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Syrian Troops Liberated Over 2,000km In Greater Idlib Since December 19, 2019 (Map Update)

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Syrian Troops Liberated Over 2,000km In Greater Idlib Since December 19, 2019 (Map Update)

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Syrian government forces have liberated over 2,000km2 from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other radical groups in Greater Idlib since December 19, 2019. Approximately 1,287km2 were liberated in the province of Idlib, while 763km2 – in the province of Aleppo.


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And Bab Hawa too. Deny the Turks the means to adequately funnel weapons and ‘observation post’ personnel into Idlib. Also the SAA has never managed to push the headchoppers all the way back to the Turkish border, as the Turks always support their headchoppers in that final stretch with artillery. Being able to push all the way to the border would sent a powerful message, both to the people of Syria or that piece of rectal smegma Erdogan (no insults to rectal smegma intended) that the SAA and Syria are no longer afraid of Turkey.


What an awesome map. It looks like half of Idlib province has now been liberated and more then 3/5ths of the Idlib Terrorist Reservation zone as it was declared in 2017. And the Turks only have themselves to blame because they didn’t stop Al Qaida and friends from constantly launching attacks against the SAA and NDF. You poke the bear, don’t come running all crying when the bear comes after you.


Greta will come to the rescue to save the species Idlib Beard Baggy Pants Hipster, threatened with extension. Greta will ask the UN to declare Idlib a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Idlib becomes a NATO Nature Reserve for the preservation of the endangered species the Idlib Beard Baggy Pants Hipster.


So let’s one day go to a sightseeing trip to IDLIB JIHADIST HERITAGE PARK to inspect the last exemplars of a species that is going to be extinguished on the planet. The site observation personnel says: Use only the food for the inmates that you can purchase here at the Park’s Entrance. Caution! Throw it over the fence, never donate it through the fence! Always stay a yard or two behind the fence, they wear knives and have a strange and strong desire to cut off your hand or head…


As much as I’d like the advance to continue, I think the threat of Turkey invading idlib is real if the city of idlib is under attack.

Turkey is preparing an assault. Erd promised one by the end of the month. Might be time to dig in and comb the areas you gained for sleeper cells, hidden VBIEDS, and tunnel bombs.

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