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Syrian Troops Outflaking ISIS Stronghold Of Deir Hafer From Southern Direction

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Syrian troops have liberated the village of Humaymah Saghira from ISIS terrorists. The village is located southwest of the ISIS stronghold of Deir Hafer.

The liberation of Humaymah Saghira followed the successfull government advance on Humaymah al-Kabira located directly west of Deir Hafer.

The operation in Humaymah Saghira sets a ground for outlflanking Deir Hafer from the southern direction. Government forces are now able to advance on Umm al-Mara. If this village is liberated from ISIS, the Syrian army and its allies will be able to attack Deir Hafer from two directions simultaneously and to increase the chances on retaking the ISIS stronghold without significant casualties.

Syrian Troops Outflaking ISIS Stronghold Of Deir Hafer From Southern Direction

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Trustin Judeau

This advances are from yesterday.And Rasm Al bed is not in SAA hands


When do u except deir er hafer and jirah airbase liberation?

Trustin Judeau

April.But this is only guess.Tigers could speed up their progress.It also depends on the rebels in Idlib.

Jens Holm

I cant see, they should take Hafer at all. And please stop upgrade Jirah as an airbase. Its a normal stronghold guading crossing the irrigatian channel probatly having som deep bunkers for supply.

Much better to take the road to Tabqa and that town from behind SAA & SDF & US airforce helping each other.

SAA and Assads has shortage of oil/fuel and that could help. Kurds are also in lack of many things, so they could trade better about it.

Well, thats what I think about it. Im no military but Assads has too often showed they still dont know much about logistics (as well in modern warfare).

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