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Syrian Troops In Recently Liberated Town Of Kafr Sajnah (Video)

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Syrian Troops In Recently Liberated Town Of Kafr Sajnah (Video)

A screenshot from the video

Syrian troops have been filmed in the town of Kafr Sajnah in southern Idlib. Kafr Sajnah is one of the settlements that have been recently liberated by government forces from radical militants.

The Syrian Army and its allies resumed offensive operations in the area on February 23. Since then, they have captured almost a dozen of settlements and positions.

Syrian Troops In Recently Liberated Town Of Kafr Sajnah (Video)

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so many turkish observation posts i hope that they will leave syria once their terrorists are wiped i don’t want to see turkish military bases in northern syria just like they have in northern iraq


they can dream Baschar will not allow that

Zionism = EVIL

Not likely as the dynamics are different. Syria is not tiny Greece with 9 million people and no way to reinforce the Greek Cypriots by sea or air. Syria has a first rate military and is fighting to regain its own land, not to mention powerful allies as Russia and Iran.


Yes, just keep blowing by those Turkish OP’s.

Zionism = EVIL

Several Turkish soldiers killed in new Syrian-Russian air attack in Idlib

Zionism = EVIL

There is not much left for the Turkeys and their terrorists in Idlib, soon their only OP will be an open air outhouse for Erdogan to shit in.


It will double as a bathhouse for ErDooGoon…

Alex Mjoge

Turkey must leave the Syria land as soon as possible before being chopped by powerful Syrian army who as we speak are advancing and likely to encircle the southern part of idlib province


Erdogan has put as many not-very-trusted units and officers in Idlib for a reason. If they win (doubtful) he will get some glory, if they lose SAA will get rid of his political opponents in the Army. If they lose but come home they are disgraced for good and fundamentally weakened. In addition some one else is paying for this, because economically weak (understatement) countries cannot normally engage in offensive warfare without collapsing the economy. Question is, who is paying for this. We really need to find out.

Rafik Chauhan

after idlib next is Afrin and Euphrates shild area. if Turkish thugs doesn’t handover nicely with political means.

Douglas Houck

Notice how after all the noise from Turkey, the Syrians have backed away from Idlib were they were within km of the city limits, and moved south? Will be interesting to watch as the battle for southern Idlib unfolds. Will the Syrians get bogged down like they did a few months ago?


Idlib is full of human shields apparently and only the US and Israel has the depravity and the wish for Raqqa, Dresden and Mosul style warfare.

The rugged Turkman and Chinese Muslim jihadi controlled mountain salient is a difficult target that will require potent Russian weapons to suppress and destroy these experienced fighters.

I would be fascinated to see the revamped and upgraded Russian heavy mortar known as ‘Tulip’, I think. It has a massive round that can seek out positions in dead ground and reverse slopes.


“The weapon’s ability to shoot destructive 240mm shells makes it the largest-caliber mortar system in the world today. It can discharge high-explosive and armor-piercing shells, and can be loaded with nuclear munitions as well.”

Douglas Houck

I watched the recent video of the Russian Air Force destroying multiple tanks/trucks etc. during the jihadist attack on al-Nayrab and compared that with my memory of watching the first videos of what the Russians were doing in 2015. First is that Russia was using dumb bombs in 2015 and it showed as the precision was not that good. Second, there was little coordination with drones, etc. I remember seeing the Russians trying carpet bombing. With this latest video it appears that Russia now has a complete digitally integrated battlefield. Russia can now see what is happening with their drones and within minutes transmit coordinates to their Air Force and with precision take out whatever. The Russian have made a quantum level improvement in their battlefield capabilities.


I think that the Russian capability has always been there, although the 9+ years of real combat training has honed Russian military skills greatly.

After witnessing the Russian strategy and tactics from its entry into Syria, and analysing President Putins strategy, it is my opinion that Russian military weapons in Syria are ratcheted up in power largely in response to increased aggressive behaviour of the US/Israel and NATO.

The introduction of TOS and Smerch artillery for instance, and the S300’s and S400’s. Russia always surprises with new and advanced weapon systems in tandem with enhanced battlefield management capabilities when needed.

On the other hand, apart from using nuclear weapons and mass chemical and biological attacks ( Corono Virus?). NATO has effectively shot its bolt in Syria.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The terrorists don’t have a hope down here, so don’t be surprised if the locals also join in on the fight, they have some scores to settle with the murderers down here.
This is cakewalk territory, we can secure all the south in just a few days and carpet bomb any terrorists still left on the mountain range, though I’m pretty sure they’d already be making tracks for the north, because if they stay there they’ll die for sure, it may take a few weeks of constant bombing but since there’s hardly any civilians there, nothing will stop the Russians and SAAF from doing just that, and I’d also place a bet on seeing some really big fireworks when we do hit the mountains.
Just 4 days until Erdogan’s deadline runs out, can we liberate all of the south in just 4 days, I’d bet we can, can we hold it if Erdogan starts pushing back in 4 days time, probably not.
Oh well, we’ll just have to face it when or if it comes.
Who’s doing the fighting SF, the 25th or the 4th, or is it both?

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