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MAY 2021

Syrian Troops Push Turkish Forces Back From Saraqib As Ankara Makes More Victorious Statements (Map, Videos)

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Syrian Troops Push Turkish Forces Back From Saraqib As Ankara Makes More Victorious Statements (Map, Videos)

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Units of the Syrian Army and its allies have continued their advance on positions of Turkish-led forces in Greater Idlib followiing the second liberation of Saraqib

In eastern Idlib, Syrian troops retook the villages of Jawbas, Tarnaba, Dadikh and Kafr Battikh west of Saraqib. By this move, they technically secured the M5 highway that, if hostilities end, would allow the Syrian military to restore movement along it. In southern Idlib, the Syrian Army pushed the Turkish Army and al-Qaeda members back from Kafr Nabul and retook the villages of Amqiyah and Fulayfil.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (a pro-militant propaganda outlet), over 100 members of Idlib armed groups were killed in the recent clashes.

In the course of the advance, the Syrian military shot down another Turkish combat drone near Saraqib. Another Turkish drone was downed east of Khan Al-Subil.

At the same time, a L-39 warplane of the Syrian Air Force was downed by the Turkish military over Idlib. The warplane crashed near Maarat al-Numan. One pilot died in the incident. The second one survived.

The Turkish Defense Ministry claimed that March 3 that during the past 24 hours Turkish-led forces had destroyed a warplane, a UAV, 6 battle tanks, 5 howitzers and artillery pieces, 2 air defense systems, 3 armored combat vehicles, 5 armed pickups, 6 military vehicles and an ammunition depot belonging to Syrian forces. The defense ministry also claimed that 327 Syrian soldiers were “neutralized” during the same period. Taking into account that the Turkish-provided number of “neutralized” Syrian soldiers was 2,557, the Turkish-claimed number of “neutralized” Syrian soliders since the start of Operation Piece Spring just reached 2,884.

The Turkish campaign in Idlib is apparently going in a direction that the Turkish leadership does not like. The Turkish Army and its proxies failed to deliver a devastating blow to the Syrian Army and lost most of the gains made during first days of the operation.

Turkish propaganda sources claim that Turkish F-16 fighter jets launch air-to-air missiles at Syrian warplanes from the Turkish side of the border:

Meanwhile, Turkish supporters are claiming that Turkey will deploy Hisar air defense systems to the Syrian province of Idlib in order to put an end to Syrian and Russian strikes on al-Qaeda terrorists there. Right now, these claims look like a wishful thinking.

Some recent combat footage from the area of Saraqib:


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    1. Concrete Mike says:

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      1. Attilla says:

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        1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says:

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          1. Hyper19 says:

            95% of americans wouldnt be able to point Turkey on map, wouldn’t surprise me if they couldn’t point America on map

          2. ian says:

            Don’t like you but you do have a point there.

          3. Concrete Mike says:

            I know where turkey is, and i hate you fascist thugs with a passion!

            Your no better than israel.

        2. Shia man says:

          The arabs ended the ottoman in empire in just 2 years

          1. Hyper19 says:

            Turkish state disbanded the ottoman empire!
            These arab states are just artificial countries.

          2. Shia man says:

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          3. Hyper19 says:

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          4. Shia man says:

            Yes and when they decided they no longer want to be under Turkish rule boom 2 years later no more Ottoman Empire

          5. Hyper19 says:

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          6. Shia man says:

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          7. Hyper19 says:

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          8. Shia man says:

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          9. Concrete Mike says:


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        7. Arch Bungle says:

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    2. yep says:

      You will lose 30 airplanes in one day !

      1. Hyper19 says:

        Its called being SMART something not in the syrian dictionary

        1. yep says:


          Smart …but VERY BIG COWARDS .

      2. Wahid Algiers says:

        Cowards = Mongol Turks.

  2. Legis Legis Juscius says:

    Turkish drones are dropping like flies :D

    1. Attilla says:

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      1. cactus says:

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        1. Attilla says:

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          1. Tim Williams says:

            is that the day IRAN will launch several hundred Ballistic missiles at you

          2. Attilla says:

            Iran should first destroy the corona virus. Also, there is the Turkish

          3. Shia man says:

            Don’t worry the coronavirus is coming to an end soon iran already made a vaccine

          4. Hyper19 says:

            You mean spraying water on streets? LOL

          5. Shia man says:

            Out of the 88 thousand people infected 44 thousand are already cured if you knew anything you would know this virus is being blow out of proportion so people would stop dealing with China and Iran
            Iran already announced a vaccine and they already cured hundreds of their patients so you’ll see an end to this fake disease

          6. Hyper19 says:

            hahahaha is that what the khomeni media tells you?

          7. Shia man says:

            No it’s basic math

          8. Attilla says:

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          9. Concrete Mike says:

            Oh thats rich, abd turkey working in cahoots with israel and america is not sleeping with the devil?

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          10. Shia man says:

            Plus the regular flu killed 100s of thousands while this one killed 2000

          11. Shia man says:

            This was last month report btw

          12. Hyper19 says:

            And what do you have to backup your claims?

          13. You can call me Al says:

            43.3 % yesterday , 50.7% today, all bullshit to blame the imminent economic crash of the US.

          14. Shia man says:

            Yes majority of the cases are mild.
            I also thought it would be good business scare people and then they will rush by the billions for the vaccine.

          15. Karen Bartlett says:


          16. Attilla says:

            Why is Iran constantly slaughtering Muslims and Hizbulah?

          17. Andranik says:

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          19. Karen Bartlett says:

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          20. Andranik says:

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          21. Karen Bartlett says:

            Plus, the coronavirus is little more than a cold. Only undernourished people, especially babies and old people, are being badly effected. Vitamins “C”, “D” and zinc will strengthen one’s immune system to combat the virus.

          22. Frank Dudley says:

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          23. Attilla says:

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          24. Concrete Mike says:

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          25. You can call me Al says:

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          26. Attilla says:

            Iran is friendship with very wrong people

        2. Ishyrion Av says:

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          4. Attilla says:

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          1. Attilla says:

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      2. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says:

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        1. Attilla says:

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          We can fight you all for humanity and goodness.

          1. Shia man says:

            Humanity and goodness ? we have a Turkish comedian go

          2. cactus says:

            this guy is a whole new level ? ?

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          9. Andranik says:

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          10. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says:

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          11. Attilla says:

            You are as blind as the facts in detail

          12. Horace Lacondeta says:

            “humanity and goodness”.
            That is the best Turkish joke ever, I have to congratulate you.

          13. Attilla says:

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          14. Concrete Mike says:

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        1. Attilla says:

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      6. John says:

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        1. Attilla says:

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          1. John says:

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        1. Attilla says:

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      8. Gary Sellars says:

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    2. You can call me Al says:


    1. cactus says:

      turks rats butt hurt

    1. yep says:

      Well Russia has gazzilion tons of bombs from Soviet times ready
      to bomb the shit out of Jewhadist’s and pulverize those terrorists into the size of the microbes!

    2. Wayne Nicholson says:

      That pretty well sums up the USA. We won’t help with diplomatic leadership, we won’t send soldiers, we won’t risk media images of dead Americans during an election year, we won’t take in refugees or help them in any way except to smuggle arms in USAID deliveries but if you want to keep killing each other we will sell you all the bullets you need.

      $USD, visa or mastercard thank you.

  3. Tim Williams says:

    Turk gathering point hit hard … that had to hurt


    1. Hyper19 says:

      LOL syrian jets keep going down and syrian coalition wth is that lol

    2. You can call me Al says:

      Beautiful picture.

  4. Shia man says:

    Two Turkish army helicopters arrive at Bab Al-Hawa crossing north of Idlib to transport the injured Turkish army soldiers

    1. Hyper19 says:


      1. Shia man says:

        Is your social media websites still shut down turd

        1. Hyper19 says:

          how about a link you turd

      2. You can call me Al says:

        Read https://syria.liveuamap.com/ – Shia man is correct.

    1. yep says:

      This is great!
      This makes me more happy than photo of dead terrorists !
      A normal life is back to Syria, excellent news for all who support Syria!

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        This is a huge achievement for Syria in the midst of this dreadful conflict that has been fuelled by the US Coalition of Terrors orders from Israel.

        1. yep says:

          Can you imagine the PHOTOS sent to the world of the peace and progress and Assad (that mast not go) is there with Syrian people who are smiling because NORMAL LIFE is BACK to Syria!
          Fucking fantastic !!!
          What humiliation for terrorist West !

          1. FlorianGeyer says:

            Humiliation it certainly is. :)

            There is always a great danger when a criminal bully is humiliated. They often seek to stab their victims in the back as thieves in the night.

            The only logical strategy with such people is to cause their downfall by exposing the crimes of their leaders and henchmen. The courts and the hangman’s rope are then their fate.

          2. yep says:

            Anything goes!
            Whichever method can kill them earlier I am all for it !!

    2. You can call me Al says:

      Which site do you get this from, or is it twitter and all that ?. Bloody good stuff Tim – although I must state that last night you put a couple of posts up that could have been misinterpreted by newbies to the site.

      1. Tim Williams says:

        all twitter feeds

  5. Karim Al Ahamadi says:

    Erdogan and his gang have to lie. They thought they were strong with huge popular support, but what kind of support is that, and what kind of relationship do you have with that public, if you have to lie to them this much

  6. cactus says:

    turk rats will cry blood after loosing saramin


    1. Tim Williams says:

      SAA must take SARMIN

  7. Tim Williams says:

    RUSSIA is going to stand by Syria to the end …


    1. yep says:

      I have never doubted that.
      Russia will not be humiliated on her promise before it is fulfilled.
      So peace of advice to Turks:

      Do not waist your money in Syria because you will fail at the end !

    2. FlorianGeyer says:

      This is confirmation of Russia’s loyalty to her allies in time of need.

  8. Per Jensen says:

    Incomprehensible that Russia is defending Syria while letting Turkey attack Syria!

    1. yep says:

      So what is your option?
      War with Turkey from which only Israel USA &NATO can take adavnetege?
      Low key conflict is DELIBERATE choice not only by Russia but also by other allays of Syria.
      All that counts is VICTORY without high price for Syrian population that had already suffered so much.

      Only people who understand little on the general situation pedal that Jew agenda “meme” as infinite Mantra ; “Want WAR even more WAR, the WAR that will never finish!

      It is effing JEW PROPAGANDA SPEAKING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH and you don’t even realize that !

      1. Per Jensen says:

        Try to sober up and relax.

    2. FlorianGeyer says:

      Are you pushing for WW3, Per Jensen?

      Russian strategy seems to be preventing the NATO bandits from having the excuse to go to war with Russia and Syria. The Turks are now openly and directly directly supporting the Jihadi’s in plain sight of the world.

      The fact that the NATO Turkish military is a de facto Jihadi terrorist organisation, cannot even escape your mind, Per Jensen

      1. Per Jensen says:

        ´The above, was of course, a response to Florian Geyer.

    3. Per Jensen says:

      Well, do you see any dynamics in the Syrian war?
      It looks like the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc., will keep the war going and endlessly pump terrorists into Syria. Then the prospect and what they may be waiting for, is that Russia is running out of resources, as it did in Afghanistan. And Syria will thereafter be transformed to another Libya/ Afghanistan. So maybe Russia, as long as it has the resources, should more explicitly try to reverse the course of the war by supporting Syria more wholeheartedly against Turkish aggression in Idlib.
      And dont forget that the imperialists control the production means, the financial infrastructure, the money. So in principle they can afford to keep pumping terrorists into Syria serving their interests.

      1. yep says:

        If you don’t “see any dynamics” than you need new glasses.
        Their “pumping of terrorists” doesn’t work any more since they are LOSING !

  9. Shia man says:

    Dead and wounded among Turkish army soldiers when pro-Assad forces shelled Turkish base in Maarat Alia near Saraqeb, east of Idlib

      1. Shia man says:

        The turks should have stayed in their own lane

  10. Tim Williams says:

    Fresh new armor for the 25th ..


  11. Peter Jennings says:

    Lots of luck deploying Turkish Hisar air defense systems in Idlib. There is a slight matter of actually getting them there before they are smashed by allied aircraft. They would make a juicy target for any combatant.

    It seems the battle for Idlib is going so well inside the heads of Turkish military brass. It seems a shame to point out the reality.

    1. yep says:

      They are itching for humiliation : -)

  12. John says:

    Yeah, when the SAA and Co. overruns M4 in short order, I will be looking for Turkish/ head chopper PR to be saying the Syrians have fallen into trap. :P

  13. LaRata says:

    Nice SAM from the Turk … this will be a good Anti-Radar mission for the Russ Su-35 and SU-30SM …

  14. cactus says:

    OUPS!! putin doesn’t want to meet the cunt


    1. Tim Williams says:

      The communist hag and the French Fry are not in the fight … may as well have a delegation from Jamaica and Thailand too …

        1. goingbrokes says:


    2. yep says:

      I have said this few days ago but nobody believed.
      And not only that he doesn’t want to see Merkel

      He has refused Macron also!
      He needs some privacy while he kicks Erdogan’s arse.
      So they must abstain this time not to become witnesses of an ugly scene.

    3. BMWA1 says:

      I wouldn’t either

  15. Tim Williams says:

    Syria should be self sufficient now and the rats will starve …


    1. yep says:

      Terrorist don’t need that land.

      They breast feed themselves on Erdogans tit !

      1. Tim Williams says:


      2. Concrete Mike says:


  16. Tim Williams says:

    another TURK drone shot down …


    1. yep says:

      you are replacing SF all by yourself,
      you have published more news than they do in one week ;)

      1. Tim Williams says:

        It’s all out there for anyone to pick up … I just relay it

        1. yep says:

          I know I know ….somebody has to do it …so since I was passing by …. I just did it….sort of thing.

  17. Tim Williams says:

    must take these 2 communities .. and then SARMIN


    1. yep says:

      Any Syrian maps for the “beginners level” …maybe :-) ?

  18. Tim Williams says:

    This is surely making the KURDS happy … aren’t the TURKMEN the missing species between the apes and humans ?


  19. Bruno Gama says:

    Please, respect the Mongolian People… The Mongol Empire was the Largest in the World History…Hulaghu Khan was the one who put an end to the Caliphate in Baghdad… He shoved gold into the Caliphs Throat… Anyone that kills Jihadists have my respect! Anyone that kills Nazis have my respect! Jihadis and Nazis are the Scum of the World! Turks in fact were Slaves to the Mongols…Always…They fled the region of Origin because of that…Turks are not Europeans, are Asians! Turkey is not Europe, Russia is! After that they were raped by the Crusader Army in 1098, 1099… It took Saladin, and the Ayyubid Dynasty to retake Jerusalem. After that Ottomans raised and killed millions in their “Golden Age”, but suffer defeat after defeat, many of them to Russia… Turks needs to read History books to view that they never won anything against Russia… The Mongolian Empire were poised to Conquer the World, and they were stopped by the Mamluks in Egypt, and by Unknown Reasons in Europe after defeating European Armies in Poland, Hungary and Czechia, they come back to Mongolia. It was the Mongolian Empire that brings the Europeans Gunpowder… Respect the Mongol People, the Turks are dust compared to them!

  20. Boxman says:

    That poor pilot took a beating from that ejection. Brave men flying L-39’s around in that combat environment. And shame on Putin for once again failing to protect the skies over Idlib, or to protect anything other than his own interests. Russian servicemen in Syria must be chafing at their orders to just sit there and watch their Syrian comrades die.

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