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Syrian War Diary – October 2015

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Dear friends, SouthFront is now offering a new video product: “Syrian War Diary”. Over the past several years, the Syrian conflict has passed through several turning points. Now the military and diplomatic situation is quite different to what we observed before the start of the Russian military operation in 2015. “Syrian War Diary” videos unite SouthFront’s War Reports produced during this period and provide a retrospective of these changes.

Syrian War Diary - October 2015

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LR captain

i love this Thank you so much south front.
this shows just how bad situation was back how close falling Assad was.
Please make sure to also show the claims by opposition forces and western think tanks as well.

i see this as a major FU to the trolls who choose to show up on the site.to embarrass themselves. were most likely gonna see new fakes as old ones are abandoned or less likely used, as the trolls become more and more embarrassed.

Assad must stay

thank God for Putin helping Assad, surely SAA and all of Syria will never forget him and Russia for their help, I started following the war closely in early 2017, largely due to SouthFront, and will for as long as i can :)


Actually it was General Solomani who persuaded Putin to invest in Syria by offering men if Russia offered logistics and its air force.. Amazing what less than 50 planes can do to terrorist armies of 100,000+ supported by Super powers like US and EU with unlimited funds from the saudi’s and qatar..

Assad must stay

Yes of course, and then SAA got into shape and became the best damn fighting force like it has never seen :)


Yes, it demonstrated the great strides of the modernisation of Russian forces since 2000.


Another PROOF that Putin is ZIONIST PUPPET and that Russians should go home to leave mighty Syria do the job!
They should thank Syria lot for generously using their weapons to make promotion they do not deserve!

Filthy Russians and Jew Putin and their cease fires blocking all the time!
Stopping Assad to invade Istanbul, Tel Aviv and whole Saudi Arabia!


Huh, and you wrote about me, that i am nato troll! :DDD


Russians need to WAKE UP. The US and Isrealis need to believe, truly believe, that the Russians are prepared to go nuclear over Syria. Unless the Russians can convince them of this, the US and Israel have no reason to let Russia “win”. They’ll just keep using their stealthy precision strike capability to keep the war going forever. Eventually they’ll graduate to taking out Syrian top brass and even Russian personell, once they figure out Russia’s unwilling to go nuclear. The US has for years possessed the ability to make pretty much any target go boom without much (if any) warning. But up to this point, saner heads tended to prevail and the US was more restrained in its use of precision strikes on other governments, while continuing to strike non-govt targets in places like Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. But now the dynamic has shifted, and its clear the US and Israel are going to keep striking in Syria and Iraq and there’s really nothing stopping them from escalating these strikes to bigger and more important targets.

The Russians, and even the Syrians and Iranians, are damned clever but the enemy is outspending them by 30 to 1. If the US and by extension Israel are now calling the bluff, so to speak, then the people of Russia need to rally and prepare for nuclear war. They need to show this willingness publicly. The US and its Jew masters will push until they encounter a nuclear armed foe that’s ready for a fight to the death. But it has to be real, not theatrics for show. Russians need to rally around a surge of patriotism and national pride. Trump and Netanyahu should feel actual fear at the prospect of Russia being crazy enough to actually stand up to them. They should behold a very unified and angry Russia that will not accept defeat at any cost. That’s a scary prospect that would deter anyone.

Liberal guy

Bastards cowards wahhabis were attacking from all sides at that time. Many died because of airstrikes

Liberal guy

It was a complete rout for cowards as large number of the scums died after these cowards thought they will win all they were at there peak at that time in recruitment and firepower hahahahaha there so called jihad brought them nothing but decisive defeat

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