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Syrian Troops Push Turkish Forces Back From Saraqib As Ankara Makes More Victorious Statements (Map, Videos)


Syrian Troops Push Turkish Forces Back From Saraqib As Ankara Makes More Victorious Statements (Map, Videos)

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Units of the Syrian Army and its allies have continued their advance on positions of Turkish-led forces in Greater Idlib followiing the second liberation of Saraqib

In eastern Idlib, Syrian troops retook the villages of Jawbas, Tarnaba, Dadikh and Kafr Battikh west of Saraqib. By this move, they technically secured the M5 highway that, if hostilities end, would allow the Syrian military to restore movement along it. In southern Idlib, the Syrian Army pushed the Turkish Army and al-Qaeda members back from Kafr Nabul and retook the villages of Amqiyah and Fulayfil.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (a pro-militant propaganda outlet), over 100 members of Idlib armed groups were killed in the recent clashes.

In the course of the advance, the Syrian military shot down another Turkish combat drone near Saraqib. Another Turkish drone was downed east of Khan Al-Subil.

At the same time, a L-39 warplane of the Syrian Air Force was downed by the Turkish military over Idlib. The warplane crashed near Maarat al-Numan. One pilot died in the incident. The second one survived.

The Turkish Defense Ministry claimed that March 3 that during the past 24 hours Turkish-led forces had destroyed a warplane, a UAV, 6 battle tanks, 5 howitzers and artillery pieces, 2 air defense systems, 3 armored combat vehicles, 5 armed pickups, 6 military vehicles and an ammunition depot belonging to Syrian forces. The defense ministry also claimed that 327 Syrian soldiers were “neutralized” during the same period. Taking into account that the Turkish-provided number of “neutralized” Syrian soldiers was 2,557, the Turkish-claimed number of “neutralized” Syrian soliders since the start of Operation Piece Spring just reached 2,884.

The Turkish campaign in Idlib is apparently going in a direction that the Turkish leadership does not like. The Turkish Army and its proxies failed to deliver a devastating blow to the Syrian Army and lost most of the gains made during first days of the operation.

Turkish propaganda sources claim that Turkish F-16 fighter jets launch air-to-air missiles at Syrian warplanes from the Turkish side of the border:

Meanwhile, Turkish supporters are claiming that Turkey will deploy Hisar air defense systems to the Syrian province of Idlib in order to put an end to Syrian and Russian strikes on al-Qaeda terrorists there. Right now, these claims look like a wishful thinking.

Some recent combat footage from the area of Saraqib:




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