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Clashes Between Syrian Troops And Pro-Turkish Militants Ongoing In Northern Syria

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Clashes between pro-Turkish militant groups and the Syrian army’s Tiger Forces have been ongoing in the town of Tadef south of al-Bab since Sunday.

Last weekend, the Syrian army’s Tiger Forces and the National Defense Forces (NDF), backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have made significant gains against ISIS in the province of Aleppo, liberating over 13 villages from terrorists, and reached a demarcation line with the Turkish army and its proxies from the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

FSA militants crossed the the Aleppo-Manbij highway and engaged Syrian troops in clashes, using firearms, anti-tank guided missiles, mortars and light military equipment. Clashes were also reported in the outskirts of Amiyah Kabirah.

According to initial reports in pro-militant sources, the Tiger Forces lost a battle tank and six fighters in the ongoing confrontation. Later reports appeared about up to 20 killed government troops. However, all these are not confirmed by photo or video evidence.

The military and security situation in these areas is clear indicator of the level of the Turkish-Syrian-Iranian-Russian cooperation over the conflict.

If FSA militants continue their offensive actions, it will mark that Ankara has once again changed the attitude over the conflict and shifted it policies in the direction of states supporters of terrorist factions.

Clashes Between Syrian Troops And Pro-Turkish Militants Ongoing In Northern Syria

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Goddamn, the Tigers got murked!


If you are to believe Turk sources. xD the same ones that report on killing 50 PKK and 100s of ISIS every day…

Danny M Buhus

without any casualties ! :D

Trustin Judeau

Wrong.The dead toll of them is from 5 to 8.


Casualty reports from rebels are frequently grossly-exaggerated and/or false. I wouldn’t believe a word of it without proper photo/video evidence, or an admittance from the other side.


I would hope Assad has been on the phone with Putin .


From diverse social media, incl pro rebel, I understand SAA held Tadif and M4 is front line. SAA now 4 kms from SDF lines.


Lets hope so. Now that Al-Bab has fallen there is little point for ISIS to remain in a vulnerable position when they could better use their manpower to fortify Deir Hafer.

Trustin Judeau

We reached SDF


In a way its logical this happened. With their way to Raqqa blocked by both the SAA and the SDF the Turkish operation is basically finished. Mission to keep the Kurds from establishing a single zone of control along the Turkish border is completed. Which is probably just fine for the poor Turkish conscripts who had to risk their lives for this. But the FSA thugs who were used as cheap cannonfodder now have nothing to do and way too much hardware at their hands. It seems natural that they would now start to pick a fight with the SAA.


This little bitchmoves will happen weekly… But thats nothing bad. Let the Jihadi-incest-army come. In 2 weeks we will be fortfied. They will pay more blood…. After the Al Bab “campaign” we have to notice, that 1. the turks army is weak 2. the jihadis cant compete with real Armys! We dont have to be affraid anymore in the north. Turks dont have the Balls to attack SDF or SAA!

Brad Isherwood


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