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Syrian War Diary – December 2015


Dear friends, SouthFront is now offering a new video product: “Syrian War Diary“. Over the past several years, the Syrian conflict has passed through several turning points. Now the military and diplomatic situation is quite different to what we observed before the start of the Russian military operation in 2015. “Syrian War Diary” videos unite SouthFront’s War Reports produced during this period and provide a retrospective of these developments.

Syrian War Diary – December 2015



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  • Z.P.

    Syrian War Diary – December 2021 would have much more success.
    Try to get for once knowledgeable expertise how this complex situation might develop instead of just dry facts reporting.

  • valpura

    Southfront is doing us a great service by recollecting material from each day of war. Human mind tend to focus on present and recent past while cancelling the rest. This behavior causes revisionism. Which should never happen.

  • RichardD

    The Syrian government coalition just goes from strength to strength. Clearing Israel out of the Golan now looks a lot more doable and a lot less specualtive.

  • antoun

    and spetember 2015??

  • Assad must stay

    A part of me misses those days, before I was not so cynical and jaded about love and relationships, I was so excited for the new star wars movie, but I was also not knowing anything about the war, that wouldn’t be for a little over a year later

  • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

    Am 15 minutes in and shared to gab. have watched nearly all the war diaries over the yrs, this is a fantastic idea for a series.

    should release one every monday at 8pm or something. spam trailers over the web for it

    advertise it like MSM advertises for a tv series, just spam links everywhere