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JUNE 2023

Syrian War Report – April 1, 2019: US Says Syrian Army Must Withdraw From Golan Heights’ Contact Line

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Syrian War Report – April 1, 2019: US Says Syrian Army Must Withdraw From Golan Heights’ Contact Line

Over 50 ISIS members were eliminated by strikes of the US-led coalition in the outskirt of the town of al-Baghuz al-Fawqani in the Euphrates Valley over the past few days, local sources reported. The airstrikes were a part of the operation of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the coalition in the area, which is ongoing despite a formal US statement declaring defeat over ISIS.

According to local sources, a notable number of ISIS members is still hiding in a network of caves and underground tunnels in the area.

Besides this, ISIS cells within the SDF-held area have recently carried out a series of attacks killing at least 10 SDF members near the town of Diban and in the area of the Omar oil fields, on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

On March 28, General Commander of the SDF Ferhat Abdi Sahin claimed that the group, which includes the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and their all-female faction, the Woman’s Protection Units (YPJ), had made a decision to capture the area of Afrin from Turkish forces.

“We are preparing and making arrangements in order to liberate Afrin … Because this is a military matter, everyone should know that when the time is suitable, the liberation phase will begin,” he said in an interview with Sterk TV.

Currently, the SDF has no land route to Afrin from northeastern Syria while YPG and YPJ control only a few positions to south and southeast of the area. Therefore, SDF statements regarding the military advance on Afrin should are just a political move designed in an attempt to buy support of the Syrian population. The group, which deeply relies on the foreign support to control northeastern Syria, is currently facing notable problems with the control over the Arab-populated areas seized from ISIS.

While the SDF has no real chances to capture Afrin itself, YPG and YPJ cells conduct attacks on Turkey-led forces on a regular basis. On March 31, a Turkish service member was killed and one was injured an attack by Kurdish rebels, according to Turkey’s Ministry of National Defense.

Following the announcement, the Turkish military artillery fired more than 100 shells at YPG positions in the towns of Tatmrsh and Shuargha. No casualties as a result of the shelling were reported.

The US-led coalition and its proxies from the so-called Revolutionary Commando Army continue to prevent evacuation of civilians from the Rukban refugee camp. They even held a live-fire drill involving High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems near the US garrison of al-Tanf located in the same area.

The situation in the Idlib de-escalation zone remains unchanged. The ceasefire regime is violated almost on a daily basis. Firefights and artillery dues are especially intense in northern Hama and southern Idlib.

On March 28, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came with a new statement claiming that his  country will continue working against Iranian presence in Syria. The statement shows that the Israeli military is set to continue its military campaign in Syria.

In own turn, the US did not limit its recent actions in support of Tel Aviv to recognizing the Golan Heights as Israeli territory. It also demanded the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to withdraw from the separation line area established in the framework of the 1974 Disengagement Agreement. US-Israeli efforts to force the SAA to do so could easily turn the Golan Heights into a new hot point and fuel the Syrian conflict further.

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Nigel Maund

The US and Israel are in complete breach of International Law which they both ignore as though they are above it all completely! The Law is only for lesser States!! Well it’s way past time that Israel and the US were stopped in their tracks and made to observe the Laws they always circumvent to suit themselves. Trump is a Zionist. Of that there can no be no doubt whatsoever. The sad fact is what hope is there given this realisation for the rest of us??


Not such a new idea that laws are only as good as their enforcement.

John Whitehot

Respecting laws is a moral and ethic obligation, and at the international level, that should be the point of start for every other consideration – because it’s at the base of the primary interest and aim of all the peoples of the world: PEACE.

The US and Israel have taken the same route Nazi Germany has taken, and will end up even worse than them, if they don’t realize what they are doing.

Feudalism Victory

Peace isnt always in a nations self interest.


Peace is always in the interest of a healthy and sound human being in mind and body. Unfortunately, those addicted to pleonexy, the desire for ever more money they can make no use of, are sick people. So they think war is in their ‘interest’… making more money. They have sick, lost ‘selfs’. So no, war is never in ‘self interest’.

Feudalism Victory

No sometimes for survival you need anothers resources. Turkey for instance will collapse unless it takes a neighbours hydrocarbons.

John Whitehot

especially if a nation is warmongering since almost a century.

Allan Greedspoon

In the case of Nazi Germany, they only took back what was rightfully theirs, and which had been severed from Germany by the Treaty of Versaille. The Yids brought the war on Germany because of her refusal to submit to their (& Britain’s) lust for power and economic domination of Europe, then they wanted to make sure Germany was crippled permanently, both geo-politically and economically. Hitler just wanted to take back what had been stolen from them and have Germany remain detached from the Yid global banking cabal, gain back control of its economy, media and banks. Germany never did anything as bad as what the two ugly sisters(US and Israel) are doing currently . ..

John Whitehot

“Trump is a Zionist”

Trump is not a zionist.

Trump is a father, a husband, a grandfather, and he reacts as such.

Because in the end, what they’ll say to you, is this “You will do what we say, because if you don’t, we will kill your family, kill you, and then put up someone who listen”.

That’s why, at this moment, Trump probably needs a lot of help.

Feudalism Victory

Yes! Hes surrounded by lawless murderers capable of anything. His guardians might be compromised as well.

He needs the american people to surround him and if he falls to pick up the banner and fight on!


It does appear he has taken a complete turn on foreign policy. It started happening when John Bolton was allowed back in and then Elliot Abrams came onboard and the entire “russian-gate” case was dropped. They got Trump and he capitulated to their demands.

Very obvious what happened here.

But I won’t vote for him again. He has been too compromised. I would rather not vote at all than vote for someone being lead on a leash by Zionists and Israel.


Trump is a Zionist and criminal anti American traitor like almost the entire legislature. Whether it’s coerced or consensual is immaterial, the end result is the same. Only a liar and fool like you would deny the obvious.

Feudalism Victory

International law was always a joke or a facade for powerful nations to act.

How can you have law with no enforcement?

John Whitehot

powerful nations can get nuked like less powerful ones, and only then regret not to have obliged laws – laws which they generally agreed upon

Vince Dhimos

His loyal followers say he is the victim of the Deep State. But the Deep State loves war and wants to give Saudi and Israel whatever they want. He is the king of the Deep State.


You are right, the foreign policies of the Trump administration is run by NEOCON, DEEP SATE(CFR) WAR MONGERS(John Bolton/Pompeu).



Tom-Einar Nikolaisen

U just relized the US are war-criminals and liars? They said they were leaving too…


“APRIL 1, 2019: US SAYS SYRIAN ARMY MUST WITHDRAW FROM GOLAN HEIGHTS’ CONTACT LINE”… This is incredible, the ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS of Syrian territory, have the COJONES to telling the LEGITIME government of Syria to withdraw from their LEGITIME TERRITORY.

Todd Allen

Looks like an April fools joke.

Zionism = EVIL

Seriously, this whole anti-Semitic hogwash is a load of crock to dupe western sheeple.. The murderous Khazar gutter rats are not Semites, only Arabs and the outcast Jew money lending tribes of ancient past are Semites. This Hollywood invented term is used to suppress any criticism of the Zionist savages who are committing horrendous atrocities against Palestinians and humanity in general.

Even a leading Israeli news anchor has slammed the Tel Aviv regime for turning troops into “human animals” after new reports emerged about the abuse of Palestinians in detention.

Channel 13 TV’s Oshrat Kotler made the remarks on Saturday night, commenting on Israeli forces brutally beating a handcuffed and blindfolded father and forcing his son to watch it.

According to Haaretz, the Israeli soldiers slapped, punched and bludgeoned the two detainees until the father’s ribs and nose were broken on January 8.

“They send children to the army, to the territories, and get them back human animals. That’s the result of the occupation,” Kotler said.

Xoli Xoli

USA must withdraw from European countries (Germany, Estonia,Ukrain Poland, Latvia,)Asian Countries(South Korea, Japan Taiwan)Africa(Botswana, Central Africa ,Sudan,)Latin America.(Colombia, Brazil, Argentina,Venezuela)Middle East(Syria, Irag,Libya,Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel,Jordan, Georgia.)USA rapes world peace and development with wringle face Bolton and Gay Pompeo and mentally I’ll dotart long buttock blinding racist Trump.


Presudent Trump is pretty balled up right now. I saw a clip of him with Guaidó’s wife, during a press conference at the WH. He looks like he is not sleeping ( serious about that ). He is out of his mind right now. I have also read that some were predicting this move. The US and Israel can’t do squat about it, unless they want parts of Israel lit on fire as a result of the escalations which could spiral out of control.

When taken into the whole of what is going on right now, the US power is being rolled worldwide at the moment. The guys driving things in the US and their friends worldwide, are out of their minds right now. I think a truly dangerous point has arrived. I hope the stupid doesn’t appear in the Golan but, It could very well happen.

Astrid Watanabe

Trump is so over the top that I thought he might be a blessing in disguise. He makes things so obvious, that everything is out in the open. The emperor has no clothes! That is the president of the United States! I don’t know: laugh or cry. Something that ridiculous cannot stand up for long. Dangerous, yes.


NO YOU must!!and all white folk who occupy shall leave all areas of occupation BEFORE years end and esp the pale faces you call the fake jews and oh trump their will be nothing you can do about it when that time comes because you slave leader!!will not be prez you will be removed from power for being a weak ass slave to child killers and cannibles!! ANY who serve satan over the divine shall fall trump!!


if you notice brown and black nations that the white countries are doing a number of military practices?white nations not brown or black who seem to be preparing yes??but for what pray tell you say??well watch!!their continued attacks and arrogance have warrented such decisons of late they will take no more countries brown and black folk while they live rich while those they occupy live poor and oppressed such times are soon at an end!!

northerntruthseeker .

Considering the fact the Golan Heights rightfully belongs to Syria, the Syrians have every right to be there..

The Syrians should tell the US and the freak Israelis to go pound sand!




There is a fire lookout cabin 5 miles from where I had my bigfoot close encounter 2 summers ago. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-uTnU2Xj66sA/UQie1vstdbI/AAAAAAAAAmM/I9Etcyd1Z9I/s1600/DesolationPeakLookout.jpg


Some of the cabins or towers are open and you can stay in them. Which is safer than a tent. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3222/2623790718_8276246587.jpg?v=0


Some of the remote wilderness forest service fire cabin and tower lookouts have 100+ ufo sightings over the course of their careers. This one was built with a temporary tram 100 years ago. And is now maintained via helicopter.


This is a drone shot of the almost 100 year old cabin. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bd72075c969cf009136f430c75621bcaef4493584492d66d3ed037fcc59b4f29.png https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8diDZG1Xg40


The Current US administration has stripped away any pretense of morality, legality, ethics and objectiveness in it’s overt pro Israeli bias and criminality. That it’s obvious even to most Americans drowning in Jew MSM lies, stupidity and filth. That their government is severely compromised by Jews and rabid Zionists like Trump and most of the legislature. And that these types of anti American traitors are at the root of our problems.


are you guys antifa or what! you all sound like a bunch of sniveling victims of American school system….God Bless the USA or you would all be cowering under your houses from fascist!

Decatur Guy

I have no doubt *whatsoever* the day is coming when Israel *betrays* America the same way the Talmudist (so-called jews) did to Germany. No good deed ever, ever goes unpunished. Ever!


There’s no waiting involved. It’s happening every day and has been throughout US history.

Decatur Guy



הוי האמרים לרע טוב ולטוב רע שמים חשך לאור ואור לחשך שמים מר למתוק ומתוק למתוק ומתוק למר

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