighting a bunch of guys wearing bedsheets and beach sandals, armed with AK-47’s and a few IED’s, in Afghanistan, the Taliban. One of the poorest countries in the world.

Bottom line is that this mentioned coalition’s military, as far as boots on the ground go, are inferior warriors compared to their counterparts, the Syrian Arab Army, having by now been distilled down to perhaps the best urban and rural fighting force in the world. You got Hezbollah , which have grown immense muscles from real time actual combat experience , again for 7 years now, like the SAA.

If war breaks out, and they decide on an invasion, Iran, is going to get into the thick of it. Russia will be there. along with the silent hand China.

That means the IRGC Corps. , Iranian National Armed Forces, Basij volunteers, and recently an Iranian General with the IRGC stated on Fars News that Iran could muster 5 million men armed and ready to go.

Iran is also in charge of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, who answer directly to Khamenei. They have combat experience too. All these I have mentioned have hard nosed war of attrition combat experience, something they developed and succeeded in against zealous extremists who had no regard for life. Serious combat experience folks, nothing short of mini Stalingrad type warfare.

The Coalition lack this, they will be in their enemies lands, they will be fought tooth and nail by the whole Shia crescent , Sunni Arabs, and others. How does the U.S, Isarel, U.K, France hope to overcome such odds. Russia will shut down the skies over Syria, making it very difficult to sustain any campaign. The Kurds? They will be merely a speedbump for masses of young Shia cascading and rolling up the acres headed straight for Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Saudi Arabia is paying for most of the efforts against Bashar and Syria, while China has an open checkbook for the Syrians, Iranians and Russians in this coming regional war.

It all comes down to , who has boots on the ground and how effective are they, who’s coming from afar, and who’s defending his or her’s nation and pride. And believe me, they residents of that immediate area of Syria , Iran, Iraq, Hezbollah , who knows, maybe even Russian forces and even Chinese ones too. Actually China does have special forces in Syria, they are on a real life training missions to gain real combat experience. Thye , like Russian (mostly Chechen, Mr. Khadyrov’s men) are also embedded with the SAA Specail Forces, Tiger Forces and actually were part pf the East Ghouta blitz.

Its either the Coalition goes all out and full attacks with an invasion, it would be useless and senseless to just simply launch off a couple dozen cruise missiles, or attack air bombings. Too costly and nothing to gain, and the Russians could just bite hard this time and kick the coalition in the teeth and let the U.N . figure it out. The Coalition will kick and scream, threats and bombast, but they are in all seriousness, weak, and they know it.


Those US bases in Syria will not be a good place to be if the US military starts killing a lot of people in Syria.


Indeed, I can finally agree with her in that justice must be done. Enough is enough! Thus, I would suggest using the underwater thermonuclear torpedoes to wipe out some 100 000 000 of the scumbags from the East Coast and some 50 000 000 of the scumbags from the West Coast. If that does not teach them a lesson, it will at least bring some basic justice to mankind.

Gliwice 1939 and Račak 1999 were at least believable.

All nations sometimes lie, but only the West goes to war on the heels of its own lies.


Those two were beliveable to idiots only, and they have no problem accepting all this shit too (especially with “pictures of dead babies” attached).


We pretty much all been raised on a steady diet of war movies, these comments prove it. But if they sink a US ship the folks back home will give the green light to those pushing for war. Those sailors, sitting ducks really, are only out there because there are no jobs back home.

I would rather see a message sent to those wilfully staging the incidents that trigger escalations and then pointing fingers at others for the blame. We have all found ourselves in the clutches of Psychopaths, they lie seamlessly, they don’t get excited, they stay calm, charming, self confident. We are outraged and angry, they win.

The bad thing is whether or not the missiles hit anything some fat cat gets a big check to pay for them. The sad thing is some poor folks gotta die when missiles fly. Just once it would be nice for the fat cats making all their Psycho pronouncements to be held responsible, pay a price, then peace would be a piece, of cake.


If one patriotic general in the US mobilized its home division from whichever base is closest to Washington D.C. while congress was in session, they could lock down everything in short order. I don’t think the capital police would be stupid enough to try to interfere. Makes sure to lock down the federal reserve building too. Or, the US Navy commanders could refuse to follow criminal orders.Either actions would stop this insanity.


Be Captain of the Donald Cook isn’t funny these days. ^^ It would be even more ironic that, if they go to war, the Cook was the only ship that they NOT sunk.

First Lastname

F*ck yeah! Let’s do this! Full scale strategic nuclear war now! If you need me, I’ll be grabbing a chain link fence and screaming.

Kell McBanned


First Lastname

This guy gets it! I’m gonna go do some situps so I can have ripped abs when the nuclear hellstorm engulfs me

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