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Syrian War Report – April 10, 2017: US Deploys Forces At Syrian-Jordanian Border

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The US military is reportedly concentrating troops and military equipment at the Syrian-Jordanian border. Local sources said that about 20 US Army armoured vehicles (including battle tanks and artillery pieces) carried on trucks were spotted in Al-Mafraq. US troops were allegedly accompanied with the Jordanian Army’s 3rd Division.

The US Special Operation Forces, the UK Special Operation Forces and units from some other countries -have been conducting operations across the Syrian-Jordanian border for a long time. They even had a secret military facility inside Syria where members the so-called New Syrian Army militant group were deployed. However, it was the first time when a notable number of US armoured vehicles was reported there. The US Ro-Ro ship Liberty Passion, loaded with vehicles, had arrived to the Jordanian port of Al-Aqapa few days ago. These moves followed a meeting between the Jordanian King and the US president.

Thus, the US-led coalition could prepare a large-scale military operation in southern Syria. The goal of the operation will likely be to get control over the Syrian-Iraqi border and to reach Deir Ezzor. It will involve militants trained in camps in Jordan and the US-led coalition’s forces. SF forecasted a possibility of this move in the video entitled “New US Strategy Against ISIS And War In Syria. What To Expect?” in March, 2017.

The US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, has announced that the regime change in Syria is one of the top priorities of the US foreign policy and a political solution of the crisis is not going to happen “with Assad at the head of the regime.”

Meanwhile, the alleged command center of Russia, Iran, Syria and their allied forces (Hezbollah and other pro-government factions) allegedly issued a statement condemning the US military strike on Syrian forces.

The statement described the attack that targeted an airbase belonging to the Syrian Arab Army as a flagrant breach of all “red lines.” According to the statement, the allies will respond to any new agression and will increase support to the Syrian people and the country’s armed forces on all levels.

“What America waged in an aggression on Syria is a crossing of red lines. From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond well,” the text of the statement reads.

The statement also condemned the incident in Khan Sheikhoun and added that the Syrian military was not responsible for the alleged chemical attack.

It’s important to note that the statement was released via “non-official” media channels linked to the Iranian-Syrian-Russian alliance’s forces operating in Syria. So, this is an unofficial warning to the United States and their allies. The Russian Defense Ministry and the Iranian Defense Ministry have not commented on the issue yet.

Many sources suggest that the Iranian-Syrian-Russian alliance could launch a fresh military operation in order to reach Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib’s southern countryside. The control over this village will allow opening a real investigation of the alleged chemical attack in the village.

Intense clashes are ongoing in the Hama countryside where the joint militant forces led by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) oppose the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies. Clashes were reported in the areas of Maardes, Helfaya, Mahardeh and Qamhana. Meanwhile, more and more reinforcements from the Syrian Army’s Tiger Forces and the Republican Guard arrive northern Hama ahead of the expected large-scale offensive to retake this area from militants.

The security institutions controlled by Turkey in Jarablus issued an order to close all roads linking the Turkish-controlled part of northern Syria with the Manbij and its countryside controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Manbij Military Council. The decision is aimed at preventing an economic cooperation with the SDF-controlled territory. The Turkish-controlled forces will also attempt to cut smuggling routes between the Turkish-controlled and Kurdish-controlled areas in northern Syria.

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Jean de Peyrelongue

If the main objective of the US is to get rid of Assad, The US may be planning some kind of commando coming from Jordan with the objective of reaching Damas and kill Assad. I hope that everything is prepared to destroy that commando as soon as it is crossing the Jordan border

Solomon Krupacek

yeup, prepared like destroying of terrorists in daraa city. :(


I doubt that will happen, after all money they waste, Russia and Iran will simply not allow that


There is a new PUPPET in Washington, and the DEEP STATE is playing him like a piano.


i thought they were going to try to get to deir ezzor

Bill Wilson

Nah. All this talk about getting rid of Assad is Trump peeing on peoples’ legs (telling them what they want to hear) so they will calm down. I suspect that these US, Jordanian and trained volunteer units will be moving east with some entering Iraq to clear out ISIS from their far western desert and some going north into the southern Syrian Desert to secure the roads up to Sab Bi’Ar then start moving up towards the T-3 pumping station, clearing out ISIS units along the way. Those 30 something cruise missiles that didn’t hit the airbase had to land somewhere and I suspect those were targeted to take out bridges and roads inside the Syrian Desert to prevent ISIS movements thru it’s interior. ISIS isn’t going to mention where they hit but I’m sure the US informed the SAA where so they could plan advances on trapped ISIS units.

Jonathan Cohen

I sure hope so, but more likely the Tomahawk missiles crashed with possible Russian help. I will also guess the US forces will mostly turn East to fight DAESH, but I am prepared for the worst, a turn northwest toward the SAA and Damascus.

Bill Wilson

The US is only interested in taking out Daesh and aiding the Kurds since they’re doing a good job getting all the different tribes and nationals in their areas of control to get along and set-up their own governments to run regional affairs. Daesh has moved their “capital” to Mayadin, which is down river from Deir Azzor where they control a stretch that runs in Iraq. On either side of the river along that length is nothing but desolate desert with deep wadis and few roads. It won’t be hard to clear Daesh out of those deserts and keep them holed up along the river to await their demise. The SAA doesn’t seem able to make much headway against Daesh outside Palmyra. The US may hit the highway to Deir Azzor and clear that out for the SAA so they could have a secure land route to the city that’s under Syrian control then take up positions south of the city to block Daesh units fleeing in from the north and prevent Daesh attempts to regain control of the roads west of the city. All this blather about Assad needing to go is just talk. The West has no idea of who could take his place.

Jonathan Cohen

YPG could take all of syria and western Iraq if they can earn arab allies; bringing abortion rights to a huge area.


“Thus, the US-led coalition could prepare a large-scale military operation in southern Syria”…TRANSLATION…US leading a coalition of I.S.I.S TERRORISTS preparing to join with their coalition of John McCain INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORISTS to support a large military operation on the SOVEREIGN TERRITORY OF SYRIA.

Solomon Krupacek

this is what i wrote several times: priority 1: take road 90 and clean the territory up to jordan border. these plans of americans are logical, foreseenable.

now the us army is in motion, and they will not stop their momentum. tkae every square inch, what is not under saa rule.

Jonathan Cohen

It still looks to me like Trump mainly wants to fight DAESH, so I think SAA would be best off letting them fight and instead concentrate on fighting HTS/AQ, which Trump seemed to protect. Also the other militants in green are surrounded in several pockets which can be squeezed out to advantage one at a time with overwhelming assault forces using the Powell Doctrine, this time making sure nobody in those pockets can ever fight again.

Rodney Loder

Kurds are inviting the Yanks to invade Syria not Turks, that’s ridiculous, how could they being outsiders?. Harken, people are starting to realise Trump is a conspiracy of the Democrats, I knew it before the election so did institutional investors and the Plutocrats, hence the market boom from day one, all bets hinge on the US putting it’s forces into the winning circle if not resources will emerge as the new dominant power, China gave away bigger imports of US beef and nothing else investment ceiling was never going to rise and even it it really did come down, so what, joint venture is the name of the contract in China realestate has always been a joke, only a few cow hands will benefit from Trump’s cowtailing to Xi, the ME is the easiest target he thinks, maybe he’s right in the micro view, the opposite was the considered opinion before this year, because of IMF and WB being corrupted inside and out with zero interest rates and continual massive handouts concentrating wealth by corrupt practice, or maybe Trump really is a total egotistical nutter and this fleet going to bomb NK will do more than just pose, I hope so I have plenty of popcorn. I also predict I’m going vto get an upvote on Quora for my latest effort “why is my life so boring”, anything irrelevant usually gets me one,

Bill Wilson

I think you’ve been smelling too many farts when attending daily prayers.

Rodney Loder

I see from your previous comments you support israel, of course I’ve made probably close to a million public pronucements using my real name and making criminal accusations against private people named and exposed, (Lionel Loder Susan Loder of Brisbane and Sydney respectively, just the tip of the iceberg) these accusations would render South Front and other Forums liable for damages, but two things are significant one is I’m still here and liars such as yourself make only one or two interjections and then disappear, might I suggest the reason for that is that there is an expectation that a wanton pronouncement is not as incredible as a provoked one, so your given special leave occasionally, the question has to be asked which I ask yourself Bill Wilson why do the sly little jews not confront me more often?. You won’t respond because credibility is my unquestionable quality, I mean, if everyone knew exactly what someone has always thought that person if he survived to be saved by the internet would be unassailable, such is the state that I represent, God or no God I’m here to stay your only online only for a very short time.

Bill Wilson

I doubt if any sly Jews bother to visit this site. I’m just here to get more information over the fighting in Iraq and Syria since the MSM does a miserable job reporting all of it plus I can find all sorts of good reference photos to assist my detailing of 1/35 scale plastic military models and vignettes. I don’t have a problem with Israel, Jordan nor Assad. I actually like Bashar since he didn’t cut and run back to London when all this crap broke out.

Rodney Loder

Allah knows and watches everything, He will consider your contribution if indeed you actually did make a donation your abilities will be enhanced, I was a toolmaker and did a few jobs making model trains to scale, the magazines didn’t agree with the accuracy of my ratios the moulds didn’t get a lot of use, that was before I became a Muslim, now if I wanted to I could own the magazine’s as well, thanks to Allah.

Rodney Loder

That’s because all thing fear me, for dammed good reasons.Praise be to Allah.

gfsdyughjgd .

Allah is devil Jesus is God.

Rodney Loder

Actually The devil and God are the same thing, what happen was, when reality was only conjecture needing to implement the meaning of relevance so subjective conceptualization could become substances, the Random who was a good Guy then became bad, He went really bad and absolutely refused to give way to Probability to become the first person listed in Heaven, so Allah had to consume the bastard so he wouldn’t dissobey his parents (Fate Space and Allah) any more and he doesn’t but the nasty streak remained. However I have captured the last Prophethood anyone tries for it after me has to be tortured and humiliated continually for at least 67 years before establishing credibility, if they don’t overtake me in that regard they die in front of me and their followers die with them.

gfsdyughjgd .

You know what i like and respect you.You are a intellectual.

John Mason

shouldn’t have said that now you got a lecture and sermon served up.

888mladen .

RU official statement about their intentions in Syria: “Russia does not intend to get involved in an armed standoff with the United States there [in Syria], our task there is to support the Syrian military forces in their fight against terrorists, this is the task we have a mandate for,” Viktor Ozerov was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti. We still haven’t seen any serious action from China.

It looks like RU has no intentions to fight any of the sponsor states. Are they turning blind eye to the fact that US is the biggest terror state in the world including their partner states?


i hope not, hopefully they got other, better aces up their sleeves

Jonathan Cohen

Most American’s would cheer if Russia bombed Saudi Arabia like Trump promised. Fewer, but still many Americans would cheer Iran for doing so. We certainly wish Russia had stayed in Afghanistan long enough to prevent 9/11.

Dod Grile

For an all omnipotent entity that really “feels your pain” 666 out of 667 oligarchs agree there is no one but that golden tongue deity of merger and acquisition, the all knowing, all powerful MAMMON.



would love to cut that things head off

Bill Wilson

Money always has been the root of all evil.


I agree and when you want to feel better about it, send yours my way.

Gabriel Hollows

SAA still unable to make any gains! Guess I was right when I said the Tiger Forces had met their match.

Bill Wilson

Probably being cautious over taking more casualties than they can afford.

Bill Wilson

Bah. That US build-up is to get after ISIS in Iraq’s far western desert.

Pave Way IV

The US and UK have always had a special interest in guarding the Al Tanf area. If any north-south pipeline needs to bypass Iraq by going through Jordan, than it enters Syria near the al Tanf crossing. CJTF-OIR can never allow Syria to control that piece of sovereign territory again. It needs to be stolen from the Syrian people forever.


Brad Isherwood

Russia has probably agreed to Partition of Syria already…The Rand map..or Brookings… Netanyahu has been barking that US occupy more of Golan/Daraa. .. This may also be an agreed concession by Russia…Netanyahu is signaling What’s about to go down next. The Chemical attack ruse…and warnings by Russia more could be on the way. The US may have wanted some Righteous Crusade media push to carpet The Partion of Syria with World cheering. Putin is out front on their scheme and forcing the US to be illegal occupier.

US want Iran,IRGC and Hezbollah gone from Syria. Iraqi government under pressure to disband PMU and other Shia Militias.

Pave Way IV

It’s looking more and more that way, but I really want to believe Putin will still end up kicking the US in the nuts (while the world cheers). Nonetheless, if some secret US offer was for the US to back the hell off in Ukraine and give up on Crimea (doubtful but possible), then Putin might well figure that throwing Assad and Syria under the bus is worth it. Let the US create an Afghanistan v 2.0 in eastern Syria and slowly be eaten alive by the head-choppers they created.

Brad Isherwood

An invite to our conversations this thread Duran http://theduran.com/breaking-intel-shows-more-attacks-planned-in-syria-to-blame-assad-putin-says-at-press-conference/#comment-3252049033

Was musing about world trade history,signatory….the thread has some interesting Trending…which should be brought forward to compare with what’s occuring today.. The UN is a hypocrite function. ..the Old British East India company leverage over nations with full on battles and sea battle over trade routes where Empire has to cut in and secure the Enterprise*…or its going to get to .. ..Roll to your rifle ..and blow out your brains…and go to your gawd like a soldier * Rudyard Kipling/Afghanistan

As mentioned in my Duran post about Putin/Lavrov actually outing the game in Syria. That would be historic. ..every dead King would roll in his grave. The Great Game. ..the great lie. Russia/Putin can accept partition and cleave to their piece of Syria, And the Great Game continues.

Reminding…that Pirate ships raked a British man of war,French and Spanish Looted them. ..and executed them like some ancient ISIS .

Dead men tell….no tales : )

We are on the cusp of some historical convergence. The Colonial war machine meets with insurgency… It wasn’t always win for Rule Britannia. ..they got the chop lots of times, Like at Isandlwana. .say goodbye to the 24th foot. Billy Hicks of Egypt /Khartoum and the Mahdi fame. Chinese Gordon. ..a Hero. ..but a martyr for the Queen.

Israel wants fight Iran,…I think they push and get it in Syria, If Russia and Iran. .and China seed the insurgency…it’s going to be nasty like Iraq.

Bill Wilson

Those elongated territories in Western Iraq and Eastern Jordan where drawn up by the British just for the Kirkuk-Haifa pipeline to run thru. In 1948 the British were urging Jordan to advance out of the West Bank and seize Haifa since they were worried about being cut off from the oil at the export terminal. I don’t know anything about the K-H v 2.0 pipeline so will check that out. Same with the Qatari-Saudi Gas Pipeline. I know that Qatar proposed one back in 2010 or so that was to run across Saudi Arabia and into Syria to some proposed new export terminal. It never reached the planning stage after the Saudis told them to run it underwater to Iraq since the House of Saud had the red ass towards Assad. Not long after that the Iranians wanted to run a gas pipeline across Iraq and to the Syrian coast where they would build new LNG plants and export terminals. Around that time Nobel announced the size of the offshore Leviathan Field and there was speculation that Syria could have massive NG and oil reserves offshore. The next year the Syrian Sunnis started their attempt to take over the country, probably so they could be in charge when all the big oil and gas monies started rolling in. I’m pretty sure that’s what ISIS had in mind when they set-up their caliphate in Raqqa and tried to punch their way to the coast. All this blabber about the US wanting Syrian oil is nonsense since there isn’t much (2 bln bls in reserve) plus most of it is garbage. We now have an endless supply of much better Canadian Dilbit along with the inexhaustible fields in Texas where we keep finding more. Then we have 10-12 trillion barrels of kerogen for our ace in the hole when conventional oil reserves have petered out. Jordan and Israel have the next largest reserves of that stuff which dwarfs the reserves of Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran combined. We’ll be long gone before any of those Kerogen fields start being tapped.

Pave Way IV

It’s not about the US needing or taking the oil for itself. It’s all about denying Assad and the western Syria population centers control over any Syrian resources/infrastructure – water, power, oil and gas production, refining and transport. They don’t care if the Kurds or Arab tribes take it, as long as Assad no longer controls it and it’s not available to the Syrian people in government-controlled areas. Syria was self-sufficient with oil and gas until the ‘regime change’ cucks showed up.

If the US (and Israel, Saudi Arabia) can’t own or control Syria and isolate it from Iranian support, then they will ensure that what’s left is insignificant – powerless, poverty-stricken, destroyed infrastructure, constantly terrorized – until the day that they agree to live on their knees with a US/Israeli/Saudi jackboot stomping on their face forever.

Lebanon is next. They have way too big of a slice of Leviathan that Israel figures is theirs because… well, just because. Plus, Lebanon is inconveniently in the way of a Leviathan gas pipeline running up the coast if the Syrian thing doesn’t work out. A permanently neutered, destabilized Lebanon met certain goals at the time a few decades ago, but now it must be partitioned or destroyed. The US will help in that crime against humanity. Of that, I’m 100% sure – we’re not one to miss the Israeli dog-whistle.


Read the saker discussion thesaker.is/a-multi-level-analysis-of-the-us-cruise-missile-attack-on-syria-and-its-consequences/?inmoderation

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